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A Fox's Tail's 100 Adopted Babies Challenge

afoxstailafoxstail Posts: 29 Member
Hi all! I recently started the 100 Adopted Babies Challenge with amended rules, especially since I started out after the infant challenge.

Similar to the 100 Babies Challenge, the 100 Adopted Babies Challenge involves raising 100 babies. Except every child has to be adopted.

I'm basing my structure off of the Toni Schwartz 'The Sims 100 Baby Adoption Challenge: Rules' post. However, I've also added and amended some rules.

  • Raise 100 adopted children, with only 7 children allowed at a time. The Guardian (founder/parental guardian) must not get a permanent or part-time job and the role of the Guardian starts with the Founder.
  • The challenge is completed when the 100th child is adopted.
  • The entire family must be played on normal lifespan.

Founder Rules
  • The Founder starts as a young adult. When the Founder is an elder, the next Guardian can be chosen from any of the young adults (or teens to be made into young adults) in the current household. The Founder is then moved out of the household.

Guardian Rules
  • The Guardian cannot ever leave the lot.
  • The Guardian cannot get married.
  • The Guardian cannot get a job.

House Rules

I've created a house which will last for the entirety of the challenge. Amendments can be made but they cannot move into a new house. The lot traits cannot be changed, you can pick any you like but for myself I picked:
  • Child's Play
  • Homey
  • Home Studio

(Good Schools just feels too much like cheating).

Children Rules
  • The Guardian can only adopt babies. The household begins with 16,000 Simoleons, enough to adopt 16 babies.
  • All traits are randomised and cannot be picked. No do-overs of randomised traits.
  • Newborns age up on their birthday OR when they have a full relationship bar with the Guardian.
  • Infants age up on their birthday OR once they have tried all the new foods in the high chair.
  • Toddlers age up once they reach Level 3 of all toddler skills.
  • Children age up once they either reach A grade level at school or Level 5 of all Social, Mental, Creativity, and Motor skills.
  • Teens age up once they either reach A grade level at school or reach Level 3 of a part-time career.

Mod Rules
  • No cheats.
  • No mods. MC Command Center is the only one I have access to, but I cannot use any of its cheats, only information provided by it.

I'll post some info on my own challenge, the Silvergroves, but I'd love for anyone to join me!
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  • afoxstailafoxstail Posts: 29 Member
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    Silvergrove 100 Adopted Babies Challenge
    I've been posting and scheduling updates to Instagram but here's my progress so far! As a note: the Silvergrove family all use they/them pronouns, though I haven't actually been changing this in CAS, but if I put any of them up on the Gallery then I will.

    Guardian: Kit Silvergrove
    Baby Count: 13
    Stupidest Moment: Kit causing a fire before AND after adopting the first baby, followed by Young Adult!Baby #1 coming over and starting 3 different kitchen fires.
    Cheatiest Moment: Setting up a Kit's Kids club to have the 'graduated' Young Adults come over and help cook, clean, and repair.

    List of offspring so far:
    1. Zackery
    2. Pamela
    3. Rowan
    4. Tori
    5. Jaxen
    6. Adelyn
    7. Natalie
    8. Charley
    9. Trever - child
    10. Kyra - child
    11. Luca - child
    12. Eliza - infant
    13. Deven - infant

    Photos of offspring who have left home:
    Zackery was quick to fly up the grades at school, both as a child and a teenager. Now it's time for them to fly the nest.
    Pamela is out of here! Having achieved an A grade in high school, they've set out for themself.
    Rowan helped raise their younger siblings during the chaos days and still managed to earn an A grade.
    Jaxen is the first of our kids to have reached Level 3 in a part-time career: Manual Labourer.
    Tori tried to cheat their way into an A grade, but eventually they managed to become top of the barista career to actually escape.
    Adelyn has reached Level 4 of Drama Club and is leaving us!
    Natalie decided babysitting for other families was better than staying home at the weekends to babysit their family, and now it's time to fly the nest as they start work at a daycare.
    Charley achieved an A at high school and is now on their way out!
  • afoxstailafoxstail Posts: 29 Member
    After Charley, the next two babies adopted are Trever and Kyra, who took the longest to age up. With Kit nearing elder age, I was really trying to work out who would be the best Guardian to follow them... and look who won out.
    Trever! Trever is Good, Self-Absorbed, and a Loner, but I also took the time to give them the Responsible, Good Manners, and Emotional Control character value traits (Kyra didn't age up quickly enough to achieve their chosen 3 traits). They also got Top Notch Infant and Happy Toddler, so I'm hopeful this combination really helps them raise another 15+ babies up to young adults!

    As for Kit? I've sent them to a wonderful retirement home where Trever will eventually meet them! We had a massive birthday party for them as well, but I took a video instead of taking screenshots sadly!

    So, onwards! The next newborn adopted was Tessa, Trever's first baby <3
  • afoxstailafoxstail Posts: 29 Member
    After adopting 6 newborns, Trever is saying goodbye to their first kid! Tessa strides out of the house as a young adult.

    Honestly, one of the most attractive Sims to have come out of this household.
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