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    @Belalucina - Thanks for reading my up-date. Yes, Amelia is such a great helper and often does things autonomously. Love it.
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina @foxybilly @simgirl1010


    It was Saturday, and Amelia had made breakfast with William's help. William thought the food tasted pretty good...


    ...but the verdict is still out with Bryan.


    Today, William and Francesca decided to take the family to Ye Olde Playground. The last time William had gone, it had just been with Amelia, but today Francesca was coming with him, as well as the other children.


    No sooner had they gotten there, than Bryan decided to take off his clothes and go wandering. Or, maybe he is after that fox...yep, the same fox who stole that fish.


    Amelia was anxious to play on the ship, which her father had told her that her Uncle Thaddeus had built.


    Conrad and Desirae play dolls together at the castle dollhouse.


    And Amelia's "Cow Cousins" were here, too!


    Meanwhile, Bryan has now wandered away from the playground. Where is he going?


    Philip challenged his Uncle William to play some chess. And Philip won again!


    After playing on the ship for awhile, Katherine and Amelia swing from the climbers, as Joan awaits her turn.


    Francesca takes a moment to teach Benedict about manners, and the importance of saying please and thank you.


    Collette and Isabelle arrive. It seems like everyone is coming to the park today.


    Oh gosh! And Bryan has wandered down to the himself!


    Thank goodness that Francesca was keeping an eye on him and knew where he had gone.


    She enters the water and scoops Bryan up and tells him not to wander off again. Will he listen? Probably not, this child is a water-baby.


    Benedict and Desirae are building an awesome sand sculpture.


    Thaddeus and Reginald arrive, too, and everyone is having a good day.


    Especially Bryan, who gets to have some fun with his Aunt Isabelle. (autonomous)

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Amelia was just getting some food that her father had made when a teen came up to her. He spoke to her like he knew her, but she didn't recognize him.


    Amelia: "Do I know you?"

    Jeb: "Yes...but I looked different when we first met. I had a bag on my head then. It was a dare that my friend Wolfgang had dared me to do."

    Amelia laughed, and suddenly remembered the "bag boy" that she had met when she was little.

    Amelia: "Oh yes, I remember now. Well, I am glad to finally meet you and see your real face. Is your friend Wolfgang here, too?"

    Jeb shook his head, "No, he had some errands to do for his mother. Why do you ask?"

    Amelia: "Well, I have a vague memory of him, and it would be nice to meet him again, too. To see his face. Unless, he will be the one wearing the bag over his head the next time!"

    Jeb smiled, "Oh! Good one, Amelia. You are very clever..."

    William had looked over from where he was standing and saw a teen approach Amelia and start speaking with her. He decided to find out who this teen was.


    William: "Good day! I don't believe we've been introduced. I am William Fletcher, Amelia's father."

    Jeb nodded, "It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Jeb Harris of Evergreen Harbor. I recognized your daughter, Amelia, when I met her here when she was younger. Her Uncle was minding her, and I was here with my friend, Wolfgang."

    William thought back and didn't remember this teen at all. His brother Reginald came up behind him.


    Reginald: "William, um...I seem to recall that Amelia met two teens when she was here the last time. I supervised them the whole time. It was when you went to the castle ruins to pick those mushrooms."

    William nodded his head.

    Jeb: "I meant no disrespect in speaking with Amelia if she has already been promised to someone. I was only conversing as a friend. I meant no harm..."

    William looked at Jeb in shock and was speechless. Promised to someone? His little girl? But before William could say another word, Rahul Chopra came up to them and started speaking with Amelia and smiling at her fondly.

    William shook his head in disbelief. He had heard of other families who had entered into a marriage contact when their children were just babies. An arranged marriage, and he had heard they were commonly arranged for political, land or financial reasons. But his parents had not been believers of this type of marriage, and had always hoped that Reginald, Thaddeus and William would find a love match. And, as luck would have it, they all did. William had not spoken to Francesca about marriage preparations for their children...William felt they were all too young...but perhaps Jeb's comment was an eye-opener for him. William was sure that Francesca felt the same way, and would not enter into a marriage contract with any family when their children were so young. He would have to discuss it further with her when they returned home.

    He then noticed that his other daughter, Desirae, had fallen asleep among the flowers. It was time to go. William bid Jeb and Rahul farewell and Amelia waved goodbye to them and ran off. He then saw Amelia giving her cousin Joan a big hug goodbye. How happy she looked.


    William gently lifted his daughter Desirae up and cradled her in his arms. He looked at her and sighed. They were growing up too fast...much too fast.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    The last time William took Amelia to the playground when she was a toddler, she met teens Jeb Harris and Wolfgang Munch. At that time, Jeb had the default bag on his head. During the last EA sale, I purchased the Journey to Batuu pack because there was some medieval looking-clothes in the pack. So, I did a bit of an up-date of the Harris household and the Munch household to wear medieval clothing, and used some of the new pack's clothing for Jeb and Wolfgang. I also "unmasked" Jeb. Well, wouldn't you know it...Jeb came to the park again when Amelia was there, and autonomously went to speak with her. Could this be destiny?
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    Love the picture of Desirae sleeping by the flowers! So cute. And Bryan being a little water baby. Thank goodness Francesca was there to watch him!
    Oh dear, Jeb...that was a tad creepy with her being so young. :D But the age gap wont be so dramatic later when she's older. They did arrange things like that back then. I'll be curious to see who Amelia chooses when she grows up.
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @Belalucina -
    Thanks for reading. I added another bit to that sentence stating that he meant no harm in speaking with her and was only speaking to her as a friend. Yes, they did have arranged marriages back then, and a father would be quite worried if his daughter was speaking to a male stranger when she was already promised to someone else. I guess that didn't come across as I had hoped. lol So, no, Jeb was not being creepy, just respectful in case Amelia had an arranged marriage with someone at birth, and he didn't want to cause any problems for her by speaking with her. Of course, by saying this, William realizes that his little girl is growing up...and that soon, he would have to be thinking of suitors for her. You know, he doesn't want his little girl to grow up. :)
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    That makes more sense now, thanks for explaining!
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    Finally caught up :smile:

    You will have a lot of work to pair up all these kids when they're grown :lol:
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    @flauschtrud - Thanks so much for reading all the updates. Yes, a lot of children to find suitors for. lol
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina @foxybilly @simgirl1010


    It was Sunday and life on the Fletcher Farm continued. Francesca was busy making breakfast.


    William worked on some flower arranging.


    Desirae and Conrad were both up and playing.


    And later, when Bryan did get up, he was rather absorbed in a book.


    Benedict was in his favorite place, going potty.


    Amelia was outside talking to one of the rabbits.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    It was almost lunch when an unexpected visitor came to the farm. Rashida Watson knocked on the door, and when Francesca answered it, she saw that Rashida was in tears.


