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    I love the "and they all live!" at the end. Lol. So exciting. Leopold is a little cutie. Reginald is becoming a knight and Francesca won a horse competition! Very nice update. :)
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    What a steamy scene with Thaddeus and Isabelle. 🔥 Reminds me of the Harlequin romances I used to read. 😄 So glad she's not bothered by his scar but cares so much more for his character.

    Lol I'm finally on page 2. So many great stories in Creative Corner. I wish I'd started when you started but I'm just glad I did.

    ETA: Also wanted to add thanks for tagging me when you update. I don't bookmark stories because then I'd get a notification every time someone responded so I do appreciate that.
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    @SoulGal7 thanks for tagging me too! (have no idea how to bookmark a story)
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    @Belalucina - Thank you for commenting. That knight just knocked on their door for some reason, they didn't even know him, and that's how I got that idea of having a Knighting Ceremony. You have to take advantage of the "gifts" the game gives you.

    @simgirl1010 - Yes, Thaddeus and Isabelle are steamy together. He does so many autonomous romantic interactions with her...they are just meant to be.

    @foxybilly - Thank you for reading my story. If you want to "tag" a story, you can go to the main index of stories and there is a star beside each story. If you highlight the star, you will get notified when something is posted for that story. However, that also means you will get notified every time someone makes a comment, too.
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    Just finished William and Francesca's date. It seems all the brothers are perfectly matched. Now for the weddings!
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 35,853 Member
    What lovely wedding ceremonies. I was wondering if they'd have a shared ceremony. And now to see if any babies are on the way!
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina @foxybilly @simgirl1010


    Finally it was here! The Oversized Crop Festival. The one that William had been waiting for and had grown his oversize vegetables for. But before the festival, William had a lot of work to do. It was the last day of Spring, and the last day to harvest the Spring crops.


    It looks like Amelia wants to help in the garden, too.


    After tending the garden, William helped look after the children while Francesca handled her chores. Little Desirae preferred to sleep in Williams' arms rather than her cradle.


    Francesca was busy with the farm animals and harvesting some prairie grass for her horse, Buttercup.


    Colette had come over to watch the children while William and Francesca headed to the Finchwick Festival.



    Colette couldn't believe how much the children had grown.


    And all her nieces and nephews were soon surrounding Colette vying for her attention. Francesca introduced baby Desirae to her.

    ~ ~ ~

    Colette seemed quite happy with the children, and so William and Francesca headed off to the Finchwick Festival.


    William and Isabelle were the first ones to place their fair entries.


    But soon, there were other competitors...two oversized watermelon entries...and two pies.


    William's mother, Gwendolyn was in town and came over to chat for a bit.


    William took some time-out to finish working on some needlework.


    The fair was rather busy, and Francesca talked a bit to Rahul.


    Francesca sees her sister, Isabelle at the Festival. Why doesn't this surprise her? Isabelle had been to every fair that they have attended.


    When they were chatting, Isabelle let out a gasp and said she had to go. Oh my gosh! I think Isabelle just went into labor!


    And the results were in, and William placed first for his oversized pumpkin.


    And Francesca placed second for the oversized aubergine. She also got a prize of some lovely pumpkin stew.

    They headed home and thanked Colette for looking after the children. Afterwards, they enjoyed a great dinner together with their family.


    And then it was time for bedtime stories and night-nights. Colette had been wonderful at watching the children and they were so tired from all the excitement of the day, that they all fell fast asleep.



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    At the Thatcher Farm, Isabelle had made it home just in time to deliver a baby boy. Welcome Matthias Fletcher. They had a full house now, and Isabelle and Thaddeus were so happy with the new baby.


    As for the other children, well, feelings were rather mixed about having another sibling in the house. I don't think Richard is too happy about it.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Death Rolls

    1 Birth - If Isabelle gets this number, she dies :(

    Isabelle 3

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    5, 10, 15, 20 Babies - If Matthias gets these numbers, he dies :(

    Matthias 8

    And they both live! :)
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    Glad for the good rolls again! That's nice Collette was able to watch the kids this time. And I love that picture of William with his winning pumpkin! Sounds like they had a nice little feat.
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @simgirl1010 - Thank you for continuing to read my story. As the forums have been down, I was only able to post a new chapter yesterday. Very frustrating. I'm glad you liked the weddings. It turned out really well, with only a few glitches and some fun autonomous actions.

