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Chris Thorne Super Sim Challenge

So, take 2 (or is it 3 lol).

My Super Sim: Chris Thorne


Super Sim Challenge: Chris Thorne

Starting Age: Infant

Lifespan: Off

Starting Funds: 20K

Cheats: None except to fix glitches and bugs, and to decorate the house with move objects

Mods and Custom Content: None. I don't ever use them. I play completely vanilla.


All milestones for all of the packs, except possibly occults (undecided, but I'm usually not an occult player)

All Skills

All Careers

All Degrees

All Reward Traits (where conflicting, I'll choose a direction)

All Aspirations

All Collections

Tools: I'm using James Turner's Super Sim Tracker

Packs: I have all packs, expansions, stuff, and kits. I plan to buy any others that come out as well.

Super Sim Take 2. (Twins were too much and glitchy with the milestones, so here's my new super sim).

(Timothy Thorne is Kyle's brother, so Annabelle's Uncle, if you read any of that story.)

Chris is being adopted by Timothy, who's moving into this house in Willow Creek. I've replaced all the lots with previous builds and refurbs I've done over the years.





  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 35,366 Member
    Good luck with Chris! Looking forward to following along.
    #EA CreatorNetwork
  • HomeMamaHomeMama Posts: 481 Member
    Good luck with Chris! Looking forward to following along.

    Thank you!!! And thank you so much for the encouragement and idea to turn off aging. I think this will work out so much better for me.
  • haneulhaneul Posts: 1,937 Member
    Good luck. It sounds like you have a good setup. I hope you enjoy playing with Chris. :)
  • HomeMamaHomeMama Posts: 481 Member
    haneul wrote: »
    Good luck. It sounds like you have a good setup. I hope you enjoy playing with Chris. :)

    Thank you! I'm really enjoying him so far.
  • HomeMamaHomeMama Posts: 481 Member

    Timothy cuddled Chris close, just soaking in the last few days before he could toddle. He was growing so fast. He had already learned to crawl and pull to standing, and any day now he would take his first steps. The flower bunny stopped by on Bunny Hunt Day to meet little Chris for the first time.



  • HomeMamaHomeMama Posts: 481 Member

    My little super sim, Chris Thorne, aged up to toddler. Here's his birthday party pictures and Infant milestone stats.






  • HomeMamaHomeMama Posts: 481 Member

    Summer Fun Day and a new home were on the agenda for that weekend. Timothy painted a few masterpieces, so we moved to San Sequoia and met our new neighbors. Then we headed to the nearby neighborhood waterpark to get to know them a little better, and then met our family at our favorite park to hang out for a while.

    (P.S. I have more pictures on my new Tumblr account, and would love to follow anyone who also has one, if you let me know how to find you.)




  • HomeMamaHomeMama Posts: 481 Member

    24 While in 24 First one completed !FIRE!

    I'm not really trying to do all of the 24, but I'm keeping track of the ones I happen to complete this year.

    (Pictures at the bottom.)

    I've had fires before, but this was crazy!

    So, first of all, before the spooky party, Tianne came over and was cooking. I began hearing a fire, but I could not for the life of me find it. This is a one story house, so I didn't think to look upstairs for the longest time.

    Finally, I see where it is and the sims keep going in and out of the house casually, because they don't know about it yet...but they can't travel and I can't get into build mode. Everything's hunky dory. Tianne bbq's on the back porch and everyone eats and sleeps on the benches around there, etc. But it's underwhelming. The firemen literally take a nap on the couch. And the fire dies out all by itself.

    So, I take the opportunity to put my framed pictures and Chris's beloved stuffed toy in our house inventory. the upstairs is all ruined and I can't get to it anyway, so I decide I'm going to continue this fire and then they can move out. But I already missed Trick or Treat last year and it's the next day...so I wait until after the party. The story in my head goes, Chris left the spooky bear next to the fireplace and whoops. I put the rug real close too...but nothing.

    You guys, the whole time I'm trying to create a fire to continue the accidental fire to its completion, I'm making sure everyone is fully rested, fully fed, etc. Their needs are maxed out when the fire finally catches.

    For awhile, no problem...but it is sooo slow. The first start of a fire on purpose, the firemen put it out in seconds and the next time I lock all the doors so they can't get in. I lock the family outside because I don't want anyone dying on me. Not right now. Chris is still a toddler and I don't know what would happen if the caregiver dies. So, I lock all the sims out, including the firemen.

    It takes forever freaking long. And even though the fire starts when all the needs are maxed out, by the time the house is ruined, Chris is about to be taken away. I try everything. Maybe his dad can order food from the stall that's right there. Nope, unclickable. Maybe I can drag the carrot into his inventory and he'll eat it. Nope, still unclickable. Maybe I can grill in the backyard since Tianne did that last time. Nope, unclickable.

    So, I finally let the firemen in to do their job before Chris is taken away. They finish up and I spend some time fixing all their needs. Now we've moved to another house for a little while, while I decide where we want to live for the rest of his toddler time. That was an adventure. I guess that met with the 24 in 24 fire challenge, lol.



    The rest put in spoilers for those who might be sensitive to fire triggers.



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