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What about the new Overwolf X curseforge creators

Hi, I'm curious about the collaboration with modders through Overwolf. As in the announcement in the Sims Summit. But I don't get enough information on what it is exactly, how safe it is and mostly when it comes to the sims. I'm also not sure I understood everything they've said in the video.

I currently still play vanilla. But I have a few mods in mind I would love to see in my game.
If they get supported by the sims team, I'm more likely to download them.


  • Chicklet453681Chicklet453681 Posts: 2,236 Member
    I'm not 100% sure, but I don' think the mods are "supported" by the sims team, it's just a platform that creators can upload their mods/cc content to make it easier for simmers to download and update the mods in one convenient place.

    As far as I know, it's safe to install mods from this platform, as many simmers have stated in other posts that they have used it for years for other games besides the sims.
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    Here's a thread from the Mods forum that might be helpful.

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    I'm never going to use Overwolf x curseforge for any The Sims game. I've used The Sims Resource (TSR) for years and shall continue to do so, as that's the main hub for content creators for this franchise.

    I use Overwolf/Curseforge for other games, but that's because mods and custom content for those games are not available or not easily available elsewhere.

    I see no point in adding a brand new place for The Sims custom content and mods, but that's my personal opinon, anyway..
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  • SimsILikeSimsSimsILikeSims Posts: 1,578 Member
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    Curseforge has pros and cons: you can download all the updates at once without having to go in and manually do each one at a time (Mod the Sims, Tumblr, and Patreon).

    But Curseforge does NOT currently scan for duplicates, and puts most items straight into your Mods folder, but nothing is ever sorted into subfolders by the app, and the app does not scan your Mods folder for subfolders and their contents; not even one folder deep. This includes CAS items and build/buy items. I love the TSR CC manager that is available for premium members at TSR - it is more functional than Curseforge, except it only works for TSR content. The Sims Resource does not do any mods except poses and TMex mods, which are also on Curseforge. So now until I determine which creators are on Curseforge from TSR and MTS, I will need to use a third party duplicate scanner.

    So for now, I think I will concentrate on script mods, lots, worlds, and saves as far as Curseforge goes, at least until they let us scan for duplicates and scan folders deeper before installing new mods. They are starting to scan the folders before installing the new mods - but ONLY if you install from the website and not the app. They have plans to fix most of this stuff, but other than better updates, it is worse than TSR, MTS, and Patreon. Most of us have more than 50 pieces of custom contents, not including any script mods. Script mods can only be placed no more than one folder deep, so Curseforge is a good place for the script mods. I generally don't sort my Tray files, nor my saves files, so it also works well for lots, rooms, and save files (like one where you can start out with all lots empty, or all NPCs moved out). I notice there is a section for worlds on the Curseforge app, but instead of worlds, there are custom game save files instead. But everything shows up correctly on the app. At least you CAN turn off the manage my mods feature, but if you do, your mods will not show when they need updating.
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