    @Belalucina - Colette just showed up on the lot, so, yep, her turn to babysit. lol When you grow oversized crops and they are ready to harvest, you can take a selfie with your crop, so that is where that is from. The aubergine was actually grown by William, too, but I just had Francesca enter it for the competition and forgot to take a selfie of that one before it was harvested. Oh well. I am only going to have them enter the competitions once, as it takes up a lot of time. They don't have a llama, and the only other one they are going to enter is the chicken competition, so will have to wait for that one to come around again.
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    A bit picture heavy due to this being a ceremony.

    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina @foxybilly @simgirl1010


    It was the first day of summer, and with it came more planting. Yesterday at the market, William had bought some seeds and planted some bell peppers, tomatoes and taro root. He also planted some oversize crops of lettuce and aubergine. Blueberries and blackberries would soon be available and he would plant those as well.


    He was hoping for a bountiful harvest, and would clean out the cellar larder in preparation for food storage. But not today. For today was the Knighthood Ceremony, and he and Francesca along with Thaddeus and Isabelle were invited to see his brother, Reginald be knighted. It was a most momentous occasion.

    Yesterday, William had learned from Colette that Reginald would be spending the night at The Stone Church. There, Reginald would take "a ritual bath, and dress in a piece of white clothing, symbolizing purity. Over this, he would wear a red robe, a sign of his nobility. And finally, his brother's attire would be completed by a pair of black shoes, symbolizing death. His brother would spend the rest of the night in silent prayer at the church." William knew that Reginald would be a fine knight and had been working for so long to attain this honor.


    William went into the house then to get ready. He and Francesca dressed in their finest garments and when Rahmi's daughter, Rashida came over to look after the children, they headed off to pick up Thaddeus and Isabelle in the carriage that Reginald had arranged for them. A separate carriage was picking up Colette and his parents.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    When they arrived at the Festival grounds, Reginald came over to meet them. As Colette had told them, he was wearing a white robe. Reginald's face lit up when he saw Colette, and he took a moment to tell her how beautiful she looked.


    Reginald bowed slightly and took her hand and gave her a suave kiss, "My are indeed a vision today..."

    Colette smiled, "Methinks you missed me last night..."

    Reginald, "Yes, but if truth be known, I miss you every moment that we are apart, Colette...and when I see you heart is happy knowing that you are near..."


    Reginald greeted his brothers and his parents, and then introduced them to Lord Demetrius Landegraab, whom Reginald had served since he was 7 years old, starting as a Page, and now in his present rank of Squire.


    Lord Landegraab: "Ian Fletcher, it is a pleasure to meet Reginald's father. You have a most loyal son who has strong morals. I commend you for your tutelage. And I understand that Reginald also has a son. Perhaps his son will follow in his father's footsteps, and I will have the honor of sponsoring him, too."


    Ian and Lord Landegraab continued to chat and Ian also introduced his other sons, Thaddeus and William and their wives. Lord Landegraab told them they were in for a treat today, as after the ceremony, there would be sword fight demonstrations, jousting, and later, there would be a feast and dancing.



    Sir Invain came over to tell Reginald that the ceremony was about to begin. Reginald escorted Colette to her seat and then went to the front.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    The ceremony began with Kind Edward giving a short speech on the duties of a knight and that they were gathered here today to welcome Reginald Fletcher into their fold.


    Parson Thomas Bennett then came forth and did the blessing of the new knight's shield and sword.


    Reginald was then called before the King, and recited the vows, based on the Code of Chivalry, and swore allegiance to his Lord and the Kingdom.

    Reginald: "I solemnly swear to be loyal and devoted to my King, the Church and the Kingdom. I will defend the weak, show generosity to the poor, and to always speak the truth. Of this, I pledge thee my life."


    The King then selected a sword and Reginald knelt before him.


    King Edward: "I dub thee, Sir Reginald".


    Reginald's brothers looked on and were excited for their brother.


    Colette was filled with happiness on seeing her husband be knighted. Reginald's parents heard the words being uttered from King Edward's lips and were so proud of their son, Reginald. This had been his dream, and he had succeeded.


    Two of the knights then came forward, and outfitted Reginald in his armor. Reginald stood before King Edward and King Edward announced that Sir Reginald was now a part of the Knights of the Kingdom.


