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Growing Together Positive Thoughts Thread


  • KathMHughesKathMHughes Posts: 362 Member

    I am so excited for the animations and interactions. Kissing the babies tummy? Kissing a toddler on the forehead? Grandpa sneaking kids some candy? Seriously excited for that stuff.

  • GiggeGigge Posts: 72 Member
    Asked for intergenerational activities in #ThisIsMySimsVision ( #2 and #3) and got them 8 years later. Woot!

    Eager to test them out.
  • Horrorgirl6Horrorgirl6 Posts: 2,808 Member

    There seem to be a lot added to the game.I am glad were getting baby showers ,treehouses, and slumber parties.

  • KerriganKerrigan Posts: 1,333 Member
    I wonder how often kids lose teeth and how much money do they get. In a no aging save, you could make a living as a toddler tooth farmer, which is a really unexpected career.
  • GordyGordy Posts: 2,745 Member
    Kerrigan wrote: »
    I wonder how often kids lose teeth and how much money do they get. In a no aging save, you could make a living as a toddler tooth farmer, which is a really unexpected career.
    It'd be cool if kids can make their teeth fall out by falling off their bikes or getting hurt. Not only would it be realistic, but you could make a living pushing kids off bikes to take their teeth.
  • DreamOperatorDreamOperator Posts: 236 Member
    I'm pretty sure I saw some coloring books in the trailer too! And between the horse puzzle and the little homemade unicorn toy with the fairy bear on top...maybe horses, unicorns and fairies will come? Also it looks like the little homemade rocket ship might be something the kids can make and interact with instead of just decor? And there is a little pallet looking thing in a couple of scenes. I can't tell if it is a little watercolor set or not...
  • telemwilltelemwill Posts: 1,641 Member

    Anyone notice the decal of the microscope? I hope it's a hint that regular sized ones will come to the game soon.

  • mustenimusteni Posts: 5,206 Member
    edited February 2
    The pack looks good. I've been on a simming break, but played a little just past week. I do feel the urge to get this pack right away. There's just so much. Mostly looking forward to chemistry system, child aspirations and tree houses. The world and clothes seem kinda boring to me but as long as the gameplay delivers I don't care really.
  • Amapola76Amapola76 Posts: 1,595 Member
    I have to say, it's both hilarious but also a little sad that all the female gamechangers are like, "OH, a baby shower," and all the male gamechangers are like, "Hmmm, this seems to be some sort of party, for a pregnant sim, I guess we'll find out what that could be." I mean... do you not know anyone who's ever had a baby? :D I'm pretty sure most of the men I know are not just familiar with the concept of a baby shower, but have actually attended them.
  • NushkaNushka Posts: 380 Member

    From the EA post:


    Sometimes Sims just click. Your Sim might have a natural chemistry with a Sim they meet at a party -or they might naturally clash. Your Sim will now have preferences that determine which Sims they are socially compatible with, and which Sims are more likely to become their enemies.


    Happy simming!
  • maggiemae8135maggiemae8135 Posts: 596 Member
    I am so excited about this pack! This expansion includes so much of the gameplay and items sim players have been asking for over the years! I started preparing a new game with 4 newly married couples who will be neighbors in Brindleton Bay. Will wait until the pack is out before I let them start having children so I can really enjoy all the new gameplay! I should probably add parents to my existing families so the children can have grandparents as well. I have found it difficult to get overly excited lately but after seeing the trailer I am definitely excited now! This is going to be so much fun! I am looking forward to learning more about the new attraction system, quirks for infants, and milestones and how they will work. Love the new game tables with Scrabble and puzzles, the new treehouses, the water pad park, the baby shower, sleepovers, ... Ok, I admit I love it all! I am definitely going to have to find more time to play so I will be ready when the expansion comes out!
  • elanorbretonelanorbreton Posts: 14,271 Member
    Loved the trailer, this is exactly my kind of expansion.

    Possibly I may wait for a couple of weeks after the release to see if it is bugged or has any really annoying features, but the things shown in the trailer are pretty darn awesome.

  • SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 10,913 Member
    edited February 2
    Gordy wrote: »
    Someone on Reddit pointed this out

    Are we finally getting upright pianos?

