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    Yay, babies! Do you have to do the death rolls for the side households too? I hope they all make it lol. I love the names you gave the chickens. :D

    Thank you! Yes his top and belt are cc, and hat too actually. I downloaded some medieval cc, though I love that you are doing it without any. And it looks so good! If you search rooms on the gallery with #medieval, there is an amazing medieval looking stove that someone made entirely without cc. You should check it out. :)
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    Oh wow, the next update will be exciting then :o Why do you have to roll for the parents? Because they are elders already?
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    @Belalucina - I will check out that no cc stove on the gallery. I did download some different medieval kitchens that were quite nice, and might use something like that in the next house.

    Apparently for side households, you don't do death rolls. However, you do have to do marriage and baby side household rolls, EXCEPT for the side households of the first Generation. So, for the side households, when a sim becomes a teen, you roll to see if they will get married or not, and how many baby "attempts" they can have. This is not actual babies, just attempts - more for MCC where you have to do pregnancy percentages. I find it is very rare that a sim doesn't conceive in a vanilla game when they try for baby. But I decided to do the baby rolls for the side household to see how many attempts they can have (the heir can have as many as they want), and Reginald & Colette ended up with a roll of 2 and Thaddeus & Isabelle ended up with a roll of 6.
    Side Household Marriage Rolls:
    When Teen, Roll D20 for Marriage
    Roll 1 -3 = Never Marry
    Roll 4 - 20 = Get Married

    Side Household Baby Attempts Rolls:
    You will have to roll to see how many birth attempts they are awarded. The # you roll on the dice means how many births your side households are allowed to try for.
    Roll a D12 for # of baby attempts
    2-12 = # of Pregnancies
    1 = No Children

    For the birth and age-up of the side households, no "death rolls" will be done. There are time periods in this challenge, where the side families are affected, such as the Great Famine, war, etc. where death rolls have to be made.

    For the heir's family (William) death rolls will be done when Francesca gives birth and each time a baby ages up. Since their first child was a daughter, once a son is born (hopefully), they will become the new heir. All of the sons & daughters of William will become William's lineage, so when William's children have children, death rolls will be done for all of the lineage children at that time.

    At least, this is how I read the rules, although it was rather confusing until I watched a few Let's Plays and figured it out.

    @flauschtrud - The parents and Parson Bernard are all adults; however, at the start of Morbid's gameplay, if you have made parents, you have to roll right away to see if they survive. So, because I didn't do that at the start, I waited until the first babies were born. (See Rules below).

    Rules for 1300s - Parents Roll
    "Because the average life span is so short, you can (optional) start your decades-long challenge with THREE different generation 1 sims. One of the three must be the starting heir. The other two will automatically become side households and you must treat them as such. Go ahead and skip the side household marriage rolls and baby rolls for these sims. ONLY these sims are granted automatic marriage and up to 10 pregnancies. (❗️Keep in mind that that doesn't guarantee all 10 pregnancies will end with 10 children.❗️) (If you are going to start with three sims) Your THREE starter sims must all be related. Obviously, your THREE sims didn't spawn out of thin air. You may go ahead and make parents for your sims. The parents DO NOT count as your first generation (Your 3 starter sims are your automatic first gen). Roll immediately for the parents to see if they survive under their age stage."
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    @SoulGal7 yeah the rules are a little confusing. :p
    Do you play the side households like on a rotation, or how do you do the "attempts" for the babies?
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina


    At the De Baskerville Cottage, Parson Bernard had been outside tending the animals in the rain. His niece, Colette, had been in labor for several hours, and he had told Reginald to stay with her and that Parson Bernard would tend to the farm chores. Reginald nodded and stood by comforting Colette, holding her hand and whispering softly to her. Parson Bernard had sent a messenger quite a while ago to fetch the midwife, and had been pacing outside in the rain waiting for the midwife's arrival.


    As the hours ticked by, and the rain fell harder, Parson Bernard became more worried. He had been feeling a bit ill all day, but had not mentioned it to Colette due to her delicate condition. If only that midwife would get here, then all would be well.


    He said a silent prayer that the midwife would arrive in time, but it wasn't meant to be, and suddenly he heard a baby cry.

    Parson Bernard looked up at the sky: "My dear sister, your daughter has given birth. This is indeed a glorious day. Let us hope that both Colette and the baby are fine..."

    Parson Bernard rushed in the house and saw Reginald holding a swaddled babe in his arms.


    Reginald looked up smiling when Parson Bernard came in, "It's a girl..."

