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If you were to run Maxis...?



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    CAROLPRICE1963CAROLPRICE1963 Posts: 25 Member
    Organization of objects It is hard to find them
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    rhaliusrhalius Posts: 486 Member
    If I was running Maxis, I would not release any new paid content for Sims 4.
    All that I'd do on Sims 4 would be bug fixing and expanding content of existing packs to make them more interesting to purchase.
    Base game would not really get any new content, I would save that all for the expansions, game packs, stuff packs and kits. That is how I'd stimulate sales.
    Also the shopping cart would be gone and there would be no in game advertisements popping up.
    On the menu screen you would however see a little star at any pack that got updated with content until you checked out the new content.

    To give an example of to what kind of degree I'd update these packs, I'll use Realm of Magic as an example since like many I'm a starved occult fan.
    -Several proper wizard outfits are added. robes, hats and also some nice long beards.
    -Staff added as an alternative to wands. Uses the animations of Sims medieval for casting.
    -Shopping district expanded with a store that sells cross compability items that require other packs.
    -All npc mages walking around in the magic realm actually look like mages.
    -Various trait unique spells and recipes added that not every sim can learn. Like only evil sims can learn to make a deadly poison.
    -Dreamer trait added. Dreamer sims love all things magical and fantastical, have a slight boost to all creative skills but get very unhappy in regular day jobs. They sometimes can sit down and daydream away which boosts their happiness a bit. As spellcasters they get access to more spells than anyone else. They are not frightened by seeing occults and like seeing them.
    -Several fantasy inspired statues and rugs added, several cauldrons as well.

    Most my attention would be outside Sims 4 though, in other Sims projects:

    Sims 1: Definitive Edition.
    I would release the complete package of Sims 1, including ALL expansions and also including all the promotional stuff ever released.
    -Graphics would receive a slight update, keeping the fixed camera angles but objects would be true 3D now a statue with the left arm raised would not suddenly have the right arm raised when turning to a different angle.
    -Sims have facial expressions and do move their lips when they talk. They keep the same voices of Sims 1, but a slider to change pitch is added.
    -Swatches are added for clothing and objects.
    -Smoother animations, better pathfinding and other quality of life updates would be included while preserving the Sims 1 style.
    -Basic family tree options added, no ageing or new age groups but you can set parent/child, sibling and romantic relationships. Adults can be the parent of another adult.
    -Whole game would be properly optimised, which should be easier when it's all one package. There would not be any DLC for this game, it's just a complete package. Only patch support would be there a few years so once it's done not much resources have to be put into it.

    The Sims.
    This would be the final game in the Sims series, build from the start to never get a replacement. I would focus on putting some things into the base game that expansions can add on to. Weather, cars and university would all be in the base game.
    This way each expansion can use the weather, add new rides and all new careers would be incorporated into the university.
    Would be a big focus on making Sims more unique, like each Sim now gets a defining trait which is stronger than the others and affects most of their wants in life. It truly becomes more of a lifestyle thing. Some can also be available as a regular trait. This way being lazy can be a whole lifestyle or just one characteristic. Sims with lazy as the defining trait would be comically lazy, able to cut corners in ways no other sim can and don't even get the option to exercise or do other stuff way too athletic for them.
    Overall the game would go for a timeless look too, so it won't be dated. set in no specific time, lots of basic styles clothing and furniture available that's not just some brief fad. Phones would be optional too, not build into sims like a chip.

    The Sims: Fantasy.
    This would deliver what most people wanted Sims Medieval to be: A full Sims game with families, ageing, careers, house building and all that, many expansions too.
    -Base game would already include dwarves and elves next to humans, mages would be in from the start, same for horses.
    -More occults and schools of magic would be added in expansions, any occult can be a mage.
    -Each region can only have one ruling family, who can change some stuff like the local heraldry, what the guards and other NPC's look like, etc.
    -You can also select what species live here by default so if you want to make a dwarf region you won't see any non-dwarves unless you put them there yourself.
    -Quests would be a thing, there would be a Quest board with randomly generated quests that Sims can undertake, which can have a minimal skill requirement and always have a required party size. Sims can work on their skills and team up to clear out dungeons similar to what you see in World Adventures, but with a bit of combat added as well and puzzles that might require specific skills. Often there could be more than one solution to get past something though. For combat there would be a basic turn based combat system where each sim and enemy gets a turn, enemies would mainly be stuff like skeletons and constructs, rarely anything living. Would be all kinds of rewards to find in quests, not all involve danger either.
    -Fatal flaws would make a return here, each sim would have one + 4 other traits.
    -Sims have a social class assigned in CAS. They can be a commoner, noble, priest, outlaw or unspecified. This would affect how the world treats them, some available quests and professions too. Social class can change during gameplay too. You can enable/disable which social class is eligible to be the ruler.
    -There would be inactive jobs which are only partial rabbit holes. Sims enter it to start their job but can be seen around town acting out their profession outside of your control. Like a guard Sim might be patrolling and could show up when a crime is committed.
    -Several careers would be active, it would be limited to the ones that could be kept more interesting and would be stuff Sims might do out of their home. Like running a shop which could be a whole family business. Knight too.
    -There would be far less advancement in careers, it would mainly just indicate their skill level. Like to become a knight you must be a squire first, a blacksmith starts out as apprentice, etc.
    -Farming would be a self employed job sort of thing, any sim could do a bit of farming even if just for themselves.

