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This challenge is based on Morbid's Ultimate Decades Challenge. It is a very involved challenge, and there are also spreadsheets (a blank one is available in the challenge write up), to track your family's progress, and also to keep track of what "year" it is. For instance, year 1300 lasts a mere 4 sim days. And, there are certain restrictions that come with the time period you are working on, such as what harvestables you can grow, and restrictions on items you can't use during that time period (for instance, in 1300, there was no electricity, so you can't have a tv). This challenge is not for the faint of heart. as it involves "death rolls" to coincide with what could have happened to your sim during a certain time period (disease, etc.). For someone who gets very attached to their sims, this, in itself will be a challenge for me.

Most gamers play this challenge with mods and cc; however, I won't be. This will be played as a vanilla game. I have, however, up-dated all the builds in the world I will be playing in to reflect off-the-grid builds. Some builds have been replaced and new builds have been downloaded from the gallery. For this time period, I have chosen to live in Henford-on-Bagley, and most of the residents' clothing has been updated; however, I can't account for those random townies' clothing, or sims from other worlds popping in. @Snarkysims has actually re-done Henford-on-Bagley as a Medieval World, and I have used some of her builds in my gameplay. Additional medieval builds have been placed in Newcrest. Not quite the same as you can see modern buildings in the background, but I had an overflow of lots that I wanted to use, and that is where I placed them.

And so...the challenge begins...
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    The Fletcher Family is our Legacy Family. They are peasants and live on the family farm in Old New Henford on the 2 Olde Mill Lane 50 x 40 lot. The build I used is a modified version of @snarkysims (snarkywitch in the gallery) "Struggle for Survival" lot.

    Ian and Gwendolyn Fletcher are the adult parents, and they have raised 3 young adult sons, (from Left to Right) Thaddeus, William and Reginald. Thaddeus and William are twins. They are now of marrying age, and William, the youngest is the heir to the Fletcher Legacy. (Thaddeus & Reginald will be played as side households).


    Ian and Gwendolyn have lived all of their lives in Henford-on-Bagley, and are well-known in the community. (Ian's traits are adventurous, self-assured, and romantic. His Aspiration is Body Builder). (Gwendolyn's traits are Foodie, Loves Outdoors and family-oriented. Her Aspiration is Successful Lineage).They were fortunate to have met when they were young, as Gwendolyn's family farm (The Thatcher Farm), was right beside the Fletcher's farm. When they became of marrying age, it was only natural for Ian and Gwendolyn to be wed. Gwendolyn moved to the Fletcher Family farm, and there, she and Ian raised 3 sons. Gwendolyn's parents moved to Windenburg to be closer to his brother's family. Both Gwendolyn's and Ian's parents have passed, and Gwendolyn's family farm was inherited by Ian. Unfortunately, Gwendolyn's farm now lays dormant, but It is hoped that one of their sons will move there with their future wife.

    Gwendolyn's Old Family Farm in Old New Henford at 3 Olde Mill Lane (50 x 40 lot).


    The Fletcher Family Farm will be passed down to William, the Fletcher heir.


    Parson Bernard De Baskerville, and his 3 nieces will be arriving for a visit today in hopes to form a marriage contract with the Fletcher Family.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



    Parson Bernard De Baskerville is a man of the cloth. (His traits are good, outgoing, and bookwork. His Aspiration is Renaissance Sim). He has been the caregiver of his sister's 3 daughters (From Right to Left), Colette, Isabelle and Francesca, ever since his sister passed from the "sweating sickness" (influenza) some years' ago. As his nieces were now of marrying age, on the advice of one of his friends, he contacted a matchmaker to secure suitable husbands for his nieces. As luck would have it, the matchmaker found that the Fletchers were looking for suitable wives for their 3 sons. A deal was struck that a dowry of $2,500 simoleons would be paid (per niece) if a marriage contract was signed.

    The De Baskerville Farm in The Bramblewood at Cordelia’s Secret Cottage (30×20 lot).


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    There is a roll to determine if a sim will get married or not, and all 3 sons rolled that they will marry.

    Using a modified version of the Struggle for Survival build for the Fletcher Family Farm.


    Using a modified version of the Decades 1300s starter build for Gwendolyn's old farm.


    Using a modified version of 1300s Starter Home for the De Baskerville Farm.


    All sims made by me using genetics, with the exception of Reginald Fletcher and Francesca De Baskerville. Their traits and aspirations have been changed, as well as some clothing pieces.


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    Meet The Fletcher Family (This Page)
    Meet The Fletcher Brothers & The De Baskerville Sisters (This Page)
    Meeting At The Gnome's Arms Pub (Ian Fletcher & Pastor Bernard) (This Page)

    THE 1300s - The Middle Ages:

    1. 1300 - Fletcher Farm Meeting - Day 1 - Part 1
    2. 1300 - Fletcher Farm Meeting - Day 1 - Part 2
    3. 1300 - Reginald's Date With Colette - Day 1
    4. 1300 - Reginald's Remorse - Day 2
    5. 1300 - Thaddeus & Isabelle's Date - Day 2
    6. 1300 - William & Francesca's Date - Day 2
    7. 1300 - Fletcher Farm - Announcements - Day 2
    8. 1300 - Wedding Preparations - Day 3
    9. 1300 - Handfasting Ceremonies - Day 4 - Part 1
    10. 1300 - Handfasting Ceremonies - Day 4 - Par 2
    11. 1300 - Surprises - Day 5
    12. 1300 - Exciting News! - Friday - Day 6
    13. 1301 - The Babies Arrive - Saturday - Day 7 - Part 1
    14. 1301 - For Whom The Bell Tolls - Saturday - Day 7 - Part 2
    15. 1301 - Farewell to Parson Bernard - Wk 2 - Sunday - Day 8
    16. 1301 - Infants - Sunday - Week 2 - Day 8
    17. 1302 - More News! - Monday-Thursday - Week 2 - Days 9 -12
    17. 1303 - YARD SALE - FRIDAY - WEEK 2 - DAY 13 - PART 1
    18. 1303 - MORE BABIES & TODDLERS AGE-UP - FRIDAY - WEEK 2 - DAY 13 - PART 2
    19. 1303 - FINCHWICK FAIR - SAT - WEEK 2 - DAY 14 - PART 1
    20. 1303 - BABY TO INFANT AGE-UP - SAT - WEEK 2 - DAY 14 - PART 2
    21, 1303 - TIME FOR FUN - SUN - WEEK 3 - DAY 15
    23. 1304 - TUESDAY - THURSDAY - WEEK 3 - DAYS 17-19
    24. 1304 - FRIDAY - ST. VALENTINE'S DAY - WEEK 3 - DAY 20
    25. 1305 - SAT - FINCHWICK COW FESTIVAL - WEEK 3 - DAY 21
    26. 1305 - SUN - EASTER SPRING FESTIVAL - WEEK 4 - DAY 22
    27. 1305 - 1306 MON - WEDS - WEEK 4 - DAYS 23-25
    28. 1306 - THURSDAY & FRIDAY- WEEK 4 - DAYS 26 & 27
    32. 1307- MON-TUES - FARM LIFE IS HARD - WEEK 5 - DAYS 30-31
    33. 1307- TUESDAY - BIRTHDAYS - WEEK 5 - DAY 31
    34. 1307 & 1308 - WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY - FARM CHORES - WEEK 5 - DAY 32-33
    35. 1308 - FRIDAY - COUSINS CLUB - WEEK 5 - DAY 34
    36. 1308 - SATURDAY - FAMILY DAY - WEEK 5 - DAY 35
    37. 1308 - SUN - AN UNEXPECTED VISITOR - WEEK 6 - DAY 36
    38. 1309 - MON - MORE BIRTHDAYS - WEEK 6 - DAY 37
    39. 1309 - TUES - COLETTE'S PLAN - PART 1 - WEEK 6 - DAY 38
    40. 1309 - WEDS - COLETTE'S PLAN - PART 2 - WEEK 6 - DAY 39
    42. 1309 - FRI - ISABELLE'S NEEDLEWORK - WEEK 6 - DAY 41
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    Following! I love this challenge. :)
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    As Henford-on-Bagley's Matchmaker, Agatha Crumplebottom took her job seriously. Matching young sims together was her specialty, and so, when Parson De Baskerville had approached her with a request to enter a marriage contract for his nieces, Agatha had jotted down some notes on each niece and then consulted her extensive list of eligible men and had come up with the perfect family.