    Francesca ushered her inside and sat down with her, but before she had a chance to ask her what was wrong, Rashida started crying.


    Francesca: "Rashida, whatever is the matter?"


    Rashida:"Rahul's mother...she has...she has contacted her brother in India, and he is coming for a visit to secure a wife for Rahul. She has already gone to the matchmaker and provided a list of what her brother requires in a prospective wife for Rahul..."


    Francesca: " soon? Will Rahul be of marrying age soon? I did not realize that he had a birthday coming up."

    Rashida: "He doesn't...and we are....oh Francesca...Rahul and I have been seeing each other...but his mother...and my mother...they want to keep us apart...and I don't know why..."

    Francesca: "Oh Rashida...I am so sorry to hear this. Did you not talk to your mother about your feelings for Rahul?"

    Rashida: "Yes...yes, I have...but...but it makes no difference. My mother and Rahul's mother have some argument between them and that is why they do not wish us to see each other..."

    Francesca: "And what about Rahul? Has he told his mother how he feels about you?"

    Rashida: "I'm not sure...he always does his best not to upset her...but I am sure he has made mention of me to her...."


    Francesca: "Well, I think that might be the first thing you need to do. You should talk to Rahul and ask him if he spoke to his mother about you. If he hasn't, perhaps he should and this will clear everything up..."


    Rashida: "Oh do not understand. Even if Rahul tells his mother, it is too late. His uncle will be here soon. His mother has given her brother the authority to secure a wife for Rahul. And even if her brother gives me a chance as a prospective suitor, I will need to meet 18 of the 36 gunas to be acceptable..."

    Francesca looked confused: "I'm not sure what gunas are, Rashida.,,,"

    Rashida: "Oh, my apologies. Gunas are characteristics of the couple, based on when, where and what time they were born. It is a complicated system that shows compatibility and whether the marriage will be a successful union. It is part of a Hindu wedding for arranged marriages and had been done for centuries. Rahul's uncle will be bringing a nayan (matchmaker) from India with him to perform this task. And not only that, but I am sure that Rahul's uncle will require a substantial dowry, and I...I am just not sure my parents have what might be required. Plus, my mother would never put me forth as a possible suitor because of this disagreement with Rahul's mother. She does not want our families to be joined."


    Francesca was silent for a moment thinking.

    Rashida looked pleadingly at her, "Oh Francesca, what am I to do? I don't know if I can bear seeing Rahul with someone else..."


    Francesca shook her head, "I am not too familiar with the ins and outs of marriage contracts, but I do know that if Rahul pledged himself to you, that would suffice. Has he done this or given you anything as a promise of marriage?"


    Rashida sadly shook her head.


    Francesca thought for a moment and then had an idea, "Maybe you could talk to the matchmaker, Agatha Crumplebottom. The matchmaker will be working with the nayan, right? There are some things that are not known about a sim and it's that thing that connects both of them. And Agatha seems to have a sense about two individuals. Did you know that my uncle had thought that I would be a perfect wife for Reginald because we both liked horses? But he was wrong. We might have had a common interest, but the one who understands me and shares my dreams is William. And Agatha told me later that she always knew that I was destined to be with William. So, I would talk to Agatha, and I am sure that if you told her the situation that she would be able to help."


    Rashida brightened: "Do you really think so? Oh Francesca, thank you. I will do that. You have given me hope now, where before I had none."

    Rashida left and Francesca looked after her.


    She then saw William striding towards her. She wondered what an arranged marriage would be like to someone that you did not love. She looked at William then and he smiled lovingly at her and blew her a kiss. Francesca was forever thankful that she had found a love match with William, and hoped that Rashida and Rahul would solve their dilemma before it was too late.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    "Gunas in literal sense means attribute, property or nature. In match-making as per Vedic Astrology, there are eight types of attributes or Gunas that need to be matched or compared between the to-be bride and groom before finalizing their marriage. These are nothing but compatibility tests between both. These eight compatibility tests have their origins from ancient times. They are based on the social norms regarding marriage in the ancient society."
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    Very interesting! I'm curious to see how this plays out.
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina @foxybilly @simgirl1010

    YEAR 1309 - MON - MORE BIRTHDAYS - WEEK 6 - DAY 37

    It was raining on Monday morning, but Amelia looked pretty excited heading off to her first day of school. She met her cousins at school and they had a good day.


    While she was gone, the family was busy. William was trying to discipline a very upset Desirae...


    ...and giving Conrad some breakfast, while Benedict and Bryan were wandering about.


    The laundry never ends for Francesca.


    And, of course, the bills arrived.

    When Amelia came home, she brought over a friend, Lucas Munch.


    She had been given a school project to do and when her cousins came over, they helped her with it.


    And what a success it was! Even little Bryan is excited about it. Oh, doesn't he look so nice in his "good" clothes.


    Amelia then completed her homework. Tonight was a special night, because her brothers, Benedict and Bryan were having their birthday and she knew that her mother would soon be bringing out the cake.


    And even though it was her brothers' birthday, that didn't seem to prevent Desirae from acting up again, and William had to discipline her again. He calmly told Desirae that he was disappointed in her for her temper tantrum and hoped that she would behave better when it was time for the birthday celebration.


    As soon as the cake was ready, William helped Benedict blow out the candles before Desirae had another temper tantrum.


    Benedict had been an Independent toddler and finished all his toddler skills. He received the Top Notch Toddler Trait. His Aspiration is Whiz Kid and he rolled the loves outdoors trait, a trait which his father, William, also has. Perhaps Benedict will take an interest in the farm, too, as he is the next heir.


    ~ ~ ~

    And then it was Bryan's turn.


    Bryan had been a Fussy toddler, but had completed all his toddler skills and received the Top Notch Toddler trait. Bryan's Aspiration is Rambunctious Scamp and he rolled the Hot-headed trait. Hopefully Bryan will want to run around and work out any "mad" issues that might come up.



    And here they are, Benedict on the left and Bryan on the right. It's hard to believe that they are already children.


    And how nice, their Uncle Reginald came over to wish them a happy birthday. They must have already celebrated birthdays at their house.

    William's family, from left, William (the heir), Francesca, Amelia, Benedict (the next heir), Bryan, Conrad and Desirae.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Over at the Thatcher Farm, they were celebrating another twin birthday. It was Richard and Godfrey's birthdays.


    Richard had been a Fussy child. His Aspiration is Rambunctious Scamp and he rolled the Active trait.


    ~ ~ ~

    And then it was Godfrey's turn.


    How could both of these twins have been fussy toddlers? It must have been rather hard on Thaddeus and Isabelle. Godfrey maxed the toddler Imagination skill (all on his own), and rolled the Art Lover trait. His Aspiration is Artistic Prodigy. Perhaps his love of the arts comes from Isabelle.