    OMG yeeeessss! Now let's pray for simple brown, black and white variants.

    I must admit I love that colorful version of a piano, though - it gives me 80's vibes :)
    Vyolla wrote: »
    I also really love that we're getting milestones and I cannot wait to see more about them. I'm curious if they're going to be the "memories" from Sims 2..?

    That would actually be a nice way to implement memories, as milestones should be fewer and bigger, and not slowing down my game as much as I think TS2 memories did. Not sure, but it sounded like milestones are mostly for younger sims?
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  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 7,565 Member
    edited February 2


    I suppose I shall be Simminguy from now on because I didn't understand it either 😂

    as for the question though no i suppose I have not been invited to babyshower ever

    either people just didn't have babyshowers or I was (rightfully so) not added to the guest list because I did not meet the requirements of such position😂

  • Hearts4uHearts4u Posts: 1,659 Member
    edited February 2

    Hello neighbors. Welcome to the picturesque world of San Sequoia! This coastal region is located along a beautiful ocean bay, perfect for families and packed with a ton of outdoor open space for family gatherings and for children to play. Sims can explore three neighborhoods in San Sequoia: Anchorpoint Wharf, Gilbert Gardens and a relaxed residential locale, Hopewell Hills, which has a slower pace that seamlessly mixes elements of modern and traditional craftsman-style homes. We certainly love the beautiful and elegant design of a craftsman-style home!

    With so much to do, your Sims’ family will have the perfect outing at the Urban Park where they can walk in a group, learn to ride a bicycle, jog or even hike on a nature path along the Gilbert Garden's lake. Your Sim can enjoy the views, play on a playground, take it slow and go fishing with the grandparents, watch a movie at the wharf's refurbished theater, grab a bite to eat along the pier, visit the library filled with children’s books, or even splish and splash at Whalebert's public splash pad play area.
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  • Hearts4uHearts4u Posts: 1,659 Member
    edited February 2
    We’ve heard and seen all of your requests for new infants, and we are elated to deliver on this new life stage that will offer true cross-generational gameplay. In this free base game update, you will have the chance to create and modify infants in CAS with the opportunity to show off a wide range of clothing, accessories and hairstyles, adopt an infant, age up from a newborn to an infant to a toddler, change an infant’s diaper, give the infant a nap, put the infant to sleep and more! Infants will also have the ability to express needs, emotions and sentiments. Caring for an infant is intense, and just like real life, there's little time or energy for your Sim’s own needs!

    Adding more depth and gameplay to the lifestage, among other life stages including toddler and children, The Sims 4 Growing Together Expansion Pack will add more choice and opportunity for your growing Sims by bringing up a Sim through new infant milestones. These milestones both highlight the way your Sims are growing up, as well as gain new abilities that open up the world around them for social interaction and exploration. Caregivers will have new ways of playing and caring for their infants with the Changing Station and Infant Playmat, as well as being able to carry them on their backs out into our family-friendly urban world. So let’s celebrate our new infants with a baby shower event!

    We are also adding 18 discoverable Infant Quirks that change an infant’s behavior. With three Quirks per infant, each infant is bound to be unique! Some quirks include: Self-soother, Early Rise, Messy Eater, Frequently Hiccups, Gassy, Good Appetite, Snuggly Sleeper, Happy Spitter, Free-Air Tinkler and more.
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  • Hearts4uHearts4u Posts: 1,659 Member
    edited February 2
    There are plenty of new ways to interact with all the members of your family and lots of new content for different age groups. Most Sim Elders enjoy a good power walk around the park, a puzzle at the Recreation Center, or their role as caretaker of the family Keepsake Box. They're the best at Giving Life Lessons, Reminiscing on Good Times, and sneaking treats. Sometimes they even have a favorite grandchild! Speaking of grandchildren...

    Toddlers are getting quite the update in this pack. As with Infants, we are adding 18 discoverable Toddler Quirks that change a Toddler’s behavior. These are discovered over time and make each Toddler unique, beyond their traits! Some examples include: Aggressive, Picky Eater, Early Riser, Little Singer, Good Appetite, Loves Water, Hates Bedtime, Loves being Carried and more.