    The Sims: Star Wars.
    They have the license, Star Wars is big but would work best as it's own thing. And as it's own game they can dig deep into it instead of making it a theme park advertisement. I would focus on the original trilogy mainly for content but expansions would be themed around specific planets which would be added as new worlds to build on.
    -Various alien species playable, mainly the more humanoid ones who can wear clothes, aliens might get unique headgear options to fit their face however and a species like wookie would have their own clothing options.
    -Force sensitive would be a trait, Sims that have it can learn the force and become a Jedi or Sith if they want to, or stay out of that.
    -Various careers are included like politician, guard, criminal, soldier, scientist, etc. Pretty much the star wars equivalent of familiar Sims careers.
    -Bounty hunting and smuggling would be active careers Sims can have, or just do free lance. Would be a high risk high reward thing.
    -Any world can be controlled by the rebel alliance, galactic empire or be neutral. Actions of Sims can help switch that balance.

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    GlacierSnowGlacierSnow Posts: 2,427 Member
    edited May 11
    @JAL Your list is extremely well thought out. I especially like that you really thought about letting players make decisions themselves about what they do and don't want and giving them settings or other ways to set things up how they want them. I think there are only a few things that I would want to do slightly differently than how you suggest:
    Uniform of NPC employees, price and whether or not you can play membership fees for a longer period of time can be set in bb-mode or live mode if you own the venue.

    I would want to be able to set those things without needing to own the venue. For restaurants, we can set the menu and the uniforms without owning the restaurant, and I have always loved that feature. I wish we could set things like employee uniforms (bar tender, DJ, spa attendants etc.) on other types of lots, because I want to create different venues with different vibes and atmospheres. But I have zero interest in actually owning and running any venues. I think being able to set uniforms, dress codes, prices, food and drink, memberships, who goes there, etc. should just be a standard feature that all lot types have.
    A return of newspapers, landline and burglars (the last toggable on and off).

    Thank you for including an on/off toggle for the burglars. One of the reasons I like Sims 4 right now is that it doesn't have burglars.

    However, I actually think that on/off toggle PLUS lot trait/challenge could give players the most creative flexibility, if they could be used in combination.

    Set burglar global setting to "off", and put "Burglars Lot Challenge" on specific lots. This would make it so there are no burglars by default, but they do show up and steal stuff in specific places that the player wants to feel more dangerous.

    Set burglar global setting to "on", and put "No Burglars Lot Trait" on specific lots. This would make most of the world subject to this crime, but have certain places that are exempt from it for whatever storytelling reason the player wants.

    Newspapers should be by subscription so that only households that want them get them. Sim could make a phone call and set up newspaper delivery. Or it could be a "Newspaper Delivery" lot trait. Similar to the "Registered Vampire Lair" lot trait which makes it so some vampire items like plasma packs get delivered regularly. I would love to have a newspapers option, but I definitely don't want it for every household.
    A slider for each occult from harmless to lethal, letting players decide how frequent and deadly any occult attacks might be.

    This is a cool idea. But I'd also want a way to set that on an individual sim basis. Maybe I want most of my vampires to be harmless, and just one or two who are lethal, for example. I think this would be more useful for storytelling purposes. Could be similar to the toggle plus trait combos I suggested for burglars above.
    Make children less neat and tidy, like not washing the dishes after dinner unless told to do so and not using the hamper unless instructed (children with high responsibility, manners or the neat trait could be exempt from this)

    I would want the option for children to be trained to do those things automatically, or to set certain things as their regular chores, which they would then do without being told. Not everyone has the "Parenthood" pack, so relying on the character values for that feels unfair. It should be possible to teach kids to do certain chores or pick up after themselves without having to tell them every single time, and that option should be in the base game.

    I would also like for children's "make a mess" animation to be more how children actually make messes. The animation (just flinging stuff around for no reason) looks fine for toddlers, but older kids tend to make messes more incidentally while doing creative projects, playing games, or competing with other children. The toddler animation on the older kids doesn't really fit how most kids that age behave.

    My word of advice: don’t ever put that in your cover letter. Just wing it like everyone else. 😉

    You mean everyone else is just winging it!?!? So that's what I've been doing wrong my whole life! :lol:
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    JALJAL Posts: 1,114 Member
    @GlacierSnow Thank you for your comments! I'm glad to see them. And I'd love the idea of having a burglar lot trait as well as just being able to turn them off, and being able to set an individual vampire/werewolf/mermaid... to lethal (just as long as the game doesn't do it for me) if I choose. And you're definitely right about the newspaper. I'm not sure I'd want it as a lot trait, but something you can order to get regularly without having to enter build mode from (and that is attached to the household instead of the lot, so that if someone moves the paper goes with them). I would also love places to buy them in single issue.

    When it comes to the uniforms, my idea was that everyone can do it in bb-mode (just like with uniforms in Dine out), while only owners of the lot can do it in live-mode. That way you get something extra for owning and running the lot. That would also be the way I'd want it in retail situations. And I'd like "everyday outfit" "athletic outfit" "formal outfit" and so on be a choice, so the working sim would show up in their own clothes for some type of venue but appropriate to the venue. Not every place has uniforms (libraries, schools...)

    Personally I do like the interactions in Parenthood, but then again I've always felt parenthood should be base game, so make it free? I would also make the spooky pack free and integrate it with seasons. And I actually agree with you with make a mess. Kids that age wouldn't do that, so just remove it for kids - keep it for toddlers - and lett kids be messy in other ways.
    Moreover, I advise that the cart button must be destroyed!
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    GlacierSnowGlacierSnow Posts: 2,427 Member
    edited May 11
    @JAL My thought on having a "newspapers" lot trait was mainly for players doing completely historical saves, if they wanted to give every household in their save a newspaper, it might be quicker to just add the lot trait while placing or building the lot, than to have to load each household and have a sim make a phone call to set it up. I kind of assumed historical players would be downloading or building lots anyway since most of the existing buildings are fairly modern. But, honestly, I think having multiple ways to do things is good, so why not have both options?

