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Give me an idea for a community lot!

LogicallyironicLogicallyironic Posts: 137 Member
edited March 23 in The Sims 2
I am almost done building a custom hood
(for context I am playing the Super Collection atm, so xpacs are limited)

so far i have
- Multiple restaurants
- multiple clothing stores
- children/toy store
- flower shop
- library
- bookstore
- game hall/bar
- gym
- salon
- spa
- electronics store
- pool
- multiple parks
- arcade/bowling alley/skating rink
- pet store
- grocery store
- cafe
- church (serves also as wedding venue and graveyard, may also put in another wedding venue I've built in the past)

I think that's all, but if my memory is jogged I'll update
I have space for 1 or 2 more things depending on size but I'm really stumped. I might just do another clothing store but if y'all have any suggestions LMK!


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    Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,588 Member
    Hi :mrgreen:

    A Holiday Store - Maybe Christmas with a ice skating park? Hot chocolate and espresso... Santa and Mrs. Claus selling cookies. :)

    Maybe a Haunted Store/Park for Halloween - Dancing and maybe a band Area?

    A family photo place - get their pictures taken :)
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    Damienf519Damienf519 Posts: 6,993 Member
    You could maybe add a museum of some kind. I was about to suggest a festival ground if you have Seasons, but than I remembered that you're talking about the Sims 2
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    crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 7,382 Member
    I suggest a beach lot with a board walk and pirate ship for days out at the beach, a hotel for get-aways and secret affairs, a jewelry store, a games shop, a car dealership, a bar, a nightclub. I remember I used to have a chocolate factory that sold CC chocolate boxes and an art shop with photography studio above it. I even had a bank that sold gold bars. My favourite lot used to be a city square lined with trees and benches underneath and a big fountain in the center and a coffee cart that was always busy.
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    83bienchen83bienchen Posts: 2,577 Member
    I always have an indoor playground, a church, a cemetery, a hair stylist (Get Famous), a washing saloon and a hall that can be rented out for partys/events.
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    BreeMilesBreeMiles Posts: 8,910 Member
    museum to show off artwork
    aquarium to visit with family and friends
    a candle shop that makes and sells candles
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    lisamwittlisamwitt Posts: 5,095 Member
    edited April 1
    I have a movie theater in my custom hood. Yeah, it's not a real movie theater, but it works okay. One of my Sim families owns it and gets money from the ticket machine at the door. You can also set up a flower shop and sell flowers, although that requires a lot of prep ahead of time because you have to make all the bouquets.
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