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    The whole of 1300's is 4 days? Or one year is 4 days?
    EDIT: nvmd, I think I misunderstood you. You have in your intro post that one year is 4 sim days so just ignore that lol.

    Either way rags to riches would be a bit extreme.

    Anyway I like the story you have going with the brothers and it is good to have the side families like you said. Fun to see another engagement. Can't wait to see what happens next. :)

    I really do want to do the challenge, so I may start it up at some point.
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    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    That's very cute that he built she ship :)
    I make gameplay mods! You can find them at CurseForge.
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina

    A bit long, but the last of the dates


    After Reginald had left last night to see Colette, William had dispatched the messenger with a note to Francesca to ask her on a chaperoned date today. Everything was set and his date would be this afternoon. William had thought long and hard on where to take her and finally decided that they would go to The Wild Fox Tavern & Inn, where a travelling troubadour was performing.

    When William arrived, he entered the tavern and immediately saw Francesca seated at a table. There was a woman sitting with her, who he figured was their chaperone. He went up to them and introduced himself, and found out that their chaperone was actually the matchmaker, Agatha Crumplebottom.


    Agatha: "Ah, young William. I had the pleasure of meeting Thaddeus this morning on his date. For twins, you look so different. And I understand from your father, that you will be heir to the Fletcher Farm?"

    William: "Yes, my eldest brother, Reginald, is in Knight training, and my twin brother, Thaddeus wants to open his own blacksmith shop. They are not really as interested in the farm as I am. And that is why I was chosen to be the heir."


    Agatha: "Well, it sounds like your father has made a sound choice. And it always makes life easier when you have someone to help you with those farm chores and to look after those farm animals. Life is such a breeze when you are working with someone who enjoys the things you do," she said looking pointedly at Francesca, "Oh...but I have spoken too much and will let you get on with your date. The Innkeeper and I will be sitting at that table yonder discussing some new needlework patterns that I acquired. Enjoy your time together."

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    After Agatha had gone off in search of The Innkeeper, William smiled at Francesca. "Thank you for meeting me Francesca. I was rather torn on where to bring you on our date, but heard that a travelling troubadour will be performing here this afternoon and I knew you liked music."

    Francesca: "Oh! That sounds wonderful! I play the vielle (violin), and I am always interested in hearing new music. And sister Colette taught Isabelle and I "The Carole"...and I so long to do that again. Do you know of that dance, William?"


    William nodded: "Yes, my mother taught us that dance. My parents and my brothers and I usually attend the Spring Easter Festival in town and there is much merriment with dancing and singing. I believe there is one planned for this year. Perhaps...perhaps you might be attending?"

    Francesca: "Oh, yes, the Spring Easter Festival. It sounds rather wonderful, but my sisters and I usually accompany my uncle to church. It is a very important holiday for him."

    William: "Ah...that is probably why I have never seen you there. Because I would have certainly remembered you if I had seen you..."

    Francesca looked at him: "You would have?"


    William: "Why yes! I would have heard your laughter and been drawn to you. And we most certainly would have danced "The Carole" together...and perhaps if we had met then, we would have become friends..."

    Francesca: "Friends? Oh I like that William, but there is nothing preventing us from becoming friends there?"

    And with that, Francesca and William became BFFs.


    William smiled openly at Francesca, and then pulled something from his pocket, "Oh, I almost forgot, I brought you a gift. I saw it at the market stall, and I thought you might like it..." he said as he gave her a rose.


    Francesca accepted the gift and inhaled the fragrance: "Oh, William, it is so beautiful. This must have cost a lot because this flower is not in season right now..."

    William shrugged, "Well, I had some simoleons saved, and I wanted to give you a gift on our date today. I know it is not as great a gift as you gave me yesterday, but it looked pretty, and I thought of you..."

    Francesca: "Oh? You really liked my gift? You didn't think it was silly? Because both of your brothers didn't think much of it, and your brother Reginald was going to use it in his slingshot..."


    William: " brothers are so serious, they really can't appreciate a fine fossil like I can. You know, I have that fossil by my bedside, and all last night I kept looking at it. And when I did, it reminded me of you..." he said as he looked at her sitting there, "...and that fossil holds a special place in my heart..."

    Francesca blushed suddenly, "Oh, William...that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me..."

    William: "Well, it's true. I mean I just went to the market and bought you something, but you actually had to find your gifts. I just wish I could grow such beautiful roses in my garden, but every year when I try, the bugs eat them up and I am left with a few straggly petals on a stick..."

    Francesca: "Oh, yes those pesky bugs in the garden. Have you tried talking to the birds?"

    William: "Talking to the birds? What do you mean?"

    Francesca looked at him and suddenly bit her lip: "Oh William, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything...perhaps...perhaps we should talk of something else..."


    William looked puzzled: "Francesca...whatever for? If the birds can help in my garden, I need to know..."

    Francesca: "If I tell you, you may think I am silly, and...then not want to be my friend anymore..."

    William: "Francesca, aren't friends supposed to be able to tell each other everything? So, no matter what you tell me, I won't find you silly...And for the sake of my roses, I really need to know about the birds..." he chuckled.


    Francesca laughed, "Alright, I'll tell you a secret. If you talk to the birds and befriend them, they will help you with your garden. My uncle is always chastising me for talking to the birds and the wild rabbits...but I have a reason to. You see, if you become friends with a flock of birds, they will come to your garden and eat all the bugs, and then you don't have to spray your plants..."

    William: "Well, that makes perfect sense to me, because birds like to eat bugs. But...but how do you befriend the birds? Do you just talk to them?"


    Francesca shook her head, "Oh no, you have to give them gifts...and all the flocks like different gifts...the flock of birds I have befriended live in an old tree hollow right behind our house, and they like flowers...they love any type of flowers. So it's easy for me to give them gifts, because I just pick wild flowers in The Bramblewood and they just love them..."

    William looked at her amazed, "Francesca, you are so smart! You know, I did see some birds flying around a tree hollow near our house. Maybe I will have to try that with them...."


    Francesca: "Oh, but you better be careful, because if the flock of birds doesn't like you, you will get pooped on..." she laughed.

    William laughed, too, "Ewww....well, I guess those birds are picky about who they have as friends. Maybe I should just let you handle befriending the birds and I will tend to the roses?"

    Francesca smiled at him and looked longingly into his eyes: "I'd like that..."


    William suggested they go to the bar and order some drinks. While they were sitting there, William gazed at Francesca while she was speaking and was completed enthralled with her. He had never known anyone like her. And she was so, more than cute...she was beautiful...and when he heard her laugh, it just made him feel happy inside. And William realized that he was having feelings for Francesca, maybe already had feelings for her when he had stared at that fossil and had thought some thoughts that were more than friendly thoughts. He understood now how Thaddeus had felt last night about Isabelle and how Thaddeus had been ready to fight anyone who dared to try to be with Isabelle. It is how William was feeling now about Francesca.


    William: "Francesca, I have a confession to make. Last night when I looked at that fossil, I thought of you...only...I wasn't just thinking about you in a friendly way. I was thinking how nice it would be if you would have been there, and I could have held you in my arms and held you close to me, and stroked your, I confess I have feelings for you, Francesca. And today, just talking to you, they have become stronger..."


    Francesca: "William, I confess that I have feelings for you, too. I couldn't stop thinking about you all night. No one has ever taken what I say seriously. My sisters and uncle think I am childish...because I want to have fun and go exploring to find new things. And you just seem to "get" me."

    William: "Yes, Francesca...I understand how you feel. I love the outdoors, and even though I am committed to the farm, I love to go fishing. And, if the castle ruins were not so far from the farm, I would love to explore those everyday. To imagine what it must have been like to live there..."


    Francesca: "Really William? I go to the castle ruins a lot...and to make stories in my head about dragons and giant sloths who came to destroy the Kingdom..."

    William: "Oh Francesca...where have you been all my life? I feel we have a connection...:"

    Francesca: "I feel it, too, William..."


    William: "And it seems like I have known you longer than just a day...and I...oh Francesca, I know this is sudden, but I wanted to you think I would make a good husband? I work hard on the farm and would be a good provider...and I have dreams...Francesca...dreams of maybe winning a prize at the Finchwick Fair. You know...maybe for the best roses..." he said looking fondly at her, "...and I am not hot-tempered like my brother, Thaddeus is, and would always listen to someone's thoughts and ideas. And I am not like my brother Reginald, who sometimes has no sense of humor. I think I am pretty easy to get along with, although my mother says I like to eat...a lot...but I don't least I don't think I do. And I will be inheriting the farm, and it has lots of room. But right now, there isn't much...just our cow, and her name is Eda...and she likes it when you stroke her ear..."

    Francesca interrupted: "You named your cow? Oh have no idea how happy that makes me..."