    I realized after I posted that you probably intended the "if you own the venue" for the live mode version of setting uniforms etc. So, I totally agree. Set them in build mode for everyone, and also in live mode for lot owners. Definitely on board with that idea! I also love the idea of having the option of setting dress code or employee outfits by category as well as being able to custom design a uniform. I'd like that for the Get Together Clubs as well. Sometimes I want them all to show up in formal attire, or example, but not all in the same outfit. And while we're at it, let's end the ridiculous randomly generated outfits for rabbit-hole careers. Either have an actual uniform, or let them go to work in their own clothes. Or add a "career" category to CAS so we can actually set-up a career outfit ourselves. The silly random career outfits really drive me nuts.

    I'm not so sure about making the parenthood system base game though. It's the one pack that I have that I actually kind of wish I hadn't bought. I find the phases and the asking advice game play super annoying. And the character values system feels more hassle than fun for me most of the time, because you have to keep putting effort into it. I don't like "maintenance" style game play much. So, if I had chosen not to buy that pack because I didn't want those systems, and then it got added to base game without me wanting it, I would not be happy. I imagine there are others that might feel the same way. Definitely would need on/off toggle or something for players that don't want those types of systems.

    Most of your list, I was super impressed with. I think you address a lot of things that a wide range of players are asking for, and you really put thought into how to make everything optional. It's well done. I like your vision. I'd totally hire you if I could.
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    EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 5,378 Member
    I'd probably leave the game alone and tell the team to churn out standalone spin offs for the price of a game pack. That way we avoid the "can't please everyone" issue as well as dlc bloat/spaghetti code. On the downside we'd quickly run into licensing and trademark issues.

    Look forward to:
    CASTAWAY, Heists & Superheroes, Time travel (several packs, era determined by comunity vote every quarter year), Cyberpunk, Star Wars, Sims in space, Arctic expedition
    Currently playing: Castaway Challenge
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    redrogue60redrogue60 Posts: 2,066 Member
    edited June 11
    If I was running Maxis I would (Mostly in order).

