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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina

    1304 - TUESDAY - THURSDAY - WEEK 3 - DAYS 17-19

    The next few days were busy as they continued to do farm chores and prepare for another baby in the house.


    William did some fishing and he caught quite a few fish. Francesca seemed pretty excited about this and was happy to have something else to eat besides cheese and fruit salad.


    Their chick, Cluckers, grew into a full sized rooster, and Francesca knitted a cute little hat and scarf to celebrate the occasion.


    Thaddeus dropped by and spent time with Amelia. I think he has a soft spot for her.


    The following day, Thursday, Isabelle dropped by with some news of her own.


    Isabelle and Francesca chat while Amelia had grabbed some food. Oh no! Don't eat that, Amelia. And why is Francesca so filthy? Was she cleaning the cow shed again?


    William comes over and introduces Benedict to Isabelle.


    Francesca goes inside to get some fresh food for Amelia, and....oh looks like her sister Isabelle has gone into labor! She suddenly tells Francesca she has to go. Oh my word! Isabelle is going to walk back to the Thatcher Farm alone. She might give birth in the field!


    Oh my gosh! And it appears that Francesca has now gone into labor, too! And William doesn't know yet, because he is just sitting calmly at the table eating some food.


    The labor didn't last long and Francesca knew the baby was coming....NOW!


    Maybe this will be the calm William again who will know what to do and calm his wife. To be honest, I have no idea where William went. I think he ran outside doing the pre-parental melt-down.

    Francesca continues to delivers a baby boy! Welcome to the world Conrad Fletcher.


    But William did appear after the birth, and went right up to Francesca and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

    William: "My love, you did a great job. Another son...Conrad...I am so happy, Francesca."


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Over at the Thatcher Farm, Isabelle made it in time, but Thaddeus was certainly not as calm as William had been! Fifth child and he still has the pre-parental panic attack.


    But then all is well, and Isabelle gave birth to another boy. They named him Leopold Fletcher.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    It was such a busy day with the births, but they couldn't forget that today was the day that all the infants aged up to toddlers, too.

    Off to the De Baskerville Cottage: Reginald is teaching Joan to say please and thank you.


    And with the cake made, it was time to celebrate Constance and John's birthdays.

    Ian holds Constance as she blows out her candles. And she rolls the Wild trait.



    It was then John's turn, and he rolled the Independent trait.


    Reginald hugs his daughter Joan, and Constance and John are both running for cake.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    At the Thatcher Farm, it was time for Godfrey and Richard's birthdays. Philip was pretty excited and runs in from outside because he knows there will be cake.


    Isabelle holds Richard up to help him blow out his candles. Richard rolled the Fussy trait.



    And then Godfrey's turn, who also rolled the Fussy trait and got a bonus trait of Happy Infant.


    And here they are, but Godfrey doesn't look too happy. Uh-oh, he just met his new sibling, Leopold, and is really sad about it.


    Isabelle with 4 toddlers and a new baby. Oh my! They are going to have their hands full!


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    And back to the Fletcher Farm. Francesca made a honey cake for the occasion. Benedict is first.


    Benedict rolls the independent trait and gets a bonus trait of Top Notch Infant.


    Thaddeus must have heard of the party at William's house, and joins in the fun.


    Bryan's turn and he rolls the Fussy trait and gets a bonus trait of Happy Infant.


    Alrighty then...let's watch Benedict go potty.


    William tries to get everyone to bed...and Benedict is still on the potty. I guess Benedict really has to go.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    William gave his brothers residence keys, so they are always dropping by. The photo of Thaddeus in pre-parental panic mode is from another birth, which I just used here, as I was not able to get to Isabelle's birth in time.

    Death rolls:

    1 - Birth - If they get a 1, they die :(

    Francesca 8

    Isabelle 15

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    5, 10, 15, 20 - Babies - if they get these numbers, they die :(

    Conrad 9

    Leopold 18 (the game named the baby Glen; and since they already had a son with a G name; I used the second letter of "L" to get a medieval name)

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    4, 8 - Toddler - if any get these numbers, they die :(


    JOHN 2

    RICHARD 20

    BRYAN 7

    And they all survive!
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    @SoulGal7 I came across this thread when I couldn't sleep this morning - and now Im gripped!! :smile: looking forward to the next instalment!
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    Everyone survives again! Yay! Wow they all have their hands full with all those toddlers! But they sure are cute. Isabelle walking home probably helped the baby along lol. :D
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @foxybilly - Thank you so much for following my story. I'll tag you for future up-dates. :)

    @Belalucina -
    I am getting a bit nervous on those rolls, and I know my luck will run out and one or more won't make it. I am dreading that. The Thatcher Farm is starting to look like the 7-toddler challenge. lol I am trying to get as many babies as possible now, so they can age up, and hopefully make it to YA and start Gen. 2. But the Great Famine happens when some of them are teens (or hopefully will be teens), so it will be tense.
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    Yes, I am sure at some point one of them won't make it. :( And the great famine...yes that will certainly be interesting. I was looking through the 1400's and there are so many wars!
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina @foxybilly

    1304 - FRIDAY - ST. VALENTINE'S DAY - WEEK 3 - DAY 20

    With three toddlers and a new baby, Francesca and William were very busy.