    The ceremony was now over, and Colette came forth and gave Reginald a kiss on the cheek.


    Colette smiled demurely: "Congratulations, Sir Reginald. You are striking knight...I have seen quite a few of the laidies-in-waiting looking your way..."

    Reginald smiled: "Hmmm...well, they are out of luck, as I only have eyes for you, Lady Colette. You have always been my lady, even before this title was bestowed upon you. I love you dearly...M'lady...and only you..."

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    With the Knighthood Ceremony concluded, Kind Edward held up a glass of nectar and announced that the festivities would begin.


    One of the knights, Sir Bored of Elder, patted Reginald on the back and asked him if he were up for a sword challenge.


    Sir Bored: "We'll see if Sir Lancelittle has instructed you well. En garde!"

    Reginald was quick to shield himself from a blow.


    Sir Bored: "Sir Reginald, I see you have been practicing...trying to impress Lady Colette, are you?"

    Reginald just smiled and lunged forward taking Sir Bored off guard.

    Reginald: "Perhaps you should keep your mind on the fight, Sir Bored, instead of flirting with a certain Lady Eleanor."


    Reginald lunged forward again, and saw Sir Bored retreat and take a step backward.

    Sir Bored: "Ah, a good show, Sir Reginald. And now I bid my leave, as I fear that I have taken Lady Eleanor's breath away with my swordsmanship. She looks quite parched...and I must offer her some nectar..."

    And with that, King Edward raised his arm shouting Bravo to Sir Reginald for his victory.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Ian and Gwendolyn were playing a game of Knucklebones with one of their neighbors.


    Sir Bored must have gotten Lady Eleanor her drink, because he was back to challenge Reginald in an archery competition.


    Lord Landegraab said he would join in the challenge, which seemed to pique King Edward's interest as well.


    Sir Bored was rather confident as he showed off his skills before King Edward.

    Sir Bored: "It's all in the wrist, Sir Reginald. My years of loyal service to his Majesty has honed great skill. You are a mere pup who has much to learn..."


    Reginald was not sure why Sir Bored felt inclined to continuously challenge, Reginald, but once again, Reginald bested him.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Reginald then headed over to his horse, Lexington, and mounted him. He would have to get used to wearing armor while riding him.


    Reginald then did some jumping demonstrations and received wild applause from the crowd.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Thaddeus and William decided to have a sword duel. too.


    But Thaddeus was rather skilled in swordmanship, and, of course, won the duel. They both laughed and hugged afterwards.

    Thaddeus: "Next time, brother. You need to come over to the Thatcher Farm and we will practice more..."


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    The feast was ready, and Lord Landegraab must have been hungry because he was the first one over there.


    Colette, Isabelle and Francesca share some conversation and a glass of nectar with one of the wine merchants.


    Thaddeus wastes no time in asking Isabelle to dance.


    The festivities ended with everyone doing a dance together. The carriages were waiting and it was time to head home. What a wonderful day it had been for everyone.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    To read more on a Journey to Become a Knight and the Knighthood Ceremony, please go HERE.

    Credit for sim creations:

    This lot was used with some additional changes.


    Demetrius Landegraab is a character in Sims Medieval: Pirates & Nobles. I have never played the Sims Medieval before; however, he seemed like a suitable character to sponsor Reginald to knighthood. And he is an ancestor of the Landgraab family. I chose this sim from the gallery and renamed him.

    "Knucklebones are the vertebrae (the backbone) of medium-sized animals like sheep orgoats, and the games you play with them are like jacks (In fact you can still find jacks shaped like knucklebones some places). Knucklebones was played during medieval times, though it actually originated in the days of ancient Greece, with records of the game dating as far back as 330 B.C. The game features four bones, each taken from the ankle of a sheep, with each bone possessing four sides, each of a different shape. Each long side --- convex, sinuous, flat and concave, respectively --- is given a different value, typically 1, 3, 4 and 6. Players roll the bones like dice, and add together their score for the round based on which side of each bone lands facing upwards." (From Medieval Games)
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    Awesome! Loved the ceremony, and the knights vows, and the history bits. :) Ooh, Collette is a lady now. I didn't think of that for Anna in my story. Oops. Looks like they all had a good time. Love the inclusion of Lord Landegraab from the sims medieval!
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina @foxybilly @simgirl1010


    There was so much going on with the Knighthood Ceremony, that I thought I would do the age-up separately.