    The Fletcher family had 3 eligible sons who were of marrying age, and together with Parson de Baskerville's 3 nieces, would be perfect. Yes, keep it all in the family, and keep them here in Henford-on-Bagley. That is how Agatha kept her business going. Now, as far as who would be matched with whom, that was a bit of a dilemma, as the Fletcher brothers seemed to have some quirks. Agatha proposed that a family meeting be held at the Fletcher Farm to introduce the two families. Perhaps, fate would lend a hand and there would be some instant attraction between the Fletchers and the De Baskervilles. And it wouldn't hurt if she had a chat with a gnome to get all the gnome gossip at the two farms.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



    Reginald Fletcher is the eldest son. His two younger brothers, Thaddeus and William are twins. With his blonde hair and good looks, you would think that Reginald would have every fair maiden in town clambering to be with him. But such was not the case. You see, from a young age, Reginald has been obsessed with becoming a Knight. He preferred to spend his time at The Knight's Stronghold, watching the Knights practice archery, jousting and riding horses. After his chores on the farm were done, he would rush over and help in the Royal Stables. A kindly Knight had seen Reginald's interest and appointed him as his Page. And therein started Reginald's training to become a Knight.

    His parents had thought Reginald's obsession with being a Knight was just a passing fancy. But as the years passed, Reginald was steadfast in his desire to become a Knight, and his loyalty to the King was greater than his concern for the Fletcher Farm. After discussing it, his parents were in agreement that perhaps the Fletcher Farm should pass to one of the twins, and later decided that it should pass to William. His father knew that Reginald would make a fine Knight and a fine husband. He was loyal and athletic, although Reginald sometimes didn't pick up after himself. His mother figured that being a Knight had its advantages. Afterall, Reginald would then he part of the lower nobility. And what woman would not want to be called Lady Fletcher? Perhaps that would seal the deal with one of Parson De Baskerville's nieces.


    Reginald had not been bitter when his parents decreed that his youngest brother would become heir. He was actually relieved. As much as he loved his family, farm life was just not for him. He knew his parents wanted him to marry, but marriage was not a priority for Reginald. He was much too busy with Knight training to be married. He would go through the motions of meeting Parson De Baskerville's nieces, but he would inform them all that his Knight training came first. He doubted that any woman would agree to marry him under those conditions.

    (Traits are Horse Lover, Loyal and Slob. His Aspiration is Body Builder.)

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



    Thaddeus Fletcher is the twin of William Fletcher, and was born a few minutes before William was. He is the middle child. Sporting dark hair and a foul mood, Thaddeus is known for his hot temper and his partying ways. In an incident at the Gnome's Arms Pub, Thaddeus had drunk too much mead and gotten into a skirmish over a game of cards with another peasant. Well, one thing led to another, and swords were drawn...which left Thaddeus with a scar on his face. He did win the fight; however, after the incident Thaddeus' disposition seemed even worse.

    He has always been good with his hands, and had a knack for fixing broken items around the farm. His father feels that Thaddeus' handiness skill is a good way to combat his son's moodiness. However, his mother is worried that Thaddeus' hot temper will drive away any possible wife. It is the hope of both parents that one of Parson De Baskerville's nieces will be a "fit" for Thaddeus.


    Thaddeus does not seem bothered by the fact that he may not marry. From the girls he knew, Thaddeus always felt that girls had frivolous discussions about such things as the latest fashions. This was not the type of woman for him. If he ever did marry, he would want an equal partner, a woman who valued his work, and had opinions on things other than fashion. He would meet Parson De Baskerville's nieces and be polite, but he knows it will end there. In the meantime, Thaddeus must look to his own future. He has secured a position as an Apprentice Blacksmith and plans to become successful and earn his own way in the world.

    (Traits are Hot headed, Maker, and Party animal. His Aspiration is Fabulously Wealthy.)

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



    William Fletcher is the twin of Thaddeus Fletcher and the youngest son. In most families, it was customary for the eldest son to inherit and continue the legacy; however, with Reginald having his sights set on becoming a Knight, and with Thaddeus' foul moods, Ian and Gwendolyn decided that if there was any hope for the Fletcher name to carry on, it would be with William. And, so, William is the heir. With red hair, like his parents, William was interested in farm life. He enjoyed tending the crops, looking after the animals and truly enjoyed being in the out of doors.

    His parents had high hopes for William. Ian and Gwendolyn were getting on in years, and the pitter-patter of little feet were very much on their minds. It would indeed be fortunate if one of Parson De Baskerville's nieces liked children...and maybe one who could cook. His mother knew that William tended to have a bit of a voracious appetite, and that his table manners were not the best.


    William feels fortunate to be doing what he likes. And he wants to be even better at it by bringing home some prize simoleons for his crops and animals at the Finchwick Fair. He is a good son and has no qualms about being heir or getting married under a marriage contract. He does hope, however, that he will have "feelings" for one of Parson De Baskerville's nieces. William wishes to have the same type of loving relationship that his parents have.

    (Traits are Glutton, Loves outdoors and Animal enthusiast. His Aspiration is Freelance Botanist.)

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



    Colette De Baskerville has blonde hair and is the eldest daughter. She has two younger sisters, Isabelle and Francesca. When her mother died, her uncle, Parson Bernard, came to have Colette and her sisters live with him. Having never had children of his own, Uncle Bernard was quite lost when it came to child rearing. In fact, he was quite lost in a few things, such as cooking, mending, or what constituted raising a family of 3 girls. And that is when Colette took charge of the household. Cooking, washing, sewing, and looking after Uncle Bernard and her sisters was a daily task. Cleaning, though, was not her strength, and sometimes dishes would pile in the sink. But she got to them eventually and everyone seemed content with her handling the household chores. To his credit, Uncle Bernard, being a learned sim and a member of the clergy, had a vast library of books, and was instrumental in educating Colette and her sisters in logic, art and literature.

    When the discussion of marriage had come up, Colette said that her sisters should find husbands, but that her work was there with Uncle Bernard. She had a household to run, and a farm to look after. And who would look after Uncle Bernard if she left? No, she would stay with Uncle Bernard, and was not interested in getting married.


    But Uncle Bernard had gone ahead and went to see a matchmaker, and now they were supposed to meet 3 brothers from the Fletcher family. Colette had been quite upset about the whole situation. She had put her own dreams and desires on hold for so long caring for others, that she wasn't exactly sure how to talk to a man her age. But she would put up a good front, and go to the meeting for her sisters' sake. Afterall, they deserved a happy future.

    (Traits are Slob, Foodie and Family-oriented. Her Aspiration is Successful Lineage).

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



    Isabelle De Baskerville has dark hair and is the middle daughter. When their mother died, and Isabelle and her sisters went to live with their Uncle Bernard in Henford-on-Bagley, her sister Colette took over the household duties. This was fine by Isabelle as it gave her more time to discover the countryside. It's not that Colette didn't assign Isabelle chores, she did, but as soon as her chores were done, Isabelle would head outside to explore and collect things. A lot of times, Isabelle's collections yielded some mushrooms, which Colette would use in her cooking. As their simoleons were limited, this greatly helped their family's finances.

    One day, as Isabelle came in from collecting, she saw her sister Colette slumped over asleep on a corner stool, some unfinished mending still in her hands. It was at that point that Isabelle realized how much her sister Colette had taken on, and from that day forward, volunteered to do the mending. In fact, Isabelle was quite good at it, and had discovered a small box of hoops in one of the farm sheds. Colette told her that their mother had been skilled in needlework and Isabelle was quick to take up the craft. She was even able to sell a few of her needlepoint crafts at the market In Finchwick.


    When the conversation of marriage had come up, Isabelle wasn't quite sure how she felt. At one time, Isabelle had dreamt of having a family of her own, but so much had changed since then. She had changed. She was content with her life now, and her needlepoint crafts had drawn the attention of the local Weaving Guild and she had been invited to join. One of the local merchants had even asked Isabelle if she was a full-time weaver, as her work was exceptional and he was very interested in selling her wares in his shop. Suddenly, many opportunities were opening up for her, and she didn't want to give that up.

    But before she even had time to think more about it, her Uncle Bernard had announced that they were meeting 3 brothers at the Fletcher Farm to enter into a marriage contract. All Isabelle could hope was that one of these brothers would understand the importance of her needlework craft and encourage her to continue. But the more she thought about it, the less likely she felt that this would happen.

    (Traits are Creative, Clumsy and Family-Oriented. Her Aspiration is The Curator.)

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



    Francesca has red hair and is the youngest daughter. She is the most cheerful of the three and is often found wandering in The Bramblewood singing to all the birds, foxes and bunnies that she meets. Other times, she is exploring the castle ruins and pretending that she is a princess, waiting to be rescued by Yes, her horse. Well, the horse that she wants but can't seem to convince her Uncle Bernard to get for her. And that's why she likes to visit The Bramblewood because that's where the Knight's Stronghold is located, and sometimes she will see one of the knights out riding his steed. Having a horse must be so wonderful.