    School books had been delivered from the parish school, and, so, they got a head-start on their homework.


    Afterwards they ran outside. Godfrey on the left and Richard on the right.


    Thaddeus and his family. From left, Thaddeus, Isabelle, Katherine, Philip, Richard, Godfrey, Leopold and Matthias.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    And, at the De Baskerville Cottage, Colette and Reginald's son, John had a birthday, as well as Reginald's sister, Constance. How interesting that the King had stopped by their house and was looking pointedly at John. I wonder what the King had wanted? Had he come to speak to Reginald about a matter or Ian?


    After the King left, the cake came out. First, it was John's turn.


    John had the Independent toddler trait, and rolled the horse lover trait, the same trait his father, Reginald, has. His Aspiration is Rambunctious Scamp.


    ~ ~ ~

    And finally, Constance blows out her candles with the help of her mother, Gwendolyn.


    Constance had the Wild trait and rolled the Incredibly Friendly trait. She has the Social Butterfly Aspiration.



    And here they are! What a pretty dress Constance has on. As soon as they were outside, John went over to talk to Reginald's horse, Lexington. This is one brave child, as John decides to mount Lexington and go for a ride. He didn't even have his father standing there with him.


    And not just a relaxed ride either, but an energetic ride. Lexington does not even try to buck John off, as they head down the hill. Maybe John wants to follow in his father's footsteps and enter knight training as a page. Could that be why the King came for a visit earlier?


    As for Constance, Gwendolyn took her around the farm and discussed the farm chores with her. Since Joan was already looking after the cow, and John will most definitely be looking after the horse, perhaps Constance would look after the chickens.

    But who knows, maybe Constance will be taking after her father, Ian, and looking after the garden.


    The family. In the back, Gwendolyn and Ian and their daughter Constance (Reginald's sister). In the front, Reginald, John, Joan and Colette, and of course, their horse, Lexington.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Death Rolls:

    9, 19 - Child - if any of them gets these numbers, they die :(
    This was tense!

    Benedict 18
    Bryan 17

    Richard 11
    Godfrey 3

    John 18

    Constance 10

    Thank goodness they all survive! Yes! :):heart:
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    Yay, more successful birthdays! Hmmm what did the King want? Lol. You've got some good looking families there. :)
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina @foxybilly @simgirl1010

    YEAR 1309 - TUES - COLETTE'S PLAN - PART 1 - WEEK 6 - DAY 38

    With so many of the children now of child age and attending the parish school during the week, Colette, Isabelle and Francesca met at the Thatcher Farm on Colette's request to have an important discussion.

    Francesca had brought over Conrad and Desirae who were playing happily with their cousins, Leopold and Matthias.


    Colette began, "Our children are growing so fast, and it is time that we start instructing them in some necessary skills..."


    Francesca: "With all of my children, I am finding it hard to teach Amelia, Benedict and Bryan anything. I am so wrapped up in trying to cook and clean, tend the animals, and take care of Conrad and Desirae, that I barely have time to ride Buttercup anymore," she turned towards Isabelle, "I don't know how you do it! I barely have time to look after my own needs...but seem to have it all in order and your house is spotless..."


    Isabelle laughed, "Well, I wouldn't say spotless, but there was a time when the children were infants, and it was quite hectic around here...but we pulled through. And it is better now that the children can help with the farm chores..."


    Colette: "Yes, and they are now going to the parish school, which has given me an idea..."

    Francesca: "Oh...what is your idea Colette?"


    Colette: "Well, I was thinking of making things easier. For all of us. Each of us has strengths that we can impart to the children. And we could do this by giving them structured lessons. For instance, Isabelle, as we all know, is skilled in needlework, I am skilled in cooking, and Francesca is skilled things..."


    Francesca looked at her, "I can't believe you just said that. You know, sometimes it is good to be skilled at "different things" as you say, rather than just one thing. It makes you a more versatile person. And even though, I am not as good a cook as you, Colette, or not as skilled in needlework as Isabelle, I still do them..."

    Colette: "Yes, I know you do...I was just saying that perhaps we all could use our knowledge and instruct our children in the skills that we excel at. And the one who is the most skilled could be the one to do it."

    Isabelle: "So, what are you saying exactly Colette?"


    Colette: "Well, I was thinking that perhaps the children could come to the De Baskerville Cottage and I could teach them to cook. I have mother's old recipes, and I was thinking of using those as a basis of instruction...starting first with breadmaking and then cheese making. I would have a structured class like they have at the parish school..."


    Isabelle and Francesca nodded.

    Colette continued, "And I thought that since Isabelle is the best of us in needlework, that she would be the one to instruct the children in that. Aside from weaving, basic needlework is a much needed skill for mending and keeping clothes intact. What do you think?"

    Francesca: "Well, I'm not sure. As you pointed out, I am not skilled in any one area..."


    Isabelle interrupted, "Actually, that's not true...didn't you win a medal in horse barrel racing? And what about those ribbons you won at the Finchwick Fair? And then there's the vielle. You're the only one who knows how to play that!"


    Francesca brightened, "Oh Isabelle, you are so right."


    Isabelle: "Well, then that could be your could teach the children to ride a horse, or teach them more about plants and gardening...or to play the vielle..."

    Francesca: "I never thought about that. But the thing is, we only have one horse, and William is really the one who is more of an expert on gardening than I am. But, you're right, I do know how to play the vielle..."


    Isabelle: "Francesca, you know, when you first took up the vielle, I always thought you would become a troubadour. You were always weaving stories in your head, and I always felt you would set them to music..."


    Francesca lowered her head, "Actually, after mother passed, I would go into Finchwick and sing in the streets. and sometimes play the vielle. I had wanted to save up for a horse, and received some monetary tips, but never ended up saving enough, and finally just gave the funds to Uncle Bernard as a gift."


    Colette: "Oh my! Francesca, I never knew that. You went into Finchwick alone? Unchaperoned? That was so dangerous..."

    Francesca: "Yes, I know...but I wanted a horse so bad...and now that I have one, I barely have time to ride..."

    Isabelle: "Well, then, that is something that you should teach the children. It is a very strong passion in you, and then you would have time to ride as well..."


    Colette: "I agree., please forgive me...for what I said just came out wrong. As Isabelle pointed out, you are skilled in a lot of areas. I guess you are correct in stating that it is good to be versed in many skills. I just want our children to have every opportunity available to them to succeed. And I felt that, as sisters, we could join together and that the best one in a certain skill could teach them..."


    Francesca: "I forgive you Colette. I understand now what you were thinking, and it is a good idea."

    Isabelle laughed, "Yes, this is a much better idea than the one you had when we were children. I will never forget the face that Uncle Bernard made when he tasted your apple cider..."


