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    Morbid's spreadsheet is so confusing :'(
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @Belalucina - I am not sure if this is going to work, but you can have a look at my spreadsheets if you like. There is a spoiler in it, but I'd be happy to share. At least I understand these the way I did them.
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    @SoulGal7 It wants me to request access. I'm just confused on where I put my side households on the spreadsheet.

    I have custom aging on MCCC though so I'm not sure I will even need to keep track of it. The adult end of life was confusing, but I watched one of her videos and figured out that they live 40 days, then you roll for how many years they have left. So I guess they don't become elders? I'm glad I watched that because I thought I had to roll for how many years they get to be adults for lol.
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    @Belalucina - Okay that didn't work either. Was trying to attach a PDF file here.

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    @SoulGal7 Don't worry, I'm figuring it out lol. I decided to keep Thomas's parents alive since they survived their death rolls so we'll see how this goes. I will try to start maybe tomorrow.
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    Oh wow, that is a lot of babies :)

    Will you also make a story thread about your challenge?
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    @flauschtrud yes, I'll make one. I can tag you when I make it if you want. :)
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @Belalucina Yes, I'd love to read it :)
    I make gameplay mods! You can find them at CurseForge.
    My first attempt at creating a Sims comic: The Parker-Goth Legacy.
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina

    1303 - YARD SALE - FRIDAY - WEEK 2 - DAY 13 - PART 1

    Since the weather was good, William had planned a yard sale for today. His parents were coming to the Fletcher Farm to help, and would be bringing some items from Colette and Isabelle, too. A few needlework hoops and bottles of milk were laid out for sale.

    After doing the farm chores, Francesca took the first shift.


    Business was a bit slow at first, but one of Reginald's friends from the Knights' Stronghold showed up and purchased some cow's milk.


    When Ian took his shift, things started to pick up. In fact, the king even came to their yard sale!


    King Edward: "Ian Fletcher of Old New Henford, it has been a long time since we spoke. I understand from Matchmaker Agatha Crumplebottom that your three sons are now wed."

    Ian: "Yes, your Majesty, and with three sisters at that. Their wives are all expecting again."

    King Edward: "Such good news. May they be fruitful and prosper..."

    Ian: "Thank you, Your majesty. It would be an honor if you would rest and partake in some nourishment at our humble abode. My son, William and his wife, Francesca, now reside here, and would make you and your royal court most welcome."


    King Edward: "Thank you, Ian, I will let them know. Now, tell me about this needlework you have for sale. I have never seen such fine stitching."

    Ian: "Ah yes, that is Isabelle's work, my son Thaddeus' wife. They now reside at the Thatcher farm next door. She is quite talented, your Majesty..."

    King Edward: "Yes, she is. I will send one of my servants to bring her to the castle. Some tapestries are in need of repair, and her needlework skills would be much needed. Of course, she would be compensated for her time..."

    Ian bowed slightly, "Thank you, your Majesty. She will be most pleased."

    King Edward then bid him good day.


    Oh my! And it looks like Queen Marguerite is coming to the yard sale, too. And there is Isabelle following behind her. Ian figured that he should let Gwendolyn and Francesca know that the King and Queen were here and to make some food.

    Well, too late for that, as some of the knights and neighbors have already gone inside, and Gwendolyn has her hands full making food for everyone. And it appears that Reginald has stopped by too, probably to chat with his friend, Sir Lancelittle.


    And Colette came over, too. It was quite a busy yard sale due to the neighbors hearing of the King's presence.


    Thaddeus joined them as well, after Reginald walked over to the Thatcher Farm and told him that some of the knights were interested in procuring new swords from him. The family was united again, and it was indeed a very profitable day for everyone.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    After a rather tiring, but exciting day, everyone headed home. Francesca hadn't been feeling well that afternoon and decided to head to bed for a nap, when suddenly, she felt the first pain...and she knew...she was in labor!

    When William came inside, he saw Francesca clutching her stomach in pain.


    Francesca: " your mother still here? water broke...the baby is coming...!"

    William shook his head. His mother had left awhile ago, and by the looks of things, it would be too late to send a messenger to fetch her. And then William had a panic attack.

    Oh my! What happened to that calm, cool William from the first birth? Maybe he was calm because his mother had been there, but now...he was on his own!