    Her sisters are always telling her that she is a dreamer and childish, and Francesca thinks they are both too serious. Work, work, work is all they do, instead of enjoying everything that is around them. What her sisters don't know, is that Francesca has been sneaking off to Finchwick (alone!) and singing in the streets for tips. It is work, sort of...and with the simoleons she has earned, she will be able to purchase her own horse soon enough. And then she will be able to enter those horse competitions that she has heard the townspeople mention. And then she will show Colette and Francesca that having fun and working can be done.


    In the meantime, her Uncle Bernard has been talking about marriage. Francesca wasn't against getting married, it's just that she wanted a husband who was like her. In fact, when she had a family of her own, she would make sure that they devoted each and every day to have some fun and not work all the time. And while Francesca thought about her life with her future "fun" husband, Uncle Bernard announced that they were meeting 3 brothers at the Fletcher Farm for a marriage contract. The first question that came to Francesca's mind was whether any of these brothers owned a horse but Uncle Bernard didn't seem to know. And then Francesca asked if any of the brothers liked animals, and again, Uncle Bernard didn't know. The only thing that Uncle Bernard told her was that they were all hard-working young men who were looking for wives. Francesca just rolled her eyes and figured they were just like her sisters. Work, work, work and no fun. And with that she announced that if none of the brothers had a horse, and if none of them liked animals, and if none of them were any fun, then she was not going to marry any of them.

    (Traits are Childish, Horse Lover and Family-Oriented. Her Aspiration is Musical Genius.)

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    After speaking with the gnome and getting the latest gnome gossip, Agatha Crumplebottom headed to the Gnome's Arms Pub and double-checked her notes. And then she smiled. Oh yes indeed, The Fletcher brothers and the De Baskerville sisters would find their perfect match. Agatha was so certain of this that she predicted that they would be betrothed in a day's time.

    Now, I wonder who Agatha thinks will be matched with whom? I guess we'll find out.
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    @SoulGal7 That sounds really interesting :) I'm curious to see what kind of drama will happen based on the challenge rolls :D
    I'm kinda rooting for Reginald and Francesca, but of course it could also create some drama if they were matched differently :D
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    What an entertaining start.
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud - Thank you so much for following my story. I did realize that after I did the screen-shots that I hadn't changed Agatha Crumplebottom's outfit to reflect the time period. Oh well. At least we all recognize her! lol And who better to be the matchmaker than Agatha? If you go on an errand for Agatha in Henford-on-Bagley, then you will understand my choice.

    Well, it appears that the only one who doesn't mind entering into a marriage contract is William. All of his brothers, and certainly all of the De Baskerville sisters are against it. Ah William...he is just doing what is expected of him and taking his role as heir seriously. But what he really wants is a "love match". Let's hope that he finds one.
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    Ian Fletcher and Parson De Baskerville met in Finchwick at the Gnome's Arms Pub the day prior to the Fletcher Farm meeting. After ordering a round of mead and praising the matchmaker for bringing their two families together, they got down to business.


    First off they discussed the events for the following day and Ian told Parson Bernard that his wife, Gwendolyn. was preparing a special dinner for everyone. Parson Bernard thought this wise as negotiations should never be done on an empty stomach. They both agreed and toasted to that. Next, came the discussion of the dowries that Parson Bernard's nieces would be bringing. The amount was substantial and Parson Bernard told Ian that his sister had willed him these simoleons for the care of her daughters. Parson Bernard went on to say that he had never had to use these funds because of his eldest niece, Colette's, efficient household management. Parson Bernard also told Ian that his second niece, Isabelle, was skilled in needlework and was very adept at scavenging wild harvestables, which helped the family financially. Ian was quite impressed with these two nieces and said that both would make fine wives. Ian told Parson Bernard that his youngest son, William, would be inheriting the farm, and either of these young women would be most suitable for him. Parson Bernard agreed. Ian also mentioned that his eldest son, Reginald, was in Knight training and soon would be a noble, and whoever he married would have the title of Lady Fletcher. Parson Bernard seemed rather impressed that one of his nieces would soon be marrying into nobility.

    They ordered another round of mead...Father Bernard extolling the virtues of Colette and Isabelle, and Ian telling Parson Bernard about the Thatcher Farm next door where he was certain Reginald would reside with his soon-to-be-wife.


    And then Ian asked about Parson Bernard's third niece, Francesca. Parson Bernard almost choked on his mead when he heard the question, but quickly recovered and asked if the Fletcher Farm had any animals. Ian replied that they had quite a few animal sheds, and was about to explain that they were currently empty when Parson Bernard interrupted him and clapped his hands together. Almost gleefully, Parson Bernard assured Ian that Francesca would be a true asset to the farm, as she loved animals so much. Ian nodded his head and told Parson Bernard that his son William loved animals, too. He added that Reginald was keen on horses, which delighted Parson Bernard to no end. They talked some more. And now it seemed as if all three nieces were in the running to become a wife for either William or Reginald.

    Oh the discussion was going so well, and they ordered another round of mead.


    At that point, Parson Bernard enquired about Ian's second son, Thaddeus. Ian laughed awkwardly, but managed to compose himself. Before speaking, though, he gulped down some mead. Ian told Parson Bernard that Thaddeus was most handy, and could fix anything on the farm. Ian went on to say that Thaddeus had had an accident, and bore a scar on his face, so Parson Bernard's nieces should be aware of this and not be frightened by Thaddeus' gruff appearance. Ian then whispered that sometimes the pain of the accident came back to haunt Thaddeus and he would get in a "mood". Parson Bernard thoroughly understood as he himself suffered from pain in the bones from time to time and it quite affected his disposition. Parson Bernard laid a hand on Ian's shoulder and told him that he would ask his niece, Isabelle, to collect some sweet smelling herbs, and would gift them to Thaddeus to ease his suffering. Parson Bernard assured Ian that his nieces were not concerned about a sim's looks, but more about a sim's integrity. Parson Bernard thought that Thaddeus sounded like a fine catch and agreed that any of his nieces would be most suitable for him. Ian breathed out a sigh of relief and smiled.


    They chatted some more and by the end of the meeting they had matched up everyone. Both Parson Bernard and Ian felt that Colette would be the perfect wife for Thaddeus, as he needed a wife who could run the household while he was busy in his blacksmith shop woodworking. Isabelle would be a perfect wife for William, as her foraging skills went hand-in-hand with farm life. And lastly, Francesca would be the perfect wife for Reginald, as they both shared a love for horses, and Francesca would be able to keep house while Reginald was at knight training. Who needed a matchmaker when they could have done this all themselves?

    As the meeting was over, they toasted to a wonderful partnership, secure in the knowledge that they most certainly would have three marriage contracts before the end of the week.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud

    1300S - FLETCHER FARM MEETING - DAY 1 - Part 1

    It was mid-morning on a fine spring day when Parson Bernard De Baskerville and his nieces arrived at the Fletcher Farm. Each of his nieces came bearing gifts for the three brothers; Colette had baked delicious loaves of milk bread, Isabelle had brought sachets of sweet-smelling herbs and Francesca had brought some Yep, rocks. Hey, it was a last-minute gift choice, what did you expect? Parson Bernard did not come empty-handed either, and had purchased a bottle of nectar at the market as a gift to Ian and Gwendolyn for hosting the meeting at the Fletcher Farm.


    Gwendolyn, Ian and Parson Bernard seemed rather pleased with how everyone was getting along, and Gwendolyn suggested they head inside to warm by the fire and chat some more.

    Once the introductions were made, each niece went up to one of the brothers and gave them their gift. Here is how some of the conversations went...


    Colette looked at the three brothers and started to formulate a plan. She was here to get her sisters married and she would ensure that every brother would be vying for both her sisters' attention when she was done speaking with them. It is what she wanted, and then she could be left alone to look after Uncle Bernard. Colette knew that William was the heir, and chose him first. When he opened her gift he was very delighted.


    William: "Ahhh...the aroma...this smells delicious. How did you know I like to eat?"

    Colette smiled sweetly: "I didn't, but anyone who works hard all day on a farm must work up a big appetite..."


    William: "Yes, that is true."

    Colette: "But you know, I couldn't have made this bread without the help of both of my sisters."

    William looked at her curiously, "Oh...and how is that?"

    Colette pointed:"Well, if it was not for my sister Francesca milking our cow, I wouldn't have had any milk. And if it was not for my sister Isabelle selling her needlepoint at the market to buy some flour, I wouldn't have had that either. So, you see, my sisters are really the reason I was able to bake this bread. They are quite gifted and truly wonderful..."


    William scratched his head: "Yes...yes...they sound wonderful. But what about you? You were the one who made the bread..."

    Colette just shook her head and laughed: "Oh, anyone can make milk bread, but the key is the ingredients. Without them, there is nothing. Don't you agree?"