    Colette: "Oh, don't remind me! Yes, we were going to sell apple cider to the neighbors, and I mistook salt for sugar. Oh that was dreadful. All that work preparing those apples and boiling them and then adding the wrong ingredient. And I was chastised by Uncle Bernard for wasting the salt which was expensive and needed to preserve the meat and fish. I felt terrible. In fact, to this day, I have never made apple cider again...!"


    All the sisters laughed as they reminisced about things they had done as children.


    They talked some more and by the time Francesca and Colette had to leave, they had formulated somewhat of a plan. Part of the plan involved their husbands. Colette would ask Reginald if perhaps Francesca and the children could meet at Lord Demetrius Landegraab's stables, where there were several horses, so that she could teach the children to ride. Isabelle would ask Thaddeus if he could convert one of the abandoned sheds on the farm into a make-shift studio where she would have ample room to instruct the children in needlework. And since the Fletcher Farm had the largest garden, Francesca would ask William if they could contribute some of the produce and grain from the garden towards the cooking lessons that Colette would hold. Everything seemed to be in order, and the sisters were excited about their new ventures.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Because they are children for a long period of time, I wanted to give them all a chance to work on some skills by forming certain skill clubs. I was thinking about the types of medieval careers the children might have when they were older, and I wanted the children to work on childhood skills that could be maxed and kept when aging-up to a teen. Some of these sills that carry-over are knitting, cross-stitch, violin, and horseback riding (to name a few).

    Cooking is not a carry-over skill, but they do get a sentiment for "Cooking With" someone. Cooking is going to be done as a sort of "fake" preparation for some of the possible medieval careers that could be done without mods in the Sims. Mainly jobs that they could do from home and then sell their items at the market. These include dairymaid (cook), baker (using the cupcake machine to sell baked goods to bakeries), or ale maker (using the nectar maker). I don't have the Home Chef Hustle pack as yet, but I know you can sell food items on the cart in this pack. Perhaps they might become a merchant and open their own store or market cart and sell items that way. Items could also be sold on the yard sale table.

    Here is a brief video of skills that carry-over from child to teen, which was created before the Horse Pack.
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    Yes, work on the 2nd generation's skills, good idea. Poor Collette and her salty apple cider. Lol. I have a similar experience when my mom accidentally made coolaid with salt instead of sugar. :D
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @Belalucina -
    I just thought this would be a good way to add something extra to the chapters. I mean otherwise, all they do is work on the farm and not much else. I don't have the new Growing Together pack, and I know that with the childhood aspirations, they won't be able to complete the Motor Skill because of the "typing" requirement and getting the high score in a game, which they can't do in the medieval world. I remembered in another challenge I was doing that some childhood skills could carry-over to when they are teens. I had to do some testing with horses, as there is no club activity for horseback riding, but you can travel together to a residential lot that has horses, and then ride them. You don't even have to knock on the door of the residence. I tried this out in Chestnut Ridge, and just created a YA sim and 7 children and had them travel to the residence. Sure enough, they were able to do interactions with the horses and ride them. So, that worked. There are club activities for knitting, cross-stitch, cooking and violin. I'm also going to get the fathers involved in a coming chapter and they will be teaching some skills, too.

    Regarding that story...I just made it up trying to show that Colette was not perfect. lol I also wanted to add in there how salt was used to preserve meat/fish and was expensive. But, yes, sugar and salt look pretty similar and it could happen. Oh gosh! Salty Kool-aid...was it the green flavor? lol I probably would have still drank it. hehehe
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    That's good you found a way to do horseback riding. That's a shame they don't update the club activities, though I guess they have updated some of them. I don't remember the color of the koolaid lol but I don't think it was drinkable :D
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina @foxybilly @simgirl1010

    YEAR 1309 - WEDS - COLETTE'S PLAN - PART 2 - WEEK 6 - DAY 39

    When Colette returned home, she saw Reginald brushing Lexington and went to speak with him.


    Reginald: "Did you have a good visit with your sisters?"

    Colette: "Oh yes. In fact, we had quite a lengthy discussion about the children..."

    Reginald: "Oh? Is everything alright? No-one is sick I hope..."


    Colette: "Oh no, it was nothing like that. Rather, we were discussing how we could help the children. And...well, Francesca was thinking of teaching the children to ride, but the Fletcher Farm only has one horse. So I was wondering if you knew how many horses Lord Demetrius Landegraab had at his stables."


    Reginald: "Lord Landegraab has a stable of well over a dozen horses. He breeds his horses for King Edward and they are of very fine stock."

    Colette: "Well, do you think that perhaps Lord Landegraab would allow Francesca and the children to go and ride the horses? She wants to instruct them in riding and the proper care of horses. It is a useful skill to have and who knows, they might be able to own their own horse one day..."


    Reginald looked at Colette: "Francesca is giving riding lessons? Now that is interesting. I am sure that Lord Landegraab would most certainly welcome Francesca and the children. He is always telling me that the horses are not getting enough exercise, so Francesca and the children would actually be helping him. I will speak to him tomorrow if you like."

    Colette smiled: "Oh that would be wonderful, Reginald. Francesca had thought that this Saturday would be a good day to start."


    Reginald nodded: "She will certainly have her hands full. There are..." he paused for a moment counting in his head, "...9 children. And Leopold and Conrad are having birthdays on Sunday...then there will be 11 children. Will she be able to handle it?"

    Colette: "Actually, Francesca will only be instructing the girls. So, I believe that 4 children will be quite manageable for her, and later 5 when Desirae becomes a child..."


    Reginald looked at her in shock: "What? Only the girls? But what about the boys? Should they not be instructed in horseback riding, too? John is a natural rider, and what about the boys at the Thatcher Farm? They do not even have a horse there..."

    Colette: "Well, Reginald, perhaps you could instruct the boys in horseback riding, since you have the experience..."


    Reginald thought for a moment, "Hmm...well, that is actually a good idea. Perhaps Francesca and I can coordinate on this together. I shall speak with her and talk to Lord Landegraab of the plan..."

    Colette smiled. Her plan was working out better than she had hoped.


    Colette: "Oh, and by the way, Amelia and Katherine will be coming over tomorrow, and I will be teaching them and Joan and Constance bread makng..."

    Reginald wasn't really listening and just nodded his head, thinking more about the riding lessons for the children.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    And so it began...

    There had been much discussion at the meeting among the sisters on whether Colette would also instruct the boys in cooking, as this was normally a task set aside for women. Colette did point out, however, that Uncle Bernard knew how to cook some rudimentary meals for himself, such as pottage, and could roast chicken and fish. He had also told her that when he had attended monastic school, he had learned how to make bread.


