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How many children do your sims have?


  • ItsGamerRachItsGamerRach Posts: 42 Member
    Three to five is my normal for kids, but if I'm trying to keep my save calm I'll only have one or two 😅
  • SnaveXsSnaveXs Posts: 4,322 Member
    The most is 12 children who are part of the Washington family. They are a family that I've made since Sims 2 when the Sims 2 game used to challenge you to make 10 children and 20 grandchildren. I usually make the first generations large and then the second generations is usually 1 or 2 kids.
  • SheriSim57SheriSim57 Posts: 6,949 Member
    I play rotationally and each household is different.

    In my main save I have aging off most of the time and have:

    I have one household with 2 teens, 2 children, and one newborn, soon to be infant…. So 5 altogether, but will most likely become 6 soon after my newborn is aged up to infant.

    I have quite a few households with one child each…. They range from newborn to teen.

    I have a few households with 2 children. Some with 1 teen, and one child. Some with 2 children. One family has 1 teen and 1 child with both parents and one set of grandparents in the household ( the other set of grandparents just moved out awhile ago to have a dog and then also a farm as well ).

    Not all children are raised by 2 parents though. One is with a grandmother, one with a single dad, one household has a child and teen raised by a young adult sister who is planning on marrying a sim that moved into the household and will be starting her own family as well soon after. And, another family with a teen, a single (A) mother, with the single mothers brother (YA), and the mothers father (Elder).

    My Scenario rotational save:

    One household with 2 children plus a soon to be baby on the way.

    One family with a child and a teen and parents

    One teen living with a (YA) brother.

    One teen living with a (YA) sister

    One teen with both (A) parents

    A very old legacy save I haven’t played in years has:

    2 children and one teen with parents.

    But since infants are here, and my friend is no longer visiting, these numbers will likely change ( after I do some family dynamics and compatibility updates) since the infant update and growing together have been installed. I’m still looking over the town and changing some buildings.
  • SimDork23SimDork23 Posts: 524 Member
    Daephene wrote: »
    Usually one pregnancy, however many kids that ends up being. I'm playing a rotational legacy-like save and I can only handle so many spares per generation.

    This is EXACTLY how I plan on my playing in my new rotational save. If my sims have twins or triplets, that’s fine, but I don’t want to go out of my way to have numerous households every generation, lol.
  • angelbearangelbear Posts: 151 Member
    I do one or two pregnancy and what ever number of babies they have is how many children they have in my normal games....

    In my 100 baby...well that depends on how well that generation is doing
  • BonjourwomanBonjourwoman Posts: 338 Member
    I have 3 kids. Currently 1 child, 1 toddler and 1 infant. They would try for another baby once their infant learned to crawl.
  • GordyGordy Posts: 3,017 Member
    I have a lot of siblings, so not having siblings seems very weird to me. No offense to only children, I don't think you're weird for not having siblings. But I really can't imagine life without siblings, so the majority of my sims have at least 1 sibling.

    Most households have 2 kids - one to carry on the family name and theme into the next generation, and one to marry into another family so they can do the same. But my main households are more likely to have 2-5 siblings. Usually on the lower end though, since I don't want to overload the game with spares who won't see use for generations.
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  • Admiral8QAdmiral8Q Posts: 3,321 Member

    Twelve babies! What would you call them? Dozenuplets? :D

    Did this as a test with a cheat code a while back to see if it would work
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  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 8,924 Member
    edited April 2023
    mostly 0-3
    I feel like above that I start plotting deaths
    unless ofcourse theres triplets twins or alien abductions at bad times resulting in more sims

    or its like idk Vlad
    i think Vlad just might have full house eventually
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  • purplexbutterflypurplexbutterfly Posts: 597 Member
    It’s so interesting to see how everyone plays. I’ve still got the 3, but considering a 4th!
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 3,789 Member
    Honestly the better question for me is how many pets :D My current family somehow has ended up with 4 cats LOL

    (2-4 kids is my usual though)
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 5,821 Member
    Honestly the better question for me is how many pets :D My current family somehow has ended up with 4 cats LOL

    (2-4 kids is my usual though)