    William: "Um...that we have a cow?"

    Francesca just smiled at him, "No...that you named her..."


    William looked at her, "Well, I didn't think that was so unusual...but what I was trying to say was...oh, Francesca...I feel I can be myself with you, and I think you are the most unique and wonderful sim that I have ever known. You're so full of life...I just feel like I want to hold your hand and run in a field together, and hear your laughter as we run. And then fall down in the grass and gaze up at the clouds...and maybe...maybe I would even kiss you. So, do you think that I...that I would be a good husband...for...for you?"

    Francesca: "Oh William, I...think you would be a wonderful husband. Are you...are you asking me to be your wife?"


    William: "Yes...I was trying to...I want you to be with me each and everyday...because then I will be able to kiss you....I mean, if you'll have me..."

    Francesca: "William, I want to be with you, too. But I don't think we have to wait until we are wed to kiss each other..."

    William: "We don't?"

    Francesca: "No...we don't. Show me you want to be with me, William, and kiss me here...kiss me now..."

    William looked around: "In front of all these sims? There will be talk...and the matchmaker will chastise us. And this will bind us together. Is this what you want?"

    Francesca grinned: "Oh yes, yes I do. And I heard that kissing can be fun...and I think it would be rather fun with you..."


    William: "I confess I have wanted to kiss feel your lips on smell your scent as I hold you close..." he paused for a moment and felt a heat build up inside of him, "...I have a deep desire for you, I will, I will bestow a kiss upon you here and now and make you mine..."


    Francesca suddenly felt her cheeks grow hot hearing his words. William looked into her eyes, and pulled her towards him, and pressed his lips on hers. He kissed her, and her lips were soft and sweet under his...and he felt Francesca kiss him back. And in that moment, he wanted more and he knew that Francesca was the only one he ever wanted to kiss.


    They parted and Francesca's face seemed flushed as she looked into William's eyes. And as William fumbled in his pocket for the token of affection he had for her, an elderly lady came over and started shouting at him.

    Agnes Crumplebottom: "You horrible, horrible sim! How dare you take advantage of this maiden?" she said as she smacked him with her purse. SMACK!


    William tried to shield himself from the blows, but it was no use, "Wait! I...I was...I was asking her to..."LOUD SMACK!

    Agnes: "Where is your father? Don't worry dear, I will make him right this wrong he did to you..." DOUBLE WHAMMY SMACK!

    Francesca looked on, and couldn't help laughing at the situation before her.


    Agnes continued: ""How dare you! Have you no sense of decency? We have standards in this town you know! And when I talk to your father...he will have the minister come within the hour..."

    William: "Stop! You don't understand...I was asking her to marry me..." SMACK!

    Agnes: "To marry her? Oh...well, it's a good thing, because I would have ensured that you did just that...Imagine! Public displays of affection at The Wild Fox! So inappropriate. There should be a sign posted! I will speak to the Innkeeper about this..." she said as she straightened her clothing and strode off in a huff.

    William rubbed his head, and Francesca came over trying to contain her laughter.

    William: "So, um, do you still think kissing is fun?"

    Francesca: "Oh, it most certainly is...and I just knew it would be fun with you! I can barely wait for what will happen next. Are you willing to endure another purse attack to be with me?"


    William: "Indeed..." he said winking, and got down on one knee, "My dearest Francesca...will you be mine? Because I have never wanted anyone as much as I want you. I am pledging myself to you now, in front of all these sims...and I will do my best to make you happy, and to make you laugh everyday...and be the friend and the husband that you want me to be...:because I know I will endure anything to be with you for all time..."

    Francesca smiled and accepted his token of affection and then they kissed again.

    And then Francesca jumped into his arms and he looked surprised.

    William: "What...what are you doing?"


    Francesca: "Swing me around and around, William so that we will be dizzy with joy...and we will remember this day for the rest of our lives..."

    William looked lovingly at her, "Oh Francesca, I will not soon forget this day..." he said laughing and happily swung Francesca around in his arms.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Agatha had seen her sister Agnes enter The Wild Fox, and just as she was witnessing William and Francesca share their first kiss and thinking that she had secured another marriage contract, her sister, Agnes, had gone over and started pummeling William with her purse. Oh goodness! What was she to do? She then saw Agnes striding towards her.

    Agatha: "Agnes, why did you hit poor William with your purse? I was chaperoning their date, and he was about to propose to Francesca and now he might have changed his mind..."


    Agnes: "Well, I thought he was being inappropriate...and I was protecting the girl's virtue..."

    Agatha pointed: "Well, you have nothing to fear...there he is...down on one knee...I guess even your purse pummeling didn't deter him from being with the one he loved..."

    Agnes looked towards William and Francesca: "Well they do look happy together..."

    Agatha: "Yes, I believe they are. Afterall, it's Spring, and love is in the air..." she said as she smiled to herself.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    The Medieval dance. "The Carole", seems to have been an early form of dance popular amongst all (both royalty and peasants).. Some have suggested that it may have been a couple dance. However, it has been generally agreed that it was a social group dance and that people took hands when performing it. Notably, it was a circular dance." (Wiki)

    I couldn't believe what happened to William right after he had his first kiss with Francesca. Agnes Crumplebottom smacking him with her purse just as he was going to propose. As I said, sometimes the game gives you gifts, and I thought this was hilarious. lol

    Tavern and Inn Build Credit. I placed this lot in Newcrest and named it The Wild Fox Tavern & Inn.

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    That's hilarious about the purse smacking, lol! And Francesca did look amused! Though who wouldn't be. William and Francesca are cute together!
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina


    After William's date with Francesca, he bid her good day, and headed home. He was anxious to share the news of his engagement with his parents, who he knew would be very pleased. Who would have thought that when his father had first told him about the De Baskerville nieces, that one of them would soon be his wife. And not just a wife, but a sim who he cared deeply about and had a special connection with. As he hurried home, he wondered how his brothers Reginald and Thaddeus had fared.

    It was late when he finally arrived home, and his parents were sitting by the fire.

    William: "Father...mother...I have some news to tell you..."


    And just as he was about to tell them, Thaddeus came rushing through the door.

    Thaddeus: "Oh father! I have some wondrous news for you!"


    And following, just minutes behind him, Reginald came in through the door.

    Reginald: "Oh good, I am glad everyone is here as I have an announcement to make. Today, I pledged myself to Colette and she has agreed to become my wife with Parson Bernard's blessing."


    Thaddeus: "Congratulations, Reginald! And, on my date with Isabelle today, I, too...have pledged myself to Isabelle and she has agreed to marry me."

    William: "Thaddeus...congratulations...I knew she was the one for you. And I, too, have found that special someone, and have asked Francesca to be my wife and she said yes!

    Ian clapped his hands together, and Gwendolyn immediately went to hug Thaddeus. There was much excitement and congratulations were heard from everyone.


    Ian and Gwendolyn stood there beaming at their sons, and Reginald, Thaddeus and William slapped each other's backs and congratulated each other on becoming engaged.


    Ian cleared his throat, "I could not tell you how proud I am of you all...and your mother and I were just bursting with excitement the whole day. You see, we already knew, but did not want to ruin the surprise that you were going to tell us. This morning, Parson Bernard sent me a note and then this afternoon I received a note from Agatha Crumplebottom after Thaddeus' date, and just a few minutes ago, we received another missive from her after William's date. Three marriage contracts from the same family in one day! We are so overjoyed."

    All of the Thatcher sons were smiling and Ian told them all to sit down.

    Ian: "Now, my sons, your mother and I have talked, and tomorrow we will be meeting with Parson Bernard and the matchmaker to go over the wedding plans. We all feel that tomorrow is too soon to have the wedding, as there is so much to prepare, and so, the following day will be your wedding day."


    Reginald: "Father, so soon? Parson Bernard had asked me to build him a sleeping shelter at the De Baskerville cottage, and I do not feel that will give me enough time to do that..."

    Ian: "Reginald, yes, about that...I have already contacted some of the neighbors, and we are heading over there tomorrow to build the sleeping cottage. I was hoping, of course, that you will join us..."

    Reginald: "Yes, it would be my pleasure..."

    Thaddeus: "'re moving to the de Baskerville cottage? I thought you were moving to the Thatcher Farm next door?"

    Reginald: "Thaddeus, when I was speaking with Parson Bernard about the living arrangements, I had made mention that I felt the Thatcher Farm would be better suited for you. I mean, you are over there almost everyday to work in the blacksmith shop. So, I felt it would be the perfect place for you to live. And Colette did not wish her uncle to be left alone, so, yes, I will be moving to the De Baskerville cottage."

    Ian nodded his head, "And I certainly agree with that decision. So, yes, Thaddeus, the Thatcher Farm will become yours..."


