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Bedroom design ideas for Young adult Girls

fazemanpressfazemanpress Posts: 157 Member
Hey all

I was looking for help or inspiration how to decorate 2 bedrooms for 2 sister (young adults) like what to add besides a bed/sidetable - etc -as im new to building houses and decorations

love to get ideas or suggestions from the pros


  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 7,239 Member
    edited March 18
    well from YA gal perspective

    • couple size bed is a must have even if they plan to live their life as forever alone cat lady those one tile wide beds make me sad where is the room to lay down like starfish

    • Desk be useful if they study or use computer a lot

    • somewhere to put their imaginary clothes would be nice

    • mirror or vanity for attempts at human disguise beauty

    • if have space additional hobby items, or reading nook and comfy chair to sit on

    • personal clutter and decor

    •stereo so they can listen to whatever they want in their room

    •tv if they are couch potato,exercise equipment if sporty, so forth

    • wall decor like pictures or art they have made or posters or just idk something

    •lamps unless the girl has awesim nightvision

    •coffin if the girl is vampire

    • when in doubt add a buffet table so the girl can snack,a lot

    the options are endless tbh
    put a motherplant in there
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