    First of all If I were running things I would not care about the more controversial choices I have on here. Anything I changed or moved would have a compensation added in its place.
    1. Hire more Quality Control Personnel
    2. Place all future projects on hold until a few old ones are fixed and improved
    3. Refresh Get to Work first
      • Introduce Sub-Categories for Community Venues for example: Park - Dog Park, Bar - Vampire Lounge, Retail Lot - Toy Store etc. Technically a Base Game Update however it affects GTW most strongly. It helps to define the lot more specifically so as to attract NPC who have the traits that would make them interested in such a place like in Sims 3.
      • Move Baking to Base Game, move all recipes between Cooking & Baking so that they are more easily found and make sense
      • Replace Baking with Perfume Making so as to utilizing already existing plants and future ones for soaps and perfumes. Its more of a niche interest but I think a nice addition. BUT ADD Build/Buy pieces for a nice Bakery
      • Buy Items
        • Alembic Distillation Apparatus in Copper
        • High-end Retail Lot pieces for a Perfume Shop
        • Commercial Oven for a Bakery
        • Commercial Ice Cream Freezer if you have the pack Ice Cream comes in
        • Refrigerated Case for Baked goods (2versions please) one that has shelves a bit taller to compensate for tall cakes. One that has more shelves for pies and pastries
        • Refrigerated Vertical case for floral arrangements
        • Bakers Rack
        • Bakery Sandwich Board
        • Ice Cream Case Unlocks if you have the pack with the Ice Cream Maker
        • Try-On Rooms if we don't already have them (Can't remember)
      • Add Retail Lot - Perfumery and Retail Lot - Bakery
    4. Refresh Outdoor Living - Make it far more fun and immersive
      • Make the lake swimmable and introduce canoeing to it
      • Add Hiking area & Rock Climbing
      • Add the Wolf, Skunk, Dear & Raccoon (with the unique interactions, movement and sounds they made previously in Sims 2 & 3) as NPC animals add them also in the Werewolf Game Pack - A twofer.
      • Log Cabin Staircase - Split Log style
      • Add Birdwatching from Sims 2 Freetime
      • Faux Bear Skin Rug from Sims 2 Bon Voyage with all the romantic Interactions
      • Add Arm Wrestling, Slap dance, Log Roller, & Axe Throwing from Bon Voyage
      • Add the Archery Target from Sims 3 Store
      • Cedar Hot Tub
      • If you add all this and it's still a little boring Add Bigfoot Back in
      • Additional Recipes
        • Beef Stew
        • Biscuits & Gravy
        • Chicken & Dumplings
        • Chicken Fried Steak
        • Chicken Pot Pie
        • Chocolate Chip Pancakes
        • Corn Bread (baking)
        • Fried Chicken with all the trimmings
        • Elderberry Pie
        • Elderberry Nectar if you have this pack AND Horse Ranch
        • Huckleberry Pie added to Baking Recipes
      • Add a Mirrored Medicine Cabinet you can place your Herbalism Remedies in. Also an appropriate Cabinet for Community Lot Sales
      • The Garden Edging from Sims 2 Bon Voyage that looks like the cross section of a tree.
    5. Horse Ranch
      • I would NOT have placed Nectar making in this pack. I would have added it in a much more romantic setting and had multiple varieties of grapes. There would not have been any gross nectars
      • I would have added Ferrier Active Career and Blacksmithing Skill
      • I would have added a dance probably the Two Step
      • I would have maybe added more Native American details
      • If I hadn't added Weaving in Cottage Living it would have been added here. If I had then Native American styles would be added to weaving
      • Pottery Making would have been here IF not placed anywhere else. If it was already existing then Native American designs would be added to it
    6. Seasons Update
      • Bird Bath Updates mentioned below
      • Catching Fireflies
      • Deep Snow
      • Hail
      • Holiday Place Settings for the Dining Table (When you Set the Table)
      • The Fireplace Fixes and Updates mentioned below
      • Dog Cold Weather Clothing Tab including the booties and have it actually help them with the cold
      • Mall Santa Throne Photography Set added to Seasons for Photos with Child Sims & Dogs
      • Garden Judging with Charming Judge in a Sash
      • Food Additions
        • British Christmas Pudding either here or Cottage Living
        • Making a Gingerbread House in Both Christmas & Halloween Themes. Baking & Construction
        • Gingerbread Men added to Baking
        • Grasshopper Pie Added to Baking Recipes
        • Holiday Cookies in Bunny, Decorated Egg & Tulip Shapes
        • Meringue Bone Shaped Cookies
        • Yule Log Cake added to Baking Recipes
    7. Vampires Addition - An almost perfect pack!
      • Add Toccata & Fugue in G Minor to the songs we can play on the Pipe Organ
      • Add a Phantom of the Opera Style Mask to CAS
      • Vampire appropriate Nightgowns, Pajamas & Slippers to CAS
      • Vampire appropriate Gothic Outerwear for Female Vampires in CAS
      • Add the Vampire Weather Obscuring Fog from Sims 3 Supernatural to the Top Tier of Vampire Powers that only Master Vampires can do if you have Vampires & Seasons
      • Add a Vampire Hunting Pack Decorative Object
      • Add the Dracula Orchid to Gardening
      • Add the University Scholomance to stated School that Vlad went to. Making him unique in the game.
    8. Basic Soup Recipes that should be added Post Haste I like soup and this is my list
      • Beef Caldo
      • Bouillabaisse
      • Borscht
      • Broccoli Cheese
      • Chicken Noodle Soup (call it by its proper name)
      • Chicken Tortilla Soup
      • Corn Chowder
      • Egg Drop Soup
      • French Onion
      • Gumbo
      • Joe Grey Soup
      • Manhattan Clam Chowder ((Not New England, they're different)
      • Miso Soup
      • Potato & Ham
      • Split Pea Soup
      • Tomato Basil
      • Vegetable Soup
      • Wanton Soup
    9. New Sandwiches I'd Add
      • Chicken Salad on White
      • Corned Beef Reuben on Rye
      • Egg Salad
      • French Dip
      • Ham & Swiss on Wheat
      • Meatball Sub
      • Muffuletta
      • Philly
      • Pulled Pork
      • Tea Sandwiches
        • Avocado Toast
        • Cucumber
        • Pimento Cheese
    10. Random Additions to Ambiance and very slight Game Play
      • Add Bird Animations to Bird Bath
      • Add Empty, Fill and Clean Interactions to Bird Bath
      • Add Chimes to Grandfather Clocks & Mantle Clocks and Cuckoo Clocks.
      • Grandfather Clocks Update
        • Able to be wound
        • Chime at 6AM, Noon, 6PM and Midnight
        • Chime Choice - Ode to Joy, Whittingham, Westminster
      • Add Winding Interaction to Mantle Clocks and Cuckoo Clocks as well
