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Cutting corners

I am trying to be hopeful for this franchise. I thought part of the reason we hadn’t had an update in so long was because since EA made the sims 4 base game free they were trying to get more players, but do they not realize if they continue to cut corners and have a buggy game, or make kits like the bathroom clutter kit with such low quality, that people are not smart enough to tell?
If these new kits are any sign of the quality of the next expansion pack I’m a little worried. How do they plan to keep new players if they continue to do half baked updates and half baked packs and kits?
I have faith that they can turn it around, but I’ve heard and seen a lot of things about the new kit bathroom clutter, and I cannot believe they would release that in its condition and expect players to pay money for it.

I saw modders fix the textures of the new objects and the kit just released on Thursday, so it shouldn’t be that hard, there’s really no excuse for this.

And I’m not complaining about the objects in the bathroom clutter kit, I’m frustrated with the bigger picture here. Do they not think their gamers are going to notice all the continued inconsistencies?

This has been a major problem in the past, and I thought they realized this and were going to try and do better but that remains to be seen. Do better, please.


  • Bren91Bren91 Posts: 296 Member
    edited January 2023
    I think because they messed this kit up so bad they should make it free to everybody as an apology and give everybody who bought it a five dollar credit towards another pack of some kind. Sorry but that’s unacceptable and players should hold them accountable for it. We pay for something thinking we’re getting quality. We as sim players need to hold them liable for this or it’s clearly not going to stop.
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