    Thaddeus just stared at them, "I cannot thank you enough. You have no idea what this means to me. My own blacksmith is something I have always dreamed of. But, father, not to speak ill of the Thatcher Farm, but it hasn't been lived in for a long time, and if I am to bring Isabelle there after the wedding, it might not be suitable..."


    Ian: "Rest assured that your mother has already thought of that, and she and some of the other peasant's wives will be heading there tomorrow to thoroughly clean the house and ensure everything is in order. Now, as I haven't inspected the out buildings for awhile, I would need you to accompany them in case there are any repairs to be made...quite possibly in the outhouse area..."

    Thaddeus: "Of course, father. Most of my tools are already there, and it will give me a chance to really look over the farm. Oh father...Reginald...I can't thank you enough..."

    William: "So, father, since I will be living here, and everything here is in relative can I help?"


    Ian: "Well, my son, you have a most important job. You are to accompany Colette to Finchwick to help her select the wedding cakes and florals. There are other items that she needs to purchase, and, she has asked, specifically if you would accompany her. I will provide you with simoleons for this task, and Agatha Crumplebottom, the matchmaker, has kindly offered to store these items at her house, since she is close to the Handfasting Area..."


    William shook his head, "Oh father...not to speak ill of Colette, but...well, she talks in riddles. I wouldn't know if she liked something or not. I really think that Reginald should go in my place..."


    Gwendolyn: "Actually, William, I may have had a hand in this. I did mention to her how you liked to garden, and were especially adept at arranging flowers in a pleasing manner. I remember all those floral bunches that you used to bring in from the garden and place in a vase on the table. You have a natural ability, William, and you would be choosing the florals for all the brides. And Colette can't go to Finchwick unchaperoned. You will soon be her brother-in-law, and this will give you an opportunity to get to know her better, and perhaps even ask her things about Francesca that you don't know...:"

    William smiled, "I never thought of that..."

    Reginald: "William...go...she needs your help...and I trust you with my future bride..."

    Thaddeus: "So, if William is going to town with Colette...will Isabelle be coming to the Thatcher Farm?"

    Gwendolyn shook her head, "No, it will actually be Francesca, and Isabelle will be staying at the De Baskerville Cottage. So, each of you, my sons, will be able to ask your betrothed's other sisters more about your bride-to-be..."

    Ian cleared his throat: "Speaking of which, it would be remiss of my duties as a father if I did not talk to you about your wedding night."


    William: "Our wedding night?"

    Ian: "Yes...or actually, what should transpire on your wedding consummate your marriage..."


    Reginald groaned: "Father, you are not going to give us the woohoo talk, are you? Because I have already heard what happens from the knights at the Knights' Stronghold. So I am well-versed in what my responsibilities as a husband will be..."

    Ian looked at Thaddeus.

    Thaddeus: "Don't look at me, father...Reginald already told me. I've got that area covered..."


    William: "Me, too, father...Reginald, Thaddeus and I talked about that a long time ago..."


    Ian: "Well then...I just wanted you all to be prepared, and if you should have any questions, I am here for you. As I am not sure what those knights told you Reginald, I would hope that they conveyed to you that you must always respect your bride...and that...well, your bride might be shy or, go slowly my sons, and show your bride that you truly care about her. You must remember that Parson Bernard has been looking after his nieces, and so they might not know of what occurs between a husband and wife. Be patient and kind my sons, and your marriage will be truly blessed."


    Gwendolyn smiled and came over and gave her husband a kiss on the cheek, "Very wise words, Ian. Now, let's all get to bed as tomorrow will be a very busy day!"


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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    Lol, the woohoo talk :D
    Can't wait to see the weddings :)
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina


    The next morning, after eating breakfast, Ian and Reginald headed off to the De Baskerville cottage to construct the sleeping shelter for Parson Bernard. They were meeting some of the neighbors and taking a wagon up to the cottage. Once they were done with the construction, Reginald would be heading to the Knights' Stronghold to arrange for carriage service for the De Baskerville's and the Fletchers for tomorrow's wedding. Gwendolyn and Thaddeus headed off next. Their travel was not as far, as the Thatcher Farm was just next door, but Gwendolyn did have some items that she needed to bring, and so, they loaded up the hand cart and soon Gwendolyn and Thaddeus were on their way.


    William headed outside and it was raining. Perhaps it had been a good idea to have the wedding tomorrow, and he hoped the weather would be better. He started walking towards Finchwick, where he would be meeting Colette. Even after the reassurances of his mother and brother, Reginald, he was not looking forward to choosing items with her for the wedding.

    By the time William reached Finchwick, it had stopped raining, and he saw Colette over by a floral cart admiring some flowers. After exchanging pleasantries and congratulating each other on their engagements, it was time to choose the florals for the bouquets.


    Colette: "I cannot go into detail about the dresses, but it is spring, and perhaps the bouquets should reflect that..."

    William nodded his head and noticed the prices of the bouquets ranged from $85 simoleons to $130 simoleons. Once they decided on the florals, he would haggle with the street seller to see if he could get a better price.

    Colette: "What about those? They look pretty..." she said pointing to some chrysanthemums.

    William: "Oh don't want to use those in a wedding bouquet. That flower is called a chrysanthemum, and is normally used for funerals. Definitely don't want a flower symbolizing death in a wedding bouquet..."


    Colette looked shocked, "Oh my! I didn't realize that flowers had symbolic meanings. I am so glad that you came with me, or I would have made a fatal mistake..."

    William smiled at the compliment and was actually thankful now that she had invited him to come.


    William picked up a bouquet and showed it to Colette, "What about this one? It has a lot of colors in it, and it looks spring-like to me. The flowers are daisies, and the daisy symbolizes purity, innocence, new beginnings, joy and cheerfulness. It would be a good choice for a wedding bouquet. Afterall, we will all be starting a new beginning tomorrow..."

    Colette looked at the bouquet, but wasn't happy with it, "It does look spring-like...and I see that there are three of the same bouquets. But I was hoping...well, I was hoping that each of us could have our own special bouquet..."


    William nodded, and looked at some other bouquets. He picked one up and held it out to Colette, "If not daisies, then I would go with my personal favorite, roses. There are several bouquets that have roses in them, but each is a bit different, and the roses are a different color. And these roses are superb. I had bought one here the other day and gave it as a gift to Francesca."

    Colette: "So, roses are a good flower to have in a wedding bouquet?"


    William smiled and held up another one, "Oh yes. The rose symbolizes love and passion. A most fitting flower for a wedding bouquet. Don't you think?"

    Colette: "Oh yes! I think they are beautiful, and they smell...they smell so lovely..."


    After looking over the bouquets, Colette and William decided on a red rose bouquet for Colette, a white rose bouquet for Francesca, and a mixed blush rose bouquet for Isabelle. As William paid the flower seller, he thought that things weren't going as badly as he had thought they would.


    As they walked towards the bakery, William turned to Colette, "So, um, Colette, I have been thinking of getting Francesca a wedding gift, but I am just not sure what I should get her. Is there anything that she has been wanting that you know of?"

    Colette: "Oh that is an easy one. I am surprised she didn't talk to you about it on your date. She certainly had mentioned it to Reginald when they were first introduced..."

    William frowned: "Oh? Reginald knows what she would like? Maybe she told me on our date, and I just forgot..."

    Colette laughed, "No...I don't think you'd forget. But maybe the topic didn't come up on your date. It's probably because Reginald rides that she spoke to him of it..."

    William still looked puzzled.


    Colette smiled: "Ever since Francesca was young, she's wanted a horse...and has never stopped bugging Uncle Bernard about getting her a horse. Even had a name all picked out...Buttercup. A rather silly name for a horse if you ask me. But alas, horses are expensive, and Uncle Bernard could never afford one. But she still has dreams, I guess..."

    William stood there thinking, "A horse...Francesca wants a horse. Hadn't Reginald just told him the other day that some knights had found some stray drought horses and were going to sell them at auction soon. Perhaps he would be able to go and buy Francesca a horse. He had some simoleons saved up, and if they weren't too expensive, he might be able to afford one. It would be the perfect gift!"

    William smiled then and realized that his day with Colette was going better than he had thought.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Reginald had been working hard all morning and was just putting the finishing touches on another board. Reginald and Ian had coordinated the construction, and also the moving of furniture from the house to the shelter, and to a barn storage area. It was hard work, and after the shelter had been constructed, the neighbors had bid good day and left.


    Ian and Parson Bernard were inspecting the shelter. It had been a run-down storage shed, and was now a solidly constructed sleeping shed. Parson Bernard could not get over how wonderful it looked.


    Isabelle had been busy inside, scrubbing floors, washing the linens, and re-arranging some of the furniture with the help of the neighbors. She had just finished baking some cheese rolls when Ian and her uncle came inside.