    And with that, she excused herself and went to another brother, leaving William staring after her shaking his head. Had Colette just promoted her sisters to him, or was she saying that she really hadn't baked the bread? Were women all like this, because William was rather confused. Maybe Colette was just shy and didn't feel comfortable talking about herself. He thought about this for a moment, and tore off a bit of bread and ate it and thought that whoever did bake the bread was certainly a good cook.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Francesca chose Reginald and handed him her gift. When he opened it, he looked rather surprised.


    Reginald: "You're giving me a rock?"

    Francesca: "No,'s a fossil. Look here you can see a claw imprint..."

    Reginald looked closer and nodded his head, "I guess you could call it a claw..."


    Francesca: "It IS a claw! Probably from a dragon who roamed the woods near the castle ruins..."

    Reginald laughed: "I'm afraid not. Dragons don't exist. I would know, I ride in The Bramblewood everyday..."

    Francesca: "Well, they do...maybe not now...but a long time ago...WAIT! Did you just say that you can ride? Do you own a horse?"


    Reginald: "Yes, I ride...but, sadly, I do not own my own horse. I will one day when I become a Knight...."

    Francesca: "Oh, how what's the horse's name? The one you like to ride..."

    Reginald: "It's name? Oh, it's a Destrier...all of the horses in the Royal Stables are Destriers..."

    Francesca: "Oh my plumbobs! No, not the horse's breed...the horse's name...if I had a horse I would call her Buttercup..."

    Reginald: "I do not believe they have names, so they are all called Horse."


    Francesca: "Oh, that's so boring. Maybe I will have to come to the Royal Stables and name all the horses..."

    Reginald guffawed: "Oh, and how many will you name Buttercup?"

    Francesca looked at him indignantly: "Well, none of course, because Buttercup will be the name of MY horse..."

    Francesca saw Colette approaching with her gift and figured that she should go and give her gifts to the other brothers, too.

    Reginald: "Thank you for the gift. I am sure the rock will fit nicely in my slingshot..."

    Francesca rolled her eyes: "It's NOT a's a fossil Hmph!"

    Reginald looked after Francesca and wondered if she had just been witty or if she had really meant all of the things she had said. She certainly seemed to like horses, though. Maybe that was all you needed to choose a wife, someone who had a common interest. Reginald always thought there was more to it than that, but maybe having something in common was as good as it gets.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Isabelle had quietly gone over to Thaddeus and noticed the scar on his face. It was long and deep and must have been rather painful when it happened. She looked hard at the scar, and then she saw Thaddeus looking directly at her.


    Isabelle: "Oh, forgive me. I didn't mean to stare...I just...well my Uncle told me that you had injured yourself in a woodworking accident and were sometimes troubled by pain. I brought you a gift that will help to ease your suffering..."


    Thaddeus looked at her strangely, but opened the gift and inhaled the contents, " sweet..."

    Isabelle: "Yes, it's a mixture of special herbs...rose, lavender and sage. I picked them myself. If you boil the sachet in some water and apply it to the afflicted area, it will feel better and your mood will be better, too..."

    Thaddeus: "My mood...?"

    Isabelle: "My Uncle also told me that when the pain comes that your mood changes. It is alright. My Uncle has that happen, too. When the weather changes, the pain in his bones hurts more and he gets rather grumpy. He tries to hide it, but I can tell how he feels by the expressions on his face..."


    Thaddeus nodded and inhaled the sachet again, "Well, then, I guess you have me all figured out..."

    Isabelle: "Not really, but I would like to know more. Perhaps you can tell me about your woodworking. What kinds of items do you make?"

    Thaddeus looked at Isabelle astounded: "You want to know about my woodworking?"


    Isabelle: "Why, yes. Is that so strange to want to find out about something that you like to do?"

    Thaddeus: "'s's unexpected. Are you sure you don't want to talk about fashion?"

    Isabelle: "Fashion? Whatever for? The only time I would want to talk about fashion is to find out about new colors that I could use in my needlework. I recently joined a Weaver's Guild and it's important to know what is popular so that your items will sell in the marketplace..."

    Isabelle stopped suddenly and realized that Thaddeus was staring intently at her, "Oh gosh, I apologize for rambling on..."


    Thaddeus: " didn't ramble. I enjoyed hearing the enthusiasm in your voice when you talked about your needlework. I feel the same way about my woodworking. You must be quite good if you belong to a Weaver's Guild..."

    Isabelle: "Well, I...I'm not sure, but I've developed quite a talent for it. My sister Colette told me that my mother was very skilled in needlework, so perhaps I have inherited her skill..."

    They were both quiet for a moment and when Isabelle looked at Thaddeus, she felt herself blush.


    Isabelle cleared her throat: "Oh, but enough about me...we were talking about your woodworking. I would be very interested in seeing some of the pieces that you've made. Is your workshop close by?"

    Thaddeus: "It's actually at the next farm over..." he said and then paused as if he wanted to say something more.

    Isabelle nodded her head, disappointment showing in her face: "Well, maybe another time then when we can be properly chaperoned..."


    Thaddeus swallowed hard: "Yes...that would probably be wise..."

    Isabelle saw her sister Colette approaching and realized that she had not spoken to the other brothers.

    Isabelle: "I...I should go and give your brothers their was a pleasure talking with you....Thaddeus..."

    Thaddeus bowed slightly, "The pleasure was all mine...Isabelle..."

    As Isabelle walked away, Thaddeus thought back to their conversation and realized that he wanted to know so much more about her. He had never met anyone like her. In fact, he wanted to know everything about her. How could he feel this way about Isabelle after such a brief encounter? His thoughts were jumbled and he was even thinking about speaking with her Uncle and asking if he might see Isabelle tomorrow.


    In fact, without even having to think twice, that is exactly what Thaddeus did.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Under the rules, a "death roll" is normally done for the parents on Day 1; however, I have decided that those rolls will occur when the first child is born. I want everyone to be at least happy for a little while until possible tragedy occurs.

    I know nothing about horses, but did some research and found out that the Destrier breed was the breed of horse used in the royal stables in medieval times. I also did research on herbs that were used to treat pain in medieval times, and these three ingredients were some of the herbs that were used.
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    @SoulGal7 Aww, they are all quite cute :)
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud

    1300s - FLETCHER FARM MEETING - DAY 1 - Part 2

    After giving out their gifts, the nieces chatted with the brothers for awhile. At one point, Isabelle seemed to be the center of attention of all three brothers. And then it was time for lunch. They headed into the house and Gwendolyn had spread out a feast. Cheese, milk bread and homemade tomato soup were the offerings. The house wasn't large but comfortable. In one section was the main kitchen and eating area and the other section was the sleeping areas, separated by curtains. For the occasion, Ian had placed an extra table and chairs in the area so everyone could sit. It was very cozy and the blazing fire felt warm and relaxing and soon everyone felt more at ease.



    After lunch they continued to chat. William and Francesca had sat on one of the beds, and seemed to be getting on rather well, as loud laughter could be heard.


    William and Reginald both seemed to have an interest in Isabelle...



    ...but Thaddeus was staying close by her side...and Isabelle didn't seem to mind in the least.


    Parson De Baskerville and Gwendolyn were having a delightful conversation,,..


    ...and out of the corner of her eye, Gwendolyn noticed how Reginald gazed longingly at Colette...


    ...and not long after, she noticed Colette gazing at Reginald, too.


    Ah, yes, things were certainly heating up.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    As it was almost time for Parson Bernard and his nieces to leave, Thaddeus went over to Isabelle and asked if he could speak with her outside in private.

    They sat down and he told her that he hoped it was not too presumptuous of him, but he had asked her Uncle if he could see her tomorrow. For a chaperoned date.

    Isabelle's jaw dropped in surprise. She couldn't believe he had done that.


    Isabelle could barely contain her excitement as she told him she would love to go on a date with him. He smiled back at her and in his mind Thaddeus was already formulating plans for tomorrow. He escorted her back inside and just in time as everyone was saying their goodbyes.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    When everyone had left, Ian sat down with his three sons to have a chat.


    Ian: "Well, I believe that was a very good visit, and I understand from Parson De Baskerville that one of you has already moved forward."

    Reginald: "William! I knew you would be the front-runner in asking one of the nieces on a date."

    William looked confused, " wasn't me..."

    Reginald turned to Thaddeus, "Then that means you, Thaddeus will be seeing one of them. Which one?"

    Thaddeus smiled, "I am going on a chaperoned date with Isabelle tomorrow. So, if either of you had any inklings of choosing her, you can forget it!"


    William: "Isabelle? Well, I was thinking of asking her on a date. Shouldn't I, as heir, get the first choice?"

    Reginald interrupted: "Hold on...did you just say Isabelle?'s the one I wanted to ask on a date."


    Thaddeus scowled, "Well, you both had your chance, and I will fight you both if you dare try to date her. As I said, just forget it. Isabelle and I...well, we have a connection. I have feelings for her...and I am certain she has feelings for me. If all goes well, I am...I am going to propose to her tomorrow on our date..."