      • Doorbells and the ability to choose the tone Ring & Vivint have this feature
        • Auld Lang Syne
        • Classic
        • Deck the Halls
        • Gong
        • Happy Birthday
        • Ho! Ho! Ho!
        • Jingle Bells
        • Take me Out to the Ballgame
        • Toccata & Fugue in D Minor
        • Turkey Gobble
        • Witch Cackle
        • Wolf Howl
      • Add the Tune Interaction to Guitars, Pianos and Violins
      • Add Electric Blanket Upgrade to Beds
      • Designate Sinks as Kitchen or Bathroom to stop the washing of dishes in bathrooms inspire of a kitchen sink being closer
      • Add Holiday Themed Place Settings to the Dining Tables using the Set the Table Interaction
      • Add Holiday Themed Table Cloths to the Buffet Table AND the Dining tables with Table Cloths
      • Elders would get Canes back as well as the two walk styles to go with them
      • Watering the House Plants
    11. I agree with OP - hire Carl from Carl's Sims Guides to consult on a Dining Out refresh and do what he suggests to the letter
    12. Fix My Wedding Stories!!!! - What can I add here that others haven't covered ad nauseam? I guess add the hidden dog ring bearer thing back in. This never should have been released in the state it was
    13. Stop with all the identity stuff. It isn't a substitution for decent gameplay and quality control. Worry about that stuff after packs are running decently and obvious omissions that would have made the game better are placed back in
    14. Island Living Update
      • Added Activities
        • Add Flower Leis to Floral Arranging
        • Add Tiki drinks to Mixology and something in a coconut
        • Climbing Coconut Palms for Coconuts
        • Considering the themes of Conservation an Ecology it would have been especially poignant to have to help some of the wildlife in Sulani namely the sea turtles from things like debris in their nostrils or being tied up in fish wire. Something we see unfortunately a lot of Youtube and Tik Tok
        • If you have Crystal Creations some of the Shells, Beach Glass and Sharks Teeth can be turned into Jewelry
        • Diving for Aubergine & Black Pearls and if you have CC making them into Jewelry
        • Drum Circles with Tahitian Drums for that Community spot with the gatherings
        • Pirate Ghost singing shanties or even his return and learn some new shanties
        • Pirate treasure being found by finding a hidden map and following clues from said map
        • Hammocks if not introduced in OL Refresh
        • Hula Dancing
        • Hiking to up the Volcano being able to collect Obsidian
        • Lifeguard Active Job
        • Metal Detecting
        • Multi-tiled Sand Sculptures and Sand Sculpture Competitions
        • Scuba Diving Skill and Equipment
        • Scuba Diving Deep Dive Spots - Because Seriously that was cheap not having them. I'm not talking the buoys. I'm talking beautiful underwater zones in Sims 3 that were worthy of having Mermaids.
        • Surfing
        • Volleyball Net for Beach Volleyball
      • Mermaid Changes
        • Mermaids having a power make over like Vampires and Werewolves and making them have differences between them with strength and weaknesses
        • Giving Mermaids a layer of difficulty to achieve being one and being able to make a Sim one in CAS
      • New Community Lots
        • An appropriate looking cemetery for the island
        • I would have added a cave behind the water fall that you could explore IN PERSON not rabbit hole. A little spelunking would have been fun. Also cave bats
        • One Black Sand Beach probably on the Island with the active Volcano
        • Surfing spot on one of the Beaches
        • Tiki Bar Community Lot
        • Underwater Palace for Mermaids
    15. Add these purchasable Spices, A Spice Rack to Hold Them & Update Recipes Accordingly
      • Allspice
      • Cardamom
      • Cinnamon
      • Nutmeg
      • Paprika
    16. Nifty Knitting Update
      • Add Dog Sweaters
      • Add Holiday Sweaters
      • Add Holiday Socks
    17. Update Dogs & Cats
      • Add the Veterinary Career
      • Hireable Dog Groomer & Walker
      • Preventative Vaccinations and Heart Worm Preventative
      • Holiday Themed Collars
      • Pet Costumes for Halloween
      • Painting Dog Nails
      • Dog Houses - Themes would be cute. Go Nuts
        • Brownstone
        • Castle
        • Colonial
        • Gothic Victorian for Vampire Homes
        • Log Cabin
        • Pirate Ship
        • Tiki Hut
        • Werewolf Themed
      • Nicer Pet Beds
      • Doggles & Booties
    18. Cottage Living & Jungle Adventure Changes
      • Cottage Living Update
        • So I would add Full Grown Sheep to Cottage Living and make them the source for the Wool in this pack. They can all come in the same colors the mini sheep in Horse Ranch can come in
        • I'd Remove the Llama from Cottage Living
        • When Fairies are Introduced add a Fairy Circle that teleport the Fairy to a secret lot for the fairies. Unicorns can appear in Hensford when they are introduced
        • Garden Judging is a Community event and nicely dressed Judges with sashes come to inspect your garden if you enter the competition
        • Hiking is called Rambling here
        • Red Phone Box & Blue Police Call Box
        • Red Mailbox
        • Rose varieties to get different colors added to Gardening
        • Portobello Mushrooms, Cucumbers & Dill added to Gardening
        • Add a TV Channel called the CCB
          • TV Show that looks like Agatha Christie's Miss Marple
          • TV Show that looks like Agatha Christie's Poirot
          • TV Show that looks like The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes OR Sherlock
          • TV Show that looks like Monty Python's Flying Circus OR Holy Grail
          • TV Show that looks like Upstairs Downstairs And/OR Jeeves & Wooster
          • TV Show that looks like Doctor Who
        • Food Additions
          • Bacon Butty
          • Beans on Toast
          • Bubble & Squeak
          • Christmas Pudding
          • Clotted Cream added to Canning if not otherwise there
          • Dublin Coddle
          • Full English Breakfast
          • Garlic Mushrooms on Toast
          • Irish Pudding
          • Haggis
          • Kedgeree
          • Knickerbocker Glory
          • Lancashire Hot Pot
          • Mince Pie
          • Mushroom Omelette
          • Pasties
          • Pickles added to Canning
          • Pie & Mash
          • Ploughman's Lunch
          • Scotch Egg
          • Tea Sandwiches
          • Toad in the Hole
          • Trifle
        • Jungle Adventure Update
        • I'd put the Llama in Jungle Adventure and make it rideable and keep its ability to have its fluff harvested
        • I'd put the Witch Doctor from Bon Voyage in Jungle Adventure
        • I'd Add a Quick Sand Trap
    19. Update Butler