    Parson Bernard: "Isabelle, the sleeping shelter is finished! Oh, and I see that you have been busy in here, too. I have never seen the house so spotless. Your sister, Colette, and Reginald will truly appreciate all the effort you did today. Good job, my dear."

    Isabelle: "It was my pleasure. And I know that Colette has many tasks that she is undertaking today...choosing the florals...the cakes...and purchasing other items for tomorrow. She is probably busier than I am. And Francesca probably has more work than me to clean a house that hasn't been lived in for awhile..."


    Parson Bernard: "My dear child, how could I be so lucky to have three such wonderful, hard-working nieces? And I am so happy that you will be marrying into the Fletcher family. Ian and I have both said that we can't thank the matchmaker enough for matching our two families."

    Isabelle set out the cheese rolls and everyone helped themselves. After they ate, Parson Bernard asked Ian if he could help him bring some firewood close to the house. Ian smiled and was happy to help, which left Isabelle and Reginald alone.


    Reginald looked around the house, "Isabelle, everything looks really good. And don't you brother Thaddeus will ensure that everything is working at the Thatcher Farm. And my mother was bringing over some new linens..."

    Isabelle: "I know everything will be in order, but I understand from your father that you were supposed to inherit the Thatcher Farm?"

    Reginald: "Yes, but I felt that it was better suited for Thaddeus. He will have his own blacksmith shop...the one thing he always wanted. Plus, Colette wanted to be here with your uncle, and as I will be busy in knight training, I felt it was better if I lived here..."

    Isabelle: "Thank you, Reginald...having his own blacksmith shop really means a lot to Thaddeus. But, it's a good thing that you will be living here, because Colette really loves this kitchen. That's one thing that Colette is really good at. Cooking. So, I know that you will be well fed..."


    Reginald laughed, "And from the taste of these rolls, my brother Thaddeus will be well-fed, too..."

    Isabelle gushed.

    Reginald: "Isabelle. I wanted to ask if you knew if there was anything that Colette would like...I mean...well, I wanted to get her a wedding gift, but was not certain what she wanted..."

    Isabelle looked around, "If I tell you, promise you won't tell my uncle I told you..."

    Reginald: "Your secret is safe with me..."


    Isabelle: "Well, Colette had some recipes from our mother that called for nectar, but Uncle Bernard would never allow any of us to purchase any. There was one dish in particular that she was clambering to make. I believe it was called coq au vin. It was roasted poultry served with carrots, onion, mushrooms and cabbage, with thyme and rosemary sprinkled over top. But the dish was cooked in red nectar, so she was never able to make it..."

    Reginald: "It sounds heavenly. And a recipe of your mother's...that would be quite special. So, do you think if I secured a few bottles of nectar for her that she would be happy?"


    Isabelle: "Oh yes! And then she would make the dish for you, I am sure."

    Reginald sat there thinking, "So...Colette wanted nectar for a special dish. They were nearly finished their time here, and then he had to head to the Knights' Stronghold to arrange the carriages for tomorrow. Perhaps one of the knights would know where he could purchase a few bottles of nectar. If not there, then he would head to Finchwick and talk to the barkeep at the Gnome's Arms Pub. He was feeling good about this, and he knew that if he could get a few bottles, that it would make Colette so very happy..."

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Thaddeus was hard at work in the blacksmith shop. He hadn't realized how many repairs the Thatcher Farm had needed, but, for now, at least the main house was ready. He still had a lot of fence to repair if they were going to keep any chickens from wandering off. But that would have to wait until he was living there. It was still hard for him to believe that this would actually be his home, and that tomorrow he would be getting married to an incredible sim, who he had been thinking about all day.


    His mother, Francesca and the neighborhood ladies had wasted no time in washing the floors and scrubbing all the surfaces of the house. Some of the ladies had gone out to the garden and around the house, removing most of the weeds. His assistance was needed from time to time when his mother had called him to carry some furniture to the barn. But mostly, they left him to his work, ensuring that the outer buildings were in order, inspecting the chimney and chopping some wood for the fireplace.


    Thaddeus was just finishing off repairing one of the barn boards, when he heard his mother call him into the house. The neighborhood ladies had already left awhile ago, and his mother and Francesca were doing some last minute touches in the house. When Thaddeus entered, he thought he had entered a different house.

    As they sat down to eat, they chatted.

    Thaddeus: "I can't believe what a change the house has undergone! I was a bit worried with all the cobwebs and that mouse hole we found, but it looks so homey..."

    Francesca laughed, "You mean the mouse hole that I found? And I was just trying to get the little fellow out, if he was in there, when that lady...Mrs. Turner...came over brandishing her broom and swatting at the hole. I thought she was going to swat me! Anyway, if there was a mouse in there, it probably ran off and won't be coming back anytime soon..."


    Gwendolyn: "Oh yes, Mable Turner can be a formidable woman with a broom!"

    Thaddeus: "Well, I found the hole on the outside of the house and patched that up. So, no more unwelcome visitors will be coming in..."


    Gwendolyn gathered the dishes and left Thaddeus and Francesca alone to talk.

    Francesca: "I brought some of Isabelle's needlework items from the house and placed them in the corner. Isabelle had an area in our house that she placed all her needlework, so I thought I would do the same here."

    Thaddeus nodded, "It looks quite nice, Francesca...thank you. Needlework is very important to Isabelle,"

    Isabelle: "Oh, I know...that and collecting herbs. But I really think that she has focused more on needlework, especially since Colette told her our mother was skilled at it..."

    Thaddeus: "Yes, she did tell me that. Francesca, I was wondering if you knew of anything that Isabelle had mentioned that she needed or wanted. I was thinking of getting her a wedding gift, and just wasn't sure of the right gift..."


    Francesca: "Oh, that's an easy one. Since she joined the Weaver's Guild, all she has talked about is the giant loom they use. She had seen smaller ones, and has said how wonderful it would be to have one to weave new cloth, and even to make clothes."

    Thaddeus shook his head, "So, she would like a loom? I wouldn't even know where to begin to look for one..."

    Francesca: "Oh, well maybe Mabel Turner can help you. She is in charge of the Weaver's Guild you know..."


    Thaddeus: "She is? fortunate. Thank you, Francesca, I will go right after we finish here and speak with her..."

    And Thaddeus sat there thinking of how surprised Francesca would be when she opens her gift. But first, he has to get it for her, and he certainly hoped that Mabel Turner could help him.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    After a long, hard day, Thaddeus and Reginald went their separate ways. When Ian and Gwendolyn arrived home, William was not back yet either. They sat in front of the fire together and held hands.


    Ian: "It seems like just yesterday that we ourselves were getting wed. I still remember how beautiful you looked...and you had those flowers in your hair..."

    Gwendolyn: "Yes, was my cousin's idea...and that night..."

    Ian: "...oh, yes, I was so nervous...I just wanted everything to be perfect..."

    Gwendolyn: "...and then just as we were heading to the bedroom, the chickens somehow came in through the door, and they were clucking and squawking and feathers were flying everywhere..."

    Ian: "...and after we managed to get them out, we had a good laugh..."

    Gwendolyn: "...and then you kissed me..."

    Ian: "...and I wasn't nervous anymore...and everything just worked out..."

    Gwendolyn: "Yes it did," she said and kissed him, "Yes, it did...and it will work out just fine for our sons, too..."


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    William and Colette headed to Tartosa to choose the wedding bouquets and cakes. I had never actually bought bouquets in the game before, and was so happy that William could actually hold a bouquet. It did look like he was looking at various bouquets before buying them.
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    Great update! :) Looks like everything will be ready for the weddings.
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina


    The next morning was bright and sunny, and everyone was up early. After having some breakfast and cleaning up the kitchen area, Gwendolyn and Ian retreated to their sleeping shelter and got dressed. Reginald, Thaddeus and William then donned their wedding attire and were ready to go.


    When Gwendolyn and Ian came back inside, Ian told them all how proud he was of them, and Gwendolyn told them how handsome they all looked. They chatted quietly and promised each other that they would never lose touch and would visit each other often. Soon, the carriage arrived and Ian helped Gwendolyn in the carriage first, followed by each of his sons. It was time. They were off to the Handfasting Ceremony area, which was in Finchwick.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Meanwhile, at the De Baskerville cottage, Colette, Isabelle and Francesca were helping each other get ready. Colette could not believe how well the floral bouquets matched the wedding dresses, and Francesca and Isabelle had both loved the choice. Parson Bernard had come in from the sleeping shelter and saw them all standing there in their wedding attire and couldn't help but tell them all how lovely they looked. He just wished that his sister had survived to see this day. But he knew that she would be in all their thoughts. The coachman had knocked at the door, and Parson Bernard told everyone it was time to go. Isabelle and Francesca took a last look around the house that had been their home for so long, and then said a silent good-bye. Parson Bernard took each niece by the arm and helped her into the carriage.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    It seemed as if everyone arrived at once. After helping each of his nieces from the carriage, Parson Bernard waved at Gwendolyn and Ian.


