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New Discussion DRAFTS. Where are they?!


I might be missing something here - for it ain't the first time - but recently, I saved the first draft of a (marvelous) NEW DISCUSSION and closed the webpage-with full Captain Confidence- ONLY to find out that upon my return the draft was gone. Twas gone. I couldn't find it anywhere...

I'm usually the kind of guy who stores multiple copies of all he has ever written, said, thought or dreamt of, inside a heavily guarded treasure vault...alas, not this time. Not this time.

Where are these drafts stored, if at all?
Are they only "saved" as long as the web page remains open?
If the answer is "yes", I'm ashamed to admit that I am nothing but a wonky auld blunderbuss.

@EA_Cade , @EA_Solaire , or anyone else out there: could you shed some light on this flabbergasting little mystery please?

Thanks a million!

A Captain Lost At - again, ashamed to admit it -... Sea.


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