    William shouted, "Don't worry...I remember...boil water...get clean will be fine, Francesca...just...just don't push yet...!" he said as he ran into the kitchen knocking over some pots and stubbing his toe on the kitchen bench. Oh gosh! And Francesca's water wasn't the only thing that broke! The kitchen sink just broke, too!


    After he repaired the sink and got the water on, he went over to Francesca and gave her a back massage.


    Francesca, "William...Amelia needs a bath..."

    William looked at her stunned, "You want me to give Amelia a bath while you are in labor?"

    Francesca: "Yes, she needs one, and then she needs to be put down to sleep. But I...I can do it myself if...if it's too much for you. I know you have been working hard all day..."


    William: "Heavens no! I will do it...but come into the bathroom with us so I can keep an eye on you..."

    Francesca decided that she didn't want to be inside, "I...I haven't finished my chores. I...I need to harvest some prairie grass for Buttercup..."

    With Amelia still in the bath, William couldn't just run after her, plus it's best not to argue with a woman in labor. Apparently, Francesca felt she just had to do this.


    Francesca came back inside, and was feeling tired and in a lot of pain. It was a long, hard labor, longer than when Francesca gave birth to Amelia.


    But soon, it was all over. And she gave birth to twin boys, Benedict and Bryan Fletcher. If all goes well, Benedict will be the next heir. Francesca and William held their new bundles of joy, and William was thankful that Francesca, and Benedict and Bryan were all fine. (See Death Rolls below).


    And one of the first things that flashed through William's mind was that they needed a bigger house! Okay, well, maybe not the first thing!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Knights of Medieval Glory credit.


    Medieval King & Queen Credit: Changed the King and Queen's names to Edward and Marguerite, who were the rulers of England at that time.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    A little expansion to the Fletcher Farm. It was getting a bit cramped, and so, boom, added an extension. This should be good for awhile.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Death Rolls:

    1 Birthing moms - If Francesca gets a 1, she dies :(

    Francesca - 12

    5,7,10,15,20 - Babies - If any of the babies get these numbers, they die :(

    Benedict 9
    Bryan 11

    And they all survive!
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    Yay, everyone survived again! That's funny that the king came to the yard sale. I laughed at the name Sir Lancelittle. :D
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @Belalucina - Yes, I have a King and Queen in my game who live at the Knights' Stronghold. I didn't name that knight, that is how he came, but I had a good laugh at the names of those knights.

    Glad you are keeping your heir's parents. If you do a separate post, please link me as well. We can encourage each other. :)
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina


    And it seems that Francesca wasn't the only one who gave birth today. Over at the Thatcher Farm, Isabelle had gone into labor. And it's another bathroom party.


    Oh my gosh! And Isabelle gives birth to another set of twins! This time, twin boys, Godfrey and Richard Fletcher. Isabelle is resting quietly and the twins are just fine. (See Death Rolls below.) (She gave birth when I was on the lot with Francesca, so their names were assigned by the game - Graham and Ricky - As before, I just kept the first initials and found appropriate Medieval names.)


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    At the De Baskerville Cottage, Gwendolyn felt something that she hadn't felt in many years...labor pains. On no! This couldn't be happening! She had thought that Colette would give birth first, and that Gwendolyn would help her through it. But it was not meant to be. They had to rely on Ian and Reginald to get things ready.


    Reginald seemed to take over, as last time when Colette delivered Amelia, he had to get things ready as the midwife never made it in time. He thought back to that night and hoped that there would not be any tragedy following the birth.

    Reginald: "Father have you had any pains today? Feeling malaise at all?"

    Ian: "Reginald, what are you implying? That I am old? I'll have you know that when I was your age, I won Finchwick's hammer throwing contest, and that record has never been beaten. Pfft....any pains? You should be asking your mother that, she is the one in labor!"

    Gwendolyn: "Ian...hush...Reginald was just thinking back to Colette's last birth..."

    Ian shook his head understanding what she meant. "My apologies, son, I do understand now. But, no, I am feeling fine...a bit nervous for your mother, though..."


    Gwendolyn, "I am perfectly....F-I-N-E!!!..." she said as she yelled out in pain.


    Ian calmly went over to her, "You know, Gwendolyn, you're still the most beautiful woman I know, even when you're giving birth..."

    Gwendolyn: "Don't you use that line on me again...that is what got us into this predicament in the first place..." she said breathing in short breaths.