    But since today was St. Valentine's Day, William had a plan. It had been a long time since he and Francesca went on a date together. In fact, he had only gone on one date with Francesca, and it had been chaperoned by Agatha Crumplebottom. That was the night he had proposed, and since then, they had not gone out alone, except to attend the Finchwick Garden Fair. William loved Francesca very much, and wanted to make today special for her. And so he had asked Rahmi Watson to come over in the afternoon, and he and Francesca would head to the Gnome's Arms Pub for a dinner date together.


    It seemed that the chores took longer than normal, especially since the children seemed to be more demanding than usual. William did have a chance to talk to Francesca about his plans to take her to dinner that night, and said he would watch the children while she got ready. When Rahmi Watson came over, William took a few minutes to get ready, too. William told Rahmi that they would return in a few hours, and the hackney that William had arranged arrived and they were off.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    When they arrived in Finchwick, William took Francesca aside.


    William: "Francesca, you are indeed a beautiful vision tonight. I have never seen you in that outfit before..."

    Francesca blushed, "Well, I wanted to wear something special, and this is the only other nice outfit I have, other than my wedding dress..."


    William: "Anything you wear looks good, Francesca, but tonight, literally took my breath away when I saw you come out of our bedroom...I am indeed fortunate to have found such a beautiful, funny, and caring wife like you..."


    Francesca: "Oh are making me blush with your words. I suddenly feel all shy and nervous around's our first date all over again..."

    William: "Ah...but this one will be better,,,because I can now take you in my arms and kiss you whenever I want..." he said and then swooped her in his arms for a passionate kiss.


    Francesca fanned herself, "And you, dear William...take my breath away, too...all the time..."


    And just as they were about to kiss again, out of nowhere, Agnes Crumplebottom and her purse appeared, and she smacked William hard.


    Agnes Crumplebottom: "Have you no decency? Standing here and practically canoodling each other in public! Don't you know that there are children who live here?" she said as she smacked William again.


    William: "But...but...we're"


    Agnes was hearing none of it, and smacked him again, "I recognize're the one from The Wild Fox Inn & Tavern...on a date you say? Is this what you do...just go on dates with all the fair maidens and then sully their honor? Don't worry dear, I'll protect you from this...from this scoundrel!"


    And Agnes smacked William with her purse again.


    William: "No...stop...this is my wife....she's the only one I've ever gone on a date with..."


    Agnes stood up and straightened her outfit and pointed a finger at him, "Well, this better be your wife...or the whole town will know of your infidelity...and you will be severely punished. And, I would refrain from demonstrating this revolting behavior in public from now on. Our town does have morals, you know, and you had best abide by them..." and with that she huffed off down the street muttering to herself.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Francesca came over to him laughing, " this how all our dates will be? You kiss me and risk getting accosted?"


    William rubbed his head and smiled, "I wouldn't have it any other way. It makes the thought of kissing you dangerous and exciting..."


    Francesca raised her eyebrows: "Oh? So you would risk anything to have one kiss with me?"

    William gazed into her eyes, "Yes, Francesca, I would risk it all to be with you...." he said and then took her in his arms again and kissed her tenderly.


    When they parted, William looked up and down the street nervously, but then heaved a sign of relief. Francesca laughed at his antics.


    William took her arm in his and smiled, "You see, most definitely worth it. Shall we?" he asked and led her into the Gnomes' Arms Pub.



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    William went to the bar and ordered drinks and dinner for them. He ordered himself the Aubergine Parmesan and Francesca ordered Beef Wellington.


    While they were enjoying their dinner, Agatha Crumplebottom, the Matchmaker came and sat between them. Oh gosh! It was almost like they were on their chaperoned date again.


    Francesca chatted with Agatha a bit, and she was always pleased to hear about their families.


    They finished dinner and William challenged Francesca to a game of Don't Wake The Llama.

    It was pretty tense for awhile...


    ....but in the end, William won the game.


