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Friday Highlights March 10th - A Week On The Sims Forums

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Sul sul everyone,

Happy happy Friday! We are now one week out from the Infants update and Growing Together release! Are you getting excited? I can't wait, I've already got a build ready to go ๐Ÿ˜Š How are you prepping in-game for next week, have you got a new family already created, a fresh storyline or challenge written up, or a new home ready to be furnished? I want to hear everything!

So who's ready for this week's highlights?

Connie pranking the white boards at school, posted here by @BlueSeaWaves

  • Do you have a scenario you can't wait to try out with Growing Together's new family dynamics? @CK213 wants to know! The family dynamics system in Growing Together may seem at first glance to be the perfect way to make your loving, wholesome (read: boring) family, and everyone is caught up in the cute fuzzy feelings right now, but we all know we're ultimately here for the D-R-A-M-A this pack is going to bring!
  • When I think of Cottage Living, a modern build isn't typically the first style that comes to mind, but @ThaPhoenix1 has absolutely nailed it with their build Modern Henford Cottage. Now I may be a bit biased since modern is my go-to favorite style for builds, but I am blown away at the detail here - the debug and dรฉcor items used to create built in shelving and seating (all functional by the way!), the custom artwork, and everything about that kitchen ๐Ÿ˜ You'll definitely want to have a look at this one!
  • Up next, we have a very important "science" experiment that requires some feedback - @Simmingal thinks everyone's favorite vampire Vlad needs more babies, and I could not agree more, those handsome genes need to be passed down! But the question here is, who should we pair him with? Who would you recommend and why? Let us know! But I think most of us would agree with @IObelle that the obvious answer is Greg... No matter what the decision ends up being, I need to know the end results of this experiment!
  • And for our Sims 3 players this week - @Alleenmens has created this fantastic Hunger Games inspired reality show game-play challenge, and it sounds like a blast! 12 players will join in and assign their Sims to a preferred district. Each day, you'll choose a container with an item (or a container with nothing๐Ÿ˜ˆ) and a location to hide out in. You'll need to forage for food and water, survive natural disasters and attacks from other players. Alliances between players are welcome, but remember, in the end there can only be one Sim standing! Do you think you have what it takes to win? Be sure to sign up here!

That's all for us this week, thanks for reading, participating and continuing to make this forum great! Have a great weekend and we'll see you next week :)


Incoming @EA_Cade P.S.: Hey everyone! I just wanted to coopt the highlights thread for a sec to let everyone know that our resident #1 in both points and our hearts @rosemow has returned.

Welcome back, we missed you dearly!
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