    Parson Bernard saw Colette standing there leaning on the wall, smiling faintly, and went over to her, "Colette, my dear, you should be resting. I am so proud of you, my child, giving birth without the aid of a mid-wife..."


    Colette: "I'm fine, uncle, just a bit weak. And the baby is fine, too..."

    Parson Bernard looked from Reginald to Colette: "But, my child, how did you know what to do?"

    Colette smiled at him, "I remember when mother helped a neighbor with a birthing...and Reginald helped get things ready..."

    Parson Bernard nodded his head, " child, you are so wise, just like your mother..."

    Colette: "Would you like to see the baby?"

    Parson Bernard: "Well, if I might hold her for just a moment. Reginald seems quite the doting father already..."

    Reginald smiled and held the baby out to Parson Bernard, "Well, she is a most beautiful baby...and she even smiled at me..."


    Parson Bernard held the baby in his arms, "Oh nonsense, Reginald, she couldn't smile at you already...probably just a bit of gas..." but then when he looked at the baby, it seemed as if the baby smiled at him, too.

    Parson Bernard: "Oh my! She did seem to smile at me. Oh then it can't be gas...she is just a wonderous babe. And her hair is as blonde as her mother's hair. Such a beautiful baby with the eyes of an angel. What have you decided to call such a sweet babe?"

    Colette: "We've decided to call her Joan...after my mother..."


    Parson Bernard felt tears well up in his eyes and looked upward, "Oh my. Your mother would be so pleased. Baby Joan. And a most fitting name for this babe..."God is generous", he said and suddenly felt a bit out of breath. He placed the baby carefully back in the cradle.

    Colette noticed the change in her uncle, "Uncle Bernard, you look rather pale. Did you forget to eat today? Come...sit down..."

    But before Parson Bernard could say another word, he felt a severe pain in his chest, and clutched at his heart. He then reached out both hands above him and seemed to utter something, as if he was speaking to someone he knew. And then, Parson Bernard's body seemed to go limp. Reginald reached out for him, but Parson Bernard fell to the ground.


    Colette screamed: "Uncle Bernard! something...!!"

    Reginald got down beside Parson Bernard trying to revive him. He looked up at Colette and just shook his head, "Colette...he's not breathing..."

    Colette burst into tears, "No! No! Not Uncle Bernard. can't be..."

    On such a joyous occasion with the birth of baby Joan, such tragedy occurred. Colette sobbed uncontrollably, and Reginald could not hold back the tears.


    And Reginald's horse, Lexington, had come in to see what all the fuss was about...and saw Parson Bernard on the floor, and the poor horse was crying, too.



    And then, the Grim Reaper came into the house.


    Reginald wiped his eyes and went to Grim, "Grim, please, spare this sim. Parson Bernard was a good man..."

    Grim seemed to weigh everything, but Reginald's plea went unanswered, and Parson Bernard was truly gone.

    With a swoosh of his scythe, Grim took Parson Bernard's soul, and then turned and left.



    Reginald felt awful, he had failed Colette and had been unable to plead successfully for Parson Bernard's life.

    He went over and held Colette in his arms, "Oh Colette, I am so sorry. I tried but I failed. He is in the heavens now looking down on us..."


    Colette choked out some words, "Oh Reginald...why...why did this have to happen? He was a good man. Why, Reginald, why?"

    Reginald stroked her hair, but didn't have an answer. Baby Joan started to cry and he went over to hold her. And Colette, with her head bent, headed out into the rain and went into Parson Bernard's sleeping shelter. She lay down on the bed and pulled the blankets over her head and continued to sob.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Reginald sent out a messenger to deliver notes to Isabelle and Francesca on the passing of their uncle. All night he tried to talk to Colette, but she just stayed under the blankets and cried. In the morning, he tried again, bringing Joan with him. He convinced Colette to sit on the bed, and placed the sleeping babe in her arms, but she just sat there, with a glazed look in her eyes. Colette looked at baby Joan and then handed her back to Reginald and then proceeded to go back under the covers again. And again he heard her softly weeping.


    Something was wrong, and Reginald didn't know what to do. He needed help. As he was walking from the sleeping shelter back to the main house, he saw Rahmi Watson walking by. He called out to her. He must have looked quite a sight because she eyed him nervously. He quickly told her what had happened about the birth of baby Joan, and the death of Parson Bernard, and of Colette's condition. He asked if she could stay here to look after baby Joan and Colette while he rode to the Fletcher Farm and talked to his parents. Rahmi said she would stay, and that Reginald should go and not to worry about anything here.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    At the Thatcher Farm, the messenger had delivered the news of Isabelle's uncle. Both Isabelle and Thaddeus looked at each other in shock. And then Isabelle wept openly.


