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Milestones and Other Packs - Concern I have

EgonVMEgonVM Posts: 4,951 Member
edited March 2023 in The Sims 4 Ideas Corner
The livestream was great. It had a lot of info and also info on cross-pack compatibility.

Yet now, I am beginning to have concerns over the milestone feature only having base game and Growing Together stuff.

So, I put together a list of milestones that could come from other packs. I do hope that they have some cross-pack compatibility too.

The list under spoilers:
Outdoor Retreat:
  • First Night in a Tent
  • Hermit Met!
  • First Time Roared At by a Bear
Get to Work:
  • First Patient Cured
  • First Malpractice
  • First Criminal Arrested
  • First APB Failed
  • First Breakthrough
  • First SimRay Use
  • First Satellite Dish Use
  • First Cloning Machine Use
  • Cloned a Sim
  • Cloned Yourself
  • First Wormhole Portal Use
  • First Visit to Sixam
  • First Alien Discovery
  • First Alien Abduction
  • Alien Baby
  • First Time Getting Discovered (aliens)
  • First Store Owned
  • First Sale Made
  • First Employee Hired (could also apply to other businesses)
Spa Day:
  • First Teleportation through Meditation
  • First Earnings Through Wellness
  • First Medication Session Hosted
  • First Yoga Session Hosted
Cool Kitchen Stuff
  • First Strange Ice Cream...
Get Together:
  • First Club Joined
  • First Club Left
  • First Club Kicked Out Of
  • Leader Overthrown
  • Swimwear Lost after Diving
  • Don't Wake Llama Exploded!
Movie Hangout stuff:
  • Favorite Movie Declared
Romantic Garden stuff:
  • First Positive Wishing Well Outcome
  • First Negative Wishing Well Outcome
    And more wishing well related things...
Dine Out:
  • First Time Dined Out
  • First Food Poisoning from a Restaurant
  • First Experimental Food
  • First Restaurant Owned
  • First Customer Served
  • First Restaurant Critic
Kids Room stuff:
  • First Limited Edition Voidcritter Card!
  • First Voidcritter Trade
Backyard stuff:
  • First Bird Attack
City Living:
  • First Geekcon
  • First Humor and Hijinks
  • First Romance Festival
  • First Spice Festival
  • First Flea Market
  • Won Ultimate Gaming Test
  • Won Hackathon
  • Became a Curry Champion
  • Won Karaoke Contest
  • Talked to Romance Guru
  • Was on the Winning Team (Humor and Hijinks)
  • Survived Pufferfish Nigiri!
  • First Protest
  • First Gamer Rage
Vintage Glamour stuff
  • Hired a Butler
  • Became a Vampire
  • First Vampire Encounter
  • First Drink
  • First Rank Up
  • Became the Grand Master
  • First Sunlight Overexposure
  • Cured from Vampirism
  • First Vampire Slain
  • First Sim Turned
  • First Feeding Frenzy
Bowling Night stuff:
  • Scored Perfect Llama
  • First School Project
  • First Diary Entry
  • First Punishment
  • First Phase
  • First Mood Swing
  • First Positive Character Value
  • First Negative Character Value
Fitness stuff:
  • First Climbing Treadmill Challenge Succeeded
  • Fire Climb Challenge Succeeded
Cats & Dogs:
  • First Cat
  • First Dog
  • Pet Taken Away
  • Pet Given Away/Sold
  • Pet Gave Birth
  • First Trick Teached
  • First Behavior Teached
  • First Pet Companion
  • Pet Death
  • First Pet Ghost Encountered
  • First Pet Resurrection
  • First Vet Visit
  • First Vet Clinic Owned
  • First Pet Treated
  • First Medical Treat Made
Jungle Adventure:
  • First Jungle Exploration
  • First Wildlife Attack
  • First Treasure Found
  • First Temple Explored
  • First Time Poisoned
  • First Relic Assembled
  • First Relic Used
  • First Skeleton Encountered
  • Became a Skeleton
  • First Jungle Curse
My First Pet stuff:
  • First Rodent
  • First Rodent Freed
  • Rodent Death
  • Had Rabid Rodent Disease
  • First Snow
  • First Holiday (if none of the traditions are ignored)
  • First Great Holiday
  • First Worst Holiday
  • First Surprise Holiday Participated In
  • First Time in Blizzard
  • First Time in Thunderstorm
  • First Time Struck by Lightning
  • First Time Frozen
  • First Time Overheating
  • Became a Lightning Bender
  • Had a Ultimate Snowpal
  • Mastered Skating
  • First Successful Skating Trick
  • First Scented Flower Arrangement
  • First Scout Badge Earned
  • All Scout Badges Earned
  • First Meeting with Father Winter
  • Had a Fight with Father Winter
  • First Meeting with Flower Bunny
  • Had a Fight with Flower Bunny
  • First Resolution Completed
  • Changed the Weather for the First Time
Get Famous:
  • Became 1-Star Celebrity
  • Became 2-Star Celebrity
  • Became 3-Star Celebrity
  • Became 4-Star Celebrity
  • Became 5-Star Celebrity
  • First Celebrity Level Lost
  • Had a Good Reputation
  • Had a Great Reputation
  • Had a Pristine Reputation
  • Had a Bad Reputation
  • Had an Awful Reputation
  • Had an Atrocious Reputation
  • Won Starlight Accolade
  • Won Drama Club Accolade
  • First Drama Club Performance
  • First Drama Club Performance Attended
  • First Acting Gig
  • First Quirk Earned