      • Gather Mail
      • Bathe the Dog
      • Running the Vacuum
      • Walk the Dog
    20. Obvious Architectural Features that should have been added by now
      • Belfry & Clock Tower Pieces
        • Adds Several Choices of Bell Tolls - Westminster, Whittingham, Ode to Joy
        • Adds Chime SFX to Grandfather Clocks and Mantle Clocks too
        • Chimes at 12 & 6
      • Conservatory Glass Roofs like from the Sims 3 Store
      • Driveway pieces
      • Flying Buttresses
      • Garage Doors that raise and lower for garages
      • Onion Domes
      • Skylights
      • Spiral Stairs
    21. Fire & Fireplace Fixes/Additions
      • Fix the Auto Light Upgrade so that it only lights at 40 degrees and cooler
      • Add Hang Stockings to Mantle on all fireplaces with them but the interaction only comes up in Winter on Snowflake Day
      • Dust Mantle Interaction
      • Add a Space to many of the hearths to place hanging or freestanding hearth irons
      • Clean out Ashes from Hearth Interaction
      • Select Fire color for all Fireplaces, Torches, Bonfires, Camp Fires and Fire Pits
      • Firefighter Career Back
      • Fire Safety Skill back
      • Smoke detectors placeable on the Ceiling
    22. Sim Costume Clothing Tab
      • Better selection of Classic Costumes, Wigs, Shoes & Accessories
      • All classic mask styles for Masquerade Parties
    23. Death
      • Funerals
      • Graveyards, Cemeteries & Pet Cemeteries
        • Cenotaphs
        • Coffin Fish, Vampire Fish, Ghost Catfish all can be fished up in a graveyard
        • Creaky Gate Sound Effect Upgrade for Gates
        • Death Flowers will grow there
        • Eternal Flames
        • Graves
        • Mausoleums
        • NPC Graveyard Care Taker …During the Day
        • Scary Atmosphere Moodlet after Dark
        • Tombs
        • Weeping Angels
        • Zombies - But no eating the plants THAT was annoying. Also they can "Smustle"
      • Funeral Attire as a clothing tab
      • Wills & Inheritance
      • Gargoyle and Grotesques build pieces (Archways, pillars etc.)
      • Grim Reaper Update
      • Musical Additions
        • Funeral March (Piano Sonata No. 2 in B flat minor Op 35, CT. 202) by Chopin - Added to playable piano music
        • Toccata in Fugue in D Minor - added to Pipe Organ Playable music
        • Funeral March of a Marionette by Gounod - Added to Classical radio station
        • Night on Bald Mountain added to Classical radio station
      • Funeral Tack for Horses
      • Add more Horror Movies Parodies to Scare Max if you have Growing Together
        • Christine
        • Cujo
        • Dracula
        • Salem's Lot
        • The Howling or Wolfman
    24. Return of the Fortune Teller Career
      • Fortune Teller Career
        • Both Branches - Scam Artist & Mystic
        • Western Zodiac returns
        • All the different types of divinations they use
          • Tasseography - Tea Leaf Reading
          • Palm Reading
          • Star Chart Making
          • Tarot Card Reading
          • Spirit Board
        • Learns the Medium Skill extra fast
        • The caravan along with the special music
        • Aura Reading
        • Can Create Love Potion #9 and Amulets against Vampires & Werewolves
        • Phone Readings (Like Miss Cleo) - Scam Artist Only
        • Private Readings
        • Psychic Conventions - Scam Artist branch
        • Sage Burning
      • Since it technically is Divination I would use this opportunity to bring back the Magic Mirror
      • Pictures from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck as Wall Artwork
    25. Fairies & Unicorns - Not to Devs please watch the following films before creating Fairies. Legend, Fantasia (1940) the Nutcracker Suite, Midsummer Nights Dream (1999). Please also read up on Paracelsus
      • Good Fairies & Bad Fairies
      • Bad Fairies are called Spriggans
      • Fairies should have powers that tie into Paracelsus' Four Elements (Earth, Air, Fire & Water)
      • Excluding Water which should be the exclusive province of Mermaids
      • Good Fairies should have Air & Earth Powers to choose from. Evil should have Fire
      • Fairies should also have the powers of Inspiration besides their elemental and nature based ones
      • Fairy Glamor should also be a potential power
      • Fairies should have power choices based on skill level and are set up like Werewolves & Vampires with strengths and weaknesses. Even Fairies with the same element should be slightly different based on power choices
      • Fairies Good or Bad should be tricksters
      • Good Fairies should have an affinity with Mermaids, Spell-casters, Unicorns & Animals
      • Bad Fairies should have a natural affinity for Vampires
      • The Summerdreams should make their reappearance.
      • I think that Fairies should have a secret gathering space and Unicorns being magical in nature can also go there
      • Fairies should regain their ability to change their shape
      • Fairies should choose their wing design
      • Fairy ring is how Fairies teleport to their secret gathering space
      • There should definitely be a Fairy Ring in Hensford
      • When fairies Ice Skate there will be a path of frost behind them, can apply dew to plants, change the leaves in fall.
      • Fairies Good or Bad do not like Iron
    26. Japanese Whispers Stuff Pack (Yes I named it after The Cure song)
      • Traditional Japanese Clothing
          • Geta Shoes
          • Haori & Hakama
          • Jade Jewelry
          • Kimono
          • Yukata
        • Geisha Make-up & Wigs
        • Eastern Zodiac for all Mr. Komerabi natives instead of Western
        • Karate Skill, Sparring, & Belt Testing, Dojo Community Lot
        • Origami Mini 5 Point Skill
        • Ikebana Update to Flower Arranging Skill
        • Japanese style paintings and prints added to the paintings we can make
        • Further Bonsai Varieties
        • Koi Fish Water Effect for the Pond Tool
        • Paper Fans & Parasols
        • Tai Chi - It is performed in Japan as well as China. I researched it
        • Tea Ceremony
        • Household Items
          • Futons
          • Irori Sunken Hearth
          • Kimono Wall Hanging from Sims 2 (Black, White, Pink & Red Kimono colors)
          • Tansu Step Drawers
          • Zen Garden - Rake for it's calming and meditative effect plus Wellness Skill increase
        • Food
          • Hibachi Stove with recipes (NPC Chef and the traditional food tricks)
          • Sushi Counter with new Sushi recipes (NPC Sushi Chef)
          • Anmitsu
          • Japanese Pancakes
          • Matcha Swiss Roll
          • Mochi Ice Cream flavor addition if you have the Ice Cream Maker
          • Okonomiyaki
          • Omarice
          • Taiyaki
          • Takoyaki
      • Kit Additions & Updates
        • Bathroom Kit to match the Moroccan Themed Kit
