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2 pet ideas....

Getting excited for horses has made me think about the other pets!

Idea 1- assistance/service vests for dogs. Im pretty sure we dont have anything like this yet and with sims getting hearing aids and blood sugar monitors it makes sense for them to be able to have service dogs too.

Idea 2- a pet bird kit pack. It really wouldnt justify a game pack or even a stuff pack but we havent had a gameplay kit since Bust the Dust so what about a bird pack with some cute pet birds. I know caged birds isnt great IRL but Id love for sims to be able to have a pet parrot or pair of lovebirds!


  • luthienrisingluthienrising Posts: 37,491 Member
    These are great ideas! I think vests alone wouldn't be enough for service dogs, but if there was accompanying coding for how the Sim and the dog relate when the dog is vested, that would be really interesting.
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  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 7,142 Member
    Maybe if we could teach dogs some tricks and they would get their service vest when they graduate from service dog school. I would love pet birds, not just the caged version, but would love if sims could feed pigeons in the park for example, or maybe if they could have a sort of tamed crow or such big bird they could feed and call over and pet and such. The crow could bring some shiny presents in return now and then. I like the bird feeder we have in game, would love if we could pour water into the bird bath too and have birds come over as well, and sims could watch them and clean it and add more water.
  • MichelleWMichelleW Posts: 649 Member
    I would buy a bird kit. It could be a pet bird situation and/or outdoor bird related stuff. Pet bird preferred. I wish we could get bird watching.
    I don't typically buy kits but this is an idea I would be interested in.
  • BreakTheSilenceBreakTheSilence Posts: 34 Member
    My only problem with the birds is that you can't really do anything with them in the game, but not even in the reality, because if you take them out of the cage, they just fly away, and you can buy a new one. But the decoration is at least brightened up by them.
  • dogzdinnerdogzdinner Posts: 415 Member
    edited June 27
    In my dream kit birds would be much more interactive. The way I see it you could have smaller birds that function like the My First Pets so interactions would be limited to things watch/treat but then I would have much bigger birds like parrots and crows which is where thegameplay comes in!
    I see them functioning like a cross between chickens and cats/dogs. So they would be tied to a cage but you could allow them to Free Fly (the sim takes them outside/a large area for a fly around), send them to their cage or 'Free Roam'. Because larger parrots/corvids seem to spend a majority of their time walking/climbing rather then flying I see them roaming about your house like chickens (except they would eat from pet bowls, sleep in small pet beds and climb cat towers!).
    Also give them a skill tree!! So talking to a parrot would increase social needs for adults/children (maybe telling them jokes would increase comedy skill too) and also build the parrots communication skills. At high level they would be able to repeat some simlish phrases and also talk to toddlers to increase their communication skills.

    Clearly I have thought about this waaaaaay too much!LOL
    But its past time we had another gameplay kit and so why not make it a good one!!
  • DarrellRBeebeDarrellRBeebe Posts: 663 Member
    In the Sims 3, the birds could ride on your shoulder and they didn't fly away. Give the birds a little Sims 4-style personality and bring them back. I miss my spellcaster having his pet raven on his shoulder as he walked about town.
    I'd also love for my Sims to have pet boa constrictors/pythons, and they too would ride on our Sims shoulders ...
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