    Ian: "Oh my dear Gwendolyn..." he said and was about to head over and massage her shoulders. And then, Colette let out a scream.

    Ian suddenly had a panic attack, "Colette...Gwendolyn...oh my....they're going to give birth at the same time!"


    Colette: "Reginald.....!! The baby is coming...!"


    Oh my gosh! And who will give birth first?

    And it ends up being Gwendolyn, and she gives birth to a baby girl.


    And just as Ian goes over to give his wife a kiss on the cheek, Colette utters one last scream...and delivers a baby boy. (See Death Rolls below)


    Ian heads over to pick up his daughter, and holds her up for Reginald to see, "Meet your sister, Reginald, Constance Fletcher..."


    Reginald held Constance in his arms, "Welcome to the world Constance, I'm your big brother...and you'll be meeting your other brothers very soon..." He then carefully laid Constance back in the cradle and went over to see his son.


    Reginald: "Colette, my dear, I couldn't be happier. We now have the perfect family. Our sweet daughter, Joan, and our precious son, John Fletcher..." he said as he lifted John into his arms and gazed at him.


    Ian: "Well, after that, I do believe this calls for a toast, and I just happened to pick up a bottle of nectar at the market today for just this occasion..." he said and started pouring some glasses.

    They all held their glasses up high, "To life, love, prosperity and good health. Long life to us all..."


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    And later that night, to celebrate even more joy in their lives, Amelia, Katherine & Philip and Joan all aged up to Toddlers. {See Death Rolls Below).

    Reginald and Colette's daughter, Joan in CAS. She rolled the Charmer trait.



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Thaddeus & Isabelle's twins. Katherine in CAS. She rolled Clingy.



    Philip in CAS. He rolled Inquisitive.



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    William and Francesca's daughter, Amelia. She rolled Silly.



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Death Rolls:

    1 Birthing moms - If Colette, Isabelle or Gwendolyn get a 1, they die :(

    Isabelle 6
    Gwendolyn 8
    Colette 7

    5,7,10,15,20 - Babies - If any of the babies get these numbers, they die :(

    Graham (Godfrey) twins 12
    Ricky (Richard) 14

    Constance 18

    John 12

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    4, 8 - Toddler - if any of the infants gets these numbers, they die :(

    Joan 17

    Katherine 7
    Philip 15

    Amelia 15

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    And they miraculously all survive! I actually close my eyes in real life when I press the roll button. I have been extremely lucky so far, and am a bit nervous that this luck will run out soon, especially since I have to do multiple rolls at once. It is nerve racking.

    I couldn't get the "age up" for the Infants without the birthday cake, so had to turn the power on for them to bake a cake, and then put off-the-grid again.
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    They are so cute again, I love Joan's outfit and her little hat. I hope I get as lucky as you with rolls lol. I played yesterday, just need to post.
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    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    What a birthing race :D I also can't believe how lucky you were again...

    Where is the yard sale table from?
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    @flauschtrud - Yes, a birthing race for sure. I was lucky to be on that lot when Colette and Gwendolyn actually gave birth. I keep missing Isabelle. The yard sale table is from Jungle Adventures.

    @Belalucina - Yeah, I really like Joan's outfit, too. I love all their eye colors, and Philip with the really green eyes. Oh yeah! Can't wait to read the start of your challenge.
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina


    William woke up and yawned. That is all he had been doing lately. Having to tend to three children and the farm chores was taking its toll on him. But he wouldn't trade this life for anything.

    Meanwhile, Francesca had gone out to the chicken coop, and noticed that an egg was ready to hatch!


    She put it in her hands, and almost immediately...



    ...the egg cracked and there was a new chick! She named it nugget.


    Afterwards, Francesca took her horse for a ride.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Later that day, it was the Finchwick Garden Fair, and William and Francesca were planning to attend. Rahmi Watson was coming over to look after the children.


    It was a beautiful day and they were the first ones to arrive.


    William submitted a rose for the plant competition, and Francesca submitted a green pea plant.

    Francesca: "William, that rose is beautiful."

    William: "Do you remember the rose that you gave me?"

    Francesca: "Yes..."

    William: "Well, I planted it and it grew into a rose bush. I have been fertilizing it and caring for it every single day. I am hoping that it will at least place..."


    And Isabelle is submitting for the garden competition as well. But what the heck is she wearing? None of the outfits I created for her.