    Ian: "Thaddeus, is this true? Oh my! I would never have predicted this outcome. Parson Bernard and I had thought that Colette would be a more suitable wife..."


    Reginald: "Colette? You were going to pair the most attractive niece with Thaddeus? I can hardly wait to hear who you thought I should be matched with..."

    Ian: "Well, Parson Bernard and I thought that Francesca would be a good choice, since you both loved horses..."


    Reginald: "Well, that makes sense...she does love horses..."

    William: "Wait a minute. If you and Parson Bernard thought that Reginald should be with Francesca and that Thaddeus should be with Colette...then I should be with Isabelle. Right? That means that I should be the one going on a date with her..."


    Thaddeus was getting irritated: "Oh no you won't! She is already spoken for. You can ask Colette on a date..."

    William: "Are you serious? Colette? I still don't know if she baked that bread or not. She is so stand-offish and aloof...I really don't understand half of the things she says..."


    Reginald: "That's because she is learned. Her Uncle has a vast library and tutored them in logic, art and literature. We had a wonderful discussion on philosophy. She is a beautiful, intelligent woman..."

    William: "So, what does that mean? That you want to date her, too?"


    Reginald, "Well, Colette has been very much on my mind. But, I was going to think about the three nieces tonight and make a decision; however, I did not realize that Thaddeus had already made a move..."

    Thaddeus shrugged his shoulders, "Well, no-one said we couldn't...and it just felt right..."

    William: "Well, I still don't get who I am to ask on a date..."

    Thaddeus chuckled, "Perhaps you and Reginald can draw straws!"


    Before either one could fire back a retort, there was a knock on the door. Ian answered it and was handed a note from a messenger. The note was addressed to Reginald.

    Reginald quickly scanned the note and looked surprised, "She wants to meet me! Tonight! At the castle ruins. I must go..."

    As Reginald fled out the door, William called after him, "But which one? Which one wants to meet you...?"

    Thaddeus unfolded the note on the table, "Colette...Colette sent the note..."


    William: "Well, that settles it then. I will ask Francesca on a date tomorrow. She is the one I wanted to ask anyway. She is so much fun...she had me laughing the whole time I was talking to her. The stories she tells, and the way she tells's just too cute...and she is really cute, too...I wonder if that messenger is still at the door...I will write her a note right now..."


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    I was surprised at how well Thaddeus and Isabelle got on. At one point in their conversation, he did an autonomous romantic interaction "hold hands" with her and she allowed it. They also both autonomously flirted with each other, so obviously the game was telling me that these two should be together.

    The date request for Reginald popped up when I was trying to figure out who William and Reginald should date. Well, Colette seemed to decide on that one for me. lol Even though the date was in Windenburg at The Ancient Ruins, I decided that he should go, and just "pretend" that they were at the castle ruins in The Bramblewood in Henford-on-Bagley.
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    This romance update was hysterical. I can't wait to see where it goes.

    I'm also floored by the fact that you use no CC. Everyone and everything looks so period appropriate!! :)
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud


    When Reginald arrived at The Ancient Ruins, he was surprised to see Colette sitting alone on a bench. He went over and sat beside her.


    Reginald: "Colette, I came as fast as I could. Pray tell, has something happened at your house?"

    Colette: "Oh, Reginald, no, it's not anything like that...everything is fine at the house. I apologize for having you worry if that is what you thought..."

    Reginald: "I don't understand. You are here alone...unchaperoned and it is now dark. Why would you ask me to come at this late hour if there was no urgency at your house?"

    Colette: "Yes, I am unchaperoned. But I felt that since you are almost a Knight, that my honor would be safe with you. Afterall, I know you live your life by the Code of Chivalry."


    Reginald bowed slightly, "Yes, M'lady that is true. I will do you no harm while you are with me. Your honor is safe with me. So if there is no urgency at your house, is there another matter? Or perhaps it is you...are you not well, Colette? Please tell me it is not so."

    Colette: "I am perfectly fine...well. actually not really...but now that you have come...oh I think I have made a dreadful error..."

    Reginald looked at her but remained silent.


    Colette took a deep breath, "I wanted to apologize for my actions this afternoon. I fear that in speaking at length with you about philosophy, I prevented you from speaking with my sisters. And now I understand from my Uncle that Thaddeus has moved forward with my sister, Isabelle, and will be going on a chaperoned date tomorrow..."

    Reginald nodded, "Yes, Thaddeus informed us of his intentions with Isabelle."

    Colette: "I do so apologize that you were unable to get to know Isabelle because I monopolized your time...she is truly wonderful and gifted..."

    Reginald: "Ah, but Colette, I did speak with Isabelle, and yes, I agree, she is most talented. But I do feel that her interests lie elsewhere, as do mine..."

    Reginald gazed at Colette and noticed how the light illuminated her face. There was a stray piece of her hair that had managed to get loose from her braid, and he wanted to reach out and brush his hand against her cheek and place the lock of hair behind her ear. Looking at her, he realized how gorgeous she was. But it was something more...he suddenly felt very protective of her and knew he would do everything and anything for her.


    Colette continued: "Oh, I am so happy that you said that because...well, what I was trying to say was that my other sister, Francesca has not received any messages yet, and you and she had gotten on so fabulously together...that I thought...well...I wasn't sure...but she did talk at length about you riding a horse when we got home tonight..."

    Reginald: "Did she?" he replied distractedly still gazing at her.


    Colette felt his gaze upon her and when she looked up, his eyes bore into hers. She swallowed hard and suddenly her cheeks felt hot.

    Colette: " what I am saying is that if you are so could send her a note by messenger..."

    Reginald: "Indeed."

    They were both quiet for a moment and then Reginald spoke, "Colette, having a common interest is wonderful, but I believe there can be something more between two sims..."

    Colette: "So, what are you saying? That you and my sister Francesca would not be a good match?"

    Reginald: "Yes, that is what I am saying. Francesca is wonderful and we do share an interest in horses; however...I do not feel I could ever have a serious conversation with her. She has flights of fancy, and, not to speak ill of your sister, but she is rather childish at times..."


    Colette sighed: "Yes, Francesca does have that tendency...but she does play the vielle (violin), and she is a hard-worker on the farm..."

    Reginald: "I am sure she is, but she is not the one for me. As I said, my interests lie elsewhere..."

    Colette pursed her lips, "So, I guess that's it then. I understand what you mean. You have found someone else in town. I feel foolish now for having asked you to come and meet with me. I did not realize that you had other suitors. I apologize. If you'll excuse me, I will bid you leave..."

    Reginald touched her hand, "No, Colette, don't go. You have misunderstood. When I said that my interests lie elsewhere, it is true, they do. But my interest lies with you, Colette. You are the one I am interested in. There is no-one else..."


    Colette gave a little gasp and she felt herself tremble.

    Reginald noticed her shaking, "Colette, you are shivering," he said and looked towards the ruins, "Come. I see a fire pit, and I will light a fire for us. You will be warm in no time, M'lady..."


    Colette stood up and hesitated for a moment, but Reginald moved her forward towards the fire pit.

    When the fire was roaring, he took off his cloak and asked if he might place it over her shoulders. She shook her head in agreement and he placed it around her holding her close to keep her warm.


    Reginald: "Colette, you have not spoken a word since we came near the fire. Did my words somehow offend you? Does your interest lie with my brother, William, and I have somehow overstepped the boundaries of our friendship?"

    Colette looked at Reginald and shook her head, "No, your words didn't offend me, nor am I am interested in William..."

    Reginald: "Then what Colette?"

    Colette answered quietly: "No one has ever said those words to me before..."


    Reginald smiled, "I am rather glad that no one has, or else you may have already been swept away by another..."

    Colette: "I don't think so..."

    Reginald: "And why not? You under-estimate yourself, Colette. I find you fascinating and very intelligent, and if it had not been for my brothers, I would have continued talking with you throughout the afternoon and into the evening. Such is the effect you had on me. And you are so loyal to your sisters, that you would have them find a match before yourself. I am captivated by your beauty, Colette, and have never met anyone like you...

    Colette looked longingly at him, "Oh Reginald, I didn't want to stop talking to you either...and I...I have never met anyone like you either..."


    As Reginald held Colette closer, they gazed at each other and it felt like there was no-one else around. It was just them, together in front of the fire.

    Reginald: "I fear that you have stolen my heart, Colette, and I...and I..." he said as he brushed her face with his hand and pulled her close to him. And suddenly, without thinking, he kissed her.


    It was a slow, languid kiss, and Reginald felt Colette press herself against him, almost clinging to him. Everything about this kiss felt right. Reginald being with Colette felt right. And as they parted, Reginald was filled with a happiness that he had never known before. And in that moment, he knew that Colette was the one for him.