    At the Thatcher Farm, it was Matthias Fletcher's birthday. He rolled the Cautious trait.


    This means, of course, that this is the last of the babies to age-up (for now).

    And Thaddeus is the proud father holding his beloved son. Um...did Matthias just have a stinky? Look at Thaddeus' face! lol


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    12, 16, 18 - Infant - If anyone gets these numbers, they die :(

    Matthias 2

    And he lives!
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    Lol, his face is funny. Glad he made it! :)
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @Belalucina - Yes, when someone becomes a knight, they enter the lower nobility, so he is now Sir Reginald, and she is Lady Colette. The children are called Master and Mistress (I don't think I will use these for the children, though). Normally, the son of a knight would follow in his father's footsteps, but that is to be seen for John. There are also women knights, and they are called Dame. Normally to become a knight, you would have to be born into nobility; but in some cases, you were sponsored by a Lord, Earl, Baron (etc.) and went through knight training. You could also be knighted for valiant service to the King.
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina @foxybilly @simgirl1010


    It's Monday and havoc seems to have hit the Fletcher Farm. First, the sink breaks...


    ....and then the fridge...


    ....then, not one, but TWO of the clotheslines have broken. William repairs them, and he also has enough upgrade parts to upgrade the clotheslines. Hopefully they won't break again.


    And it just wouldn't be Monday without the arrival of the bills.


    There are just not enough hours in the day to tend to the children and the farm chores, and most of the time, William and Francesca are pretty exhausted. Almost all of the children have some of their needs in the red, hunger, hygiene or exhaustion are the biggest. The poor children are stinky most of the time, and they are having a lot of temper tantrums lately.


    Thank goodness they have Bun Bun the stuffed rabbit to tell all their problems to. It looks like he has listened to them a lot.


    While the children are grungy, desperate for fun, and wondering why nobody is paying attention to them, the parents have other thoughts on their minds...

    bryan-desperate-for-fun.png eating food, ordering pizza (seriously, where did you even hear about pizza?), and woohoo'ing in the bush. Ha! Think again! The cow shed needs cleaned first. Alas, when was the last time that Francesca and William had a moment alone together? Perhaps it was St. Valentine's Day, and then Francesca was expecting again. time...


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Francesca did have time to do some knitting, though. She is working on socks...stockpiling for the colder weather ahead. Yes, it's only summer, but with farm chores and children to supervise, she might get the socks finished by winter.


    And she made a cute little rabbit outfit for one of the rabbits helping in their garden.


    And, of course, she took some time to look after the other "baby" of the family, Buttercup.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Over the next two days, William also expanded the garden...


    ...and found some other plants at the community garden, like tomatoes and blueberries to plant.


    Wow! They have a lot of rabbits on their lot...and this doesn't even include Thumper...


    William also had some time to clean out the cellar larder, and discovered a nectar making barrel under some old cloths. He had never even known it was there before.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Reginald and Colette must have time on their hands. With only 3 toddlers in their house, and four adults to look after them, no wonder they can come and visit so often. But, it is greatly appreciated, and the children almost can sense when their Uncle Reginald and Aunt Colette are there and make a beeline for them.

    Most of the time, things go rather well when they visit, and both Reginald and Colette love to visit and pay attention to the children.


    Reginald must have a secret "likes children" trait, because he is not just a doting father, but is a great uncle, too. The children think he is magical.


    But sometimes...well, things go a bit awry...and poor Colette was a bit shocked when Bryan had a temper tantrum. Who knew that such a little tike like Bryan could have such a set of lungs? Colette has probably never seen a toddler have a temper tantrum because her children are doted on. Gosh! What must it be like at Isabelle's house?


    And even Uncle Thaddeus, as busy as he is with his blacksmith shop, and his own children, comes over to get a loving hug from his nephews and nieces. Um, Bryan, why are you playing in the water? Oh gosh...maybe he was trying to give himself a bath...good thing that Thaddeus came along when he did.


    But not to worry, as Francesca comes over and picks up Bryan. Oh yeah, he is a happy toddler now. Bath times are really special and RARE at the Fletcher Farm. Afterall, it is the medieval often did a sim actually take a bath?