    Did the cats get to go to the jungle @permanentrose ? That could be fun :)
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  • becks1112becks1112 Posts: 919 Member
    I'd say 66% of the time it's 1, 33% it's 2, and very rarely more than that. I don't think I've ever had more than 4. And that was because surprise triplets happened.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 28,433 Member
    I enjoy large families, myself. I usually have between 5-6 kids in my main family. Erik's parents had the five trying to have that desired girl. Adrian was a surprise baby. Currently, in this latest iteration of my Erik Cantrell story, he's only got the one, but that will be amended in due time. Trying to sort out the whole Infant thing, first before I add more to the mix. As happened in the original version, the second child will be twins. That's a lot just thinking about it. LOL In fact, it may become necessary for them to hire a Nanny, or a Butler.
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  • Sha2520032003Sha2520032003 Posts: 2,258 Member
    I used to enjoy super large families...4-5 kids. But with the addition of infants...most of my Sims have 1-3 kids max. I prefer smaller households these days.
  • cammeray552cammeray552 Posts: 25 Member
    Normally 1-3... Hard to manage many Sims in a household
  • EmmaVaneEmmaVane Posts: 7,847 Member
    edited April 2023
    I usually try and keep them to 1-3. I get stressed and need to pause constantly to get anything done once the household is more than 4 sims.

    However, I usually play by the rule that both sims in a relationship have to have a "Try for Baby"/"Adopt a Child" Want at the same time before I allow it. I will pin them if they don't have any kids yet, or only have one kid and I want a sibling. After they have a kid or two I stop pinning them, and they would have to occur simultaneously naturally to count. Busier parents have less kids.

    I haven't decided how I'll apply this rule for single sims that want a baby (if that is a possible Want with Science Babies being a thing now). Maybe they will need to roll the Want twice in one week/rotation for me to accept it.

    Sims that Hate Children will only get new (on top of any given when spawned/by NS) kids if they/their partner are abducted or they move into a family that includes kids or another couple having kids already.

    Noncommittal sims might have kids, but won't be the primary caregiver of said kids, whether that's due to them foisting them off on the other parent, moving in caregiver help/hiring caregiver staff or moving them in with other relatives to care for.
  • xxnearlyperfectxxxnearlyperfectx Posts: 683 Member
    I'm a big family player so it really depends. I'm currently doing the Not so Berry challenge and my sim had five children. She did want another child but ended up having triplets so the house is quite crazy.
  • uquiuquiuquiuqui Posts: 23 Member
    I like having multiple kids and honestly think my sweet spot is either two or three. Usually I kind of decide at some point how many kids a sims couple will have, based on how they "feel" to me. I really want to try having four or more kids at some point, but that might be a bit too much work with the infant update.
  • SablesashaSablesasha Posts: 417 Member
    My sim families normally have two, then when the parents are nearly at the end of the adult stage and their kids are in their teens. They tend to have an 'accident' and have another baby. This often ends up resulting in the teens having to raise a toddler or child if their parents kark it before it ages up completely. :D
  • SmellincoffeeSmellincoffee Posts: 962 Member
    2-3 except in saves where I have a royal figure, in which case -- if it's a man -- they can have scores. SCORES. I think Jeff Pleasant III had 50+ before he died/
  • Umbreon12Umbreon12 Posts: 881 Member
    Back again for how many kids I have for Sims.
    For some Sims, from the get-go, I may give them one kid, or only have them have one child. Whether born in-game or edited in. With those Sims they get to have a child in the next generation, but don't have huge plans for them. They are often just used to include with another family I have huge plans for, or just to provide another option outside of the main families.
    Sometimes, it depends on the Sims, and my goals for them. For one of my Sims, she was with Don Lothario, they didn't live together, just were dating. I wanted them to have a daughter, so after having four boys, they finally had a girl.
    I have two versions of the same family in my PC and PS4 version. The family has triplets, and they are the only ones they have in my PC game, in my PS4 version it is the triplets, and a little sister.
  • Stina1701AStina1701A Posts: 1,183 Member
    My single Sims/families have about 1-4 born or adopted children. One household does have 6 kids in an 8 Sim household. 5 teens and 1 toddler. Majority of the teens are fostered by the couple and only 1 teen and the toddler is their own. The reason for this is that my main saved game (and my other saved games) did spawn more than a few townie teens that are alone in their own household and some of them are good friends of a lot of my housed teens (from various households) and I like for them to grow up with them (townies do not age automatically in my games).

    Now 1 of those teens is actually a Sim that the male Sim who is a police captain arrested (and was found guilty). I really liked this teen and I decided to move her in with him after the case was closed as I can never find these arrested Sims in townie household area that I have access to.
  • dogzdinnerdogzdinner Posts: 422 Member
    I usually stick with a maximum of 4. That gives me wiggle room for adding any pets or extended family.
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