I'm interested to get new paintings with in new shapes

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What I would like is new paintings featuring in new shapes, like circle frames, plumbob shape , and octagon shapes. There could be even leaf like frames or wreath reeved. Making custom is nice, but just having would be easy-going.

For another idea, since I've thought of it here. There could a nice Easter pack and for Aprils fools, more pranks to woopy with. Something like an Easter stuff pack could bring egg shaped paintings, frames, and hanging egg rack. Having their own craft tables for the eggs either real or wooden, and possible to buy plastic. Would be nice to order through mail to get those plastic nicks and real eggs. and get Easter trophies; maybe like bunny DJ Candy or a bunny like figurate, or Llama firguates. A new game, like, hopscotch? Prizes could be gnomes, chocolate chickens, or ballet shoes.

For the target of my discussion was for new shapes for paintings. I still want that to happen, but the gap of content for Easter bounced out at me.
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