March 31st- It's time for our Friday Highlights! You can check them out here!


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Sul sul everyone!

It's finally Friday again, and another week has flown by. How was your Valentine's Day? I'm hoping you all ate way too much chocolate, watched all the cheesiest Hallmark movies, and celebrated all your loved ones 🥰💖

Are you ready for this week's highlights?

Servo in love, posted here by @DoloresGrey

  • To start us off this week - It's no secret that The Sims has a fantastic sense of humor, but this notification that @TheStarrSimmer received absolutely cracked me up - Poor Pumpkin, I hope your toy box hasn't been taken away 💔🦊 I'd love to hear more about some of the funny notifications you all have received- what are the most ridiculous, goofiest in-game messages you've seen? Please share them!
  • For this week's build, I've chosen the very cute Kits Glitz by @mamasquirrel - It may be my inner Texan speaking here, but I am LIVING for the pastel colors mixed with cow print, I need my whole apartment to look like this ASAP 🐮💞 This little build is definitely worth checking out!
  • Ever wake up one day and realize you had a project due TODAY? @GalacticGal has found themselves in a similar situation with poor Erik. Simmers assemble, we have some tough decisions to make. ( like live mode or live mode I'LL DIE ON THIS HILL @SimGuruNinja )
  • We all know how much I love builds, so let's have some more! For our Sims 3 players, you NEED to check out the incredible builds in this Disney Magic Kingdom Collaboration - Just this week we've been gifted with a fantastical Pirate's League hideout and diner & Carousel of Progress by @soocoolsim, the magical Mickey's Country House & The Zephyr by @Sandraelle and of course, the adorable Donald Duck's House by @LMC6255. I am beyond blown away by the attention to detail and accuracy of these builds. I can't wait to see the fully completed map, well done to everyone involved here!
  • Let's finish this week up with a fun gameplay question - @Sablesasha wants to know What do your Sims do to get by? Extreme Rags-to-Riches is my absolute favorite way to play, and I always give my Sim's the glutton and kleptomaniac trait so they can rummage through trash for spare food, and sell any stolen goods for extra income 😈 So, what are some of the things you do to keep your Sim functioning? Do you sneak into the neighbor's bathroom for a quick shower? Sell paintings or write books for extra cash? Tell us your secrets!

And that'll wrap us up for another week! As always- I hope you all have a wonderful and restful weekend. I bet you can't tell where @EA_Cade helped this week.

Happy Simming, and see you here next week💚

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