    Isabelle: "Oh Thaddeus, Uncle Bernard is gone. And he...he never even met the twins," she sobbed, "If it hadn't been for Uncle Bernard, we...we...would never have met..." she said sobbing again, "and...and...Katherine and Philip would never have been born..."

    Thaddeus held her close and felt the tears run down her face. What a horrible twist of fate on an otherwise happy day.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    When Reginald arrived at the Fletcher Farm, he ran into the house. The messenger with the note about Parson Bernard's death had already delivered the missive, and William was comforting Francesca on the bed.


    Reginald: "Father, mother...I need your help. It's Colette...."

    Ian: "Reginald...what has happened? Please tell us that Colette is fine..."

    Reginald shook his head, "No...she's not...she was fine after baby Joan's birth...but when her uncle collapsed...she's...she's...oh father...all she wants to do is stay in her uncle's bed with the covers drawn up over her head. And she's crying...she hasn't stopped crying..."


    Gwendolyn: "My word! And where is the baby? You did not leave Colette and Baby Joan alone, did you son?"

    Reginald: " neighbor, Rahmi Watson is looking after them until I get back...but baby Joan...oh she is a good baby...but she is getting hungry...and...and Colette does not seem able to nurse her...and I'm not sure what to do..."

    Gwendolyn: "If Colette is not feeding the must, son...don't worry Reginald, everything will be fine. I will bring some extra bottles of cow's milk and sterilize some bottles...and we will feed baby Joan that way..."


    Reginald: "I am afraid to leave Colette alone with the baby...she is just not herself...and I am supposed to continue with my knight's training soon..."

    Ian spoke then, "Not to worry son, we will come and stay with you. Gwendolyn and I. We need to get Colette strong again, and your mother will look after baby Joan. Don't you worry, son, everything will be fine. I need to pack our bags and arrange for the hackney to come and get us...:"

    Reginald ran a hand through his hair, "Thank you father..."

    William had heard Reginald arrive and went in to see him. Reginald saw his brother and hugged him fiercely.

    Reginald: "William I am sorry to intrude on you at this time. How is Francesca? Is she alright?"

    William: "Yes, she will be fine. She is quite sad right now over the death of her uncle, and I have been comforting her. And...and we have a baby girl, Reginald...we named her Amelia..."

    Reginald: "Oh, William I am so happy for you....and Colette and I had a little girl, too. We named her Joan after Colette's mother..."

    William and Reginald went over to the cradle, and William carefully picked up Amelia and showed her to Reginald.


    William: "Amelia, this is your Uncle Reginald..." and baby Amelia seemed to look at Reginald and smile. It was a happy moment for the brothers.

    Ian called William over to have a chat.


    Ian: "William, I know this is rather sudden, but your mother and I have to move to the De Baskerville cottage. You may have heard Reginald say that Colette is not well and we need to be there for them."

    William: "How long will you be gone? The farm is so big, father, and Francesca just gave birth...and I'm not sure that I can..."


    Ian placed his hand over his sons, "William, I know what you are thinking, that you might not be able to handle this farm by yourself. But, William, you can. I have faith in you. And this farm will be yours one day, son, and you already do the farm chores...I know you will be fine. And your brother Thaddeus is right next, if you need help...he will be there for you..."

    Gwendolyn came in with some bottles and a small basket of cloths. She told Reginald to go on home, and they would be along shortly once the hackney got there. Francesca came out holding Amelia then and Gwendolyn went over to speak with her. William saw Francesca nod her head, and then Gwendolyn gave her a hug.


    Gwendolyn: "William, Francesca understands why we must go. Colette was always the one who was closest to their uncle, and it seems, has taken Parson Bernard's death the hardest. Francesca wants Colette to get better and wants baby Joan to be alright. But Colette and Reginald need our help right now. You will be fine here, William. Take good care of Francesca...she is grieving, too...and take care of our grandchild, Amelia. I am so proud of you, son...and soon we will all get together again as a family. Remember, son, family is everything, and together we can conquer anything."