        • Bedroom Kit to match the Moroccan Themed Kit
        • Interior Furniture and Decor for the Castle Kit
          • Pennants & Flags in Various Colors and Symbols
          • Very large Fireplace for Banquette Hall
          • Kitchen Hearth
        • Update the Castle Build Kit
          • Arrow Slit Windows
          • Drawbridge that Raises & Lowers
          • Portcullis that Raises & Lowers
          • Additional Stone Color
          • Stone Spiral Staircase
      • Tattoo Shop Stuff Pack
        • Tattoo Shop Community Lot
          • Own-able
          • Hire/Fire Artists
          • Set Hours & Name the Shop
          • Set Prices for Services
        • Tattoo Artist Active Career - Requires Art Skill, High Hygiene/Cleaning, Charisma, Use social Media to promote Shop
        • Tattoo Artist Washes hands and Changes Gloves between Customers (Small Detail)
        • Shop can get Reviewed. Customers can get positive or negative outcomes based on Artist Skill Level, Shop Cleanliness and Professionalism of the Artist
        • Sims getting Tattoos or Piercings have different thresholds of pain tolerance
        • Tattoo artists can also run the Laser Tattoo Removal Machine
        • Artist does Tattoos & Piercings
          • All kinds of new Tattoo Styles
            • Dragons
            • Medusa and other Greek Mythological Creatures
            • Western Zodiac Symbols
            • Chiese Zodiac Animals
          • Piercings
            • Beauty Mark
            • Belly Button
            • Ear Types
            • Eyebrow
            • Lip
            • Nose
        • Tattoo Shop Build/Buy
          • Autoclave
          • Black Subway Tile for Bathroom Walls
          • Door Mat
          • Front Door & Front Window
          • Industrial Counter Style
          • Laser Removal Machine
          • Neon Signage
          • Signage
          • Tattoo Chair
          • Tattoo Magazines Sims can read while waiting their turn
          • Tattoo Shop Bric a Brac
          • Tattoo Example Posters
          • Waiting Room Chairs
      • Amusement Park/Carnival/Water Park Community Lot
        • Basically a Neighborhood so that some of the other Carnival type attractions from the other game can be placed
        • Carnival Food Kiosk & Picnic Area
          • Candy Apples (Red rest of the year, Black in Fall)
          • Carmel Apples
          • Carmel Corn
          • Corndogs
          • Chili Dogs
          • Deep Fried Candy Bars
          • Frito Pie
          • Funnel Cakes
          • Nachos
          • Popcorn
          • Snow Cones
          • Turkey Legs
        • Carnival Type Radio Station and Appropriate-looking Speaker System
        • Carnival Style Activities
          • Apple Bobbing Tub
          • Dunk Tank
          • Face Painting Booths
          • Food Eating Competition Table
          • Kissing Booth
          • Tug O' War Competition
        • Carnie NPCs & Carnival Mascot
        • A Decent Midway Game Area
          • Duck Target Shooting Game
          • Ring Toss
          • Strong Man Game
          • Whack a Mole
        • Rides & Attractions
          • A Beautiful Carousel that Oscillates
          • Fun House Mirrors
          • Roller Coaster Build Pieces
          • Water Park/Splash Park Pieces
      • Casinos Hotels & Vegas Style Entertainment Expansion Pack (Musical Bands are implied here)
        • New Vacation Destination entirely
          • 2 Casino Community Lots
          • Community Lot spaces left available for restaurant(s), Retail Stores and 1 Day Spa
          • 3 Theaters for Vegas Style Entertainment - Singers & Bands, Magicians, Acrobats (Cirque de Soleil) & Associated Careers
          • Gangster Museum
          • 1 Dive Bar and 2 Night Clubs
          • Boxing Gym and Boxing Matches
          • Pool League Tournament
          • Dart League Tournament
        • Casino Lot Traits
          • Cards are Stacked Against You - Lot Trait that gives a lesser chance at winning at Casino Games
          • Glitzy Garb Lot Trait has Sims change into evening wear when they go into the Casino
          • Sweeten the Pot - Casino Games have higher winning pots
          • Tacky Togs is a lot trait for cheesier Casinos that everyone looks like a tourist at
          • Hotels as a Base Game Addition so they can be placed in any world we choose
          • Haunted Hotel - Some Guests Check in But They Don't Check Out
            • Attractive but not tacky Hotel Rooms
            • Front Desk and Concierge
            • Dog Service - Walks, Room Service, Pampering
            • Maid Service
            • Room Service
            • Customizable Staff Uniforms
            • Hotel Reservation Window
              • Length of Stay
              • Whose going
              • Room Rates
              • Hotel Rating System
              • Room Type
                • Single
                • Double
                • Suite
                • Honeymoon Suite
                • Presidential Suite
            • Security Systems - because if you ar going to have thieves and con men you ought to have security systems
              • Varying in sophistication depending what they are trying to protect
              • Residential vs Community
            • Typical Casino Games
              • NPC Croupiers NOT ROBOTS
              • Black Jack
              • C*R*A*P*S - the game not the dirty word
              • Poker - Low Stakes vs High Stakes
              • Roulette
              • Slot Machines
            • Build/Buy
              • Acrobats Props
              • Buffet Table like the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace
              • Casino Game Tables
              • Curved Pool Corners
              • Diving Board
              • Elevator Build pieces like in Sims 2
              • Gold Toilet
              • Hotel Door
              • Hotel Fridge
              • Magicians Props
              • Musical Instruments
                • Base Guitar
                • Cello
                • Drum Kit
                • Saxophone
              • Poker Table & Matching Seats
              • Pool Bar
              • Pool Cabanas
              • Pool Table
              • Pool Table Overhead Light and Cue Stick Rack
              • Shuffleboard
              • Stage Backdrops, Lighting & Effects
              • Ticket Booth
            • Additional Features
              • Bad Guys
                • Unsavory Charlatan Returns! - Pickpocketing & Cons
                • Burglars make a return and they will break into homes or community lots
                • Casino Heists ala Ocean's 11
              • Simulated Thrills
                • Indoor Skydiving
                • Golf Simulator or Driving Range
                • Scuba Diving Tank
              • Additional Card Games
                • Build a House of Cards
                • Gin Rummy
                • Solitaire