    Well, Francesca and William must be doing something right, because Amelia, Benedict and Bryan have all maxed their toddler skills. Perhaps it's their Laissez-faire parenting method. Or perhaps it's Bun Bun's supervision that is helping them along.

    But no matter how busy they are during the day, they always spend time with the children at bedtime, reading a story and tucking them in.


    And, at the end of the day, William and Francesca agree that they would do it all over again. :heart::heart:


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Laissez-faire - "a policy or attitude of letting things take their own course, without interfering. "a laissez-faire attitude to life"
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    Aww, such a sweet ending to today's update. Wow, they sure are busy though. But the children are obviously loved and well cared for, whether or not they've had baths. lol. I love your garden and cellar larder!
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    Tuesday had a lot of birthdays, so decided to do a separate chapter for that.

    At the De Baskerville Cottage, little Joan becomes a child. Of course, Reginald helps his darling girl blow out her candles.


    And, Joan, the little Charmer, got some toddler skills all by herself. She rolls the Adventurous trait, and has the Rambunctious Scamp Aspiration. (This was all randomly rolled, so quite the surprise).


    She is such a pretty child, and Reginald must have started to receive his Knight's stipend, because look at the beautiful dress that she is wearing. Joan holds a special place in his heart, and Reginald would give her the world if he could. (I miss that little hat she had as a toddler, though. I gave her the same hair she had as a toddler.)


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    At the Thatcher Farm, it is the twins' Katherine and Philip's birthdays. Since I don't know who was born first, we're just going to say that it was Katherine. Thaddeus helps her blow out her candles.


    Katherine had been such a Clingy Toddler, but, she seems to have taken a turn and is now outgoing. It must have been all the interactions she had with her siblings. She has the Social Butterfly Aspiration.


    And then Philip's turn, and Isabelle helps him blow out his candles.


    Philip had been an Inquisitive toddler, which made him quite a self-assured child. He has the Whiz Kid Aspiration.


    And here are Katherine and Philip outside, ready to have some fun. (The game assigned their hair and I liked it, so kept it).


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    And, finally, at the Fletcher Farm, there were two birthdays as well. For both of their daughters. Amelia was aging up to Child, and little Desirae was aging up to Toddler.

    Francesca made a honey cake for the occasion. One cake to be shared. There were a lot of hungry children around, so she hoped she could get the candles put in place for the second birthday in time before one of the hungry toddlers grabbed a piece of cake.

    William holds his first born daughter and helps her blow out the candles. How fast she had grown.


    Amelia was such a silly toddler, laughing all the time. She finished all her Toddler skills and got the Top Notch Toddler trait. She rolled the music trait and has the Artistic Prodigy Aspiration.


    Francesca helps her daughter, Desirae to blow out the candles.


    And it seems that Desirae's mood will not change much from being an Intense Infant to being a Fussy toddler. Desirae does, however, get the Top Notch Infant trait. Yep, definitely Bun Bun the stuffed rabbit who is supervising these kids, because I have no idea how she did this on her own. Other than breastfeeding, changing their diaper and putting them to bed, infants had to pretty much fend for themselves.



    And here are the sisters, Amelia and Desirae.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Death Rolls:

    4, 8 - Toddler - if Desirae gets these numbers, she dies :(

    Desirae 7

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    9, 19 - Child - if any of them gets these numbers, they die :(

    Joan 4

    Katherine 6
    Philip 15

    Amelia 3

    Thank goodness they all survive! Yes! :):heart:
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    Congrats on all the birthdays! Joan is such a pretty child! They are all cute. Amelia and Desirae look so much alike. Your dice rolls have been so good!
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    I was having some problems posting the pics from the PostImages website, so hopefully they are all there. Have a great day :)

    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina @foxybilly @simgirl1010

    YEAR 1307 & 1308 - WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY - FARM CHORES - WEEK 5 - DAY 32-33

    Since Amelia was now a child, Francesca and William felt that it was time for them to start her schooling. Francesca had quite a few books that her Uncle Bernard had given her. And, she had already spoken to Parson Thomas Bennett at the Knighthood Ceremony about having the children attend the local parish school. Normally this was reserved for boys, but Parson Thomas knew of Francesca's tutoring by her Uncle Bernard, and told her that her daughters would be most welcome at the parish school as well. Amelia would start her schooling in two days, and she would learn reading, writing, and arithmetic, as well as religious instruction.


