Looking for an animal game (now found, called Tamarin)

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I once saw a trailer for an animal game, but I don’t remember the name of it, or many details. I think it was a platformer game, and I thought that I wouldn’t be able to play it because I don’t have a fast reaction time. It was quite a cute game, and if I’m remembering right it was cute fluffy red animals. The trailer opened in a meadow, and several of the animals were playing together. It showed the family bond between the animals, and spoke about the importance of being together and looking after one another. Then something took place, either the environment changed or they were separated somehow. It was the animal’s goal to get back to his family and save them from danger.

Somehow I think the animals were red pandas or lemurs, but I’ve been searching and none of the games I can find resemble this one. I’m probably misremembering details (it might not have been a meadow,) but I do remember the animals being together and playing at the beginning of the trailer. The graphics were very bright and colourful, good graphics.

Please can anyone help me find this game? It was a few years ago that I saw it, as far as I know.

Edit: Right after posting this, I just found it. It’s called Tamarin. Unfortunately a notice now says that it requires a controller, but due to a physical disability, I prefer using keyboard. Apparently this notice wasn’t posted when it was first released some years ago. In my case, it was a good thing that I didn’t buy it! 😀
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