    They finally decided that Colette would instruct the girls, and focus on tasks that were normally done by a dairymaid. These included milking the cows (normally done by a milkmaid, but in this case, since they only had a few cows, they would do it themselves), and making butter and cheese, as well as ice cream in the summer. They would also make bread.


    The next day, In preparation for the lessons, Colette had a grocery delivery of flour from the market in Finchwick. When they had some oats, or barley, she would teach the girls to grind this into flour.


    The milk would come from the cows, and Colette milked the cow prior to the girls' arrival.


    And she was ready! Colette's group arrived after school, which consisted of Amelia, Katherine, Joan and Constance.


    A perfect number for her kitchen. Colette instructed them all in how to make bread ...


    ...and use the bread oven.


    While the bread was baking, she taught them how to make butter.


    Their first attempts went quite well.


    She had even written out her mother's recipe and given each of them a copy. She added notes on other grains, such as beans and oats, to use in breadmaking as well. She said that this would be the start of their recipe book, and each time they learned a new dish, they would receive another recipe.


    The children were rather excited and they went home carrying their loaves of bread, wrapped in a clean cloth, still warm from the fire. As Colette headed outside with them, she paused for a moment at Cordelia Falls and thought how wonderful everything had turned out. Little did she know what she had started.


    ~ ~ ~


    When Katherine arrived home and placed the bread on the table for dinner, Philip had asked his mother why he couldn't make bread, too. After all, he was a "Cow Cousin".


    Isabelle had looked strangely at him until Philip explained that he, Katherine. Amelia and Joan all looked after the cows on their farms as part of their chores, and Amelia had jokingly named them the "Cow Cousins", and they had formed a "Cow Cousins" group. So, because of this, Philip felt he should be able to make bread with his "Cow Cousins".


    Isabelle wasn't sure what to answer and would have to discuss this with Colette. But since Uncle Bernard had made bread, Isabelle felt that it would be fine for Philip to learn bread making, too.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    After the children were in bed, Isabelle sat beside Thaddeus and smiled at him.


    Isabelle: "Thaddeus, I was wondering if it would be alright if we cleaned up that unused shed near the barn. It is getting a bit cramped in here for my needlework crafts, and I was thinking of perhaps having a studio where I could house my work and organize it a bit better."

    Thaddeus: "It sounds like a good idea, but let me have a look at that chimney first. It might need to be repaired, and that could take me a day to complete."


    Isabelle bit her lip, "Oh, I hadn't thought of that. That might cause a delay then..."

    Thaddeus looked at her, "Isabelle, my love, it's alright, I will look at it first thing tomorrow morning if it's that important to you..."

    Isabelle: "Yes...yes it is rather important..." she replied hesitantly.

    Thaddeus: "Isabelle, is there something you're not telling me? Has the Weaver's Guild given you a project to work on and you need more space?"


    Isabelle: "Oh, I wish! But,'s just...well, when Colette and Francesca visited the other day, we talked about the children and how we should be preparing know...for the future and to teach them useful skills."


    Thaddeus nodded his head listening.

    Isabelle continued, "And, well, Colette came up with an idea that each of us would instruct the children in some skills that we excel at. So, Colette is teaching them to cook, Francesca is going to teach them to ride, and I...well, I was going to teach them needlework. But there is limited space in our house, and that is why I thought of that unused shed..."

    Thaddeus looked surprised, "Colette came up with this idea? It is actually a good plan. And I can see why you need more space. I may have to construct some more stools for your studio as well for all the children to sit at..."


    Isabelle: "Oh, I think we'll have enough, there will just be myself and Katherine, Amelia, Joan and Constance...and later, Desirae when she becomes a child..."

    Thaddeus was taken aback: "So, you're just teaching the girls? So, does this mean that Colette and Francesca are just teaching the girls, too?"


    Isabelle: "Well, yes. We had discussed about Colette teaching the boys to cook, too, because Uncle Bernard had learned how to make bread when he attended monastic school, but we decided to just instruct the girls. But tonight Philip said he wanted to make bread, too...something about being a cow cousin with Amelia, Joan and Katherine...and I am sure he will want to do needlework and go riding, too."

    Thaddeus: "Well, you know, if Philip goes...the other boys might want to go, too...and that will be a lot of children to instruct..."


    Isabelle let out a sigh, "Oh, I never thought of that. I just figured that they wouldn't be interested. But you're right, if Philip has expressed an interest, perhaps the other boys might want to join, too..."


    Thaddeus thought for a moment, "Well, they might and they might not. If they were offered some lessons in other areas that Reginald, William and I can teach them, they may prefer to do those..."

    Isabelle: "Oh? Like what?"


    Thaddeus: "Well, they are too young to start an apprenticeship, but maybe a skill like fishing. A good provider knows how to hunt and fish, and there is a Fishmonger's Guild in Finchwick, if any of the children want to pursue that job later on. I even made a makeshift fishing rod that works quite well."


    Isabelle: "Oh Thaddeus, that is a wonderful idea. Do you think your brothers would be interested in doing something, too?"


    Thaddeus: "Well, I think I will have a discussion with them. Afterall, if our wives are starting to instruct our daughters in household duties and skills, then it would only be prudent if my brothers and I did the same with our sons."

    Isabelle looked lovingly at Thaddeus: "Have I told you lately that you are the best husband and that I love you?"


    Thaddeus smiled at her: "Well, it's always good to hear. But Just make sure that you tell me that when I am covered in fish guts from cleaning all those fish!"

    Isabelle laughed, "Oh Thaddeus, I will love you no matter what..."


    Thaddeus and Isabelle gazed at each other, and Thaddeus whispered in her ear that he loved her, too, and then pulled her close for a kiss.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    "Pottage is a type of stew made from carrots, cabbage, turnips and rutabagas, and a variety of grains in a milk or broth “stew”. Meat, bacon jelly or eggs could be added. Herbs were used to give flavor." (Wiki)

    Bread making was a traditional role of women in medieval times and the size and weight of the loaf was regulated by the government in bakeries (called the Assize of Bread law). If one did not have a bread oven, they would have to go to a bakery and have to pay to have their bread baked. Everyone ate bread as this was a medieval diet staple. Monks, in monasteries, lived a self-sufficient lifestyle and also made bread. (From various sources).

    In England, a law called The Assize of Bread. was created in the 13th century. This law set up price controls for bakers, which would allow someone to buy at least some quantity of bread for a penny. Every year at least the size of this bread would be set according to the price of wheat and other grains – if the grain supply was expensive, your penny would only get you a small amount of bread; if grain was plentiful, than the size of the loaf would increase.

    Many Guilds were in place in the medieval ages. There were 2 types of guilds; craft guilds, where people made items for sale; and merchant guilds, where people sold items. The Fishmonger's Guild was a merchant guild.

