Happy 23rd Anniversary The Sims!



  • joRN1414joRN1414 Posts: 1,629 Member
    The Sims
    I started with the original, but I wasn't fully addicted until 4 came out. Now... I can't stop playing.
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  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 2,525 Member
    The Sims 4
    I started with the Sims 4, but it was the gameplay in the Sims 3 that caught my attention.

    When I started playing the Sims 4, I was hoping for a lot of the gameplay from the Sims 3 to carry over.
  • ColineSurrayColineSurray Posts: 4 New Member
    The Sims 3
    I really wish on TS5 we could see a more dynamic growth you know... like 2 or 3 small stages on each life stage. I wanted to see a baby learning to walk and talk and actually see them growing, like height and all, if they eat a lot they'll get chubby, then the kid goes to primary school...
    Kids slowly growing into preteens, stop playing with toys and start worrying more about looks and teen stuff, first crush...
    small stages between each life stage...

    It seems complex but it would be the greatest uptade of all TS generations. It's about life simulation after all.
    Also I wish we could slow time in the game. Things happen too fast.
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  • AalyahReedAalyahReed Posts: 195 Member
    The Sims
    I started with The Sims in 2000 - for the longest time I didn't realize that you could play other households than the Newbies! So I spent a lot of time with them at first! :D Eventually I branched out, and really loved playing Claire Charming & her dog, Luna, and the Mashugas in their delightfully tacky house! I remember everybody was talking about the game at school; we almost all played it. My mom wouldn't let me get Hot Date at the time, and I was crushed! :D I became obsessed, to the point of drawing out "blueprints" for builds & keeping notebooks on my families - I still do this!

    Now playing Sims 4, I still feel the need to recreate my favorite families from past games because I've played with them all for so long (23 years, as you said!) that they feel like familiar, old friends.
  • Sara1010PSara1010P Posts: 801 Member
    The Sims 2
    Sims 2 was my first Sims game, and is still my favorite.
  • bandit5bandit5 Posts: 776 Member
    The Sims
    played all of sims 1, sims,2, sims 3 and sims 4 dlc.
  • jadetchijadetchi Posts: 60 Member
    The Sims
    Sims Bustin' Out was my first ever game, and then I played Sims 2. After a few years I managed to grab all of the original Sims games so I played those, then moved to Sims 3 & eventually Sims 4.

    I think I have the most fond memories with Bustin' Out & Sims 3!
  • DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 6,388 Member
    The Sims 3
    I started with Sims 3 but for a while I had other games I played alongside. I enjoyed TS3 immensely from the first minute but I would go as much as a week or two without playing. Over time it's grown to where it is now, I don't have any other games I play. It's been that way for close to three years now, and for about 3 or 4 years before that I played The Sims 80-90% of the time. I did briefly flirt with the idea of trying Dreamlight Valley until I learned my computer, new as it is, can't run it.

    I'm perfectly content to hang out with my sims.
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  • sonicgamersonicgamer Posts: 22 Member
    The Sims 2
    The Sims 2 is my first Sims game to play for hours on end; it's still a favorite of mine.
  • JustMeAlbJustMeAlb Posts: 327 Member
    The Sims 4
    Started playing The Sims 4 about two years ago, guess I'm a little late to the party. Keep meaning to try the older ones but just The Sims 4 sucks up so much of my time.
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  • Umbreon12Umbreon12 Posts: 683 Member
    The Sims 2
    My first Sims game was Sims 2.
    I have everything for it, except Ikea stuff, and Mansion and garden stuff, which I missed out on.
    Even though I have played a bit of Sims 3, and have been playing more Sims 4, I still like Sims 2. I tend to to compare Sims 3 and Sims 4 to Sims 2, and have bought some packs based on how I felt about the Sims 2 version of the pack. For example, I bought Sims 3 pets and Sims 4 Cats and Dogs, because I loved the Sims 2 pets.
  • SimtokuSimtoku Posts: 19 New Member
    The Sims
    I started my Sims journey with the original game and I still remember how much I loved to play it and had every expansion pack for the game. Vacation pack was one of the best expansion packs for the sims 1 I could have back then since I really loved that I was able to send my sim families on vacation to snowy landscapes ^^
  • canitbemancanitbeman Posts: 395 Member
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    The Sims
    I started with The Sims back in the year 2000. I had all of the expansion packs.
  • pisceschick75pisceschick75 Posts: 534 Member
    The Sims
    I started playing way back in 2000. Thanks to my sister-in-law. I would have marathon sessions of the original series. I miss that one. It will always be the best one!
    Is there a support group for Simming Addiction? I think I need it... :p
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