    William: "But not to worry, my love, I understand that the loser gets a reward as well," he said and kissed her.


    They had a good laugh over the game and William suggested that they head outside for a breath of fresh air.


    They could hear the strains of some music coming from inside, and William held Francesca in his arms and danced with her under the moonlight.

    William: "You know...we have time for one more thing before we have to get back..."


    Francesca: "Oh...and what is that?"

    William just smiled at her and nodded towards a nearby bush.

    Francesca: "William...but what if that lady...Agnes...comes by and sees us?"

    William:"No, don't worry, no-one will's dark, and I'm up for a bit of danger if you are...even to risk a purse beating..." he said and took her hand in his.

    Francesca looked at him and giggled.

    And...well...let's just say they had a great St. Valentine's Day date!


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    When they arrived home, Rahmi told them that the children had behaved so well, and then took her leave. It was hard to believe that it was already Conrad's birthday.


    And whoosh, Conrad becomes an Infant, and rolls the Calm trait.


    William cradled Conrad in his arms and looked at Francesca and his other children, and knew he had never been happier.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Over at the Thatcher Farm, it was Leopold's birthday, too.


    And Leopold rolls the Sunny trait.


    Thaddeus holds Leopold in his arms and looks at his other children and then at Isabelle. He lays Leopold down in his crib, and then takes Isabelle's hand and suggests they head outside to spend some time together.


    Thaddeus: "Isabelle, today is St. Valentine's Day, and I wanted to spend this day so differently with you. But apparently my brother had more forethought than I did, and had asked Rahmi Watson to watch their children, and I could not take you on a date today..."


    Isabelle: "Oh, Thaddeus, I don't need to go on a date with you. Just being around me happy..."


    Thaddeus: "I know, but I wanted to do something special for you. I wanted to tell you that I...that I still burn for you much...that when I look at you, I cannot imagine what my life would be like without you...I so love you..."

    Isabelle: "Oh feelings for you have not changed...they have grown much stronger...and I am so in love with you, too... In fact, I made you something..." she said and handed him a gift.


    Thaddeus opened it and inside was a tiger beanie.

    Isabelle whispered to him, "You are my tiger, Thaddeus..."

    Thaddeus pulled her close, "And you, my dear Isabelle, are my tigress..." he said kissing her passionately.


    When they parted, Isabelle gazed into his eyes, "So...what does my tiger want to do now?"


    Thaddeus raised an eyebrow and smiled seductively, " know...." he replied and took her hand and led her to a nearby bush.

    Isabelle: "Oh my..." was all she said.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Death Rolls:

    12, 16, 18 Infant - If they get these numbers, they die :(

    Leopold 17

    Conrad 1

    And they live! Yes!
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    A very good St. Valentine's Day! William got beat with a purse again. :D Now, if that doesn't happen on all of their dates I'll be disappointed lol. Happy birthday, Conrad and Leopold!
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @Belalucina -
    That Agnes! She was actually working her garden booth and they were at the fountain area, and even though she was supposed to be working, she closed up and came right out when he first kissed Francesca and smacked him with her purse. I was like, oh no, not again. I think she has it in for poor William. And Francesca just stands there smiling and laughing every time. What William does to get a kiss, right? lol He did get a gold date, though.
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    SoulGal7 wrote: »
    @foxybilly - Thank you so much for following my story. I'll tag you for future up-dates. :)

    thank you! Agnes! What is she like! :D
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina @foxybilly


    A busy morning and even though Francesca was trying to do some knitting, the children were all vying for her attention. Oh well, maybe later.


    It was the Finchwick Cow Festival today, and William had decided to enter Eda in the competition. He spent time brushing her and Francesca gave Eda some encouraging words. After finishing their chores, and with Rahmi's arrival, they headed off to Finchwick.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    It was a beautiful day, and the Cow Festival was in the same location as the Garden Festival had been. William brought Eda over to one of the cow sheds, and started brushing her. She had certainly gotten quite dirty from walking from the Fletcher Farm to town.


    Francesca had decided to enter a bottle of Eda's milk, and there were already several other competitors who had placed their milk bottles on a competition stand. She introduced herself, and found out that one of the competitors was Rahmi's daughter, Rashida. Francesca wasn't sure why, but Rashida looked rather mad about something.


    Meanwhile, William was still brushing Eda, who seemed to be the only entry so far in the cow competition.


    Lavina Chopra, the festival's judge, was there again, and made her rounds to the different exhibits.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Looking around, Francesca saw her sister Isabelle at the festival. She didn't realize that Isabelle liked festivals so much.