    Reginald smiled and looked at Colette, but instead of her smiling back, he saw her brow furrowed and there were tears in her eyes.


    Reginald: "Colette...forgive me...I..."


    Colette interrupted, "No, it is I who should ask your forgiveness. I am sorry if I have given you any false impressions...I cannot...I cannot continue this...I greatly enjoy your company, Reginald, but this cannot go further...I know you are looking to enter a marriage contract with someone...but that someone can't be with me...I can't marry anyone...I just can't...I am sorry if I misled you...I need to go..."

    And with that Colette turned on her heel and ran. Reginald called after her to stop and went after her, but she had fled into the darkness, and was nowhere to be seen.


    Reginald shouted: "Colette, please...come back..."

    Reginald ran a hand through his hair. What had he done? He had let his emotions overtake him. He had done a most dishonorable thing. He had kissed she had put her trust in him and he had failed her. But the memory of Colette's lips stayed on his mind. He had felt her response to his kiss, and he knew that she had wanted him as much as he had wanted her. But something had happened when they parted. Colette had looked like a scared doe all alone in the forest. Reginald was not sure how, but he had to make things right with Colette again. He could not lose her now.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Sometimes even a soon-to-be Knight cannot control his emotions when it comes to lurve! However, kissing a young, unchaperoned lady on the lips was a big no-no in medieval times. It was almost like sealing a deal of marriage. And Colette doesn't seem too happy about it.

    The Code of Chivalry is a code of honor that all Knights live their life by. "There was not an authentic Knights' Code of Chivalry as such - it was a moral system which went beyond rules of combat and introduced the concept of Chivalrous conduct - qualities idealized by knighthood, such as bravery, courtesy, honor, and gallantry toward women."
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    @xaenyth - So glad you are enjoying this. I am certainly having fun writing it, especially when the game gives you gifts. I tried to use several packs to create that "medieval" theme. I had thought of downloading some cc for the women's dresses, as there are some lovely ones, but decided that I would just make do with what the game offered.

    @flauschtrud - Yes, I am so happy with how these sims turned out. I am almost sad that I didn't make Thaddeus the heir, because his facial expressions are the best. All of these sims have their own personality. It's great!
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    What a twist. I can't believe he kissed her! I was thinking he pretty much sealed the deal too. Poor girl. I hope she comes around eventually.
  • flauschtrudflauschtrud Posts: 242 Member
    @SoulGal7 What drama :D And it's cool that you let the game pair them. What does the compatibility feature say about each of the pairs?
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    Oh no, I wonder why she ran away! Very good story so far. I like seeing all your different challenges. 😊
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina

    1300s - REGINALD'S REMORSE - DAY 2

    When Thaddeus got up the next morning, he found his brother, Reginald, already sitting at the table. But it didn't look like the Reginald that he knew. Reginald was just sitting there staring off into space, still wearing the outer clothes that he had worn last night when he had left to meet Colette. As Thaddeus moved closer, he noticed that Reginald's eyes were bloodshot and he looked like he hadn't slept all night.

    Thaddeus: " look...miserable..."


    Reginald raised his eyes to meet Thaddeus, "Yes, that is a good word to describe how I feel..."

    Thaddeus: "What happened last night? You were in good spirits when you left..."

    Reginald: "Yes, I was, and things went well, until...until I did something that I totally regret..."

    Thaddeus: "Care to explain that one?"

    Reginald: "I feel sickened just thinking about it...and after I gave her my word..."


    Thaddeus: "Okay, this is definitely not sounding like you. What did you do?"

    Reginald shook his head, "I don't think I can tell you, Thaddeus..."

    Thaddeus: "Look, no one else is up, and you know I have never spoken of things that you have told me in confidence before..."

    Reginald: "That is true. But this is bigger. If I tell you, you must tell no-one. Not father, not William...not"

    Thaddeus: "Fine. I won't tell anyone..."


    Reginald shook his head:"Colette met me alone...unchaperoned...and I kissed her Thaddeus...I gave her my word that she would be safe with me, that her honor would be safe with me and I kissed her. My feelings for her just overwhelmed me and just happened..."

    Thaddeus: "You what? My word! And from how you look, I take it that didn't go over well..."


    Reginald smiled: "On the contrary, it was a wonderous kiss and I could feel Colette wanted to kiss me, too, and I had such happiness come over me. It was the best feeling I have ever had..."

    Thaddeus: "I know I will have a wondrous kiss with Isabelle...I have been dreaming about the moment all night..."


    Reginald: "...and that is all it was...a moment...because when we parted Colette looked at me and there were tears in her eyes, and she told me that she knew I wanted to enter into a marriage contract with someone, but that it could not be with her...that she could not marry anyone...and then she ran away...I made a dreadful mistake and now I do not know what to do..."

    Thaddeus: "Reginald, I'm so sorry that happened. But what Colette told you is rather strange because Parson Bernard is the one who wanted a marriage contract for his three nieces. Why would Colette run away if she knew you were interested in her?"

    Reginald: "Yes, I have mulled that over in my head as well, and Colette is not the rebellious type who would go against what her uncle would want for her. Something does not make sense, but I cannot quite figure it out."


    Thaddeus: "You know Isabelle told me that when their mother passed and they moved in with their uncle, that Colette had taken on all of the household and farm duties, and took care of Isabelle and Francesca and their uncle. The reason why Isabelle got into needlepoint was that one day she found Colette slumped over in a chair asleep with some unfinished mending in her hands. That's when Isabelle volunteered to do the mending because she felt her sister had taken on too much."

    Reginald nodded his head, "Ah, yes, some of this makes sense now. That is why she wanted to meet me, you know, to tell me I could send Francesca a note as she had not received any as yet. She was trying to match me with her sister. She was putting her sisters' happiness above her own..."

    Thaddeus: "Um...about Francesca...after you left, William dispatched a message to Francesca and asked her on a date today. So, I hope you weren't still thinking of asking Francesca..."


    Reginald: "Heavens no! The girl gave me a rock as a gift! I already told Colette that Francesca and I were not suited for each other, and that it was Colette that I was interested in. It has really been Colette all along and when I saw her again last night, it just reinforced the feelings that I had for her...."

    Thaddeus: "Forsooth Reginald! There is only one thing to do. You must go to her. You must ask her to explain her reasonings to you of why she said she could not marry anyone..."

    Reginald just sat there not moving.


    Thaddeus: "Reginald! What are you still sitting here for? Go to her! From what I saw yesterday. and the way she looked at you, I believe she has feelings for you, too. But perhaps you just need to go slower with her..."


    Reginald: "Oh Thaddeus, you are quite right. I must go to her. Yes, I will take things slow. I will see her everyday so that she knows I am loyal and true to only her. Thank you and Godspeed on your date with Isabelle today..."

    As Reginald rushed out the door, Thaddeus smiled and thought about his up-coming date with Isabelle. He was certainly glad that Isabelle was not like either of her sisters. Colette seemed rather high strung and Francesca lived in a fantasy world. As far as Thaddeus was concerned, he was getting the best niece.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Reginald strode up the long path towards Colette's house and when he arrived, knocked on the door. Colette, herself, opened the door and had a surprised look on her face when she saw him standing there.


    Colette: "Reginald! What...what are you doing here? I...I wasn't expecting to see you..."

    Reginald: "May I come in? I need to speak with you about what transpired last night..."

    Colette looked around, "Reginald...please lower your one knows that I went to meet you last night...and if my uncle found out I went to see you unchaperoned, he would...he would..."


    Reginald: "He would speak with my father and you would be forced to marry me..."

    Colette nodded her head, "Yes...that is what would happen..."


    Reginald: "But that is not what I want to happen. I would never want you to do anything against your will. No, I have come here to tell you that I am deeply sorry for dishonoring you, Colette. You put your trust in me, and I let you down. But know this, I will make things right. I know how you have taken on everything, Colette, after your mother passed and you moved here. You have looked after everything and ensured your sisters were cared for. You have put their needs before your own. But soon, you will not have to worry about your sisters anymore. I am positive that they will each have a marriage contract soon. And then you will be free to live your own life. And until then, I will call on you each and everyday to pledge my loyalty to you. To show you that I am true in my feelings for you and it is only you who I want to be with..."


    Colette bit her lip, "Reginald, you do not understand...I cannot leave here...I cannot be with anyone..."

    Reginald: "Colette, you have cared for everyone for so long, let me be the one to care for you now. I will do anything that you ask of me, but I need to know the reason why you say you cannot be with me. I have strong feelings for you Colette. and I felt last night...that your feelings for me were the same. But perhaps I was wrong. So, tell me now Colette...look me in the eye and tell me that you do not have feelings for me...and I shall leave here and never bother you again..."


