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December 1st - It's time for our Friday Highlights! You can check them out here!


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Hi there Simmers!

It's the most wonderful time of the year week... the Sims highlights are back! I hope this week has treated you well. Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend? Are you already preparing your Christmas lists and gifts? Is it too early to talk about it? 🤐

Let's catch up on what happened this week:
  • On Tuesday, we had a new Sims Delivery Express with a new curly hair perfect for any Sim ;) Head in-game and try it out on your Sim!

And now, let's get those highlights started!


Clearly, there is no beef between those two! Posted here by @MonaSolstraale

  • First things first, let's discuss creating and naming our sims with @Nrowe. Can we agree that naming a sim is one of the most difficult thing to come up with? I never run out of ideas when it comes to outfits, builds or decorations but when it comes to names, my mind is just blank. I seem to forget all the names that ever came into existence, so most of my sims are selfishly named after myself 🙈 Some of you suggest to go through baby name lists which is solid advice! On the topic of creating sims, it also looks like we tend to unconsciously create our own simselves! It does make sense, we would probably pick traits and tastes that we like. I have troubles getting out of my "comfort zone" and picking hobbies or personnality traits that don't match mine, because it's the easy thing to do 🤔 But I'm sure we can do it simmers, we can create sims that are not ourselves, or a better version of ourselves, or clones of each other! 💪💪
  • We are closer to the Sims 4: For Rent 🏙️ release date, and once again this week this has inspired you to start discussions in order to prepare for the future builds and gameplays! @Sthenastia wants to know which lots are the best to place your upcoming appartments and has shared a well detailed list 📝 while others are sharing the exact map locations where they intend to start building their first appartment 📍. You are all so much more prepared than me, I don't have the dedication to do all that - I will start building whenever, wherever, like a famous pop star used to say.
  • This week, I fell in love with @illusie's Little Celeste cosy cottage 🏡 This build is only using base game items and shows that you don't need lots of extra elements to create a very pretty home. Despite its small size, it can house up to three sims and has a lovely back garden and terrace that is beautifully decorated with flowers, plants and bushes 🌳, a small pool and a very luminous greenhouse. I love the surroundings and how simple in apparence the house looks until you get a closer look and notice all the nice details and additions that give it even more charm. There is nothing I would change there 😍
  • Finally, let's end those highlights with a very interesting poll: @Jadeleine wants to know what is the best world for a Medieval setting 🏰. With no surprise, Henford-on-Bagley and Windenburg are getting to the top positions, they really are the most fitting world for a classic Middle-Age type of game. Some of you are also giving different ideas such as Forgotten Hollow (I agree, this is the perfect Gothic world!), Sulani for a pirate and mermaids medieval setting (ooh I love that idea!), or Glimmerbrook. It's really fun to see everyone coming up with different ideas for the same question, as always your creativity lever ceases to impress me! 🎨

That's all folks! We have made it to another week so enjoy your weekend, relax, and we'll see you soon 👋

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