    Francesca chats with Isabelle for awhile and discovers that her sister has actually entered their cow in the competition, too.


    Francesca had to admit that Isabelle's cow was looking really good. Poor William was still brushing Eda and trying to get all the dust off of her.


    William also comes over to chat with Isabelle, and enquires about his nieces and nephews. Everyone was doing well and Thaddeus was enjoying his time at home with the children while Isabelle attended the festival.

    Kim Goldbloom, the owner of the Grocery Market Stall, came over and they chatted with her. She told them that if they ever had some excess produce to sell, that she was always looking for good quality fruits and vegetables and would give them a good price for their goods. She also whispered that during the festivals, because she was so busy, she always gave patrons who sold produce at her market stall 10% more.


    William waited for the competition results and chatted with Lavina Chopra. William met her son, Rahul, who did deliveries for the grocery market stall. Rahul then wandered off and headed towards a teen standing near the Gnomes' Arms Pub.


    Lavina rolls her eyes, "There he goes again...spending all his time with that Watson girl...instead of minding his job and doing more deliveries for Kim Goldbloom. If only his father were still alive....god rest his soul...he would be able to set our son straight and ensure that Rahul was more focused on his future. And my husband would have already spoken to several families with eligible daughters to secure a dowry and a marriage contract. And now that task falls on me. Oh, what is a mother to do?"


    William looked at Rahul and the teen, "Did you say Watson? Is that Rahmi Watson's daughter?"

    Lavina: "Yes, one and the same. Rashida Watson. Her mother is one of the reasons I don't see "that girl" as a good match for my son. That family is not a good role model for him...not at all. And "that girl" has such gloomy thoughts. She could never be the driving force that my son needs to succeed. You are indeed fortunate William to have such a fine wife as Francesca, who works with you to have the best life..." she said sighing, "I will probably have to speak with the matchmaker soon to find a suitable match for him..."


    William was quiet and looked over at Rahul and Rashida who seemed to be getting on quite well. In fact, they looked quite happy together...and the way they looked at each's almost as's almost like how Francesca had looked at him when they had been on their first date.

    But for whatever reason, Lavina didn't get along with Rahmi, and so she didn't approve of her son socializing with Rashida. He wondered why.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    And finally, the results were in and William gave Francesca a kiss on the cheek. William placed third in the competition, and Francesca received a participation ribbon. They were told that the cows would stay at the festival grounds overnight and returned to their farms in the morning by a pastoral herder.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    They arrived back home, and since Francesca had won a cheese as her prize, she served it for dinner.


    Afterwards, it was more potty training.


    Tomorrow was the Easter Spring Festival, and everyone headed to bed. Well, everyone except Conrad.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    I have never participated in the Finchwick Cow Festival before, and when I had William return home, there was no cow in his personal inventory. So, I checked the household inventory and no cow. I read that there was a glitch, so I had them travel back to the Gnomes' Arms Pub and then back home, but still no cow. And no cow in Francesca's inventory either. I even repaired my game, but still no cow.**Sniff** So, I had to buy them a new cow and named it Eda again. Ugh! Luckily they had the $400 simoleons for a new cow.
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    Oh no, that's so sad about the cow! :( Hopefully they will fix that glitch.

    I see some romance budding between Rahul and Rashida! But I wonder why Lavina doesn't like I'm curious to find out lol.

    I laughed at everyone sleeping except for Conrad. :D
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @SoulGal7 - if you wait a day or two, the animals will show up in the personal or household inventory, and then you can just click on the sheds to put them back again. I’ve had that happen before to my llama, and I got a new one to replace the one I thought had gone, then it turned up a couple of days later, so I ended up with four llamas instead of three!
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    Just started reading last night and I'm enjoying your story so much. I'm at the part where the bachelors and bachelorettes are about to meet. Excited to discover who ends up with who.

    Got up a little earlier this morning to continue reading and the forum was down again. 😮
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    I'm starting to really appreciate all the research required for this challenge. Very entertaining. I remember telling another storyteller here that some of the subjects she introduced in her writing inspired me to learn more about the subject. It's exactly how I feel about the Decades Challenge. Both yours and Belalucina's.
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina @foxybilly @simgirl1010


    The family was up early and there was much excitement this morning. The annual Easter Spring Festival was being held in Finchwick.


    William and Francesca had talked it over, and even though Francesca had never been to the Easter Spring Festival before, and was looking forward to doing 'The Carole' with William, it was decided that they would follow Francesca's tradition of attending church. Afterall, Easter had always been a special holiday for their Uncle Bernard, and this was the first Easter that he would not be with them. So Francesca felt that it would be a fitting memory to her uncle if they attended church together.