    Colette looked at Reginald and saw the dark circles beneath his eyes, his face etched in concern as he looked at her. She saw his tender eyes gazing lovingly at her...eyes that seemed to be boring into her very soul...eyes that were looking at only her, waiting for her answer...


    Colette: "I...I..." is all she managed to say and then lowered her eyes and broke down crying, "Oh Reginald, I cannot deny it, I have feelings for you...strong feelings...and my heart was in such pain last night when I ran from you...and I want to be with you, Reginald, but I just can't...I can't..."

    Reginald gently held her and made soothing noises, "My dearest Colette, you need to tell me why...I still do not understand...if we both have feelings for each other...why can you not be with me?"


    Colette looked up at him and then suddenly it all came pouring out. Even after her sisters left, she had to stay to look after her uncle. He needed her help and had no one to look after him. He was getting on in years and needed help with the farm and the house. She would be riddled with guilt if she went to live her own life and left him here alone.


    Reginald now understood everything. Of course, her uncle. She was so dedicated to not only her sisters, but her uncle as well, that she had decided that her only recourse was to not marry so that she could look after him.

    As Reginald was about to say something, Colette's uncle walked up to them. Apparently he had overheard their entire conversation.


    Parson Bernard: "Is this true Colette? That you had planned to forsake a marriage contract to stay here and look after me?"

    Colette nodded quietly.

    Parson Bernard: "Well that is hogwash! Before you and your sisters came to live with me, I was most certainly capable of taking care of myself. The only reason I let you take over the household duties was that I thought you enjoyed it. You seemed to have a natural talent for it. And now you are denying yourself the happiness you deserve with this gallant Knight who has professed his feelings to you and you have professed your feelings to him?"


    Colette: "Uncle...forgive me...I was torn on what to do...and when you entered an agreement with the Fletcher family for a marriage contract, I...I...had decided that I would promote Isabelle and Francesca to have a marriage contract...and once they were married, I would be left alone to care for you...I just...I just never expected to meet anyone like Reginald and have feelings for him...I'm so sorry Uncle, I meant no disrespect..."


    Parson Bernard came over to Colette and hugged her lovingly, "My dear, dear child. What burdens you have borne and I have been blind to see the consequences of my actions. I have never wanted you to give up your life and dreams for me. Why do you think I tutored you all these years? So that you could make your own decisions and live your own life..."


    Reginald: "Parson Bernard, if I may, I believe I have a solution to this. I have committed to seeing Colette everyday, and soon I will be a Knight and with that, I will receive a small stipend. And, in a few years' time I will be able to afford a small cottage somewhere here in The Bramblewood. And then, if Colette agrees, we will wed and live there. And then Colette would be close enough to come and visit you everyday..."

    Parson Bernard: "A FEW YEARS' TIME? That is utter nonsense! Your father told me that he was hoping that you would live next door to the Fletcher Farm at the Thatcher Farm. Why would you not do that?"


    Reginald: "That farm is more suited for Thaddeus. He is over there almost everyday working in the blacksmith shop that is on the property. If anyone should live there, it should be him. No, I feel that living in The Bramblewood would be a better solution as it is close to the Knight's Stronghold."

    Parson Bernard: "Yes, that seems logical. But you forgot one thing. If you are correct in saying that Isabelle and Francesca will have a marriage contract soon, then this house will be relatively empty. Here is what I think. Why don't you both live here with me? And then you won't have to wait years if you wish to wed. It certainly makes more sense..."


    Colette's face lit up, "Oh Uncle! Are you sure?"

    Parson Bernard: "Of course...and I had always fancied my own sleeping cottage...perhaps in that corner. I am sure that a strapping young Knight like Reginald would be able to build such a shelter?"

    Reginald: "I would be honored to, Parson Bernard..."


    Parson Bernard, "Well it's settled then. And now both of you have some talking to do...and I am off to find your sister, Francesca...that girl is never around when the garden needs tending...always off talking to those wild rabbits..." he said, winking at Reginald as he left.

    Reginald: "Colette, I apologize for not having figured this out sooner. But I understand everything now. I understand why you did the things you did. But now everything can be solved, and you can continue to look after your Uncle. And I will look after and care for you, like you have cared for others for so much of your life. That is...if you want me to...if you want to be with me..."


    Colette: "Oh yes, Reginald, with all my heart, you are the only one I want to be with..."

    Reginald then got down on one knee, "I pledge myself to you Colette. With all my heart, M'lady, you are the only one I want to be with. The one I will remain loyal to forever..."



    And with that, Reginald gave Colette a token of his affection. Then they kissed with no hesitation or regrets, and this time when they parted, Colette was smiling at him.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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    @xaenyth - Yes, Reginald, always so logical and in control, absolutely lost it and kissed Colette. But we will soon find out why she ran away from him.

    @flauschtrud - Is the compatibility feature in Growing Together because I don't have that pack as yet. So, no, I have no idea if they are, but sometimes you can just tell in how they act towards each other in the game.

    @Belalucina - Thank you so much for reading my story. And in today's up-date is the answer to why she ran away from Reginald.
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    Aw, what a great update. <3 I'm such a sucker for romantic stuff. Lol.
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    SoulGal7 wrote: »
    Is the compatibility feature in Growing Together because I don't have that pack as yet. So, no, I have no idea if they are, but sometimes you can just tell in how they act towards each other in the game.
    Yes, it is. I quite like it because this way not all relationships are the same. The compatibility depends on the Sims' traits and their likes and dislikes concerning other Sims (so you could have a Sims that likes Nature Enthusiasts but dislikes Optimistic Sims for example). And it can change over time if they gain or change traits with Personality Discoveries.

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    @flauschtrud - Oh, yes, I remember seeing the video now. I normally buy all the packs, especially ones with new worlds, but I was away when that one came out. So, hoping I get it for Christmas. Maybe when I do, I will have to do a test and do a new save with these families again to see what their compatibility would have been at the start. A little experiment. lol

    @Belalucina - I am a romantic at heart myself, and often, when I pause the game and get a great screenshot showing their emotions for each other, I'm like...ahh...aren't they cute together? lol
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    @SoulGal7 same lol. :D<3

    I just skimmed through the rules for this challenge and it looks really in depth and fun. I don't know how many challenges I can handle at once, but now I want to try this one too. :D Oh, what to do.
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
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    @xaenyth @flauschtrud @Belalucina


    After Reginald left to clear up the misunderstanding with Colette, Thaddeus ate some breakfast and then set out for his date with Isabelle. He was meeting Isabelle and the chaperone at Ye Olde Playground, which was located in The Bramblewood, and a fair distance from the Fletcher Farm.

    When he arrived, he saw Isabelle sitting on a bench chatting with an older woman. He went over and bowed slightly to them both, and found out that the older woman was Agatha Crumplebottom, the village's matchmaker.


    Agatha nodded to Thaddeus:"I am delighted to meet you. Parson Bernard informed me straight away of your intentions for today, and as luck would have it, I was free this morning. Now, I will be sitting over yonder, so please enjoy your time together and don't heed my presence."

    As Agatha got up and walked towards some tables, she glanced back and thought how charming Isabelle and Thaddeus looked together.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    When Agatha had gone, Thaddeus smiled at Isabelle and told her how lovely she looked, "Thank you for coming today, Isabelle. I know this might seem like an odd place to take someone on a date, but I had reason to bring you here."


    Isabelle: "Oh no, I think it is a wonderful place for a date. The weather is good, and the sounds of children fill the air. Besides, I was admiring some of the playground sculptures and was rather intrigued by that ship..."

    Thaddeus looked surprised: " like that ship?"


    Isabelle: "Oh yes, I ran my hand over the hull and the wood was so smooth. Inside, there is a ship's wheel and there is even a wooden cannon. I have never seen such a ship in person, but I did see a picture of a Viking ship once in a picture book, and it looks just like it."

    Thaddeus shook his head in disbelief, "That ship...that ship is the reason I brought you here. You mentioned yesterday that you wanted to see some of my woodworking, and this is the best piece I have made so far..."

    Isabelle: "Thaddeus, you made that? It is so beautiful, and the detail that you took to craft it...I am rather speechless. It must have taken you months to complete."

    Thaddeus smiled and nodded, "Yes, it took a long time to craft, and I had many scrapes and bruises from my efforts..."

    Isabelle looked at him, "Is that when you had the woodworking accident? Did you injure your eye when you were working on this piece?"


    Thaddeus looked at Isabelle suddenly, "Oh...this..." he said and touched the scar.

    Isabelle looked concerned: "Oh I am so sorry to bring up that memory and I neglected to bring some sachets with me. Oh, Thaddeus, I meant no harm in speaking of it..."

    Thaddeus: ", it's's just I don't know why your uncle told you that...maybe it sounded better than what really happened..."

    Isabelle: "I don't understand. Whatever do you mean, Thaddeus...?"