    And with that, they heard the hackney driver pull up, and they loaded their belongings into the carriage and were off. When they arrived at the De Baskerville cottage, they saw Colette standing outside alone. She was pale and thin, and, as Reginald had told them, had a glazed look in her eyes. Gwendolyn went over and gave her a hug and then went into the cottage with Reginald to tend to baby Joan. Ian went up to Colette and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

    Ian: "I know how you feel, Colette...I miss your uncle, too. But do not worry...Gwendolyn and I are here for you..."


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    "Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never seem to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee." Quote from "For Whom The Bell Tolls", Ernest Hemingway, 1940.

    Death Rolls:

    Using a D20 roller, if you get these numbers, then that sim dies. I closed my eyes every time I rolled. It was tense.

    2,6,9,12,15,17,19 ADULT - This should have been done at the start of the challenge, but I chose to do it now. If Parson Bernard, Ian or Gwendolyn get any of these numbers, they die :(

    Pastor Bernard 12
    Ian Fletcher 3
    Gwendolyn Fletcher 11

    1 Birthing moms - If Francesca gets a 1, she dies :(

    Francesca 11

    1,5,7,10,15,20 - Babies - If Amelia gets any of these numbers, she dies :(

    Amelia 4

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    And so, unfortunately, Parson Bernard does not survive. I am happy that I didn't roll this at the beginning, as Parson Bernard was the one who wanted the marriage contract for his nieces. I should have let him meet his other great-nieces and his great-nephew before he was "done in", but that didn't happen. Colette was hit the hardest with the very sad moodlet. Not sure if this is because Parson Bernard died on that lot; but she really did have a tough time. Francesca & Isabelle had sad moodlets as well. Two whole days of sadness! I picked Reginald to plead for Parson Bernard because he had the loyal trait, and I thought that perhaps that might help get him resurrected, but it didn't.

    Because I don't use mods, Parson Bernard was "slain by a vicious killer rabbit," which is an option you can choose - testingcheats on - Shift + Click the sim, you get a "Kill" option, and this is the choice. I believe it comes with the Cottage Living pack. His cause of death on the spreadsheets is listed as sudden death, as in medieval times, they didn't know what a heart attack was.
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    Oh no! The title had me so worried lol. I'm glad Francesca and Amelia survived, but poor Parson Bernard. And poor Colette. :'(

    Edit: I did laugh at the horse crying though I didn't know they did that.
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @Belalucina - I am just playing the heir's house, or William's house. However, in the last chapter, since Parson Bernard passed at the de Baskerville cottage, I played that house just for the death scenes. So, no, not playing in rotation.

    When it is time to age anyone up, I will go to that house and do it. For pregnancies, you are supposed to wait one day after birth before attempting pregnancy again. In this case, it might be two days because they are all sad and have no interest in woohoo. This choice is actually greyed out. i also have neighborhood stories on, so sometimes you get a pop-up asking if they should have a baby, and the answer will be yes.

    And I didn't know about the horses crying either, and when I saw it, I was like, Oh the poor horse is even crying.
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    Oh no, poor Parson Bernard... But it seems you got lucky this time overall.
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina


    The next morning, Francesca woke up feeling sad. Before Gwendolyn had left yesterday, Gwendolyn had told her that it was alright to feel sad and remember the ones that we loved and had lost, but that you must not lose yourself in the sadness. Gwendolyn told her that when her own parents had passed that she had felt very sad and alone, but she had continued on because Ian, and her sons, who were very young at the time, depended on her. Francesca took a deep breath, and realized that is what she must to do, too. She could not let the sadness engulf her like it had her sister, Colette. Her sister who had been so strong and cared for all of them when their mother had passed, and who could now barely function because she was so grief-stricken. Francesca had a caring husband who loved her, and a new baby, Amelia, who depended on her. And even though she was sad about her Uncle Bernard's passing, she must carry on.


    At breakfast, William and Francesca talked about the farm chores, and William told Francesca that if she was not feeling up to it, that William would handle them all himself. Francesca immediately dismissed that notion, and told William that she was very capable of milking Eda and looking after the chickens, and that William should tend his garden to ensure they continued to have food on the table.

    Francesca: "Plus, it is a lovely day outside, and perhaps we could move Amelia's cradle outside and I could tend to her while I work..."

    William smiled at her and thought how fortunate he was to have someone like Francesca.


    And so, William tended his garden while Francesca tended to the animals. She gave Eda, the cow, an extra hug and spoke to her about her new daughter and how Eda would meet her soon. When she fed the chickens, she talked about her Uncle Bernard and how, when he was tutoring them, would give them logic problems to solve, and her favorite one was "which came first, the chicken or the egg", which none of them were able to solve properly and always had a good laugh about it. Talking to the animals and remembering Uncle Bernard made Francesca feel better. Francesca went over to chat with William.