    William had seen Rahmi at the Cow Festival yesterday, and Rahmi had suggested that perhaps the Fletcher children could attend the festival with her family while the Fletcher adults attended church. William thought that was a good idea, and so that is what was planned.

    Rahmi also mentioned that an egg hunt had been organized by King Edward himself. It was the first of its kind in Henford-on-Bagley. King Edward had purchased 450 eggs and his servants were hiding eggs all around Henford-on-Bagley for the children to find. Apparently the eggs had been brightly decorated so were easy to spot. King Edward had decreed that the child who found the most eggs would be awarded a prize for their efforts.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Everyone met at the The Old Stone Church in Finchwick after dropping off their children with Rahmi and her family at the Easter Spring Festival.


    Francesca saw Colette and Isabelle and she went over and spoke with them. They all reminisced about Easters past when their Uncle Bernard had taken them there.


    Francesca made her way over to her Uncle Bernard's grave, and spoke quietly to him.


    William's parents, Ian and Gwendolyn, and Reginald were sitting inside quietly chatting.


    Parson Thomas was there and gave a wonderful, up-lifting Easter service.


    He also asked Colette, Isabelle and Francesca if they wanted to say a few words about their uncle. Francesca decided to come forward to the pulpit and told everyone that Easter was her Uncle Bernard's favorite holiday. He had told them that it was a "celebration of a new life", a joyous occasion which held hope for the future. And even though he wasn't with them today, she still felt a special connection with him by celebrating Easter here.


    Afterwards, they all headed outside, and just as Francesca went through the church doors, she was hit with a feeling...a sensation...a revelation if you will, and all of a sudden, she knew...she just knew.


    She turned and headed back inside, and took William aside and told him that she had a strange feeling suddenly like something or someone had whispered something to her, and she knew that she was with child. William looked at her and did notice that her belly looked swollen.


    And Francesca also told William that she felt like her uncle was there with them in the church.


    William: "Well, if your Uncle Bernard is here, I bet he is smiling from hearing the news that you are with child. It is indeed a joyous occasion. Francesca, and I am so happy to hear this news..."

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    When William and Francesca returned home, the children were anxious to begin looking for the hidden eggs. Ian, William's father, had come over and was helping the children search for eggs.


    The King's servants had done a splendid job of hiding them, and on Benedict's insistent plea, had asked Ian to look in the mailbox and Ian even found one there. Benedict was already carrying several eggs in his sweater. and Ian watched as Benedict looked in bushes and under rocks and gave an excited cry when he found an egg. Ian marveled at the fact that his grandson was a natural collector.


    Benedict's eggs collected.


    Inside, Bryan had decided to check under the beds and in the cupboards, and had found several that way. He even found one that was golden in color, and gave that one to his mother as a gift. Francesca was rather touched by his thoughtfulness.


    Bryan's eggs collected.


    Amelia, on the other hand, seemed to be questioning a bunny herself, asking where the bunny had hidden those eggs. And maybe the bunny did tell her, because she found quite a few in the garden and under the stools on the porch. One of the eggs she found was even a chocolate egg.


    Amelia's eggs collected.


    Conrad had found one egg, and seemed rather content to just stare at it. He did follow Francesca later as she collected eggs in the chicken coop, and Conrad found a rainbow-colored egg there. Conrad may not have collected a lot of eggs, but the ones he did collect were quite unique.


    Conrad's eggs collected.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    No matter how many eggs each child collected, they had a lot of fun. Ian had to head home and bid everyone farewell. At the end of the day, a knight from the Knight's Stronghold came to their house and tallied up the eggs that each child had found. Sir Lancelittle seemed most impressed with the number of eggs that Benedict had collected. The formal announcement of the winning child would be put on the notice board at the Gnomes' Arms Pub, and if their child should win, the prize would be delivered by royal messenger later that day. William thanked Sir Lancelittle and bid him farewell.


    With the amount of eggs that they had collected, Francesca thought it was most appropriate that they had eggs and bread for dinner. Each of the children placed one of the eggs they had found on the fireplace mantle as decoration, and their little house looked so festive. As Francesca cooked, the aromas of the eggs and bread filled the house. William went outside and picked some wild flowers and arranged them on the table. When everything was ready, the humble offerings looked like such a marvelous feast.

    Just as they were about to sit down and have supper, there was a knock on the door. William answered it and a royal messenger greeted him and handed him a rather large stuffed bunny. It was Benedict's prize for collecting the most eggs. Oh what a happy day it was indeed!