    Children also are getting a lot of attention! For the first time, Children have received four new Aspirations: Slumber Party Animal, Mind and Body, Playtime Captain and Creative Genius. With all the new content for kids in this pack (the Treehouse, Splash Pad, Bike, Sleeping Bag, Slumber Parties, Friendship Bracelets, and more) there's plenty to aspire towards. Just make sure to keep their confidence high! Or don't, but we know you'd never hurt a child's confidence. Right. Riiight? Because just like lost teeth, Childhood Confidence is also an aspect of growing up that every Child Sim faces in this pack!

    Through Sims’ experiences and relationships, players will begin to encounter Milestones, which will provide a way of showing players their Sims’ current growth, as well as their lifelong touchstones that continue to impact them as they age. These include overcoming a career obstacle, getting let go from a job, having a midlife crisis, having the family move in and so much more.

    Bringing up new Sims will be filled with new Infant Milestones that highlight the ways in which your Sims grow up and provide a guide for players through the new infancy gameplay - making each Milestone feel like a brand new and exciting experience every time.

    Our Growing Together Expansion Pack also includes a new social compatibility feature, which introduces new ways of socializing that will feel different with each Sim, leading to deeper, more meaningful relationships with family and friends. Maybe specific family members are jokesters together or maybe they are competitive. Your Sims’ family tree will now reflect more complex family relationships.

    Your Sim will now have preferences that determine who they are socially compatible with and who are their sworn enemies! As your Sim experiences life, there will be opportunities for both drama and unity that will ultimately affect family dynamics and your Sims’ relationships.
    If you purchase the Growing Together Expansion Pack anytime from February 2 - April 27, you’ll have access to our Outdoor Playtime Digital Content, where you can help your parent or child Sims have fun and active lives with a swing set, toddler slide and infant carrier.
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  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 31,588 Member
    @Hearts4u thanks for posting the blog notes!

    Official blog notes here.
    TS Forever 💚
  • BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 4,654 Member

    If the quirks are anything like get famous quirks I'm going to love this! I really love what get famous quirks add to my sims. I just cheat tje ones I want.

    Zombies, oh please oh please give us zombies!! :'(
  • pacer1965pacer1965 Posts: 65 Member
    I love the infant carrier.Love the pics thank you
  • DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 6,772 Member
    edited February 2
    There is a lot to look forward to. Something that jumped out at me was the seniors walking as a group. I know group walks are coming from what was in the blog posts, but I'm really curious if it's going to be a social event only or will this introduce sims walking together anytime they are in a group. There have been so many times as a storyteller where I've wanted my couples to walk together, side by side, hand in hand, or with an arm wrapped around their SO's shoulder for screenshots. It might be asking too much but even if those options aren't coming with this EP maybe it will lay the foundation for adding those either by mods or in later updates or packs. Fingers crossed for this one.

    I really really want to see this wharf they mentioned. That sounds so much like what I was hoping for, a community entertainment hangout spot. I envision it having a lively feel to it. The sort of place you could go nuts making fun community lots for and you could make cater to a young, hip nightlife crowd or make it family oriented with a variety of activities. That is if we get lucky to have some usable, buildable lots at the wharf or close to it. A lot closer than the ones in Copperdale are to the pier there.

    The name San Sequoia has so many overt San Francisco/Oakland vibes to it and while we didn't get to see much there was enough visuals to reinforce that. For me anyway. But there is something vaguely familiar about that bridge that kept popping up. I swear I've seen something very similar, but it was on the U.S. East Coast. I'm excited for this one because I can easily work this one into one of my story saves. That said, it is a bit disappointing we didn't get a European world. I would have loved another world that ties Windenburg, Tartosa, and Forgotten Hollow to Mt. Komorebi a bit more. Even a world that fits with Windenburg and Tartosa. To me Windenburg has a Germanic feel. Tartosa feels very Italian, but I can see where others might get a Greek feel. A world that felt like France or Spain would have been wonderful. I'm still excited for San Sequoia all the same. Who knows once we see all of it we may find some European touches.
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