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How long have you been playing the Sims 1 for?

ItsMeThatGuyItsMeThatGuy Posts: 314 Member
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How long have you had/played the Sims 1 for? And if you still have the game, do you still play it?

Just got the game yesterday for the first time! Runs like a good charm!
I am NOT part of anything in EA and I'm just a player. I try my best to answer questions in the Sims forums, and showing info about the Sims, even posting answers and thoughts of feedback! I have been playing the Sims 4 for 2 years.
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How long have you been playing the Sims 1 for? 5 votes

0-4 months
ItsMeThatGuyskip 2 votes
4-9 months
12 months to a year
1-3 years
4-6 years
6-9 years
9-12 years
12-16 years
16-23 years
MortimerGothWildIrishBanshee 2 votes
Over 23 years (and possibly still playing!)
zero35 1 vote


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    SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 9,333 Member
    I played it from the makin' magic to ts2 and then some but I have not been able to run it for years since I don't have disc slot on my computer
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    EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 7,471 Member
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    From the beginning.. I even remember where I bought basecame. Shop does not exist anymore, the whole mall it was in does not :)

    This computer cannot run it, not even from portable disc player.
    Played it with my previous computer a bit. But I am too "spoiled brat" with slower need decays of more recent versions, that I lost my temper soon :smiley: Needs red all the time :p

    Downloaded half of Inge's hacks from SimLogical, so modded it too :D
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