  • First Autograph Given
  • Put Down the Celebrity Tile
  • First Corporate Partnership Done
  • First Fanmail Received
  • First All-Nighter Done
  • First Lifestyle Brand
  • First Celebrity Party Attended
  • First Feud
  • Met a Stan
  • Got Through the Bouncer
  • Worn the Celestial Crystal Crown
  • Trapped in the Vault
  • First Paparazzi Problems
  • First Possessed Sim Met
  • First Time Possessed
  • Became Infected
  • Got Vaccinated
  • Met the Mother
  • Defeated the Mother
  • Unlocked the First Lab Door
Island Living:
  • First Dive
  • First Shark Encounter
  • First Attack by the Ocean Threat
  • First RIP Tide
  • First Ride with Aqua-Zip
  • First Ride with Canoe
  • First Suntan
  • First Suntan Sabotage
  • First Dolphin Met
  • First Dolphin Befriended
  • Discovered a Mermaid
  • Became a Mermaid
  • Cured from Being a Mermaid
  • First Siren's Call
  • First Encounter with Island Spirits
  • First Volcano Eruption
  • First Island Festival
  • Made Conservation Efforts!
Realm of Magic:
  • Visited the Realm of Magic
  • Saw Spellcasting
  • Became a Spellcaster
  • First Spell or Potion Leaned
  • First Spell Casted
  • First Potion Made
  • First Spellcaster Rank Gained
  • Became a Virtuoso
  • First Curse
  • First Spell Backfire
  • First Spellcaster Overload
  • First Familiar
  • Got the Rite of Dissolution
  • First Magical Duel
Discover University:
  • First University Application Sent
  • Got Into a Distinguished Degree
  • First Scholarship Earned
  • Enrolled into University
  • First Term Paper Sent
  • First Presentation Made
  • First Exam Taken
  • Joined a University Organization
  • Discovered the Secret Organization
  • First Skill Class Attended
  • First Lecture Attended
  • First Lecture Given
  • First Tutoring Done
  • Attended a University Event
  • Earned a Degree
  • Earned a Degree with Honors
  • Built a Servo
  • First Legal Client Acquired
  • Lawyer's Exam Passed
Tiny Living stuff:
  • Crushed by the Murphy Bed the First Time
Eco Lifestyle:
  • First Time in an Industrial Neighborhood
  • First Time in a Green Neighborhood
  • First Time Voted For a NAP or a Community Space Project
  • First Time Repealing a NAP
  • First Dumpster Dive
  • First Time Recycled
  • Swarmed by Flies
Nifty Knitting stuff:
  • Got Sweater Curse
  • First Item Sold on Plopsy
Snowy Escape:
  • First Injury
  • First Time Skiing
  • First Time Snowboarding
  • First Wall Climbed
  • First Climbing Expedition
  • Reached the Summit
  • First Time Attacked by Wildlife
  • First Encounter With Kodama
  • First Encounter With Forest Spirits
  • First Item Stuck in Vending Machine
  • First Time in Hot Springs
  • Lifestyle Acquired
  • Lifestyle Lost
  • First Festival Attended
Paranormal stuff:
  • First Night at Haunted Home
  • First Night Braved at Haunted Home
  • First Night in Heroic Mode
  • First Night Braved in Heroic Mode
  • Met Temperane
  • Summoned Bonehilda
  • Earned Paranormal Investigator License
Dream Home Decorator:
  • First Home Remodel Done
  • First Venue Remodel Done
  • First Time Kicked Out by the Client
Cottage Living:
  • First Livestock Owned
  • First Oversized Crop Grown
  • First Fox Encounter
  • First Bunny Befriended
  • First Birds Befriended
  • First Attacked by Bunny
  • First Attacked by Chicken
  • Got a Golden Chicken
  • Got an Evil Chicken
  • First Errand Done
  • First Finchwick Fair Attended
  • First Finchwick Fair Participated
  • First Finchwick Fair Won
My Wedding Stories:
  • Became a Sim of Honor
  • Became an Officiant
  • Became a Ring Bearer
  • Became a Flower Pal
  • First Vow Renewal
  • First Encounter With a Werewolf (in beast form)
  • First Encounter With a Rampaging Werewolf
  • First Encounter With Greg
  • First Werebies
  • Became a Werewolf
  • First Rampage
  • First Full Moon Rampage
  • Joined a Pack
  • Gained the First Pack Rank
  • Kicked Out of a Pack
  • Left a Pack
  • Became the Alpha
  • Explored the Tunnels
  • Found the First Tunnel Shortcut
  • Swam in Lake Lunvik at Full Moon
  • Awakened the Dormant Wolf
  • Gained the First Werewolf Rank
  • Became an Apex
  • Learned the First Dormant Ability
  • First Lunar Howl
  • Became Immortal
  • Turned a Sim into Werewolf
  • First Animalistic Ability Used
  • Cured of Lycanthropy
  • First Werewolf Ally Made
  • Became a Werewolf Ally
High School Years:
  • First High School Day
  • First Crush
  • First Promposal Made
  • First Prom
  • Became a Prom Royalty
  • Became a Prom Jester
  • First High School Prank
  • First Detention
  • First Ride at Plumbite Pier (For Haunted House)
  • Joined an After-School Activity
  • First Exam
  • First Career Day
  • First Social Bunny Post
  • First Time Snuck Out
  • First Sell on Trendi
  • First Science Fair
  • First Science Fair Won
  • First Sports Day
  • First Sports Day Won
  • Dropped Out
  • Got Expelled
  • Graduated
  • Became a Valedictorian
  • Graduated Early
  • Tested the Urban Myth

