March 31st- It's time for our Friday Highlights! You can check them out here!


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Sul sul and happy Friday!

This week has flown by and I'm shocked to see it's already almost February! Have you been keeping up with your New Year's Resolutions? One of mine was to have my Sim's set the kitchen on fire a bit less while cooking and uh... its not been going very well 🥴🔥

For this week's news - Be sure to tune in to the upcoming livestream event Behind The Sims for some exciting news and updates, a behind the scenes look with the developers & more! The stream will start on Tuesday, Jan. 31st at 9am PST on the official Sims Twitch and YouTube channels. You can also join in on our discussion thread for this event here. Don't miss it!

Are you ready for this week's highlights?

Eccentric herbalist witch, Medley Witherbean, and her brown hen posted here by @Kerrigan

  • Let's start this week with a fun gameplay question - @TeeSea is wondering "What's something you always do in your Sims games?" Now I love a little chaos in my game, so I always have my favorite lot traits enabled- cursed, gremlins and volcanic activity. For a little extra excitement, I never play without adding the kleptomaniac trait to my Sims 😈💰💎 So what are some ways that you always play? Do you prefer to motherlode your money, or play Rags to Riches? Which traits or lot challenges can you not survive without? Let us know!
  • Up next- for our weekly featured build, I found this adorable 'Baby Ready Base Game Family Home' created by @SheriGR and just had to show it off. I absolutely love a good base game home, and this one drew me in immediately with the beautiful sunflower garden, the subtle brick details, and that gorgeous neutral color palette. Be sure to check this build out! 🌻😍🌻
  • It's been quite awhile since we've highlighted a story thread, but this week, one of my favorite stories Attack on San Myshuno by @Simmingal has received a highly anticipated update - I won't spoil it for you, but our beloved protagonist Patina Wainscot has clearly been living her best life since we've last seen her, and I could not be more thrilled 🍕💕💍 Make sure you get all caught up on the latest chapter of this fun story!
  • How would you like an opportunity at winning one of the two newest kits? Well now's your chance, because our very own @simgirl1010 is currently running a giveaway for the Bathroom Clutter & Simtimates Collection kit! This giveaway will be running until Monday, Jan. 30th, so if you want to enter, be sure to do so here 😄 Good luck to everyone!
  • To wrap us up, I think some congratulations are well deserved to @notetoself00x for their breakthrough and inspiration for what I'm sure will be a fantastic storyline! I can't wait to read up more on the wonderful ideas they've come up 😊 I know getting stuck in a creative rut is all too common, so tell me- what are some ways you get those creative juices flowing again? How do you get inspired? 🤔🤯💡 Please jump in here and share what motivates you!

And with that, I hope you all have a wonderful and restful weekend 💚
We'll see you back here next week!



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