    Francesca: "William, do you think you might look after Amelia for a bit? Since I am not pregnant, I was thinking of going for a ride on Buttercup..."


    William smiled at her and said that was a wonderful idea, and so, Francesca headed off and saddled up Buttercup and went for a ride. As she left, William got a note from a messenger that he had successfully sold one of his knife blocks, that he had placed on display at one of the market stalls in Finchwick.


    (Note: All items made/found will be sold either on Plopsy, the yard sale table, or by selling their harvestables at the market stall in Finchwick. They will not be selling directly to their inventory.)

    Later in the morning, William received another note from a messenger that there would be a burial service for Parson Bernard later that day, at The Old Stone Church in Finchwick.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    When they arrived at The Old Stone Church, Parson Thomas Bennett met them at the entrance. He had been a friend of Parson Bernard de Baskerville when they had attended monastic school together. It had been some time, though, that he had seen his old friend, and even with the passage of time, he recognized Parson Bernard's nieces.

    They all went into the church, and Parson Thomas said a few words about his dear friend and the strength of families.


    Then they all headed outside to the gravesite, and Parson Thomas spoke more words.


    Parson Thomas: ",,,My dear friend, Bernard is in the heavens now. He may be gone in body, but he will always be in our hearts. He will be watching over each of you until it is time for you to meet each other again..."


    Colette, Isabelle and Francesca placed flowers beside the gravestone. Colette also gave Isabelle and Francesca each a photo of their uncle that she had found in some of his books. It was then time for them to say a final goodbye to their uncle.


    Ian came over to them, and told them all it was time to go. Before he left he thanked Parson Thomas for his kind words.


    Reginald held onto Colette tightly as they walked towards the waiting carriage. Ian and Gwendolyn were going to visit with Thaddeus and Isabelle and meet their new grandchildren, and would return to the De Baskerville cottage after dinner. Baby Joan was being cared for by Rahmi Watson at the Watson Farm, and Gwendolyn felt that it would be good for Reginald and Colette to have some time alone together.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    When Colette and Reginald returned home, Reginald prepared them some tea and they sat in front of the fire. Reginald placed a cup in front of Colette and wished that there was something he could do to help her be happier.

    Colette sipped her tea and looked at her husband, " you still want to be with me? To be married to me?"


    Reginald was surprised by her question, "Colette, why would you say something like that? You are the only one I want to be with..."

    Colette: "It's just that I haven't been a very good wife or mother...'

    Reginald: "That's nonsense. Colette, your uncle passed, and you were the one who was closest to him, so his passing hit you the hardest. But, know this, Colette, I will never leave you. No matter how long it takes for you to feel like yourself again, I will wait. I will be patient...and that is why my parents are here to help..."


    Colette: "Yes, your mother has been wonderful to baby Joan and me. I have learned so much from her. I really like her being here..."

    Reginald: "Yes, I can see that she is a great comfort to you. And, Colette, she so enjoys being here with you, too. In fact, my mother and father were wondering if they could stay on here, even when you were feeling yourself again. That is...that is, if you want them too..."

    Colette: "Oh really, Reginald? Well, if it's alright with you, I would like that very much..."

    Reginald softly caressed her cheek, and was filled with such desire for her, but quickly tried to squelch the feeling. He knew that she was not ready to be with him yet and, instead, tenderly kissed her on the cheek.


    Colette: "Oh Reginald, I am lucky to have someone like you..." she said looking into his eyes, and suddenly Colette realized that she had much to live for.


    Reginald held her in his arms, and then kissed her softly on the lips.

    Colette: "I know...I know it's been awhile...but...I heard that our favorite bush is free tonight..."

    Reginald raised his eyebrows and looked at her: "Oh? Really?"

    Colette just nodded her head and then took his hand in hers and led him to the bush outside.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Over at the Fletcher Farm, it seemed that William and Francesca had the same idea!



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    And after Ian and Gwendolyn left for the night, Thaddeus kissed Isabelle tenderly and since the twins were know...



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    The Old Stone Church credit:


    A bit of a reno to the De Baskerville Cottage:

    Parson Bernard's old sleeping shelter is now where Ian and Gwendolyn sleep. I switched out the single bed for a double bed and widened the shelter a bit.


    A horse shelter was built near the house for Lexington.