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    One of the Medieval holidays to be celebrated is Easter. Since it was tradition for the de Baskerville sisters to attend church with their uncle, Parson Bernard, I felt that this is what they would continue to do, especially since he had passed. It was a way for them to visit his gravesite and also to get together as a family.

    The bunny has always been associated with spring and Easter since early times, and although the "egg hunt" was not popular until the late 16th century, I did modify some real history about King Edward and having some eggs decorated, and incorporated that into the holiday. (See History of Easter below for more info).

    With all the eggs they collected, they actually completed the Decorative Egg Collection, and the prize was the large stuffed pink bunny, which actually arrived in the mail the next day. But I figured that since King Edward had planned the egg hunt, that a royal messenger would deliver the prize.


    History on Easter, Rabbits and the Egg hunt:
    In many pre-Christian societies eggs held associations with spring and new life. Early Christians adapted these beliefs, making the egg a symbol of the resurrection and the empty shell a metaphor for Jesus’ tomb.

    In the medieval period eating eggs was forbidden during Lent, the 40 day period before Easter. On Easter Sunday the fast ended with feasting and merriment, and eggs were considered an important part of these celebrations. This was especially true for poorer people who couldn’t afford meat. Eggs were also given to the church as Good Friday offerings, and villagers often gave eggs as gifts to the lord of the manor at Easter. Royals got involved with this tradition too – in 1290 Edward I purchased 450 eggs to be decorated with colors or gold leaf and then distributed to his household.

    The custom of the Easter egg hunt, however, comes from Germany. Some suggest that its origins date back to the late 16th century, when the Protestant reformer Martin Luther organized egg hunts for his congregation. The men would hide the eggs for the women and children to find. This was a nod to the story of the resurrection, in which the empty tomb was discovered by women. Find the full article HERE.
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    I love that they had an egg hunt and that you had the King arrange it and everything! And I didn't know that bit of history about it either. Very interesting!
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @MayaRose1138 - Thank you for the concern over their lost cow. So far, the cow hasn't shown up, but who knows, right? And until that glitch is fixed, I won't be participating in the cow festival. But now I am worried about the chicken fair, too.

    @foxybilly - That is the second time that Agnes has pummeled William...never does anything to Francesca...only William. lol

    @simgirl1010 - So glad that you are enjoying my story. Yes, a lot of research went into this challenge. Kudos to Morbid for undertaking it. For this medieval period, it does just center around Anglo-Saxon Europe. However, there are other cultures that could also be explored, such as Japan, India, Africa, etc. In my stories, I always like to do some research on topics. Thank goodness for google. lol I am trying to follow things outlined in the challenge, however, sometimes you have to throw in items or events from The Sims game, too.

    @Belalucina - I thought that was kind of cool that I found that snippet about King Edward and the eggs in medieval times, so thought I would incorporate it. And I found some things out myself when egg hunts first started. I am sure that I will find out a lot of neat facts like that while I do this challenge.
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    @SoulGal7 It's really sad that the festivals are so glitched. I'm actually surprised, that your Sims won some ribbons. I never did and I think there are was some bug concerning this, but maybe it seems to be fixed now...

    But it's cool that the CL eggs can be found with the egg hunt, I didn't know that :)
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  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 3,630 Member
    @flauschtrud - I had never completed the Decorative Egg Collection before, so was surprised when it happened. It was actually Bryan who found the last egg that completed the collection. Benedict found the rare egg needed for the collection. I didn't know that they could find other eggs as well, until it popped up that Amelia found a chocolate egg. And I thought it was so cute that little Conrad, who had played in the cupboard, found the freezer bunny egg. While they were at the church, I had William and Francesca search there for eggs as well, so this helped with the collection, but didn't cover that in my story, as I had it as a children's event.
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 35,850 Member

    Of course I'm behind everyone and feel like I'm spamming so sorry. Not sorry. 😄
    So glad things worked out for Reginald. I kinda figured Colette's sense of obligation to her uncle was her reason for not wanting to get married.

    Love your love scenes. So tender and romantic. 💓

  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 3,630 Member
    @simgirl1010 - Yes, Colette and Reginald worked out. Poor Colette was willing to give up her own dreams to take care of others., but her uncle wasn't having it. And he certainly wasn't going to wait years for his dear niece to get married. lol And thank you so much for your comments on my love scenes. I try. :)
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina @foxybilly @simgirl1010

    YEARS 1305 - 1306 MON - WEDS - WEEK 4 - DAYS 23-25

    With an eventful few days behind them, they started off the week with Nugget becoming a full-grown rooster. A black rooster, and Francesca has to give him lots of love.