So what do you think? What else could be there too?

Edit. They actually have some milestones from other DLC!
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    bandit5bandit5 Posts: 923 Member
    I don't think they play all the dlc with new dlc since not everyone has all the dlc. But be nice if they did, they just can't show in the trailer for the new expansion.
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    Chicklet453681Chicklet453681 Posts: 2,436 Member
    edited March 2023
    Well I thought a Milestone was similar to this:
    An important event in the development or history of something or in someone's life - Per Merriam-Webster Dictionary

    So a lot of what you listed sounds more like "memories" and not a "milestone". I personally would not want to be spammed with all of those things as notices, nor would I want them saved because the ones that actually meant something to my sim would get lost.
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    telemwilltelemwill Posts: 1,752 Member
    I would expect there will be a few from other packs. I think graduation from highschool and university are likely. First snow might be another. If a human Sim becomes an occult, that might be a milestone.
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    ChildrenofhurinChildrenofhurin Posts: 138 Member
    There are definitely milestones for other packs:

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    EgonVMEgonVM Posts: 4,951 Member
    edited March 2023
    There are definitely milestones for other packs:

    That is fantastic!
    When the pack releases, I'll definitely see what can I find and I will cross out the ones that are in game.

    Well I thought a Milestone was similar to this:
    An important event in the development or history of something or in someone's life - Per Merriam-Webster Dictionary

    So a lot of what you listed sounds more like "memories" and not a "milestone". I personally would not want to be spammed with all of those things as notices, nor would I want them saved because the ones that actually meant something to my sim would get lost.

    While I do agree, my list was partially influenced by the fact that the first time sim had a bladder failure is there.
    Many of the things seem to be first, so I don't think it would be that spammy...
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    MVWdeZTMVWdeZT Posts: 3,267 Member
    Good list @EgonVM! And I also wanted to thank you for listing the Sims Characteristics and Conversation Topics over on luthienrising's thread. Lots of new stuff to look into when we get the pack.
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    EgonVMEgonVM Posts: 4,951 Member
    MVWdeZT wrote: »
    Good list @EgonVM! And I also wanted to thank you for listing the Sims Characteristics and Conversation Topics over on luthienrising's thread. Lots of new stuff to look into when we get the pack.

    You're welcome. These really help to plan ahead how to change and play sims and families after the expansion pack comes out. Though I will have about over 616 sims to change, I have some plans for them already.
    Plus I have just also added the list of family dynamics to the thread.

    Though the list of hoped milestones does include a lot of these things that can be left out, I will cross out those that are in game. It'll be a little fun to see how many I can cross out though (I hope...)...
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    EgonVMEgonVM Posts: 4,951 Member
    List of pack milestones has been revealed in The Sims Community. Apparently, they are in the game files.

    Ok. Crossed out the things mentioned in that list.
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