Things I would still love to see in the Sims4 before it sunsets.

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I love how far the Sims4 has come since launch and so many things I've wanted have been added. Still I hold out hope that the last few things on my wishlist will be fulfilled before its cycle finally ends. I am going to categorize them by stuff I still really want, stuff I would be happy to get but is not a must have, and things that the community still seems to want but I am meh about. I'll still take the meh things though, any addition to the game adds fun in my opinion. Oh and I think I will add one last category for things I didn't use to care about, but due to recent updates, would like to see. Please feel free to add yours!

Things I still super desire:

Sewing and sewing machine. I don't mind if they are added along with a fashion designer career (that would be pretty cool), but I would probably use it in a more homey way, making things for the house and family.

Horses. Even though in rl I don't have anything to do with horses, I think they would be a super fun addition to the game along with unicorns of course. And speaking of unicorns...

Fairies! The last occult that I really want and feel the absence of in the game.

Things I'd be happy to get, but not super bummed if we don't:

Cars. I'd like to have them, especially so we can finally have functional garages. And a clunker car our Sims can work on to improve would be fun, but if they don't come I won't feel like I am missing that much from my gameplay.

Bands. Again, I would have fun with these, but they're niche enough for my own gameplay that I don't know how often I would actually use them. I won't say no to them though. ;)

Things the community seems to really want, but I am meh about:

Hotels. To me the vacation housing is just fine and I don't feel I am missing much from not having the hotel experience. More power to the ones that want them though. I can understand the desire.

Things I didn't use to care about, but now want because of recent updates:

Preteens and elementary school. Since the infants look really great and make a smoother transition between baby and toddler, I'd love to see the same treatment given to the stage between kids and teens. Who need it even more in my opinion. I don't mind if they have more limited clothing options due to their unique size than the current teens do. And since we now have playable high school along with playable jobs, the lack of a playable elementary school really stands out. I would like playable schools even if we don't get preteens.

And final bonus catergory! Things I use to want, but don't care about as much now due to recent additions:

Pool slides. Don't get me wrong, I'd still take theses puppies in a minute, but after getting the splash pad and floats I am pretty happy with our Sims' water activity options.

Thank you so much for reading my silly little thoughts!

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    Pretty much the same for me.
    But I also want a modeling career to compliment my Stylist and Photographer careers.

    I made my own custom Modeling career which was great to play, but I am not the best at the tool used to create the career and I can't make it as in depth as I would like. But what I had was fun to play and if it breaks do to a patch, I really don't have the desire to go through the entire process again, plus waiting for the tool to be updated.
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    I would love a career that allows us to give Sims makeovers. For all the time I spend fixing townies, my Sims might as well get paid for it.
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    I would love a career that allows us to give Sims makeovers. For all the time I spend fixing townies, my Sims might as well get paid for it.

    There is! The stylist career will let you do that at high levels, but you have to get your sim to ask first. :)
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    I also miss horses and hotels. I eben legt some of the lots in my SaveFile unoccupied in purpose because I thought they'd make the perfekt horses ranch or hotel and I'm hoping we'll still geht them.
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    I am still hoping we can one day get pet dragons, hotels and real plantsims. These are things I miss in my game.

    I would also greatly enjoy fairies, horses, hobbies (sewing, pottery, ballet classes, martial arts classes) and a few more instruments (a harp especially) but I don't miss them if we don't get them
  • IdentityIdentity Posts: 202 Member
    I agree with all of that! :) I so desperately want horses, bands and cars back. I'm super hoping we'll get the colour wheel back at some point as well.

    And big YES to fairies. They were my fave occult to play as in The Sims 3 Supernatural. ^^
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    Cars, Bands, Genies, Burglars, Food processor/Blender and Graveyards. I would be 100% happy even thought they're not essensials to me, just the blender. PLEASE I WANT A BLENDER.

    I don't get why people are so obssesed with fairies and horses, they seem indiferent to me, if they come, I will not buy them, but will be nice for such a community request.
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    I would enjoy a musical pack, with more instruments and bands. I wouldn't mind another Go To Work pack with different careers. ( I also want them to fix GTW problems.) Arcade and casino items would be nice.