    There were three entries for the garden plant competition...


    ...and 2 pie entries. William and Francesca went over and looked at the competitor's entries.



    Lavina Chopra came over and judged all the entries. William and Francesca met some of the other competitors and shared some good stories with them.



    And the verdict is in. And William placed first for his rose plant submission! Congrats William!


    Although Francesca didn't place, she did get a competitor ribbon and some fine prizes.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Afterwards, they were quite hungry, and they headed over to a small picnic area near the fair. William saw that someone had started making some "3 sisters chili" but hadn't finished. So, he resumed the chili and it was rather good.


    Francesca had gone over to harvest a shrub she saw blooming and met Agatha Crumplebottom who had just finished tending her garden shop. They chatted a bit, and Francesca told Agatha about her children.


    Agatha smiled, "Now, know, when those children of yours are of marrying age, you come and see me, and I will be sure to match them up with someone special..."

    Francesca nodded and said she would.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Francesca and William decided to do some fishing before they headed home.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    When William and Francesca arrived home, Francesca kissed William on the cheek and congratulated him for winning 1st place at the fair.

    William; "It's been my dream, Francesca, to win at the Fair. And I'm so happy I met you and you told me about the rabbits and the birds helping in the garden. I am sure that Thumper, my bunny friend, helped in getting that rose to the nice condition it was in. So, I really owe it all to you, my love..."

    Francesca: "Do you? Well, I know a way that you can thank me..." she said and gave him a mischievous look.


    And laughing together, they headed into the house.

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    Thank goodness for Rahmi Watson. That's cute about the rose being from the one she gave him. I had Thomas plant the rose Kimberly gave him too. :) Also I laughed at Agatha watching them fish like she is chaperoning them again. Lol.
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina

    1303 - BABY TO INFANT AGE-UP - SAT - WEEK 2 - DAY 14 - PART 2

    Here ye! Here Ye! The new babies were ready to age-up to Infants.

    Starting at the De Baskerville Cottage:

    Ian and Gwendolyn's baby, Constance Fletcher (Reginald, Thaddeus & William's sister). She rolled the Wiggly trait.


    Reginald and Colette's baby, John Fletcher rolled the Calm trait.


    Ahhh...playing with Joan. How sweet.


    Their household is now full, so unless something unexpected happens, they can't try for a baby anymore. (See below for Death Rolls)

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    And onto the Thatcher Farm:

    Katherine and Philip are playing dolls together.


    Isabelle is tending her garden.


    Thaddeus and Isabelle's twins. Starting with Godfrey, who rolled the Cautious trait.


    Followed by his twin, Richard, who rolled the Sensitive trait.


    And here are Godfrey and Richard playing together. In the background, Philip is already asleep and Katherine is sitting in bed eating cake. Cake? Where the heck did she get that cake? It will be sugar overload time for her.


    And when all the children are finally tucked into bed, Thaddeus and Isabelle go out to clean the cow shed...


    Oh my gosh! I guess they were more than cleaning that shed! And a neighbor comes to visit and he definitely knows what they are doing in there!


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    And finally to the Fletcher Farm:

    Francesca does some potty training with Amelia.


    William and Francesca's twins. Benedict Fletcher rolled the Calm Trait.


    And his twin, Bryan Fletcher, rolled the Intense trait. Wow! Complete opposite rolls.



    And here are Amelia, Benedict and Bryan all playing nicely together. Looks like the perfect family, right?


    With all the attention being paid to Benedict and Bryan, Amelia is a bit sad...and maybe a bit jealous of her younger siblings. And, has an Ignored Sentiment with her father, William! What? Oh no! William has to fix that.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Death Rolls:

    12, 16, 18 Infant - Using a D20 roller, if any of them get these numbers, they die :(


    JOHN 9

    GODFREY (twins) 4

    BENEDICT (twins) 10
    BRYAN 7

    And they all make it to become Infants! Yes!
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    Oh a part 2! I commented too early lol. Everyone survived again! Yay!
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @Belalucina - I think we were commenting on each other's stories at the same time! lol Yes, that is from the rose that Francesca gave him. It is nice quality now. Yes, funny how Agatha just followed them down to the fishing spot and kept chatting with them. And, of course, she had to put a plug in for the next generation to help them find their match, too.
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina

    1303 - TIME FOR FUN - SUN - WEEK 3 - DAY 15

    The next day, Francesca suggested to William that he spend some time with his daughter.