    Here is an interesting video to watch on what a dairymaid would do. There was also another specialized job done by women, that of an alewife, who would make ale or beer. Enjoy!
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    They look like they are having a good time! Good thing the boys will be able to get some instruction as well. Thanks for including the history stuff in the notes. It's interesting to see what kinds of jobs women had back then.
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @Belalucina -
    Thanks for commenting. To be honest, I have been doing a lot of research on the medieval ages for this challenge. There are quite a few interesting youtube videos that I have watched, and the above was one of them. Of course, I have to adapt some of this to The Sims. For the skill-building, I was trying to use the Club feature with the activities there, and this was the first attempt with the "cook with" feature. There were a few glitches, but it worked quite well. I also built an outdoor fake "oven" at the De Baskerville Cottage. I have to keep in mind that clubs can only have 8 members, and when you travel you can only choose 7 sims to travel with you. So, there are limitations with this plan. The children at the Fletcher Farm are also head pf the "children's only" clubs, such as Cow Cousins.

    I forgot to mention that for the "group" horseback riding, since it is not a club activity, I have to go to worldview and move some of the children in and out of the various households for them all to participate in horseback riding. This is how I tested it, and it works.

    I have been doing a bit of a rotational play, just showing a club meeting, but will be returning to focus on the main household again in a few chapters from now.
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina @foxybilly @simgirl1010


    The next afternoon, the brothers headed off to Finchwick for some supplies, and decided to meet at the Gnome's Arms Pub afterwards. Thaddeus was going to broach the subject of instructing the boys in skills, and when they arrived, Reginald ordered a round of drinks.


    They then went to sit at a table, and Reginald began, "King Edward came to our house on John's birthday and discussed John's training as a knight and whether I had given it any thought. As a knight myself, my son can automatically enter knight training. Like myself, John would start as a page and Lord Landegraab had already told me that he would be honored to have John train with him. I had thought about speaking with John about this. But, yesterday, King Edward put forth the notion of John being a Royal Page and serving the knights at the Knight's Stronghold, which is a rather esteemed position. As a Royal Page, he would also attend to the royal family during formal events, and he would receive additional training in etiquette, music and the inner workings of the Knight's Stronghold."


    Thaddeus: "Well, that seems like a wonderful opportunity for John. From what you've told me, John is already quite taken with your horse, Lexington..."

    Reginald laughed, "Indeed. John is a fearless rider and wants to ride Lexington at every opportunity. I have never known someone who is so obsessed with horses as John."

    William: "Well being a Royal Page at the Knight's Stronghold would certainly give John more opportunity to ride, as they have several horses."


    Reginald, "Yes, that is true. It is something that he would enjoy."

    William: "I sense you are hesitating on your decision in speaking with John about becoming a Royal Page."

    Reginald nodded his head, "Yes, I am hesitant. Under Lord Landegraab's training, I was allowed to live at home; however, as a Royal Page, John would have to move to the Knight's Stronghold. I have not even spoken to Colette about this. I daresay it would break her heart to see our son leave to live elsewhere at such a young age."


    Thaddeus: "Perhaps some other arrangement could be made, that perhaps, when John is older he could move there. I mean the King did come to visit you, it would be hard to say no to him."

    Reginald: "Yes, I do not want to fall out of favor with the King, but he did say it was my decision. But you are right, Thaddeus, perhaps I could work something out so that John could live there at a later time. But I must first speak with John and see if this is what he wants to do..."


    William: "Perhaps you could arrange an audience with King Edward once you have spoken with John. And perhaps Lord Landegraab could come with you to extoll the merits of John being with his own family and having the companionship of his cousins. As far as I know, there are no children living at the Knight's Stronghold. It might be a lonely existence for one so young."


    Reginald: "Thank you my brothers. Your points are well taken and I will take all you have said under advisement. I shall also speak with Lord Landegraab and ask his opinion. And now, tell me of your sons, have they shown any inclination towards a trade?"


    Thaddeus responded: "Since Richard and Godfrey's birthdays were very recent, I have not had a chance to determine what their interests might be, although Godfrey seems to be rather gifted in the arts. He may have inherited that from Isabelle."

    Reginald: "Yes, Isabelle is very talented. I saw the tapestries that she repaired at the Knight's Stronghold, and you could not even see where the repairs were made. She has a gift. So, you're saying Godfrey has this gift, too?"

    Thaddeus: "Well, he seems to, although his gift lies in painting rather than needlework. Isabelle was going to speak to Mrs. Mabel Turner, the Head of the Weaver's Guild, to ask if she knew of any painters who needed apprentices. Isabelle has already been informed that an apprenticeship for a painter would begin as a teen and last 7 years. She is enquiring now because she knows that Godfrey is indeed gifted and wants to secure a place for him."


    William: "Well, it seems that you both know what one of your children is skilled at. I, myself, am having a hard time figuring that out and it doesn't appear as if any of the children are drawn to the garden right now. I was really hoping that Benedict would take an interest in it, but he is more interested in wandering off. He is the next heir for the Fletcher Farm, and it concerns me that he doesn't seem to have an interest in it."


    Reginald: "Ah...well, if you recall, the same happened with us. Father decided that you would become heir because my interests were in becoming a knight, and Thaddeus was interested in being a blacksmith. You were really the only one interested in the farm, and especially the garden. Give Benedict some time, he only just had a birthday.


    Speaking of which, our sister, Constance, seems to have an interest in gardening. She and John had gone outside after their birthday, and as John headed towards our horse, Constance headed towards the garden and just picked up a watering can and started watering the plants. It was quite amazing to see her gravitate so naturally towards the garden."

    Thaddeus: "I am sure that father will soon be mentoring her in gardening and all you'll hear at the dinner table is talk of fertilizer, plant splicing and spraying for pests..."

    They all laughed remembering the dinner table talk of their youth. William smiled knowing that at least his sister shared his love of gardening.


    ~ ~ ~

    Thaddeus cleared his throat, "Speaking of the children, did you know that our wives are instructing our daughters in some skills and helping them prepare for the future?"


    Reginald: "Yes. I just heard about this from Colette. Apparently Francesca will be giving the girls riding lessons. I was going to speak to Francesca about helping with this venture and giving the boys an opportunity for riding lessons as well. I was thinking we could split the children in two groups so that it would be more manageable. If this is agreeable with you, William."


    William: "Francesca had mentioned this to me, and I thought it was a good idea. I am sure that Francesca would welcome your help, Reginald, and then all our children could be taught to ride a horse."

    Thaddeus: "I am glad to hear that you both think this is a good idea because I was thinking we could do the same with the boys. And, it seems that Reginald has already had the same thought and will be helping with the riding lessons. Which leaves you and me, William..."

    William: "What do you mean, Thaddeus?"


