Other life sims and alternatives .

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This is a thread for other life sims coming up or in general .

1. Paralives this is a popular one that has no release date and makes updates on patron
2. Life By You
This one is by Rob Humble they will be an official announcement on the 20 on their youtube channel.
3.Little Sims World is playable by patrons and will full release later this year . This a chibi-style life sim and you living in the UK.

Now for the more obscure ones.
4. Live the Life. I have this game and you can buy it, but this is extremely early access. There is not too much to do yet . The developer is adding things as he goes on . The last update was bowling and nightclub. The next update will add a relationship feature . This game is also hyper-realistic and first-person. Just keep this in mind. If you want to buy it.
5. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1373220/Live_the_Life/

5. Tiny Life
This is a game that is super inspired by the sims . With a twist that it's pixelated. The full version will come later this year . There is a full demo available.

These are all the ones I know . There are a couple more, but I m not sure about them being legit. If they give updates I will mention them.
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