    Francesca: "It's going to be a beautiful day today. Why don't you head to Ye Olde Playground with Amelia? She's never been, and I am sure she would love it."

    William: "What about you? Why don't you come with us?"


    Francesca: "I'll be fine here. Plus it will give me a chance to catch up on some needlework that I want to do. But I really think that you and Amelia should go alone. She seems rather out of sorts since the twins have been born."

    William nodded and said he would do that after the chores were done.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    By late morning, William and Amelia headed to Ye Ole Playground together. When they got there, William was surprised to see Thaddeus with Katherine and Philip, and Reginald with Joan. His father was also there, but said he had to leave shortly. It looks like all the sisters had the same idea and sent their husbands off with their eldest children.


    Since Amelia had never met her cousins, this was a perfect opportunity for them to all get to know each other.


    At first, some of the children were a bit leery of the other children.


    But once they started playing together, and their fathers told them that these were their cousins, they seemed to get along rather well. Amelia and Joan play dolls and Philip is chatting with them.


    Joan and Amelia especially hit it off together. Look at little Joan babbling away to Amelia. You would think they were talking about princesses or something.

    William and Thaddeus take a moment together and play some chess.


    Reginald keeps a close watch on Amelia as she builds a sand sculpture with some townie who just joined in. (Note: This is Principal Mei Prescott, from Copperdale who just joined Amelia and they built a sand sculpture together).


    And who knew that Thaddeus was such a playful uncle? Maybe he sensed that Amelia was a bit sad and wanted to cheer her up (autonomous action). William is having fun, too, and playing dolls with Philip.


    William had brought some items from his garden to prepare, and grilled some fruit for everyone. Yum!


    Reginald helps Katherine and Philip with their plates, and autonomously pulls out a future cube from his pocket. Well, let's hope that whatever Reginald is seeing is good news.


    After ensuring all the children are fed, Reginald takes some time to have some food and chats with William.


    After lunch, William reads Katherine a story.


    And Amelia seems rather content playing in the sand.


    Since they are very near the castle ruins, William asks Thaddeus and Reginald if they could watch Amelia while he goes to the castle ruins and collects some mushrooms. They tell him to go ahead and they had everything under control. They look rather relaxed sitting on the bench supervising, and Reginald autonomously pulls out some knitting.


    William runs to the castle ruins and spies some strange mushrooms right away. He picks them, and will also give some to Thaddeus and Reginald for their gardens.


    While William is gone, Amelia meets a teen named Wolfgang Munch n the park. He is there with his friend Jeb Harris.


    And soon, Amelia is siting with them by the firepit and has them quite captivated. Amelia doesn't think it's strange for a teen to wear a bag on his head. Nope, you see that everyday. Don't worry. Reginald is in the background supervising.


    William returns and gives Thaddeus and Reginald some of the strange mushrooms he collected. It was getting late and time to go. Good-byes were said and hugs were given. Thaddeus is the last to give Amelia a hug good-bye.


    William picks up Amelia and puts her on his shoulders for the walk home. She had a fun day and is in good spirits, and is babbling to William all the way home.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    When William and Amelia arrive home, Amelia runs in the house and Francesca is there to greet her with a big hug.

    Francesca: "Did you have fun with your father today Amelia?"

    William tells Francesca that Thaddeus and Reginald were there as well as Joan, Katherine and Philip. Francesca was so pleased that Amelia had a chance to meet her cousins.


    After a nice dinner together, William got Amelia ready for bed and read her a bedtime story. Even though they had lots of fun today together, Amelia was still looking a bit grumpy. Hopefully she'll get over this mood soon.



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    I thought it would be fun to have all the toddlers meet each other. I had actually added some toddler-friendly items to that park. And after seeing Amelia's sentiment with William, decided that it should be a Dad's day out with their eldest children.
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    So cute seeing all the toddlers play together. And all their uncles too. I like the castle dollhouse there for them to play with. And William got to collect some mushrooms. Hopefully those will come in handy. Poor Amelia. Hopefully she'll be feeling better soon.
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina


    Francesca was up early and since everyone was still asleep, she decided to head to the cow shed and clean it. It must have been quite dirty from the way Francesca looks.


    Francesca goes in the house and changes, and was just about to head to the bathroom to take a bath, when she feels that sudden churning in her stomach. And she knows...she is preggers again.