    Francesca and William had looked over the books she owned, and decided to begin instructing Amelia in Latin. Apart from her studies, Amelia would also be responsible for helping around the farm, and learn useful skills that would hopefully earn her an apprenticeship when she grew up.


    While William helped Amelia, Francesca got right to work with Desirae on potty training.

    When Amelia was done her Latin work, William took her outside and talked about the garden and things that she could do to help, such as weeding and watering. He also told her the secret of the rabbits and the birds and Amelia was wide-eyed with what she had just heard. She went right to work and started weeding.



    Once she was done, Francesca brought her over to the chicken coop, and told her how to spread feed for the chickens and collect the eggs. Francesca also told her to talk to the chickens because they were quite sociable.


    When Amelia was finished, Francesca brought her over to the cowshed to meet Eda.



    Francesca could tell that Amelia really liked Eda and was very gentle with her. Francesca showed Amelia how to milk Eda, and then let Amelia take over.


    Francesca stood close by in case there were any problems, but Eda was such a good cow. And Francesca gave Eda a hug.


    Afterwards, Francesca gave Amelia a loving hug for all her hard work and asked her if she was tired. Amelia said she wasn't and was so excited about helping on the farm. Francesca explained that Amelia wouldn't be doing all these chores everyday because Amelia would be doing her studies, but perhaps Amelia could think about which chore she would like to do and they would see how it went.


    Francesca: "You know, when I was your age, my favorite thing to do was always talking with the birds and rabbits and asking them to help in the garden. My uncle and sisters never understood what I was doing and called me silly. But now you know the secret. It's a very important task, and would really help your father..."

    Amelia: "Oh! That sounds like a fun job...not a chore at all..."

    Francesca smiled and led Amelia over to meet her horse, Buttercup. Amelia talked to Buttercup and scratched her neck, and asked if she could ride Buttercup.

    Francesca seemed a bit hesitant as she remembered what had happened when she first mounted Buttercup.

    Francesca:"Alright, but when you are mounted, you must hold tight to the reins. Really tight. Buttercup might think she can buck you off. It's her way of telling you that she is in charge. But if you are firm with her, she will then know you are in charge."

    Amelia listened carefully and then Buttercup got down so that Amelia could get on her.


    As soon as Amelia was mounted, she grabbed the reins with both hands.


    And it's a good thing she did because Buttercup reared back suddenly.


    Francesca let out a gasp and shouted for Amelia to hold on. But Amelia was already doing that and was not going to let go.

    Buttercup seemed a bit surprised that she was unable to buck Amelia off her.


    Amelia just smiled and spoke soothingly to Buttercup.

    Francesca: "Are you alright, Amelia? Buttercup didn't give you a scare, did she?"

    Amelia: "Oh no...she just didn't know who I was. If it's okay, I am going to take her on a short ride around the farm so she'll get used to me. Is that okay, mother?"

    Francesca smiled and nodded her head and watched her daughter, who was tightly holding onto the reins, ride off on Buttercup. Francesca was so proud of her.

    Amelia went on a relaxed ride, and when she returned she gave Buttercup some prairie grass to thank her for the nice ride.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    I added a few skill items to the lots, so they all have a chess table, an activity table, a violin and a doctor's set. All 3 houses now have a doll house, and Thaddeus' house also has a set of climbers. All the children also have a knitting basket in their personal inventory.

    When they have a birthday, they receive gifts (mostly toys) in the mail. I just thought that this was sweet, as Colette's deceased uncle, Parson Bernard, sent his great niece, Joan, a gift for her birthday. Even from "the great beyond" he still sends his love.

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    The pictures are not loading :(
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    The pictures are not loading :(

    Yes, that's what I thought. Grrr....well...I will have to try again later when I am done work. Thanks :)
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    I started using imgur and it seems to work well. Imgbb was working for me, but it's very slow for some reason. Just two other options if you need them. :)
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    Pictures are loading now.
    That's so good that Amelia can help out on the farm now. She seems like an animal lover and a natural horse rider. :) And I like what you've decided about schooling. I need to figure out what I'm going to do.
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina @foxybilly @simgirl1010


    It was Friday morning, and William asked Amelia if she would like to learn some cooking, and so Amelia and William made eggs and bread for breakfast.


    Amelia was such a good helper and cleaned up all the dishes after breakfast...