    I would prefer to have a modeling career and an update to the styled looks which would allow the player to create and save the look. I think it would be fantastic to have a catwalk and be able to pose.
  • Briana2425Briana2425 Posts: 3,333 Member
    Vechiles, Burglars, Vacation Location, and yes to Preteen but I disagree with the playable school because of HSY they could have done a lot with it and yet it seems so bare. Also we don't even have in class gameplay like asking and answering questions, taking notes, falling asleep in class, work on late homework. Also in detention your just sitting there why not work on homework or test prep.
    I would also like to see a middle aged sim but I know that's asking for too much maybe in Sims 5.
  • pole2323pole2323 Posts: 9 New Member
    I would like a more cohesive build mode update for Base game. A wider range of color swatches for walls that feature versions with baseboards, without base boards, & base boards that go half way up the wall (I really like the wainscot paneling that comes with Parenthood as it has a nice, neat appearance). In addition to this it would be nice to have corresponding tiled wall options that come in a large tile option & small tile option (half wall tiles & full wall tiles versions). With the wall tiles, it would be appreciated if matching floor tiles would be included. A lot of the wallpaper options in base game could be replaced, refined, or removed with an update like this so as not to congest the catalogue .

    Overly textured wall paint swatches tend to look dated, so I would like the textures to be relatively flat like the wallpaper that came with the Pastel Pop kit. For the wall tile texture, a good reference for me is the Highschool Years tiles. These tiles have a texture that looks so amazing in game, it would be awesome if this could be mimicked for basegame tiles. When it comes to color shading, I would prefer muted colors, or for each color to also have a muted option. I’d like to make a special request for some sage green, chocolate brown, & baby pink swatches especially as these colors are very popular in design lately.

    I greatly appreciate the recent efforts the sims team has made to consider to us simmers when we say we want more plain swatches, Base game build mode would be the ultimate frontier for this.
  • MichelleWMichelleW Posts: 407 Member
    I know it's unlikely but I really hope that they keep pushing out content for the sims 4 even after sims 5 comes out. It will take something pretty amazing to get me to switch from sims 4 to sims 5 base game. I enjoy sims 4, I don't want to start over.

    Before the content ends I would like...

    Bands- with stages I can place in builds that bands or entertainers will show up to in addition to being able to play and grow a band.

    Festival lots- I want to make my own changing festivals with various carnival/town fair/festival options to add.

    Hotels and Bed and Breakfast

    Pool parties and pool slides

    Romance system with extended romance options, online dating, blind dates, speed dating

    Horses and ranch style vacation

    Travel based career

    More destination themed worlds, I'm OK with them being vacation only destinations

    Would also like
    Summer camp for kids/teens

    Lake life- house boats, pontoon boats, paddle boards

    Medieval festivals
  • ChadSims2ChadSims2 Posts: 4,839 Member
    - CAW or at least world editing with empty world templates we can decorate and name ourselves
    - Romance improved dating gameplay and more romance animations a turn on/off system and can we get a couple dance that last longer than 6 seconds takes longer to get them to dance then they actually dance
    - Cars
    - Preteens
    - Martial arts
    - Bands
    - Retail mall update
    - Skate boarding
    - Games children can play together without an object like tag
    - Gym equipment like a pull up bar and weight bench
    - Pool table
    - Pool slide and normal sized diving board
    - Sports with an actual game being played be it volleyball golf I don't care more than playing catch or kicking a ball around
    - Graveyard lot type
    - Burglar (after cars are added)
    - Hotel system (could also be worked to make a summer camp for children)
    - Updated swatches to include more diversity with a natural red and strawberry blond the red shade we have now is more fitting for a clown.
    - Improved photo system for all ages and an 8 Sim limit they should bring in some popular cc makers who do poses for pose player.
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  • BrandyDW612BrandyDW612 Posts: 1 New Member
    I want Elders to be able to adopt adults. There are some premade elders that I just want them to have a family, but I don't want to go through the whole process of adopting a kid and getting them older when the parents are elders. I've used mods to get it so that elders have kids now but I'd rather it was an in game option.
  • lexus20lexus20 Posts: 1,297 Member
    I really hope The Sims 4's cycle doesn't end until we finally get these things:
    - Pool tables (every Sims game has had them so far, except TS4)
    - Cars and garages
    - Hotels or resorts

    There are more things I would like, but these 3 are like the ones that I would be super disappointed if they're never added to the game before they move on to The Sims 5.
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    Pre-teens and mid adults
    Pool tables
    Water heaters
    Lawn mowing
    Cars restoration at least
    Garage clutter
    More swimming pool stuff
    Garden care stuff
    Drums and bass
    Crafting like pottery, sewing and glassblowing
    Deep fryer
    Nectar making
  • Reallysoawkward23Reallysoawkward23 Posts: 173 Member
    Cars and garages
    Therapist/counselor career
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 6,322 Member
    I still want in Sims 4:
    Egyptian World
    Futuristic World
    Heartshape Beds
    Medieval World
    Superheroes vs Supervillains
    Time Machine/Portals
    Time Travel to a Past World & a Future World to live in
    Total 100% fixes & refreshes on the Base & Packs
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