    Agatha Crumplebottom had arrived as well. Ian had told everyone that some of the neighbors would be dropping by during the reception.


    And as soon as William saw Francesca, he gave her an autonomous kiss on the cheek. Oh my gosh! Kissing even before the ceremony has started!


    Oh look! Some woodland creatures have joined the festivities. Is it good luck to see a bunny on your wedding day?

    After greeting the guests, everyone was asked to be seated and the Handfasting Ceremony was about to begin. William and Francesca were the first ones to be wed and apparently Agatha Crumplebottom was too excited to sit down.


    And the ceremony began...


    It was an emotional ceremony, and Agatha was crying through most of it. And William's parents were crying, too.


    Colette was overcome with emotion as well and started crying when she heard William promise himself to Francesca, Parson Bernard, on the other hand, clapped his hands in joy seeing this beautiful union between Francesca and William.


    And the ribbons of white, red and blue are entwined between William's and Francesca's hands


    "May your hands be forever clasped in friendship, And your hearts joined forever in love..."

    The ceremony was over, and William swoops Francesca into his arms for a very passionate kiss. Oh my!


    Congratulations William and Francesca, you are now husband and wife.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Reginald and Colette were next. And before the Handfasting ceremony started, Reginald lovingly caressed Colette's cheek.


    Reginald whispers his vows to her...

    “I, Reginald, hereby take thee, Colette, to be my wife, and thereto plight thee my troth...”


    Agatha couldn't help but smile at the tenderness of Reginald's words.


    And Reginald and Colette's hands are joined by the ribbons of white, red and blue, in the handfasting ceremony.


    "These are the hands that will passionately love you and cherish you through the years, for a lifetime of happiness..."

    The ceremony was over, and Reginald held Colette close, and tenderly gave her a kiss.


    Congratulations Reginald and Colette, you are now husband and wife.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    And lastly, it was Thaddeus and Isabelle's turn. And when Thaddeus saw Isabelle standing there, he could not resist giving her a kiss on the cheek before the ceremony started.


    And Isabelle was suddenly overcome with a bout of shyness.


    But when Thaddeus took her hands in his and gave her his vow to love her forever...


    ...she felt tears roll down her face...she loved Thaddeus so much...


    And then Thaddeus and Isabelle's hands were joined by ribbons of white, red and blue in the handfasting ceremony.

    "These are the hands that will give you support and encourage you to chase your dreams. Together, everything you wish for can be realized..."


    The ceremony was over and Thaddeus held Isabelle close, feeling her heart beating fast against him. And then he kissed her, and he knew that she would be his forevermore.


    Congratulations Thaddeus and Isabelle, you are now husband and wife.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    After the three ceremonies were done, Agatha Crumblebottom was smiling. Her matchmaking had been a success and the Fletcher family and the De Baskerville family had been joined together. It was truly a special day. The reception was about to start and Agatha certainly wouldn't want to miss that!


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    "Before 1840, when Queen Victoria wore an influential white dress for her wedding ceremony, it was quite usual for a bride to wear red, pink, blue, brown, or even black, while saying her vows." (Wiki) In choosing the wedding dresses for the De Baskerville sisters, I chose the white one for Colette, which is actually the Star Wars dress, because it was the closest dress to looking like a medieval dress; for Isabelle, I chose a saree dress, because I liked the veil on it, but for some reason, it changed her hair to red; and for Francesca, this was her default formalwear, and I just added the veil-hair to the outfit.

    I had set-up the wedding ceremony the day before so that it would show on the calendar. It was actually William and Francesca's wedding ceremony, and I just had Reginald and Thaddeus click on the wedding arch and get married afterwards.

    It was so cute to see the bunny right before William and Francesca wed. Interestingly enough, here is what it says if you see a rabbit cross your path. "The rabbit symbolizes fertility, luck, and creativity. Rabbits also symbolize compassion and intuition. The rabbit is a popular symbol in many cultures around the world. Often associated with springtime and new beginnings, these happy critters are a reminder that life is full of possibility."

    In a handfasting ceremony, ribbons are tied around the hands of the woman and the man. Each ribbon has a different color. "For a three-cord handfasting colored cords are often braided: White for purity, blue for fidelity, and red for passion. You may choose to use other colors; for example, green for fertility and growth, purple for spiritual strength, and gold for wisdom."

    Build credit. Used with modifications. Designated the lot as a lounge, so they would have a free bartender. A microphone is needed for this lot designation, and it is in the lower level in an inaccessible room.

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    Very lovely 👏 I'm impressed your ceremony went so well.
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina


    With the Handfasting Ceremonies over, it was time to cut the cakes. Thaddeus and Isabelle's cake was set up, so they went first. It was a beautiful cake decorated with yellow icing roses and topped with a wedding topper of two hearts entwined. William and Colette had made a wonderful choice.


    Taking Isabelle's hand in his, together they cut the cake...


    ...and then fed each other a slice...


    They headed over to a table and Isabelle nearly drops her piece...but all is well and she sits down and enjoys the cake.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Ian and Gwendolyn sit together and eat a slice of cake. It is such a happy day for everyone. Their sons are now married to three lovely young women.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Some of the neighbors show up and it was now time for William and Francesca to cut their cake. And soon, they are feeding each other a piece.


    Oh my! Everyone was so hungry that their wedding cake is nearly gone. But it was a beautiful cake with blue icing roses, topped as well with two hearts entwined.


    Francesca takes a moment to sit and talk with Agatha and Gwendolyn.


    Thaddeus, Reginald, William, Colette, Isabelle and Ian sit down together enjoying the cake and chatting. Apparently, Parson Bernard prefers to sit on the ground and eat his cake.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    More neighbors arrive and it's time to cut Reginald and Colette's cake. A beautiful cake decorated with pink icing roses. Okay, who took the wedding topper?


    And Reginald and Colette share a piece together. Oh yum! It has strawberry jam layers.


    And Thaddeus takes the next piece of cake. The guy must be hungry! And Parson Bernard is still sitting on the ground. I think he is just sitting there to be near the cake.


    It was getting dark, and Francesca spies a tree hollow with a flock of birds. She goes over to talk to them, and, in the distance, William is watching her smiling.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Ian heads to the barkeep and orders a round of strawberry nectar for everyone. Oh my gosh! Everyone gets the flirty mood, as if they weren't already flirty enough!



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    After enjoying a glass of sweet nectar, it was time for the first dance, and all the newly married couples take to the floor to do "The Carole" together.




    Oh gosh, and Thaddeus suddenly dips Isabelle. Who knew he could dance so well?


    Not to be outdone by Thaddeus, William twirls Francesca around.


    The music suddenly changes, and Reginald leads the next dance. What type of dance is this? Some dance that Reginald learned at the Knights' Stronghold?


    Even though they were uncertain of the steps, they looked good.


    Off behind the dancefloor, Ian and Gwendolyn were dancing together.

    Ian: "Gwendolyn, you know how I said you looked so beautiful on our wedding day? Well, you look even more beautiful now..."

    Gwendolyn blushed: "Oh Ian, you're such a charmer..."


    When the dancing was over, the guests threw rice at the married couples. The carriage was waiting, and the newlyweds waved goodbye to everyone and left for home. Ian, Gwendolyn and Parson Bernard were staying a bit longer to chat with the guests and would take the second carriage home together.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    William and Francesca were dropped off first. They stood there for a moment in the darkness and then William took Francesca's hands in his.


    William: "It has grown a bit chilly. Did you want to go inside and sit by the fire and talk? We could talk all night if you want..."

    They suddenly heard a loud moo.

    Francesca: "Oh, is that Eda? Could we go and see her? I want to introduce myself as the new Mrs. William Fletcher..."

    William: "You want to go and see our cow now? On our wedding night?"

    Francesca: "Of course! Unless...unless you think that's strange..."


    William: "Oh's fine. In fact, I will introduce you to her...."

    They ran towards the barn and William tried to call Eda out, "I guess she's sleeping. We might have better luck in the morning..."


    Francesca: "Could we maybe just peak in on her?"

    William smiled, "Of course, but first I need to give my wife a kiss...part of my duties as your husband, you know..."

    Francesca batted her eyes at him, "And what other duties do you have as my husband?" she asked giggling.

    William: "Well, come with me and you'll find out!" he said and pulled her into the barn with him.


    And let's just say that things heated up in that cowshed! Woot!


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Thaddeus and Isabelle were dropped off next.

