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Forums Social Media?

Have you been paying attention to the news here in Australia?
Do you think these forums and the new one's they're making for The Sims 5, are/will be considered as "social media"? If so, then there will probably be new laws about having to be old enough to use it. Today that age was being discussed as being raised to 16 when currently the technology they're working on putting in place for a couple of the states is for 13. That will mean that the social media platform that was said is going to be used in relation to Sims 5 for a while ... can't remember the name of it now, Discord or something, probably will be included. So if you live in Australia, you'll be affected by it. Not me though, I'm definitely old. Older. Old. :(
So. I hope for the sake of Sims sharing, the new Sims 5 will take that into consideration when creating the sharing communicae. They probably will because as far as I've observed over the years, EA and all them, like to do the social responsibility thing, and would probably listen to the new studies' findings about the negative effects social media's having on the kids, why's the government's doing it. They have a winning formula in their diversity team for innovation, they will find a way to make a healthy, positive Sims sharing and communication place for everyone.

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I remember you from university, I still have your story.
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