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Has anyone built the treehouse yet?

I'm still creating Sims so haven't managed to do so yet. It starts off rather like the spaceships do with a big box. I'd love to see what it ends up like and how the infants can play in it.
Had medical emergency, so am a bit behind with it all. :'(


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    WrathSixxWrathSixx Posts: 33 Member
    I've managed to build it. It's pretty cool, and you can upgrade it to add all different things on it (I won't say specifics, in case I spoil it for you!). I love that you can place toys and things on it, I put a telescope on mine!
    I'm not entirely sure infants can play on it, maybe if you got an adult sim to use the baby carrier and went in that way, but I don't think there's any infant specific things you can do on it. It's more for kids, and the new play pretend interactions are super cute!
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    MartinvMartinv Posts: 254 Member
    Yes I did with my households with children so far.
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    SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 7,149 Member
    Yup! I sure did & I have it all saved in my Gallery under SEREFRAS for any simmer who wants to check out my Treehouse lots. ;)
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