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    Very nice service for Uncle Bernard. I'm glad Francesca got to do some riding! And it looks like we'll be seeing some more babies soon!
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @flauschtrud - I am glad I don't have to do the "death rolls" for the side households because I don't know if I would have been so lucky. So, yes, poor Parson Bernard is the first to go.

    @Belalucina - Yes, I am going to try to remember to have Francesca ride her horse when she is not preggers during the one day grace period between giving birth and trying for a baby. I had originally placed Parson Bernard's gravestone on their lot, but then saw that nice build on the gallery and decided to place it there. The lot is on is rather small, so might move the church to a larger lot and then do a family cemetery at the side of the church. Not sure right now. The Stone Church lot is placed in Newcrest. It is actually a wedding venue, but I changed it to generic.
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    @SoulGal7 are you just making lots medieval as you go along, as you need them? I started trying to Medieval-ize all of Henford-on-Bagley and just that was taking me forever. :p I wanted to do Windenburg as well. I downloaded a castle and made a royal family... But I think I'm thinking too much about it and not starting the actual gameplay. :D
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @Belalucina - What I did was work on Henford-on-Bagley first, and used Snarkywitch's plan to change some of the lots. I only downloaded a few medieval builds, the ones where the brothers are living, changed the rental lot to Ye Olde Playground lot. Moved the McMillan household in with a fresh start, and just created an extra sleeping area for them & changed all the fixtures to off-the-grid. The old McMillan household, I downloaded a build from the library. For the Isle of Volpe, I downloaded the Knight's stronghold, which is where the King and Queen live, and some knights. I had to build a small horse shelter for their horses. For the Gnome's Arms Pub, I changed all the fixtures to off-the-grid and added a chess table, and a dart board. I had to make a small room in the basement to hold the small tv, one of the requirements for a bar .For the Scott house, I actually moved them to another lot and downloaded a medieval build for them to live in. For the Watson Farm, I left in-tact, except removing electronic devices, and changing all the lights to off-the-grid. Then I had to go in and change any women's clothing where they were wearing pants to dresses or skirts. This all took awhile, only because I was picky about what lots I wanted to use for the brothers. lol

    There are two lots in Newcrest, my over-flow lots, which is The Stone Church and a lounge called The Wild Fox Tavern & Inn (both from the gallery). I think, because I am not using any cc, that it might have been easier for me. I felt that some of the builds in Henford-on-Bagley looked good as they were, and just needed to be off-the-grid.

    I will be using Windenburg a bit later, because they have cousins there (I had mentioned that Ian's father had moved there to be near his brother), so, yes, they have relatives in Windenburg.) That will be a huge undertaking, as a lot of the lots will have to be changed, and then going into all the households to change their clothes. I had thought of putting the war camp that they have to go to on the Crumblin' Isle, but I haven't searched for that build on the gallery as yet.

    I actually saw a save file that was a collaboration of a lot of simmers, and they re-did all the worlds to medieval worlds. I believe the save file was coordinated by divanthesimmer. There are mods and cc in the save file, so I didn't download it to look at it. Here is the link if you want to look at it. There are pics of the different builds in the different worlds. Looks very cool.
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    @SoulGal7 okay, that sounds about like what I am doing. I'm almost done with Henford-on-Bagley, but changing all their clothes is annoying.

    I did see that save file. It doesn't use mods I don't think, but it does use a lot of packs that I don't have.
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina

    1301 - INFANTS - SUNDAY - WEEK 2 - DAY 8

    And the babies had grown so big, and it was time for them to age-up to Infants.

    Reginald & Colette's daughter. Joan Fletcher as an Infant in CAS. She rolled the Sunny trait.



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Thaddeus & Isabelle's twins. Katherine Fletcher as an Infant in CAS. She rolled the Cautious trait.


    Philip Fletcher as an Infant in CAS. He rolled the Calm trait.



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    And now the death roll for Amelia to see if she ages up to Infant.

    Death Rolls:

    Using a D20 roller.

    12, 16, 18 Infant

    Amelia 20

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    And she makes it! William and Francesca's daughter. Amelia Fletcher as an Infant in CAS. She rolled the Sensitive trait.