    William was in the garden and tried his hand at some more flower arranging. He was very was a sunny day...the farm was prospering...he had a wife who he loved dearly...and a wonderful family...with another baby on the way.


    He started to daydream about the future...and...oops! maybe William should concentrate on that flower arrangement because he pretty much cut that flower to shreds. Oh well...he would try again.


    Life was indeed good for the Fletcher family, but then, of course, the bills came. Luckily they had sufficient funds to cover them.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    With four children, William and Francesca worked long hours to finish up their chores. It was often William who put the children to bed, and today he finally had a chance to bring in the crib from the barn storage area.


    Afterwards, he went out to do some woodworking. William noticed how hard Francesca was working, and it seemed that the laundry was taking a long time to finish. With that in mind, William put up a second laundry line. But even then, Francesca seemed to be doing laundry until late at night. He noticed that she was tiring more lately and had talked to her about possibly having his mother come to help them out. But Francesca said that Gwendolyn had responsibilities of her own, and that Francesca would be fine.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    But William worried about her, and tried to do as much around the farm as he could and to help with the children when he was able.


    William seemed to be watching Francesca more and more and knew that she was near her time. He seemed to be on high alert, and came running when he heard any little sound that she made.



    And then it finally happened. Francesca felt the first pains after dinner on Wednesday. William saw the expression on her face, and immediately went over to massage her shoulders.


    Francesca took some deep breaths: "William, it's time, the baby is coming..."

    William seemed to be his calm self again, and swiftly went to gather some cloths and put the water on to boil. He also tended to the children and tried to put them to bed, but as soon as he left them, they got out of bed again and played on the floor.


    He was going to try putting them to bed again, but he saw Francesca clutch her stomach and she let out an anguished cry. It would have to wait. Francesca needed him more.


    He went over to her and spoke some reassuring words and told her how much he loved her.


    And with a final push, Francesca gave birth to a baby girl. Welcome Desirae Fletcher.

    Francesca marveled at her new baby girl and then put Desirae in her crib. It was time to tend Conrad who needed feeding.


    William seemed rather overcome with emotion for Francesca and autonomously started to serenade her. Francesca seemed rather surprised. After she fed Conrad and placed him down to play, William came over and kissed her.

    When they parted, he held her a bit longer and gazed at her, "My love, my Francesca, I don't tell you enough how much you mean to me. You are my everything, Francesca...and I am so happy that we have another baby together. You are so strong, Francesca, I see it everyday in everything that you do...and I see your strength in giving birth...enduring so much bring a new life into the world. And even though I know you are a strong woman, I feel a sudden wave of protectiveness and love when I look at you. And I know that I would do anything for you, Francesca, because I love you so much..."


    Francesca looked at William, and brushed some tears from her eyes, "William, I never thought that I could love someone the way that I love you...but I do...and each day, I seem to love you more..."

    And with that she kissed him on the cheek and William helped her to their bed to rest. He then went back to the cradle and picked up his new daughter and hugged her tightly.

    William: "Welcome little Desirae. What bliss you bring to my life...:" (Note: From Whole Heart Sentiment.)

    Death Rolls:

    1 Birth - If Francesca gets this number, she dies :(

    Francesca 10

    5, 10, 15, 20 Babies - If Desirae gets these numbers, she dies :(

    Desirae 9

    And they both live! :)

    Over at the Thatcher Farm, Isabelle was rather concerned. After the last time that she and Thaddeus had been intimate, Isabelle hadn't felt the signs of being with child like she normally did. Isabelle chastised herself for not listening to the women in the Weaver's Guild who had discussed a wife who could not bear children, after which a discussion ensued on various methods to aid conception. One woman advised to mash a bit of mandrake in water and drink it slowly. but since Isabelle had not really had any problems in getting pregnant, she had not really listened carefully and was unsure if both the husband and wife were supposed to drink this concoction. Another woman advised that if you went to a "stone-keeper" and held the sacred stone, that a child would be called forth and enter your womb. And, finally, another woman, who had borne 16 children herself, had said that eating more fish and eggs was the key.


    Isabelle realized that she had done none of these things and feared the worst. She got a needle from her needlework basket and a bowl from the kitchen and went into the bathroom. She had seen her mother do this when she was younger. It was a test to determine if one was with child. After peeing in the bowl, Isabelle inserted the needle in it. She held her breath, but there was no color change. She was not with child as she had feared.


    Isabelle cleaned the items and then had an idea. She went over to Thaddeus and asked him if he might catch some fish for dinner, which he was happy to do.