    Thaddeus: "Well, the boys are too young to start an apprenticeship, other than John's opportunity to become a Royal Page, but there are some skills that we can still teach them. I was thinking that fishing might be something they would be interested in..."


    William: "Oh, that is a good idea. Just the other day, when Katherine, Philip and Joan were over visiting Amelia, I brought them fishing. Joan was the only one who caught something, but the fish was promptly stolen by a fox."

    Reginald: "My precious daughter went fishing and caught a fish? I never even knew. Well, if you teach the boys fishing, what if Joan wants to go, too?"


    Thaddeus: "I have thought of that, and apparently this has already happened with the cooking lessons that Colette is giving..."

    Reginald: "Colette is giving cooking lessons? Oh wait, I vaguely remember her telling me something about the girls and bread making. So, one of the boys wants to learn to cook, too?"

    Thaddeus: "Yes, Philip has expressed an interest. I don't know if any of your sons have said anything..."


    Reginald and William both shook their heads.

    Thaddeus: "Well, if they find out that Philip will be going for cooking lessons, they might all want to go, too. So, I have thought that we would give them a choice. From how I see it, there are 5 areas that they could get lessons in, with the horseback riding being given to all the children. But, they may only choose two areas where they can take lessons. We don't want to overwhelm them and then their studies at the parish school will suffer. So, for now, they will have a choice of cooking, needlework, fishing and whatever William decides he wants to teach them."


    William: "Well, all I know is gardening really. I could teach them that..."


    Reginald: "I am sure that Constance would like to learn more. I wish I had an interest, but it just wasn't as exciting for me as being a page and going riding in the woods..."


    William looked at Reginald, "You know, you just gave me an idea of how to make gardening more exciting. I could take the children out for a walk in the woods and we could scavenge for different the mushrooms I found near the castle ruins. He stopped speaking suddenly and thought of Benedict and all the eggs that he had collected at Easter. "Yes! Make a game of it. Who could find the most wild plants. And then they will plant what they might be a way that I can get Benedict interested in gardening..."


    Reginald: "Oh, now that is a good idea, William. And, as I recall, Isabelle knows about herbs. Perhaps you could have her help with some of the plant identification...if some of the plants are not known. What do you think, Thaddeus?"

    Thaddeus: "Excellent idea. Isabelle is a skilled herbalist, so I could ask her. I still remember fondly that sweet sachet she gave me when we first met..." he replied reminiscing a bit.


    William: "And Thaddeus, depending on your fish catch, you could supply some of this to Colette, so that she could instruct the children on how to prepare the fish and make some fish dishes...and even learn how to preserve the fish...."


    The brothers all nodded their heads in agreement. It seemed that each of them would be working with their brothers' wives in teaching their children.

    Reginald ordered another round of drinks and toasted his brothers to this wonderful plan that they had devised.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Gardening is not a carry-over skill from child to teen; however, children can plant, weed, water and harvest plants.

    In medieval times, children did not really have a choice of what they did in the future. If they lived on a farm, they learned farming. If their father had a friend who was a blacksmith, for instance, the child (normally a boy), could be apprenticed with them. All girls learned duties associated with the household, such as spinning thread, sewing, cooking, and caring for children.

    Fishing in Medieval Ages:

    Fishing was done with nets and by short lines of rope attached to a forged metal hook. In the autumn, fishing was also done with woven willow baskets to catch eels. Eels could be easily preserved, and salted, smoked or dried, and kept for long periods of time, which meant they could be eaten out of season (during Lent, for instance). Because a lot of peasants could not afford meat, and also because of the Church's influence of eating fish, eels were an additional way to make money. Eels were plentiful and could be used to pay rent and used for other monetary transactions. The most common way to eat eel was eel pie (tasted like pickled herring), with parsley and herbs. People who lived inland might obtain fresh fish by paying a fee to the Lord in order to fish in his river. Some peasants also illegally poached fish. (From various sources).
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    Looks like all the children are off to a very good start! And wow, a royal page, very good for John! I'm curious to see what Benedict will like to do.
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @Belalucina -
    Yes, I did some reading on knight training, and since Reginald is a knight, his son can automatically follow in his footsteps. With some of the children I have figured out what they will be...going with what the game has given me. Like Godfrey...since I don't play that household, I thought it was rather interesting that he had maxed the Toddler Creative skill all on his own. And he seems to be always on the child art table when I have to go there, so, yeah, he is going to be a painter for sure, even though I won't be able to have him develop that skill since he is technically in a side household.
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina @foxybilly @simgirl1010


    ~ Thursday ~

    With the plan set in motion, the brothers returned home and told their wives of their plans. Colette, who had thought of the idea to begin with, seemed rather pleased with how her plan was proceeding. Now, it was up to the children to decide which lessons they would really want to take.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Reginald and Colette discussed the opportunities with Joan, John and Constance.

    As Reginald had predicted, Constance wanted to take some lessons with their brother, William.


    Constance: "Father is excellent at tending the garden, and I will learn a lot from him. But if I had lessons with William, too, I could learn about some wild plants in the forest. I wish that Isabelle had lessons in herbs as Father told me that some herbs can be used as medicinals, and I am interested in learning more about that."

    Colette: "Well, that is certainly an interest of Isabelle's. To be honest, I never asked her how she found out about it...but maybe there was a book among our mother's things that she read and gained her knowledge that way. Our mother did teach us some uses for herbs, such as preparing a hot drink with mint to relieve stomach ailments, and placing some lavender bunches near the bed to have a peaceful sleep. Many of mother's recipes also include herbs, which certainly add flavor to the dish. So, perhaps it was something our mother knew about."


    Constance: "So there are uses for herbs in cooking, too?"

    Colette nodded her head.

    Constance: "Well, that settles it then, I want to learn more about cooking and gardening, and hopefully more about herbs..."


    Reginald smiled. It seemed that his sister knew what she wanted at a young age, too, just like he, Thaddeus and William had. He then looked at Joan who had been listening intently to what Constance had said.

    Reginald: "Joan, have you made a decision?"

    Joan: "Well, I am happy that we will all be taking horseback riding lessons...but, well, I am going to have to talk to Amelia, Philip and Katherine first to see what lessons they want to take. You see, we"


    Reginald interjected: "...cow cousins?"

    Joan: "Yes! We are Cow Cousins. How did you know about that father?"


    Reginald: "Well, I heard something from Thaddeus about it..."

    Joan: "Yes, so I want to talk to them first, and then I will make my decision."

    Reginald: "You know, Joan, you can take lessons in something that interests you, without your "Cow Cousins". So, if perhaps you have an interest in could take that even if they do not want to..."


    Joan nodded her head, "Yes, I do like fishing...but I still want to talk to them first, father..."