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    I didn't want to post the age-up in the last chapter, as that was dedicated to Parson Bernard. The next age-up will be in 5 days when the Infants age-up to Toddlers. Before then we should know who is expecting and have some more births!
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    @SoulGal7 Yay, a happy update with no deaths! Lol. They are all very cute.
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
  • flauschtrudflauschtrud Posts: 242 Member
    @SoulGal7 Aww, the "Feeling Resilient" moodlet is cute, I've never seen that before.
    I make gameplay mods! You can find them at CurseForge.
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina

    Just after I thought I understood the death rolls and the side households, I actually watched Morbid's Let's Play, who is the creator of this challenge, and she started off with 3 daughters, and a mother and father. As soon as she played, she rolled for the mother and father, and the mother died. I understood those rules, but decided to wait on that roll. Then the three sisters all get married, one is the heiress (her husband is deemed the heir) and lives in the main house. Now, when they all get preggers, she does the death roll for the main household and the side households, too. So, I guess I have been doing this challenge wrong, as I did read that you could just leave the side households and let them live their life. So confusing. So, I guess, I will have to roll for the side households, too.

    Now, the thing is, I had, indeed rolled for everyone at first and wrote down the stats. At this point, everyone survived. So, I guess, going forward, I will also roll for the side families, which makes it even more tense. This would make sense, though, as the side households are involved with the family and come over all the time.

    So, here were the original rolls when all the babies were born, and when they aged-up to Infant.

    1 Birthing moms - If Colette, Isabelle or Francesca get a 1, they die :(

    Colette 11
    Isabelle 6
    Francesca 11

    5,7,10,15,20 - Babies - If any of the babies get these numbers, they die :{

    Joan) 3
    Katherine) 13
    Philip) 12
    Amelia 4

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    And Baby to Infant Age-up:

    12, 16, 18 Infant - If any of the babies get these numbers, they die :{

    Joan 15
    Katherine 11
    Philip 9
    Amelia 20

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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    @SoulGal7 oh wow, well I'm glad nothing has changed then. It will be more intense rolling for the side households too, though I'm sure you could play it however you want.

    I think I'm going to make Thomas two sisters who are already married for my side households. I'm going to play as if their parents already died and Thomas has inherited the family farm. It's a very small farm; they were pretty poor so Thomas will have a lot of work to do. And of course will have to find a bride, which means my challenge may be a bit delayed when it comes to babies but oh well. I'm pretty much done with Henford-on-Bagley so I think I'll start soon.
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @Belalucina - I like the idea that Thomas will have 2 sisters already married and the farm is rather run-down and he is poor. That's why I like to start rags to riches, makes it more challenging. But I did drop their funds down to $2,500 for the dowry when he got married, but, I guess, they still had the chicken coops and cow barn, so maybe I should have gotten rid of those at the start, too. Oh well, just going to just carry on.
  • BelalucinaBelalucina Posts: 843 Member
    @SoulGal7 I think your start is perfect! I used all of Thomas's starting funds to make his farm, buy some seeds, and one hen chick. He has $3 simoleons left lol.
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina

    1302 - MORE NEWS! - MONDAY - THURSDAY - WEEK 2 - DAYS 9 - 12

    Life on the Fletcher Farm continued, although it seemed to rain every day. Regardless of the weather, there were chores to do.

    William tended his garden, with the help of his bunny friend, Thumper...


    ,,,fixed broken items around the farm...


    ...and even took up a bit of floral arranging.



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Francesca looked after the the cow shed and the chicken coop. And, that egg that Gwendolyn had incubated in the chicken coop hatched! And there was suddenly a chick running around the yard.


    Francesca immediately named it Cluckers. It was so cute.

    She also looked after the beebox, and bonded with the bees.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    And, of course, they got the bills. Thankfully, they had the funds to pay them.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Their daughter, Amelia, was growing up so fast, and they tried to spend as much time with her as they could.


    Some days were better than others. Oh my! Look at that face!


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    And then, one night, Francesca had some news for William.

    Francesca: "William...I'm expecting..."


    William: "That night? In the bush? Oh gosh...oh Francesca, I'm so happy..."


    And, of course, William kisses her. So, it looks like their little family will be expanding shortly.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    William's brothers dropped by and William introduced Amelia to her Uncle Thaddeus.


    William's brothers love Amelia so much and often go over and tend to her autonomously.



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    William's father, Ian, also came for a visit, and while he was there, William showed him the huge pumpkin that he had grown in the garden.


    And Francesca announced that she was expecting another nooboo. Ian was quite excited with that news. And Reginald always seems to be around when Francesca is announcing her baby news! lol


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    With Francesca expecting again, she couldn't ride Buttercup. Francesca had told William that she had wanted to enter Buttercup in a horse competition, but couldn't train him. So, William decided to start training Buttercup for her. He set up a barrel course and took time everyday to get Buttercup familiar with that course. After a few days, William understood why Francesca enjoyed riding so much, and started to look forward to his training time with Buttercup.



