The Hunger Games - A Sims 3 Reality Show



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    Yeah call me Gibbs! I did choose my name based on Gibbs from NCIS. 😂.

    I’ve replied to your message 👍. I’ve had to submit a different couple as I wasn’t able to upload the latest version of Thornton with his new wife. 🙄 Hope that’s okay. 🙏

    Yeah, it's fine, thanks, and I've changed it on the front page...

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    And also a warm welcome to the new players, @ncisGibbs02 @polrbear... The old players will tell you all I like a fast pace, so buckle up for the ride... Hope you will enjoy it! :wink:

    @M13Vulpecula @icmnfrsh @PieceOfPrincess @Shadami @lillibattenberg @rosey1579 @SimTresa

    The intro Episode will be up as soon as I have all the sims. o:)
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    I'll be lurking!

    Cool idea Alleen, it looks well thought out. I like the picture, looks fun!
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    Alleenmens wrote: »

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    Since I just sent in my sims, I wanted to fill out the application here since Alleenmens reminded me to do it!

    User Name: Polrbear

    Sim Name: Mitchell Weller
    Gender: Male
    Age: YA
    Short Bio: A young man who is adventurous and athletic, he just wants to make it through the games and back to traveling, relaxing, and smooth talking the ladies.
    Fears: Dying
    Strengths: Athletic, but I read his district isn't very weapon-savvy, so idk!
    District: 6

    Sim Name: Sonya Haynes
    Gender: Female
    Age: YA
    Short Bio: Sonya may seem quiet and bookish on the outside, but she really has a lot going on in her head. Ending up at the games was her worst nightmare, but she intends to give it her best go, and hopes her book-smarts can help her outsmart other players.
    Fears: Dying
    Strengths: Intellect
    District: 6
    I play Sims 2, Sims 3, Sims 4, and The Urbz: Sims in the City on gamecube and ds. Main Game: Sims 352033322186_3a08467dc6_o.png
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