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Send teens to prom rabbit hole

I would love if there was an option similar to sending your teens to school alone but for prom. I am doing a 100-baby challenge and do not have time to physically go with them to prom but I still want them to have the experience. It is odd that there is no option for this. It would also be amazing if this was similar to the sims 3 where things still happened through pop-ups and you would get photos and crowns in the sims inventory after!


  • RapidRabidRabbitRapidRabidRabbit Posts: 45 Member
    Yes, I’d love this idea! Sometimes I want a sim to go to prom but just can’t be bothered to actually go through a loading screen
  • Briana2425Briana2425 Posts: 3,333 Member
    They should do a lot of things that we should decide to go or not. Just like when a sim is pregnant we have the option to go or not this going to prom should of also been implemented. Some times I really don't want to go to stuff.
  • kemowerykemowery Posts: 301 Member
    I'd like the prom rabbitholes back, and also a way to opt out of sentiments about prom. Every week, even after my sims graduate early, I have to go through and use UI cheats to get rid of all the hurt feelings and festering grudges from sims expecting prom invites.
  • FutureFuture Posts: 214 Member
    I would like more rabbit holes in general.
  • kemowerykemowery Posts: 301 Member
    Future wrote: »
    I would like more rabbit holes in general.

    I want the rabbit hole time machine from TS3 back so much that I've considered learning how to mod just to make it. But then I realize I'm going to have to start from square one, and so I just keep hoping someone else will make it or EA will put it in some pack or another.

    And also a graveyard lot where all tombstones go or can be placed, and the rabbithole crypt for spooky adventures.
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