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Over at the Thatcher Farm, life with the twins was hectic.


    Isabelle did her chores on the farm...


    ...and sometimes tending her sheep had her thinking about counting sheep and she would doze off... (lol...I thought this was a cute animation with the sheep circling around her head).


    But even though Isabelle insisted that she could look after Katherine and Philip herself, Thaddeus never missed an opportunity to snuggle with his precious children.



    And...Isabelle had some news of her own. Oh yes, she is expecting again, and Thaddeus couldn't be happier.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Reginald came to ask Thaddeus about making a sword for him. Thaddeus held out a sword and asked Reginald if this was the type he wanted.

    Reginald felt the weight of the sword and grasped it in his hands. Thaddeus thought that perhaps a little demonstration of his sword making was in order, and grabbed another sword from his table.

    Thaddeus: "En garde!"


    Reginald took a stance, and Thaddeus brought his sword down hard on Reginald's. After a good test of the sword's strength, Thaddeus assured Reginald that any swords that he made were durable, and not like some poorly forged swords that he had seen in Finchwick.



    Reginald patted his brother on the back, and told him that he knew that Thaddeus' work was exceptional, and that Reginald, in fact, needed two swords...just in case Thaddeus ever wanted to practice some sword fighting with him.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    When Reginald arrived back at the De Baskerville cottage, it was time to put his sweet angel, Joan, to bed. A routine that he enjoyed so much. Perhaps it was because Colette had been so sad when Joan had first been born, because of her uncle's passing, and had not been able to care for Joan, but somehow Reginald had formed a very special bond with his daughter. His feelings towards Joan were very strong, and anytime she cried or fussed, he was the first one to go over to her. Yes, he was a very doting father.


    Of course, Reginald was also a very caring husband, and not a day went by that he wasn't thankful that he had found his beautiful love, Colette. With his parents living with them now, she had just blossomed and was so happy. He looked forward to coming home each day to be with her and wrap his loving arms around her and kissing her sweet lips. He would never tire of doing that. And tonight, Colette shared some special news with him that she was expecting.


    Reginald was overjoyed, and Colette said that she was going to tell Ian and Gwendolyn the news. Oh they would be so thrilled!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Outside, Gwendolyn came over to Ian and gave him an autonomous kiss on the cheek. Ever since their sons' wedding, Ian had been rather loving towards her. In fact, one night, she felt like she was on her honeymoon again...which is why she had to speak to Ian now.

    Gwendoyn: "Ian...remember at our sons' wedding when you had told me that I looked even more beautiful than on our wedding day, and then afterwards, when we got know..."

    Ian smiled at her remembering.


    Gwendolyn cleared her throat: "Well, I'm glad you're sitting down for this because...well, Ian, I'm expecting!"

    Ian was in shock, but quickly recovered and told her how happy he was.


    He then went over and gave Gwendolyn a back massage, just like all those years' ago when she had been pregnant with their sons. He was just getting used to the idea of having another son or daughter, when Colette came over and burst out with the news that she was going to have a baby.


    And then the shock really hit Ian, "My wife and my daughter-in-law are expecting at the same time! Oh, I have to sit down..."

    And maybe Lexington heard all the baby news, and was surprised, too, but reacted in a rather different way. Oh Lexington! You didn't! And, let's just say that Lexington will not be allowed in the house anymore...


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Yes, all three sisters are pregnant, and so is Gwendolyn. Reading ahead on the challenge rules, there are quite a few death rolls almost every year, so I decided that Gwendolyn and Ian should try for another baby. When I first did a check on the three households, only Francesca, Isabelle and Colette's pregnancy moodlet showed up. I figured that Gwendolyn didn't get pregnant. But when I did another round of checks awhile later, I saw the moodlet for Gwendolyn.
  • BelalucinaBelalucina Posts: 843 Member
    @SoulGal7 so many babies! Congrats! Did you get a mod for the swordfighting?
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @Belalucina - Yep, the babies are coming...thank goodness for that spreadsheet. And, the sword fighting is from the Get Famous pack. Those are stage markings for sword fighting. I thought it would be cool to try it. Unlocked it with the bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement cheat code.


    @flauschtrud - I thought that the "resilient" moodlet fit that story so well, since Colette had been really sad about her uncle's death and then realized that she needed to live her fullest life for her husband and child.
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    @SoulGal7 and here I thought I needed a mod for that. :D I didn't know you could do that. Very cool!
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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