March 31st- It's time for our Friday Highlights! You can check them out here!


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Sul sul my Simmers!

Happy February, but more importantly- Happy Black History Month!
I apologize for the shortened version of our highlights this week- we've had a pretty severe ice storm blow through Texas and have been battling power and internet outages for the last several days. Don't worry though, @EA_Cade and I are safe and doing our best to stay warm!

We had some big news this week, here are the updates in case you missed them:
  • On Tuesday, we had a behind-the-scenes livestream event Behind the Sims which was packed with updates for The Sims 4, Mobile and Freeplay. We got an in-depth look at the infants update, which will be available on March 14th 👶 If you missed the stream, you can catch up on everything that was shown here.
  • Tuesday also brought us a new patch, which included several medical wearables, bug fixes, and a ton of improvements for our console players!
  • Yesterday the newest EP was fully revealed and preorders are now live! Growing Together will be available on March 16th 👪

Family Matters in Growing Together

Okay, on to the highlights!
  • Let's start this week with a build! I wanted to share this stunning villa, Summer Breeze created by the talented @imoger - I really can't get enough of the classical style furnishing used here, the beautiful greenery, and that cozy sunroom 🥰🌸 Take a look for yourself and see why I love it!
  • Up next- We have an unhappy Sim in desperate need of a career change and @PenguinFoop is asking "What is the best career for these traits?" to be sure they choose the right job. The traits we're working with are good, ambitious, materialistic and high metabolism. I'm definitely thinking food critic or internet personality 🤩🍲 Which career path would you choose with these traits? Be sure to give your suggestions!
  • And lastly, Sims have been known to do some strange things from time to time- I once had a Sim who would wake up every night around 4am to clap at all the house plants? But this one takes the cake for me - "Sim Really Enjoys the Smell of Paint" by @SteveBridger 🤥🎨 They do say in order to master your craft you must breathe it... but maybe not so literally 🤔 So tell me, what are some odd, goofy things you've caught your Sim doing that have given you a good laugh? Please share your fun stories with us!

That's all I've got for you this week, we'll see you again next Friday with a full list of highlights 😄
Have a great weekend, I hope you all stay safe and warm!



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