    She immediately tells William the news. And, as expected, he is quite happy about having more children and kisses Francesca tenderly. And is William suddenly sprouting a mustache? I wonder if it tickles Francesca when he kisses her.


    While Francesca takes a bath, William heads out to his garden and plants the new mushrooms he found.


    And, of course the bills came, and William paid them right away.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    After tending to the chores, a messenger comes by with a note from his father, asking if they would like to go over to the De Baskerville Cottage. What a wonderful idea! William sends a messenger over to the Watson Farm and asks Rahmi if she can look after the children for a few hours. (Note: For some reason, when I clicked on accept and invite a few friends, the only household member who showed up was Francesca, so just went with it. Yes, Rahmi Watson, the official neighborhood babysitter extraordinaire!)


    When they arrived at the de Baskerville cottage, Reginald was outside tending to the cow. (Note: Reginald named his cow Brown Cow. I can only imagine what Francesca thought of that name! lol Well, at least he named it.


    When Reginald saw William and Francesca, he was happy to see them both.


    Reginald: "William, now you can meet my son, John, and meet our sister, Constance."

    William heard a voice behind him and turned. It was his father.


    Ian: "William, so glad that you and Francesca are here. Your mother has been pestering me about inviting you and Thaddeus to meet your sister."

    William: "Well, father, we've been a bit busy ourselves with the new twins..."

    Ian: "Of course, as is Thaddeus. And I was glad to see you yesterday with my eldest grandchild. Amelia is growing up so fast. But come inside and we can talk some more..."

    They headed into the house together. And they have dust cloud some of the infants seem to be playing in the cupboards...


    William's mother was cooking at the stove and came over to greet him. William hugged her lovingly.

    William: "Mother, I am so happy to see you. Are you doing well after the birth? Do you need to sit down?"

    Gwendolyn: "Oh heavens, no! You're just like your father always fussing. I am fine, William."


    They chatted some more and then Reginald brought his son over to introduce to Francesca.


    Francesca: "Reginald, congratulations. You must be so proud, and I see that he has blonde hair just like you and my sister, Colette."

    Reginald sat down holding his son close to him, and Gwendolyn went over to a nearby crib and lifted out an infant.

    Gwendolyn: "William, meet your sister, Constance. She is a bundle of energy and just wants to explore. She would crawl all the way down the hill if we let her..."


    William looked at her, "A sister. Sul Sul Constance, I am your brother, William. And with three older brothers, you will be very protected..."


    Francesca came over to look at her, too, "Oh my! She is a wiggly one, isn't she? And another redhead...just like her brothers..."


    William and Ian chatted with Colette a bit.


    And Gwendolyn came over and introduced John to William.


    William could not forget his niece, Joan, who was rather excited to see him again. So, William sat down with her and read her a story.

    Francesca felt it was the right time to tell everyone the news, and spoke to her sister first.

    Francesca: "Colette, I'm expecting again..."

    Colette looked surprised.


    Francesca turned to smile at her sister, and wasn't sure, but she thought she saw a hint of sadness in her sister's face over the news. But in an instant, Colette's face changed and she was smiling again.


    Colette whispered to her: "Francesca, you should tell Ian and Gwendolyn the news while you are here..."

    And that is exactly what Francesca did. And when Ian heard the news, he was so thrilled that he clapped his hands together. You would think it was news of his first grandchild the way he reacted. But I guess Ian just wants more grandchildren.


    Ian: "Francesca...William...this is wonderful news. Our family is truly blessed..."

    William went over to Francesca and held her hands in his, "Yes, we are father, and both of us want nothing more than to have a big, happy family..."


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
  • BelalucinaBelalucina Posts: 843 Member
    edited October 2023
    More babies! That's nice they got to visit and William got to meet his new sister. That's a great name for the cow lol. :D Looks like Collette was not as lucky as Francesca. Oh, but I guess their house is pretty full lol.
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 3,630 Member
    edited October 2023
    @Belalucina - With all the chores on the farm and tending to the babies, it takes up so much time. And so, whenever I get pop-ups like this, I have to take advantage of it and work it into the story. I won't have them go to the San Myshuno Festivals, or other events out of town, but if they are invited to someone's house, or something in-town, they will go. And yes, the De Baskerville Cottage is a full house, so, for now, no more babies for Colette.
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