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5/15/24 Gaia Legacy Gen3 (4 Posts) - Zoot Legacies Index

Since I have a number of legacies that I play I decided rather than bombard the forum with countless individual discussions I make an Index of them all.
Up top in the title I will say which legacy is updated that day.

Main Page:

Fox Legacy: Basic Legacy: Red Head Heir Rule Updated 04/19/24

Gaia Legacy: Basic Legacy: Loves Outdoors Heir Rule Updated 05/15/24

Not so Berry: Updated 11/20/23 - On Hiatus

Serenity Legacy: Basic Legacy: Good Trait Heir Rule Updated 04/21/24

Disney Princess: Updated 11/20/23 - On Hiatus

Super Sim Legacy: Updated 04/28/24

Berry Pastel Rainbowcy: Updated 02/02/24

Pancakes Legacy: Basic Legacy Based On Bob Pancakes Updated 11/19/23 On Hiatus

Not so Doctor Who: Legacy Challenge by ME based on Dr Who Updated 10/11/23 - On Hiatus

Disney Villains: Updated 01/31/24

Lynx Legacy: Basic Legacy: Cat Lover Heir Rules NEW 04/20/24

Flex Legacy: Basic Legac: Active Heir Rules NEW 04/17/24
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