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i dont understand ea

bluelightingbluelighting Posts: 685 Member
i like most ppl here have all the games sims puts out. i had origin and was supposed to dl Ea app. it didn't work. someone it the forum suggested i check at the help center. which i did. it didn't take long and i found someone with the answer, a link. so i took it and yea Ea worked. so, i was watching simmers show off the new game coming out and thought i guess ill go play. so, i close out my internet an went to hit my Ea button and it was gone. so, i came back online went to the help center. and i have just spent the last 8 hours looking for that link. i can't find it. i keep trying to hit the new installer to no avail. my neck is hurting now, my eyes burn and im still searching for that link. it was like a WinRAR card, and it said open, and it fixed me the first time. but now what. well, I'm done ram bawling, and my eyes are blurry, i need sleep. but i still keep looking for the link. if anyone knows this link i'd be so appreciated if you'd share and thanks in advance
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  • PointeBlankerPointeBlanker Posts: 1 New Member
    Oh my goodness I have had so much frustration as well. I don't know whether this will help, if this is a place EA will see it, but ever since the infants update EA won't successfully launch Sims 4 for me anymore.
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 4,470 Member
    Have you tried pulling the internet plug to force it to be offline? It whined a bit but launched this morning while offline.
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