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Friday Highlights February 24th - A Week On The Sims Forums

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Sul sul and happy Friday!

Can you believe it's already almost March? Spring break will be here soon, which for me means a spring cleaning binge! Are you planning on taking any fun vacations? I'd love to hear about it, tell me everything! But first...

Did you catch this week's big update?

Yesterday, we got a glimpse into the adorable Michaelson's family and how social compatibility, milestones, and family dynamics will function with Growing Together. If you missed the gameplay trailer, you can watch it here!

Fluffy & Grim, posted here by @LonelyWolfTales

Alright, let's jump into this week's highlights!
  • Let's kick this week off with a revival of a very fun discussion entitled Dear Little Sims... by @Catzilla. The original discussions had me cracking up, so I'm thrilled to see this one making a comeback. What do your Sims insist on doing that drives you nuts? Dear Little Sim... please stop sneaking into my garden to kick over my dumpster and throw trash all over my yard 😤😤😤
  • Up next - I love reality TV almost as much as I love The Sims (any other 90 Day Fiancé fans out there?) and this super fun gameplay challenge The Survival Experiment by @artistju is the perfect mix of both! The goal is to lock 8 Sims on a cursed lot and have them attempt to build a compound using funds earned only through a computer or Plopsy. What could possibly go wrong? 😆 This week we got our first episode and introduction to the cast - my money is definitely on Natasha surviving the longest. So, who are you betting on?
  • This week, I've picked this dreamy Wedding Barn Venue created by @zucchinionpizza for our featured build - My own wedding is about 6 weeks away and I haven't even started picking out decorations yet (I'm not stressed, it's totally fine 🙃😭) but this build is seriously giving me some great IRL inspiration 💖 I would absolutely get married here. Make sure you check this build out for yourselves!
  • And for our Sims 3 players this week- have you ever been wandering around Lucky Palms and thought to yourself huh I know this Sim... but from where? 🤔 Well wonder no more, because @DivinylsFan has figured it out in this discussion "Lucky Palms Lookalikes" The theory here is that each family is based on real-life celebrities - Roy Phillips is Barry Manilow, Lina Lancaster might be Beverly D'Angelo and Eli Vokoban is potentially Chevy Chase! Gennie Gomez, Beulah Patterson and Evangeline Finch are definitely the Golden Girls- but who is who? I get some serious Rose vibes from Beulah honestly. What do you guys think? What other celebrities do you suppose are hiding around town? Please, share your theories with us!
  • We'll finish this week off helping @EnkiSchmidt with a tough decision. Let's break down the situation - Gavin and a couple other Sims have found themselves detained for espionage in a max security desert prison. Gavin's very determined husband, Daniel, has discovered Gavin's location, and now it's up to us to decide the next move. Should Daniel try a successful prison break, an unsuccessful prison break, or just show up for visiting hour? My vote is successful, but the crew gets lost in the desert and must survive in the wilds 🌵 How do you think this scenario should play out? Let us know!

And with that, I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend!

Happy Simming, and see you here again next week💚


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