    After a dinner of fish, eggs and bread, Isabelle felt that tonight was the night. So, after the children were in bed, she and Thaddeus times. And...she might not have been expecting before...but she is now! Another nooboo is on the way. Yes!


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    For the Spring Easter Festival holiday, the game automatically decorated the farm, and the decorations stayed up for a few days.

    As Francesca and Isabelle had both woohooed on St. Valentine's Day, I figured that Isabelle would give birth the same night. When I went to worldview, I didn't see that a baby had been born at their house, and figured that I would get there in time for Isabelle's birth. Well, the thing was, she wasn't in labor, her stomach was flat. and she had no baby moodlet. And when I clicked on the toilet it gave an option to take a pregnancy test, which she did, and then found out she wasn't pregnant at all. This led to the whole research I did on medieval pregnancy tests and folklore on ways to get pregnant. So, even if you try for baby, you might not get pregnant. Isabelle rolled 6 attempts to get pregnant, and so this is now her 5th attempt.

    Pregnancy tests have been done throughout history, and were sometimes done in medieval times. "Many variations of tests using urine have been found throughout history. Indeed, in a number of medical recipes from the medieval period onwards, a needle placed in a woman’s urine was said to turn red or black if she was pregnant." Read more about the History of Pregnancy Tests HERE.

    Mandrake is said to be a natural aphrodisiac, and was used in medieval times to conceive. The full article is HERE.
  • BelalucinaBelalucina Posts: 843 Member
    Again with the interesting tidbits I didn't know! Fascinating about the pregnancy test and the mandrakes.
    Congrats on another baby and congrats to Isabelle and Thaddeus as well!
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 3,630 Member
    @Belalucina - Thanks, I'm actually learning some history with this challenge, so it's kind of cool.
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina @foxybilly @simgirl1010

    YEAR 1306 - THURSDAY & FRIDAY- WEEK 4 - DAYS 26 & 27

    Over the next few days, William and Francesca had some family members visit.

    Ian visits early in the morning on his way to Finchwick and spends a bit of time with his grandchildren. Conrad is the last one he says good bye to.


    Later in the evening, Reginald also came by, and was introduced to Conrad and his new niece, Desirae.


    And I guess Conrad smiled at him a lot, because Reginald got this sentiment.


    Thaddeus and Isabelle both came for a visit, and Isabelle informed Francesca that she is expecting.


    Francesca introduced Desirae to Thaddeus.


    And Thaddeus gives his nephew, Benedict, some hugs.


    Oh no! Is something wrong with Isabelle? She seems to be having an emotional moment. Probably just her hormones acting up.


    Or perhaps Isabelle is not well, or something had happened between Isabelle and Bryan. Francesca hoped that her sister would not go into labor during her visit.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    It's raining and William cleans Buttercup's stall. He had discovered that horse manure makes great fertilizer for his garden plants.


    When they had been at the Finchwick Cow Festival, Francesca had seen a notice at the Gnome's Arms Pub of a horse competition being held this week. Since she was not expecting, and after talking it over with William, she decided to enter. William was concerned with the weather and hoped that Francesca would be alright.


    After a few hours, Francesca returned beaming with a trophy in hand. She had won a silver medal at the barrel races.


    William was so proud of her, and placed the award on the wall in their bedroom.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Later that night, there was a knock on the door, and one of the knights from the Knight's Stronghold was there. Sir InVain was delivering a special message from King Edward.


    They had both been invited to a knighting ceremony this coming Sunday.


    When the knight departed, William opened the letter and read that his own brother, Reginald, would be one of those being knighted that day.

    Oh my gosh! It had finally happened! His brother, Reginald was becoming a knight!


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    And it was time for some birthdays.

    William holds Conrad one last time as an infant, because today Conrad was becoming a toddler.


    And here is Conrad in CAS. He rolled the Inquisitive trait.



    ~ ~ ~

    Francesca lifted Desirae from her cradle. Desirae had grown so much, and Francesca was having a hard time knowing that her youngest child would be aging up to an Infant today.


    And here is Desirae in CAS as an Infant. She rolled the Intense trait.


    ~ ~ ~

    Thatcher Farm:


    Thaddeus was giving Leopold some cuddles after Isabelle had fed him, and Leopold let out a soft burp. Leopold had gotten so big and today he was aging up to a toddler.

    And here he is in CAS as an adorable toddler. Leopold rolled the Angelic trait. I love this hairstyle on him.



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Death Rolls:

    4, 8 - Toddler - If anyone gets these numbers, they die :(

    Conrad 10

    Leopold 3

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    12, 16, 18 - Infant - If anyone gets these numbers, they die :(

    Desirae 9

    And they all live!
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