    Thaddeus: "Oh Isabelle, I have such feelings for you...that I am afraid that if I tell you what really happened that you will think ill of me, and perhaps not want to see me anymore...and I don't think I could bear that..."

    Isabelle: "Thaddeus...if we are not completely honest with each other, then there can never be any trust in our relationship. I have feelings for you, too, Thaddeus, and I know that no matter what you tell me, my feelings for you will not change..."


    Thaddeus: "You have feelings for me, too? Oh Isabelle, that makes me so happy. And, yes, you're right, we need to be honest with each other..." he said and took a deep breath, "When Finchwick had decided to create this community space, they commissioned me to craft some of the playground sculptures. I also crafted those swings and some wooden blocks for smaller children to play with. But that ship, that ship was my crowning glory. When it was finished, I received a substantial amount of simoleons, although it was not quite enough. You see, I had always wanted to open my own blacksmith shop, and I needed even more simoleons to do it. So, after receiving the simoleons, I went to the Gnomes' Arms Pub to celebrate. I might have imbibed a bit too much in the drink, and got talking to another peasant and told him of my earnings from the playground sculpture. We got on quite well, and then the peasant told me that he was meeting some others to play a friendly game of cards, and that I was welcome to join them. I am not one to normally do that, but I decided to play a few hands and then head home.


    Well, at first, I was winning...everything seemed to be in my favor...and the other peasant bought more rounds of drink for us. In fact, many more rounds of drinks. I started to get an idea in my head and I felt I could win it all, and have the simoleons I needed to open my own blacksmith shop. And so, in the final hand, I placed all of my coins on the table, and in one swoop, lost it all. I could see the peasant and his friends chuckling at me. and they promptly got up and were going to leave. I asked them to play another hand so that I could have a chance to win some of my simoleons back, but they just laughed at me. And then my temper got the best of me, and I stood up and had words with them. One thing led to another, and we drew swords. I was not as steady on my feet as I should have been, and one of the peasant's swords gashed me in the face. I fell to the ground dripping blood and they ran off. The barkeep came over and dispatched a messenger to my house, and gave me a cloth to place over the wound. When my father came to fetch me, I was too embarrassed to tell him that I had lost all of my simoleons in a card game. I just told him that I had drunk too much, and my temper had bested me and I had accused someone of cheating in a card game, and we got in a sword fight. My father didn't say a word, and just brought me to the apothecary where they fixed up my eye as best as they could. It could have been worse, and I could have lost sight in that eye, so I was lucky. So that is what really happened, I really got this scar..."


    Isabelle: "Oh, Thaddeus...I am so sorry that happened to you. But it sounds like you were set-up from the beginning. The peasant and his friends sound like common thieves, who were skilled at games of chance. I know nothing of the game of cards, but it sounds like you were swindled out of those funds. And I understand why you got were more angry at yourself...weren't you...?"

    Thaddeus:"Yes, I was so angry at myself for having gotten into that situation and losing all the simoleons that I had worked so hard to earn. And my dream of owning that blacksmith shop was now further away than it was before I walked into the pub..."

    Isabelle: "So, why did you think I would feel differently about you if you told me the truth?"


    Thaddeus: "I thought...I thought that you would think me hot-headed, and one who gambles away their funds so easily. That I might not be a sim who was worthy of your affections because I could not provide for you. I know I can be hot tempered at times, but each day, when I look in the mirror, I am reminded of that incident, and know that I will never gamble away my funds again..."

    Isabelle: "Oh Thaddeus, my feelings for you haven't changed. I know you are a hard-working sim and just seeing that ship that you crafted...I know that you take great pride in your work. In fact, after what you have told me, my feelings for you are now even stronger...and I...I find you quite handsome..." she said as she reached out her hand to touch his face, "May I?" she asked quietly.


    Thaddeus nodded and closed his eyes as she traced the scar with her fingertips. Her featherlite touch felt soft and caring on his skin, and he was suddenly overcome with a wave of desire. He quickly opened his eyes, and clasped her wrist in his willing her to stop, "Isabelle, you mustn't. You have no idea what you are doing to me..."

    Isabelle: "Oh forgive me, I did not mean to hurt you..."


    Thaddeus: "On the contrary, Isabelle, you have set me on fire with your touch. I have never felt this way before. My feelings are so strong for you, and I feel that my heart will burst from my chest. I...I burn for you, Isabelle and I am sincere in saying that I want no other..."

    Isabelle's hand was trembling and her face was flushed, and Thaddeus realized he was still holding her wrist and released it.


    Thaddeus: "Isabelle, forgive me. I...I didn't mean to utter anything inappropriate. I cannot put into proper words the way I am feeling about you..."

    Isabelle: "I burn for you, too, Thaddeus. Yesterday when we met, I was so drawn to you...and I wanted to...I wanted to touch your hair, and your face, and feel your strong arms wrapped around me...and last night...I dreamt of you. I know this all sounds so foolish, and I can't explain why I feel like this. Is this wrong of me?"


    Thaddeus: "Oh Isabelle, no, it is not wrong. I feel it, too. From the moment I met you, I felt we were destined to be together. And...and last night, I dreamt of you, too, Isabelle. I dreamt of kissing you...and now, having you so close to me, I want to feel your sweet lips on mine..."

    Isabelle blushed, "Oh Thaddeus, you know what that would mean if you kissed me here with all these sims around? And the matchmaker would certainly see. It would be like you were pledging yourself to me..."

    Thaddeus: "Yes, that is exactly what I had in mind. I want to pledge myself to you, Isabelle, body and soul. You are the most beautiful, kindest, talented sim I have ever met, and I feel that we have a future together. That is, if you will have me..."

    Isabelle wet her lips, "Thaddeus, before I answer...I need to ask you something..."

    Thaddeus smiled at her, "Alright...ask me anything sweet Isabelle..."


    Isabelle: "Well, I had heard in town that when a woman is wed, that she is expected to attend to her husband and family, and that the woman's husband will ask her to leave any commitments that she has. So, the woman's husband would probably ask her to leave her place on the Weaver's Guild and stay home...and it has always been a dream of mine to become a master-weaver, and I was wondering..."

    Thaddeus interrupted: "...and you were wondering if I would be like this woman's husband and ask you to leave the Weaver's Guild?"


    Isabelle looking imploring at him and nodded.

    Thaddeus: "If you were to wed a sim who would not allow you to continue your craft, when you are obviously very gifted, then that sim is not the sim you should be with..."

    Isabelle: "He isn't?"


    Thaddeus: "No, he isn't. The type of sim that you should marry is one who will encourage you to explore new areas and continue to pursue your craft. A sim...a sim like me..."

    Isabelle smiled at him, "Oh yes, a sim who knows my dreams..."


    Thaddeus:"Indeed. And I do believe that this sim would also take you in his arms and pledge his feelings for you no matter who is around," "he said cupping her face in his hands, "So...Isabelle...shall I bestow a kiss upon you now?"

    Isabelle smiled at Thaddeus and nodded, and Thaddeus drew her close to him and gently kissed her. There were audible gasps from sims around them, but they didn't hear. They were lost in their own world, both locked in a kiss that neither wanted to end.


    They parted slowly and Isabelle visibly fanned herself with her hand, "Oh my!" is all she said.

    Thaddeus: "That was so much better than the dream I had of kissing much better...and I will most certainly want to do that more often..." he said looking longingly at her. And Thaddeus smiled happily and knew that he had been right about his feelings for Isabelle all along.

    And then Thaddeus got down on one knee and gave Isabelle a token of his affection: "My dearest Isabelle, I pledge myself to you. I give you my heart and will devote myself to you and only you, now and for all time. And together we will share our dreams together..."


    And Isabelle smiled and accepted the token and they kissed again. And all around them, the sims cheered and clapped their hands.


    From where she was sitting, Agatha had suddenly heard a commotion and stood up. She saw Thaddeus down on one knee and Isabelle accepting his token of affection.


    Agatha smiled: "Ah, yes. I knew these two would be the right match for each other. Parson Bernard and Ian Fetcher will be most pleased with the outcome of this date. Oh my! And look how they gaze at each other...a true love match has been made..."


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    "I burn for you", is a most passionate, romantic way of saying "I love you".

    @snarkysims - Ye Olde Playground build credit, I also added some items for toddlers as well.

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    @Belalucina - Oh that would be great if you did the challenge, and you are most welcome to post your progress here. My start is a big longer, because I decided to have 3 brothers, one being the heir and 2 side families. The side families are a good idea in case your heir should die. If you have mods, you can start as a teen, already married. And then the challenge can start immediately. I did try to start this challenge as a rags to riches with a YA, but decided against it. The 1300s are only 4 days and at the end of those 4 days, my sim didn't even have enough to build anything. I felt it would take too long that way.
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