    Thaddeus kissed her and when they broke apart, Isabelle gazed into his eyes.

    Thaddeus: "Our new home, Isabelle. In the morning, I will show you everything..."

    Isabelle smiled, "And I will finally be able to see your workshop..."


    Thaddeus: "Yes, yes you will... You know, Isabelle, when we first met and you asked me to show my workshop to you. I could have. It is an easy walk here from the Fletcher Farm...but I...well, I didn't trust myself to be alone with you. I felt...I felt something might happen if we went there alone..."

    Isabelle: "Really? Like what?"

    Thaddeus: "That I might have kissed you. And that would not have been honorable of me. I don't know how it was possible to have such feelings for someone in such a short time, but I did, Isabelle...I did. And I have even stronger feelings now..."

    Isabelle: "I know it was wrong to think the way I did, but maybe I wanted to be alone with you, and maybe I wanted you to kiss me..."

    Thaddeus: "You did?"

    Isabelle: "Yes, I did...and all last night I was having "thoughts" of what would happen tonight..."


    Thaddeus: "Oh not worry...if you're nervous...nothing has to happen tonight if you don't want it to..."

    Isabelle lowered her eyes, "But that's the thing...I want to be with's's just...I'm not sure of what to do..."


    Thaddeus: "My dear, Isabelle, come here",: he said as he embraced her, "...we will take it slow...and I've only heard of what happens...I haven't."

    Isabelle: "You haven't either? Oh Thaddeus, that makes me feel so much better..."

    Thaddeus smiled at her, "We shall discover everything together then..."

    Isabelle: "Yes...we it's our wedding night..."

    Thaddeus gazed at her and suddenly kissed her passionately, and when they parted they looked at each other, and no other words were needed. They held hands and walked to the house together...and when they entered, Thaddeus kissed her again.


    And this time, Isabelle took his hand in hers and led him into the bedroom.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Reginald and Colette were the last ones to be dropped off before the carriage headed back to the Knights' Stronghold.

    Reginald: "My darling Colette, how beautiful you look in the moonlight. I feel I am the luckiest man to be with you here tonight..."


    Colette: "Oh Thaddeus, you are so handsome...and such a gentleman. I wanted to tell you that when I ran from you that night at the Ancient Ruins, I was just scared...scared of how I was feeling for you, because I had never felt that way about anyone before..."

    Reginald: "I know...I felt it when we kissed. And in that moment, I knew you were the one I was destined to be with..."

    Colette: "Yes...I know now that you were always my destiny..."

    Reginald: "And I will be the husband that you want me to be. And tonight...I will be the most caring, loving husband to you..."

    Colette smiled: "I know you will be, and I trust you, Reginald...I gave you my heart...and I...I want to start a family with you..."


    Reginald: "And I want to start a family with you, too, Colette. So, let us not waste a moment more, and let us "be" together..."

    Colette nodded and Reginald kissed her...and the heat of his kiss was almost too much for her to bear. And they somehow stumbled forward clinging to each other and ended up in front of a bush.


    And, can only guess what happened next....


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Since this lot was a lounge, several townies showed up autonomously...aka, the neighbors. lol

    There were wedding toppers for all the cakes that were entwined hearts. However, the animation to "cut the cake" could only be done with the first cake, which happened to be Thaddeus & Isabelle's cake. I also could not put the wedding toppers on the other cakes, so that is why Reginald & Colette's cake had no wedding topper. When William and Francesca were standing by their cake ready to share a piece, a guest came over and grabbed a piece of cake, and then suddenly the hordes came, surrounded the cake. and boom, had taken most of the cake. It just happened so fast, and so that is why there is no screenie of William and Francesca standing in front of their cake.

    Thaddeus & Isabelle had the most wild "moves" during their slow dance, where William only twirled Francesca and Reginald didn't do any of this, but just held Colette to him. Maybe it's because Thaddeus has the party animal trait that he had all those dance moves, but Isabelle seemed to enjoy it. The dance that Reginald leads is the "wedding group dance", which seemed rather funny with all the confused expressions on everyone's faces.

    All woohoo was "try for baby" as per the rules.

    You can't do woohoo in a cowshed if the cow is in there. Eda, the cow, doesn't exist yet, and will be purchased tomorrow, so, the cowshed was, in fact, empty.
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    Yay, now I can't wait to see the babies! Lol.
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @Belalucina - Yes, I'm always worried about what will happen at sims' weddings. lol But what I did was once they arrived, I turned autonomy off because after William autonomously kissed her, the first thing that Francesca wanted to do was run to the bar and order a drink! lol The only one who didn't sit for the ceremony was Agatha, and I didn't do walk up or down the aisle because that never seems to work for me. Before each ceremony started, I turned autonomy on again, and that is when I got those sweet interactions before the actual ceremonies, between Reginald and Colette and Thaddeus and Isabelle. Then, once all the ceremonies were over, I put it on full autonomy again. I did notice that Jacques Villareal showed up as a random townie. At a birthday party I held at a club once, he just decided to get nekkid, and in another wedding I held, Geoffrey Landgraab decided to jog nekkid around the property. Why? lol So, yep, no weirdness at these ceremonies.

    I will be playing William and Francesca for the challenge, as he is the heir, but will go in and sneak a peak to see if either of her sisters are expecting. None of them will be taking a pregnancy test, so we will have to wait and see. Kind of nervous about that, since I will be having to do all those "death" rolls at that time. :(
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    The dancing looked really funny, haha.

    Are you using Neighborhood Stories too for the other households or "just" the challenge rolls?
    I make gameplay mods! You can find them at CurseForge.
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    @flauschtrud - Now that they are all in their proper houses, yes, neighborhood stories will be used, and I am sure those pop-ups will come up asking if they should try for a baby, and the answer will be "yes". It is only with Gen 2 that you have to roll to see how many pregnancy attempts the side households will have, as for Gen 1, the side households are not limited.
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    @SoulGal7 yes, hopefully nothing too sad happens.... it'll be okay :) I'm sure you will make a great story out of whatever happens.
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina


    The next day at the De Baskerville Cottage, Reginald was anxious to give Colette her wedding gift. He had actually procured 2 bottles of nectar from the barkeep at the Gnome's Arms Pub. One strawberry and one apple nectar. Both were not aged.


    Colette was so thrilled with her gift, that she autonomously gave Reginald a red rose. What a wonderful way to start the morning together.



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Thaddeus was up before Isabelle and was sitting at the table waiting for her. When she entered the room, Thaddeus got up and gave her a wedding gift. He had been fortunate to be able to obtain a small loom from Mable Turner. (The small decor loom does not fit in inventory, so Thaddeus made a flirty sculpture on his woodworking table and gifted that to her.)


    And when Isabelle opened the gift, her expression was worth it. She was so happy that she, in turn, autonomously gave Thaddeus a rose. Dang! Thaddeus is still in a flirty mood, even hours after the wedding.



    Note: I thought this was a cute moodlet that Thaddeus had, and I had never seen it before. From those wild dance moves he did with Isabelle!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    At the Fletcher Farm, William was up early waiting for a special delivery. After his shopping excursion with Colette, he had gone to the Knights' Stronghold, and purchased one of the rescue horses as a surprise wedding gift for Francesca. And it was supposed to arrive today. He paced back and forth looking up the road, but no hackney driver was in sight.


    He decided to head inside and was surprised to see that Francesca was awake.

    William smiled at her and said good morning and then handed her a gift box, "It's my wedding gift to you, my love..."


    When Francesca opened the gift, inside was a carved wooden horse. For a moment she just stared at it, thinking it was the most wonderful gift ever. Then she autonomously gave William a rose.


    William: "That's not all, Francesca, your real gift will be arriving sometime today..." he said and stopped in mid-sentence, hearing some whistles and horse whinnies coming from outside.

    He grabbed Francesca's hand, "Come on! It's here!", he said running outside with her. And there, in front of the house, was a horse.

    Francesca: "It's a horse! Whose horse is it? Is it yours? I didn't know the farm had a horse!"

    William looked at her and smiled, "Well, the farm didn't have a horse until now. It's your real wedding gift, Francesca. I bought it at the Knight's Stronghold. It's a rescue horse...a mare...and her name is Buttercup..."

    Francesca: "Buttercup? How is that possible?"

    William: "Your sister Colette told me you had always wanted a horse, and if you had one, you would have called her Buttercup..."


    Francesca: "Oh William!" is all she said before she threw her arms around William and kissed him.

    When they parted, William laughed, "I should get you these types of gifts more often if this is the thanks I will receive..."

    William explained that he also got her a saddle and there were some horse care items that the knights had given him...mainly a brush and a hoof pick to clean their hooves.

    Francesca started talking to the horse right away. She decided she wanted to go for a ride, and William helped her strap the saddle on. And she was up! Sitting proudly in the saddle.