    ...and even mopped the bathroom floor.


    Amelia had thought long and hard on what chore she would like to undertake, and decided that she would look after Eda, and clean her and milk her everyday. Francesca thought this was a wise choice and knew that Eda would be happy with all that attention.


    After lunch, and after finishing her chores, Amelia asked if she could invite some of her cousins over. Both William and Francesca thought that would be a wonderful idea. And so, she sent a messenger to the De Baskerville Cottage and the Thatcher Farm and invited over Joan, Katherine and Philip.


    When they arrived, they were so happy to see each other, and started chatting right away. Amelia found out that her cousins would also be attending the parish school, and that their parents had also started them on Latin.

    Philip recited in Latin: "Vincit qui se vincit."


    Joan, Katherine and Amelia all laughed. They couldn't believe it! Their parents had said the exact same thing to them.

    Joan translated: "He/she conquers who conquers himself/herself. My father explained that if you can conquer yourself, all of your flaws, your weaknesses and everything like that, then you’re on the way to becoming a better person."


    They all nodded and Katherine turned the conversation to farm chores.

    Katherine:"Mother started instructing me in needlework and father said that I would be helping with the farm chores."


    Philip: "Father just bought a new cow and now we have two cows. So Katherine and I are the keepers of the cows. We get to brush them and milk them."


    Joan: "Really? I am looking after our cow, too. Grandma told me that our cow and I share a special bond, because when I was just a baby, the cow's milk kept me alive. I feel I owe that cow so much, so looking after her is my thank you to her."


    Amelia: "Oh gosh! We're all looking after our farm's cows. We're like Cow Cousins!" she said laughing.


    And so, they created a club called the Cow Cousins Club. William came by to say hello and asked if they wanted to go fishing to a nearby pond. Most fishing was done with nets, but Thaddeus had told William of another method he had seen some fishermen use, and Thaddeus had forged some metal hooks that could be attached to some string and secured to a stick. William had made one of his own "fishing rods" and it worked quite well.


    So, William went with them and showed them how to construct a fishing rod, and secured the metal hooks for them. He also added some bait of some cheese to the hook. In no time at all, they all got the hang of casting their line into the water. Katherine was the first to catch something, but it didn't look like a fish.


    Amelia caught something too, but again, not a fish. It was a box and inside there was a little statue. It was a treasure...much better than a stinky old fish.


    The only one who actually caught a fish was Joan...


    ...and her fish was promptly stolen by a bushy-tailed fox...


    Obviously Joan was not happy about it!

    Joan: "Did you see that fox? It stole my fish!"


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Gwendolyn had come for a visit, too, and spent some time with the other children.


    After fishing for awhile with no further luck, they headed back to the farmhouse. Philip challenged Amelia to a game of chess. He was quite good and won the game.



    Katherine showed Joan how to do some needlework. They all got along so well, and talked about other adventures they could do together.


    It was getting late, and Colette had come by to pick up Joan and to walk Katherine and Philip back to the Thatcher Farm.


    Joan didn't really want to go home so soon, but Colette told her that a special day had been planned tomorrow, and they would all see each other again.


    And so, with that, they all reluctantly bid their farewells.

    Afterwards, Amelia was left alone, and decided to draw some pictures under the watchful eye of Buttercup. Maybe Buttercup was being the art model.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    At the Thatcher Farm, it was time for Matthias to age-up to toddler.


    And Matthias rolls the Clingy trait.



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Death Rolls:

    4, 8 - Toddler - if Matthias gets these numbers, he dies :(

    Matthias - 16

    And he lives! :)

    ~ ~ ~

    I thought it was funny that the fox's name was Maid Marion, which the game had named. lol

    "Vincit Qui Se Vincit" translates to "He Conquers Who Conquers Himself." It means that a person who overcomes his weaknesses or failings, who is able to control his emotions and actions, will become a better person. It is an adaptation of a phrase by Publilius Syrus, a Latin writer of the 1st century BC known for his quotes. It is also the motto of the Beast in Disney's film "Beauty and the Beast", as seen inscribed in the castle's stained glass window near the beginning of the film.
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    Amelia is such a good helper. That's so nice that the cousins get along and can all play together! That fish Joan caught was huge! Lol. Definitely bigger than the fox that stole it. :D Yay for Matthias!
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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