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The Sims 4 Horse ranch negative discussion.



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    This is random but
    why no matching wooden toilet?
    all I want is wooden toilet to put with my wooden tub and wooden sink *sighs*
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    LeucosiaX wrote: »
    SheriSim57 wrote: »
    LeucosiaX wrote: »
    Does that confirm that this is the shallowest EP yet? No overarching new gameplay system (Milestones, Clubs, Lifestyles etc.), few new gameplay aside from horses and nectar making, mostly rabbitholes.

    At least they seem to have gotten the horses part good! But the rest... It's empty.

    Please EA give the sims team more budget

    I agree. While I love the world, I think it's my new favorite, and the horses are just a dream to play, I am underwhelmed with the lack of gameplay. No new systems, when there totally could have been,

    Like the stables parked in from of the equestrian center, that should have been a new lot type, and its totally boring going there- nothing to do. Great set dressing, but while not make it stables where sims on vacation or who dont have horses could rent horses, or horse owner club meetings with events.

    Let's not talk about the rabbithole equestrian center. All that work and you dont even get to see the fruits of you labor, which would be radically fun. The could have made it like visiting the studios in get famous or go to work active careers. I really wanted horses races, and betting and stadium seating for spectators not involved as a thing to do.. And still would like a stadium to show dogs, - I wish showing dogs (and cats) could be a refresh.

    The nectar making kills me, because so much potential. Vineyard should be a new lot. Someone owns a vineyard and can have wine tasting and selling there. EVen host weddings. Wedding stories refresh would be cool because that's a perfect place for a vineyard.

    Also, the dead town. Like ghost there not an inside joke from the developers because theres nothing to do there. everything looks amazing but just set dressing. I wish get to work could have a refresh, and after you get so far in your skill, you unlock some of these storefronts to own and even make a nectar store in the community. like why not?

    I sure wish you could rent a stable for your horses, that way people who owned small lots or lived in the apartments could have a horse because they could rent a stable. Or like you said people on vacation could actually rent a horse. I’m having to move my people out of their apartments just so they can own a horse. And, why did they not make more 30 x 40 lots instead of 20 x 30 lots in Chestnut Ridge as horses need a bit of roaming space?

    I am assuming horse riding was put into the club system of get together. If not, I would say that’s a big mistake! I haven’t yet given my sims their horses as I have been setting up their homes/stables.

    And when it comes to rabbit holes, I just plain don’t like them. That’s why I just gave up on the sims 3 after gettin mg the base game. I loved the get to work careers because they weren’t rabbit holes. That pack sold me on the sims 4 because we could actually go to a work place. And if they do do a refresh on Get to Work, I hope they make the work lot just like the school lot where it can easily be replaced or even just slightly altered without using cheats. I’d also like to see a simple clothing lot trait where you have to buy stuff to open up that piece of clothing, jewelry, glasses etc., also give us racks where we can pick any clothing item we want, jewelry/accessory counters to pick jewelry, glasses, etc., shoe racks, and hat racks to pick those things from. I also want to see produce bins where we can get our produce from. Some grocery store shelves, and the ability to sell sugar, flour, mayonnaise, milk, eggs, etc. a grocery store owner should be able to buy all of that stuff from a catalogue ( supplier ), if you own the pack that that stuff came in, same with produce, if you own Get to Work, you should be able to sell anything from other packs without having to be able to make it, or grow it, like candles and special furniture from eco living, honey from seasons, produce from the various packs you own, from bins etc. and, we need a costume slot, just like we have a slot for hot and cold weather, so we can have costume parties where our rotated sims can show up in the costumes we gave them, or show up to the Geek con festival in city living in the costumes we picked.

    Ok, getting back to horses, horse racing would have been a nice thing to add too, but it would have probably been a rabbit hole too, but, at least we might have been able to have a famous horse.

    This would have been a great pack to add a bed and breakfast along with wine testing. I can Imagine what a nice vacation world Chestnut Ridge could have been if the had added rentable horses, a bed and breakfast lot, and a wine tasting lot…..

    That being said, I do like that they gave us some ways to make money in the pack, teaching riding lessons, renting out goats etc. even if they are rabbit holes.

    @SheriSim57 The world is so big, all the lots should have been big. Horse Stables and Vineyard Venue lots should have ben added to the game for this expansion. While I still run horse rental and vineyard selling, it leaves a lot to the imagination and a lot of work. I have sims visit and give them money as a gift, the friend their horse and ride them. While it almost works like the real thing, I should have to fudge an interaction and use my imagination for something that should have been obvious in the game.

    For my vineyard, I have to have a sim visit- give them a gift of money and then play as the family to give a gift as wine. If loading screens were not ridiculous long this would be more often possible. I tried to through a ranch party, everyone ignored the drinks I made by the bar and food and pet the sheep. Just odd. I cant even have sheep or horses in the vineyard lot because of grade change. There is barely room for growing produce. Gardening is biged- crops often don't grow.

    It's just so many things wrong, I am sure they can fix it and even make it work great and add more much needed features.

    I missed sims 3 but everyone raves about it. I really think they should have given use pet birds and all the animals I saw they had in sims 3.

    Get to work, you should have to heckle someone for three hours to buy one thing. Highly unrealistic. I which they could give that a refresh. Vineyard shop would be great, however, get real. Each bottle has to be smashed by foot per person? I mean- whiles it funny and cute at first, at some point you should be able to unlock a machine like a cupcake machine to produce more, if we are to run a vineyard for profit. I have three sims in the basement like a sweat shop, all the time working, its just gross.

    Bed and breakfast with family still there would be a great idea. Also wedding venue were it's your house and you host the event, as a job is also something that should be considered for either tws or hr refresh as it would be perfect. While from what I have experience, horse ranch and vineyard are privately family owned, at least the event should have been added. Also many of the towns store fronts, miss opportunity we could have the lots to make our own stores in the this community. The feeling of constantly being shorthanded in all their packs is a constant theme.

    My biggest quarrel is the equestrian center. You go to this huge event, and it sounds so fun and bustling inside, but it leaves the player outside, like hes missing everything. It's totally insulting and they left out the aspect that would have made this feel like a game, to participate and spectate this sport. The developers act like a really fun game is not within their programing capabilities, but I truly doubt that. I think it intently makes you feel not content, so you buy more packs. Like so much furniture is so oddly themed, but no normal furniture, to carry the game. It's on cue for their selling strategy. Also a game that supposed to mimic life, but so many aspects of it, are not available. It endless what they can do, and lunchboxes and backpack for students is cool and all, but handbags and packs for regular sims, long overdue. Is it too hard to make an animation of them looking through the bag? It's 2023?

    With Get to work once you put a bottle of wine up for sale can’t you just have your sim replace it like you do other things that you sell on a table or rack without having to produce more wine bottles? Also if you can’t do that you might try uploading a small room with bottles of wine to the gallery, and then downloading them to your retail winery whenever you need more bottles. I know you woukdn’t make as much off of them that way, but you could upload them before aging them, then age them and sell them. I think stuff gets marked up by how much you are marking them up. And with a store, if you play rotationally your other sims can go and buy wine there ( and the sim who owns the store gets credit for it ). Photo’s and paintings ( by reference ). Are great stores to have too. I have a photographer with a store, and plan to add a store for my painter too. My other Sims buy landscape photo’s at the photo store.

    And yes, I hate that the equestrian center is a rabbit hole too. Sims 3 had a lot of rabbit holes in the beginning ( even dining out was a rabbit hole ), which I why I gave up on Sims 3 from the beginning. I’m upset with For Rent having so many rabbit holes too. Rabbit holes are not game play to me…..
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