    But then Buttercup decided that she didn't want Francesca on her. and bucked Francesca off.


    William rushed over, "Francesca, are you alright? Did you hurt yourself?"

    Francesca groaned, "Yeah, I'm fine. I will just have to talk to Buttercup and ask her if she could behave a bit when I try to mount her..."

    William nodded his head.


    Second attempt, and this time Buttercup behaved. Francesca told William that she would go on a short ride with Buttercup. William blew her a kiss and told her to be careful, and if she wasn't back by the time the sun was high in the sky, he would go searching for her.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    In the meantime, William's brothers and their new wives had been invited over. Gwendolyn and Ian had some wedding gifts for everyone. Gwendolyn had baked a wonderful loaf of milk bread and gave one each to Isabelle and Colette. She would give Francesca her gift later.


    And Ian had bought some oversize crop seeds at the market, which he gifted to Reginald, Thaddeus and William.


    They stayed for a while and chatted. Whoa! Look at that Thaddeus giving Isabelle an autonomous passionate kiss in front of everyone. These two are so in love.


    Francesca returned safely from her ride and brought Buttercup over to the horse shelter.

    William went over to speak with her, "Did you have a good ride, Francesca?" he asked and suddenly noticed how tired she looked.


    Francesca: "Yes...oh yes, was so much fun. I'm...I'm just a little tired. I mean we really didn't get much sleep last night..." she answered gazing into his eyes.

    William smiled sheepishly at her, "No...I guess we didn't did we? Well, rest assured you can sleep soundly tonight..."

    They went over to chat with everyone, and William then headed into the garden to plant some of the seeds he had purchased at the market. And look at nice of her to autonomously help him out.


    William then went to check on Buttercup and Colette came over to speak with him.

    Colette: "William...I understand from Francesca that you bought her a horse as a wedding gift?"


    William nodded his head.

    Colette: "You are good to her, William. She is lucky to have such a kind husband as you. I know you will keep her safe and not let anything happen to her. And...and I'm sorry I was so rude to you when we first met...and...I just wanted you to know that, yes, I did bake that bread..." she said as she excused herself and said that she and Reginald had to leave.

    William stood there staring after her thinking, "So! It was really Colette all along who made that bread...Reginald must have said something to her...anyway, now I know..."


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Some renovations were done. At the De Baskerville Cottage (Reginald & Colette), I had them purchase some chickens, (a hen and a rooster), and a cow. There was already a henhouse and cowshed on the lot. There were also 4 oversize garden plots, so they also bought some oversize seeds to plant. They both have a knitting basket in their personal inventory. I dropped their funds down to $24K simoleons, which are the starting funds for 3 sims. It doesn't really matter about what funds they have, but I just wanted to do that. The interior of their house looks very similar, but the 3 single beds have been removed (1 was moved to the sleeping shelter for Parson Bernard). The area where the nieces slept is now Reginald & Colette's bedroom; however that will change as the family grows. And Parson Bernard's sleeping area is separate from the main house.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Next, I went to the Thatcher Farm (Thaddeus & Isabelle) and had them purchase some chickens (hen & rooster), a cow and a mini sheep. Now, I know that mini sheep were not introduced until 1780, however, we are just going to pretend that it is a regular sheep. I also had them purchase one oversize garden plot and some oversize garden seeds and plant those, and also bought a packet of herb seeds and had them plant those, too. Both Thaddeus & Isabelle have knitting baskets in their personal inventory. For this lot, I built a blacksmith shop for Thaddeus. Their funds were dropped down to $22,000 simoleons.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    For the Fletcher Farm, the three single beds were removed in the main house. A small sleeping shelter was built for Ian and Gwendolyn. A barn was removed and a horse shelter put up. The funds were then dropped down to $2,500 simoleons. This is the amount of the dowry that Parson Bernard had to pay per niece to the Fletcher family. In the rules, when an heir marries, this is the amount they receive. I know the rules also state that when you start, your funds are 0 simoleons; however, I decided to go with the $2,500 simoleons to start. With these funds, they purchased a cow (Eda) for $400 simoleons, a hen and rooster, a rescue horse as a wedding gift to Francesca, and 4 oversize garden plots, and 4 oversize seeds. William will craft some planters. He also purchased 1 packet each of starter vegetables, starter flowers, starter herbs and starter fruits, and planted the ones for spring. I have the Off-the-Grid, Simple Living, Wild Grasses and Wild Foxes lot traits on. I have never played with the Simple Living lot trait, so we shall see how it goes.

    I find that Ian and Gwendolyn, who I am not playing, but who are living in the house, autonomously do cross-stitch, so that costs simoleons everytime they do that, and Ian is also drawn to the woodworking table. I am thinking that once all the babies are born, and the rolls are done, I will move them in with Thaddeus & Isabelle, or move them to their own place in town. Not sure what to do here as yet.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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    @SoulGal7 looks like a very nice start for them all. I love how you had them all do wedding gifts. Thaddeus' blacksmith shop looks great!
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @SoulGal7 Buttercup is a very cute horse! And the houses look nice too :)
    I make gameplay mods! You can find them at CurseForge.
    My first attempt at creating a Sims comic: The Parker-Goth Legacy.
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina

    1301 - EXCITING NEWS! - FRIDAY - DAY 6

    It was morning, and at the Thatcher Farm, Isabelle had something to tell Thaddeus. Ever since that first night when they had "been together", anytime they looked at each other, or kissed each other, they had ended up...well, let's just say that they couldn't keep their hands off of each other. Which is probably why Isabelle was feeling a bit sick this morning.


    She went inside the house and gave Thaddeus a kiss on the cheek, and saw him look at her expectantly. But she just smiled and said she had to tell him something, and then she saw the look of concern on his face.

    Isabelle took a deep breath, "Thaddeus, I'm pregnant...we're going to have a baby..."


    Thaddeus wasn't sure he had heard her right, but then saw her nod and pat her stomach.

    Thaddeus: "Isabelle! What wonderful news! I'm.,.I'm so happy!..."


    Thaddeus: "I guess this means that I better get started on crafting that crib..." he chuckled and then took her in his arms and kissed her.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    At the De Baskerville cottage, Reginald was sitting at the chess table playing chess when Colette came over. He got up and she placed a kiss on his cheek.


    Reginald: "My dear Colette, are you trying to soften me up so I will lose another game of chess to you? You know your mere presence drives me to distraction..."

    They sat down together and Colette smiled: "Well, that is a thought, but I actually came to tell you something, Reginald. I'm...I'm expecting...we're going to have a baby."


    Reginald let out a gasp, "What? Are you sure? did this happen? Oh...nevermind...I know...oh my gosh...our baby was conceived in a bush!"

    Colette was silent and was worried that Reginald was not happy about the news.

    But then Reginald smiled, "Colette...this means...this means that I am going to be a father. This is such wonderful news!"


    Colette: "Did you...did you want to feel our baby?"


    Reginald nodded and they stood up and Reginald gently placed his hands on Colette's stomach and looked up at her, "I can feel the change in you now, and I do not know how I did not notice before. This is truly a miracle...our baby..."

    Reginald tenderly stroked Colette's cheek, "You are my everything, my dear, and this makes me so happy. The start of our family...just like we both wanted..."


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    At the Fletcher Farm, the day started like any other day. William was up early tending his garden when his mother came over to talk to him.


    Gwendolyn: "William, I am concerned about Francesca. I saw her fall off that horse several times, and it concerns me son. If she should be with child, she might...she might...well, with a fall like that, she could lose the child. I have been "with" her, have you not son?"

    William: "Mother...Francesca assured me that she is fine. And, yes, we have been...well...we' have no worries in that respect mother, I have tended to my husbandly duties..."


    Gwendolyn: "And has she told you anything...spoken to you about something?"

    William looked at her, "About what, mother?"

    Gwendolyn: "That she might be expecting, son! I mean, she looks so tired all the time, and this morning, her face was almost green when she sat down for breakfast, and without so much as a word, she suddenly got up and dashed off to the outhouse..."

    William: "Mother, I am sure she is fine. And I do realize that she has been tired...and...well...I do know why...and as for her dashing off to the outhouse...perhaps it's just nerves...this is a big change for her from being with her sisters at the De Baskerville cottage...and perhaps it has caused a stomach ailment..."


    Gwendolyn: "If you say so, William, but if she is not better in a few days, perhaps you should take her to the apothecary to see what ails her. But in the meantime, I suggest she stay off of that horse..."

    William looked after his mother and looked over at Francesca who was doing some laundry. She did look tired. Perhaps their nightly time "together" was too much for her. But he had never forced himself on Francesca....and never would. It was always Francesca who had reached for him, and then know. But looking at Francesca now, maybe his mother was right, and perhaps he should speak to Francesca about going to the apothecary with him. His heart ached suddenly at the thought of anything happening to Francesca and decided to talk to her.