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      “All mushrooms are edible, but some only once.” Terry Pratchett
    27. Options
      crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 7,600 Member
      redrogue60 wrote: »
      If I was running Maxis I would (In order of actions)

      These are all great suggestions. For additional card games, would be nice if we could get back also strip poker and poker tournaments. Tarot card reading would be nice too. For the Japanese pack, can we please add Mochi icecream and deserts and Japanese style paintings upgrade. Also, some more bonsai plant varieties would be nice.
    28. Options
      redrogue60redrogue60 Posts: 2,066 Member
      crocobaura wrote: »
      redrogue60 wrote: »
      If I was running Maxis I would (In order of actions)

      These are all great suggestions. For additional card games, would be nice if we could get back also strip poker and poker tournaments. Tarot card reading would be nice too. For the Japanese pack, can we please add Mochi icecream and deserts and Japanese style paintings upgrade. Also, some more bonsai plant varieties would be nice.

      I don't see why not. I'll add your suggestions to the list and IF a Dev takes note they'll see it amongst the overall ideas and probably have a better chance of being added.
      “All mushrooms are edible, but some only once.” Terry Pratchett
    29. Options
      rhaliusrhalius Posts: 486 Member
      Forgot one thing, I'd go independent.

      Seems more companies are doing that recently, breaking away from being publishers property, sacrificing budget for freedom.
      It's the way to go. EA works best when just sticking to publishing and not being involved in the actual game development.
    30. Options
      JALJAL Posts: 1,114 Member
      I love the many suggestions here. Not everything are things that I would prioritize myself, but I love them all the same. I have a few more additions to my list after playing horse rancher/farmer + landlord for the first time:
      • Relationships between tenant and landlord should dictate how likely the tenants are to protest their "conditions".
      • Rental events should be toggable on and off, not just for all (they are), but for individual events. Personally, for instance, I don't mind the leaky pipes and electrical failures, but I hate the hauntings and the cursed book. Someone else might prefer the opposite.
      • Horses and other animals that has been placed in a shared space for instance paddocks or stables should always be visible regardless of unit you visit.
      • Tenants should be able to care for animals of the other units, such as lambs, cows, chickens and horses if they are in shared spaces.
      • Infants and toddlers should be visible outside their units from time to time with their parents.
      • Kids should play more on playgrounds and with toys in shared spaces.
      Moreover, I advise that the cart button must be destroyed!
    31. Options
      Mak27Mak27 Posts: 1,119 Member
      edited May 15
      • Dine Out refresh: improved gameplay, deep fryer
      • Outdoor Retreat refresh: axe throwing, log rolling, archery
      • My Wedding Stories refresh: new harvestables, active scuba diving
      • Seasons update: hail, heavy snow, apple blobbing
      • Get to Work update: new fashion designer career
      • Chores as BG updates: lawn mowing, pool cleaning and woodchopping
      • Hobbies EP: sewing, pottery, glassblowing, karate, ballet
      • Music EP: bands, new instruments, acrobat, magicians
      • Hotels GP
      • Attic building tool
      • Gameplay kits return
      • Pre-teens and mid adults as new life stages
      • Pet walkers, pet careers, dog houses, playable pets
      • Buglars, newspaper delivery, police and alarm
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      JALJAL Posts: 1,114 Member
      It seems one thing on my list is being ticked off, at least sort of: Prioritize bug-fixes over new content, having one team work with the easy bugs to sort out as many as possible fast while having a more experienced team working on the more serious ones.

      They did create a team to work on bug-fixes and the core game, so yay!
      Moreover, I advise that the cart button must be destroyed!
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      JadeleineJadeleine Posts: 2,152 Member
      edited June 2
      I have not dreamed of that but if i could decide what to do for one year in the game, I would add many new skills, hobbies and things to do. That year people who like building skills, hobbies and family styled game would maybe like me lol. But the ones who like building would dislike me because I don´t understand much about building/house engineering things. There would be many silly looking houses added that year....But the skills that I would add are: Sewing, Crocheting, Crafting for Children, Strollers for Infants and Toddlers, Car fixing (even if there is no cars), Therapist career and practioner where a sim could work as a family Therapist offering treatment to kids, teens, adults and elders. Sims could get temporarily depressed for example and that could be cured and healed at the Therapist. I would also add full course meal for the whole family to enjoy at the dinner table (appetiser, side dishes, drinks with meals, desserts), and the best new skill would be making birthdaycakes! And there would be so many Birthday cake options for all ages, also 2 layered big cakes such as unicorn, mermaid, cars etc themes. Those Birthday Cakes could be also sold at the bakery and be a added to Restaurant menus. Children and Teens would have the option to sell the birthday cakes and craftables in Plopsy also. There would be addon to plants too and some of the most common ones would be added such as orange trees, cucumbers, Mango trees etc. Basically it would be a year of adding lot of skills and things to do for all ages. Elders would get a special celebration cake too. There would be a whole EP dedicated to this and a kit that adds new fruits and fruits sales table and a smoothie blender on top of that. And ofcourse that EP would bring a huge beautiful cute world! I almot forgot, the fairies! There would be fairies GP.
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