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🌟 Cape Albacore World Collaboration

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Hello and welcome to another builders collaboration hosted by @Hidehi , @Sandraelle and me @soocoolsim! Introducing Cape Albacore, a lovely and serene coastal town that we invite you to create with us. There are two sub-themed areas as indicated on the maps (beach and lagoon); otherwise it should have a general coastal feel similar to Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Island in the U.S.

Builders may wish to visit this site for coastal house plan inspiration. For Cape Albacore, we are excluding the Contemporary, Mediterranean, Modern and West Indies sub-categories listed on their site. However, the great news is that there are lots of other coastal styles and designs to choose from. 👏

Everyone can experience Cape Albacore taking shape by downloading the empty world base and installing builds as they become available. Constructive comments throughout this process are welcome so please don’t be shy. Your participation will help revive this forum. 😀

So without further ado, onto the details below and come join in the fun! ⛵️

  • Take a look at the list of available lots using the “MAPS” section posts below as reference.
  • Indicate you're on board for the collab and sign up for your first claim by posting on this thread with your chosen map lot reference #.
  • I will update the list with your claim as well as the download / media links when completed.
  • Every two weeks (approx the 1st and 15th of the month) a new claiming period starting with “Claiming Day” will begin.
  • During this period; if you’re now joining the collab or have a claimed build already in progress, you can claim 1 lot.
  • For ongoing builders, if all previously claimed lots are completed and link(s) submitted, you may claim up to 2 lots.

  • Download the Cape Albacore empty world base created by @Hidehi .
  • Do stay with the coastal / sub-theme of the map area for your claim. You have creative freedom otherwise.
  • All Expansion Packs OK for use.
  • All Stuff Packs OK for use.
  • All purchasable EA Store items OK for use.
  • Free EA Store items OK for use. Note: Some are no longer available for download so use at your discretion.
  • No third-party Custom Content allowed — please Custard Check your lots before uploading to double check. Helpful notes.
    soocoolsim's Beginner's Quick Steps for Custard.
  • We highly recommend play testing your lot to ensure no routing concerns and downloaders can enjoy your build as intended.
  • It will be useful to world players if the Cape Albacore lot address is included in your build description on the Exchange, albeit optional.
  • Do take the time to put your best foot forward to make your build(s) shine inside and out. Each will be showcased with credit in a special video walkthrough on YouTube once the world is completed.
Once your build is available on the Exchange/other site, please complete the following form and post on this thread.

Completed Build Submission Form
Name of build:
Map reference for your claim (eg Map H86 or Map H, #86):
Download link to your build:
Optional! Link to pictures / media:
Cover picture
Custard screenshot confirmation no third-party Custom Content included in your build.
Optional - in spoilers! A few additional pics (eg floor plans / inspiration)

It is highly recommended you save and preview your post before submitting to ensure all required content is included and links are actually working.


Roofing: asphalt shingle, distressed shingle, gray slate, neutral slate, wood shingles, or slate.
Exterior walls: Siding / shingle in whites, greys, light - med earth tones, or pastels.
Exterior trim / doors/ windows: white or a contrast color from the list below (see colour chart below for visual reference):
  • Lemon Yellow / ffef8c / 255,239,140
  • Cottage Red / 8a423e / 138,66,62
  • Hamilton Blue / 5c788f / 92,120,143
  • Cobblestone / cbc89d / 203,200,157
  • Nantucket Blue / 12636b / 18,99,107
  • Quaker Gray / 94948f / 148,148,143
  • Chrome Green / 00453d / 0,69,61
  • Nantucket Gray / 8c8a7a /140,138,122
  • Nantucket Red / 9e6169 / 158, 97, 105
  • Newport Blue / #91a5a9 / 145,165,169

Other inspiration... Buildings of New England

We welcome submission of Sims to go with your claimed build. Do note that like the builds, we ask that creators not use any third-party custom content. Then submit the download link along with Cover and Custard shots when available. You can additionally link to media / put additional pictures within spoilers. See the post below for submissions.

We love to see our builds and sims in the world. Feel free to share links to your blogs for all to enjoy. See the post below for submissions. 😀

LIST OF PARTICIPANTS (updated ongoing)
@Charlottekn , @chojrak , @ciane , @fatness1974 , @Hidehi , @IdahoGal65 (cheeseweasel) , @ks0, @LMC6255 , @Puddinroy , @Sandraelle , @soocoolsim , @texansky

Stay tuned for information end Nov 2023.
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