    His father came over then, "William, I need your help. There are some fence posts that need to be replaced, and we need to attend to that today. We don't want that bushy tailed fox to get in the henhouse..."

    William cast an eye over to Francesca and saw her walking towards their cow, Eda, "Yes, father...I will start to craft some new posts on the woodworking bench right away..."


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    It was past noon when they finished with the fence and headed in to eat lunch. Gwendolyn had put out some cheese and milk bread and everyone sat down and helped themselves. William noticed how Francesca just picked at her food and while she was cleaning up, yawned loudly.


    William came up behind her and embraced her, "Francesca, why don't you let me finish up. Maybe you should take a awhile...":


    But Francesca just shook her head, "Oh no...I'm fine...and I have to brush Buttercup...and it's such a beautiful day...I might go for a ride..."

    William nodded his head and finished cleaning up. But wait! Did she say she was going for a ride? Oh no...he had to talk to her now. What if his mother had been right?

    William rushed out of the kitchen and saw Francesca brushing Buttercup and talking quietly to her.


    William: "Francesca...maybe it's not a good idea to ride this afternoon...I mean, you'll be gone for hours...and it will be late...and I don't want anything to happen to you..."

    Francesca smiled at him, "Actually, I decided that I wouldn't go for a ride...because...well, I have something to tell you..."

    William held his breath.

    Francesca: "William, I am...we are...oh William, I am pregnant and we're going to have a baby together..."


    William's whole face lit up. His mother had been right! "Francesca! That is the most wonderful news that I have ever heard..."

    Francesca: "I suspected it...I haven't been feeling well. But, I wasn't sure until this morning when I got dressed. I'm beginning to show...and that's when I knew..."


    William looked at Francesca and suddenly he, too, noticed her swollen belly. And there were other seemed to be fitting more tightly. Francesca asked William if he wanted to feel the baby and William tenderly laid his hands on her. William could not explain the feelings that came over him when he did this, knowing that Francesca was carrying his child.


    William looked at her, "Francesca, you are even more beautiful now than when we first met. I am so happy my darling. We are going to start a family together. I love you so much..." he said and then kissed her.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    The rest of the day was a whirlwind as they continued to complete their chores. William had suggested to Francesca that now that she was expecting that she might want to forgo her daily rides on Buttercup. Francesca thought that was a good idea, too, for the safety of the baby. They had decided to wait and tell Gwendolyn and Ian tomorrow together, and it was hard for William to refrain from smiling all day.


    And when they got ready for bed, William took Francesca in his arms and she felt so soft and warm that he was suddenly overcome with such desire for her, but was concerned about the baby. Francesca assured him that everything would be fine and kissed him passionately. And just as he was lifting the bedsheets to climb into bed and "be" with her, a clip-clop sounded behind him. It was Buttercup! seemed they were going to have a chaperone tonight!


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    When a sim is expecting, they can't ride a horse.

    Even though I implied that they had woohoo more than once, they have, in fact, only "tried for baby" once on their wedding night.

    When you don't take the pregnancy test, within 24 hours, the moodlet just appears. No notice or anything. And so, all of the nieces are now expecting and will soon be in their 2nd trimester!
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    @Belalucina - Thanks for the kudos on the blacksmith shop. I really like it myself. I thought it would be cute if the Fletcher brothers gave gifts to their wives, and then they each got a rose back with a different note. Now that was special! :)

    @flauschtrud - I think the horses all look great in the Horse Pack. I am not sure how long they will keep it, though, because it does take up a house member space.
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    lol, I laughed at "our baby was conceived in a bush!" :D and those pesky horses. Lol, you'll have to lock the door for the horse. I hope they all survive the birth...goodness I just read over those rules again and it's intense. I really want to try it though.
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    I made a sim...Thomas Farvale. Now I just need to start. :# He is a teen.
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina


    The next day, William and Francesca were up early. Francesca was feeling ill and thought she felt some pains in her stomach. William suggested that she should take it easy today and perhaps do some needlework with his mother. Francesca agreed.


    Ian had gone to Finchwick to sell some produce, and they were waiting until he returned to share the pregnancy news with his parents.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    In the meantime, William headed to his garden, and saw a bunny hop by. He remembered what Francesca had told him about befriending animals, and so he started talking to it.


    Pretty soon, it was like he and the bunny were BFFs, and William decided to give the bunny, whom he named Thumper, a flower.



    Well, the bunny really liked that gift, and gave William a gift in return.


    And what was even better was that the bunny agreed to help in his garden. William smiled. He would never have known about this if not for his wonderful wife, Francesca.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Almost at the same time that Ian returned, there was a knock on the door. It was Reginald.


    And he had some news for everyone. He and Colette were expecting! Well, with that being said, William just spilled the beans to Reginald and told him that he and Francesca were expecting, too! Gwendolyn was sitting on a stool doing some cross-stitch when she heard the announcement.


    Francesca stood up then and asked Gwendolyn if she wanted to feel her grandchild.


    Everyone was so ecstatic and happy about the news that both Colette and Francesca were expecting! Reginald congratulated William and Francesca, but had to leave as he was heading to the Knights' Stronghold to purchase one of those stray horses for himself.

    A little while later, Isabelle came over as Reginald had stopped by their farm to share his news, and had told them that William and Francesca had news of their own, too. Well, Isabelle just had to come over and see her sister, Francesca and tell her sister her own news.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    After Reginald left, they continued on their chores. William went over to clean the chicken coop, and feed their chickens, Eggbert (the rooster) and Eggatha (the hen). Gwendolyn helped out and collected the eggs. Woot! And one of the eggs that she collected was a hatchable egg, so she placed it back in the chicken coop to incubate.


    Francesca milked Eda, the cow.


    And it looks like Reginald got that horse!


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Francesca decided to do some knitting and knitted some animal clothing for the chickens. It was the Chicken Competition at the Finchwick Fair this afternoon, and they had planned to go there, but then it started to rain.


    Maybe it was a good thing they didn't go, because Francesca was feeling very tired, and went into the house to have a bite to eat. As she sat down...whoosh...her water broke!


    Francesca shouted: "William! William! My water broke!"

    William came inside, looking rather calm and cool. Wow! For a first time father, William has his act together!


    William went over to Francesca and rubbed her back and shoulders. He told her not to worry and that his mother was a midwife. He told Francesca he would be right back, but needed to get his mother.

    When Gwendolyn came inside, she went over and checked Francesca and told them it would be a few hours. She then started busying herself gathering towels and boiling water.


    William stood by her side: "I am right here, my love. I won't leave you now..."

    Francesca was breathing heavily and every once in awhile let out a scream of pain.

    Francesca: "I'm...I'm scared William...the pain...the pain it hurts so much..."


    Francesca heard Gwendolyn in the background telling her to push...that the baby was coming.

    William looked frantically at his mother and then had a sudden panic attack. That calm sim that he had been before vanished into thin air, replaced now by a frantic father-to-be worrying if Francesca was going to be alright.


    And then...with a final Amelia Fletcher arrived in the world... I do believe that William is in shock...


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    And, apparently, Amelia wasn't the only baby born that night. At the Thatcher Farm, Isabelle and Thaddeus welcomed twins. Katherine and Philip Fletcher.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    And over at the De Baskerville cottage, Reginald not only had a new horse, he and Colette also had a new baby girl...Joan Fletcher.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    After Francesca gave birth, I went to manage worlds, and Colette and Isabelle had already given birth. The game assigned the names Kasey & Paris to Isabelle & Thaddeus' twins, and the name Jolene to Colette and Reginald's daughter. When they age up, their names will be changed. I just kept the first letters of the names and chose more appropriate Medieval names for them.

    In the next chapter, the Death Rolls will be done for Francesca and her baby. [Edit: I reread the rules, and side households of the heir, eg Reginald & Thaddeus, do not have to do death rolls for the birthing moms and their babies. So the only death rolls that will be done are for the heir's (William's) lineage.]

    Death rolls will need to be done for Ian & Gwendolyn Fletcher and Parson Bernard. This is the part that I am dreading.
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    @Belalucina - I think it was just funny that the horse came into the house at the exact moment that William was thinking about getting romantic with Francesca! And the expression on his face was priceless! lol I have been watching some Let's Plays on this challenge, and it can be quite depressing. Apparently you're not supposed to get attached to your sims! Well, too late for that now.

    And I LOVE!!!! your sim for the challenge. That top must be cc, and it is so great. And he looks great...maybe a runaway medieval teen?? Can't wait to read your story. As I said, please feel free to post here, or if you are making your own thread, please link me to it. It's all easy until those first death rolls.
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