    Reginald: "That's fine, and you will have an opportunity after school tomorrow when you head to your Aunt Isabelle's for needlework lessons."

    Joan: "Yes, father, I will talk to them then and make a decision."


    Reginald then looked at John, "I am sure that you are excited about the horseback riding lessons on Saturday."

    John: "Yes, I am! And I am really excited to meet Lord Landegraab. Do you think he will be at the stables?"


    Reginald: "Yes, he will, I have a matter to discuss with him."

    John: "Oh good! Father, you told me that Lord Landegraab was the one you trained with to become a knight. So, I was going to ask him if I could train with him, too."

    Reginald looked surprised " want to become a knight?"


    John: "Yes, we are studying all about knights in school and I know that knights ride horses...:and I have been riding everyday..."


    Reginald: "Well, there is a bit more than just riding horses to becoming a knight..."

    John: "Oh yes, I know. Knights get to fight all kinds did my teacher describe it...vile scoundrels...and they get to save the Princess..."

    Colette couldn't hide her smirk, "But, John, there is no Princess who lives at the Knight's Stronghold..."


    John: "Yes, but there are Princesses I will be there to save one..."


    Reginald smiled, "Yes, you are quite right that there are Princesses elsewhere..."


    John: "And so I was hoping to speak to Lord Landegraab to find out what lessons I will need to take to become a knight. What do you think, father? Do you think he will say yes?"

    Reginald: "Well, I shall certainly put in a good word for you...but I do believe I need to speak about this further with your mother..."


    John: "Alright, father. May I ride Lexington before dinner? I won't go very far..."

    Reginald nodded his head and John practically ran out the door.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Colette: "Well, it seems that John is determined to follow in your footsteps, Reginald."


    Reginald: "Actually, Colette, I have something to talk to you about. Do you remember the other day when King Edward came for a visit on John's birthday and spoke to me?"

    Colette nodded her head.

    Reginald then told her about the opportunity that King Edward had presented to him of John becoming a Royal Page. He then went on to say that he was going to speak to Lord Landegraab and seek his opinion about the matter.

    Colette: "John would have to live there? But he is just a boy..."


    Reginald: "Yes, I know, I was going to arrange an audience with the King and ask if John could perhaps move to the Knight's Stronghold when he was older. He would still start his training under Lord Landegraab, and in so doing he would be able to live here."


    Colette: "Oh Reginald, you saw how excited John was about commencing knight training. But he is too young...much too young to leave his family..."

    Reginald held Colette in his arms, "My sweet Colette, I knew this would upset you. Let me speak with Lord Landegraab first, and I am sure that we will come up with a plan that will serve both the King and our family."


    ~ ~ ~

    ~ Friday ~

    At the Thatcher Farm, after Thaddeus inspected the chimney on the unused shed and did some patchwork, Isabelle cleaned it up, and moved in her needlework supplies. Thaddeus made a few extra stools and placed them in the room for her, just in case any of the boys might want to take needlework lessons. too. Everything was in order and Isabelle was excited to instruct the children in their first needlework lessons after school.


    Once the children returned from school, Amelia, Joan, Constance and Katherine went into the studio for their needlework lessons. Isabelle had prepared a cross-stitch item and hung it on the wall as a sample of what they would do today.


    As the children sat down, there was a knock on the door. Isabelle opened it and there stood Philip and Godfrey.

    Godfrey: "Mother, we know that not everyone has had a chance to choose what lessons they want to take, but Philip and I were wondering if we could join the needlework lessons today?'


    Isabelle ushered them inside, "Of course. Maybe it's a good thing that your father crafted more stools. I might have to ask Richard to bring one from the house if he is joining us, too..."

    Philip: "No, he's not coming, he wants to play chess. His friend, Lucas is going to teach him some new chess moves."


    Isabelle: "Well, that is fine. Chess is a very good strategic game."

    Isabelle handed them all a small hoop and explained that the yarn they were using came from their sheep. The sheep's wool was cleaned, and then spun into yarn using a spinning wheel. At the Weaver's Guild, they had women who specialized in dyeing wool, and Isabelle told them that she had dyed the yarn they were using with simple dyes.


    They started to work on their project, and Isabelle went around to each one instructing them and checking their progress. They had finished their first project, and hadn't done too badly.


    Isabelle then placed a hat on her head, and told them that they would be knitting a piece of clothing next. A simple beanie, and she had several patterns that they could choose from using different colored wool.


    As the afternoon progressed, the children were quite excited about seeing the start of a piece of clothing. Isabelle told them that when they were more experienced, they could knit socks and even sweaters.


    Katherine: "Mother, I never knew that needlework was so important. If you know how to knit, you can actually knit clothes for your whole family. I think that is a really good skill to have."



    Isabelle nodded her head, "Yes, and if you don't have a sheep, you can buy plain and dyed wool at the market In Finchwick."

    And it seems like Amelia is going through a bear-phase. Isabelle just attracts so many different students.


    After the children finished their projects, Isabelle headed out with them, and said her good-byes to Constance, Joan and Amelia.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    She saw Thaddeus heading towards her and she smiled at him.

    Thaddeus: "So, how'd it go?"

    Isabelle: "I think it was a success," she replied smiling, "And our daughter is rather gifted in needlework. She is the only one who made two excellent pieces."


    Thaddeus: "Really? Well, I would say she had a good teacher..."


    Thaddeus pointed to the hat on her head: "Is that one of the pieces that you made?"

    Isabelle removed the hat and placed it in his hand, "Yes, it is...and, this is actually a gift for you..."


    Thaddeus looked surprised, "For me?"

    Isabelle: "Yes, as a thank you for getting this shed ready for me and for helping me set up my very own studio.."


    Thaddeus: "You know I would do anything for you, Isabelle. It just makes me happy knowing that you are happy," he replied looking at the hat, "And thank you for this...whenever I wear it, I will think of you...not that I don't already...but thank you, Isabelle. You are so special to me..."


    Thaddeus gave her a kiss on the cheek, and then took her hand in his as they walked hand-in-hand towards the house together.


    ~ ~ ~ ~


    Dye Colors in Medieval Times:

    Dyeing was a specialized trade, mostly done by women, and then later by men, as more refined dyes required an outlay of funds, which women could not easily come by.

    The two most common colours in England were red, made from madder root, and blue, from the woad leaf. Madder was grown in France and the Low Countries. Woad dyes were cheaper, as the leaves could be picked a few times a year. Woad could also be used before other dyes on a yarn or a fabric, which presumably produced a deeper colour. Much of the woad used in England came from the area around Toulouse, but Lombard woad came into England through Southampton, which was also a main port for alum. Alum was used as a fixative for all colours and was also used to clean wool, so vast quantities were imported into England. It was mined in Asia Minor and most of it reached England via Genoa. (Various sources).
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