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TS4 - Buying a Business While at University: What Happens Post Graduation?

My sim, "Junior," went to university from a world where the head of household had a business (a money tree orchard). The original household split the personal wealth with Junior 50:50, so he went to University with all the money he'd ever need.

While at university Junior decided to purchase a business, the "Sidewinder Cafe," (an awesome build in a Strangerville neighborhood based off the movie Badgad Cafe from the 80's) where he could:
  1. Fulfill an aspirational goal of owning a rocket ship [I don't think you can't buy a steam-punk DIY rocket ship while living in the dorms]
  2. Stash another max load of Simoleans which was easily accumulated by revisiting Daddy's money tree orchard before the 5:00am spawn.
After graduation when he moved back into Daddy's house, all the excess Simoleans Junior accumulated at university was rounded off to max household wealth. But more importantly his link to the Sidewinder Cafe and all the money stashed in the cafe didn't exist either.

What happened to title of the business?

Thanks to an IRL power outage, I'm back at university with my business intact.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance,


  • EgonVMEgonVM Posts: 4,652 Member
    In The Sims 4, business don't belong to one sim, but rather to the household. This means that if a sim buys a business and then moves out of the household, they can no longer run it.

    My only advice would be sell the business before moving out, send the sim off with all the money they got from the sale, and rebuy the business after moving out.
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