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ts5 cas family options

i would love the following family options in ts5:
  • create/gallery-grab an autonomous household like ts4
  • start as a premade household (starts at world map)
  • create/g-g a household with auto-npc relatives (generated via genetics)
  • auto-npc relatives are customizable (how many and what type)
  • auto-npc relatives live off-world and interact via sim's device(s)
  • using auto-npc relatives provides a "visit family" rabbithole via sim's device(s)
  • cas household options: parent/step-parent/sibling/twin/child/step-child/spouse/domestic partner/grandparent/grandchild/roommate/boarder


  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 4,756 Member
    edited December 2022
    I want a way to track biological relations seperately from legal ones and also a way to blacklist certain sims from getting romanced by my sim.

    - My main family fostered their co-worker's son and has recently adopted him. The game needs to understand that it is to grab genetics from the biological father and that the boy cannot romance both his old and his new family.

    - Tina has a son, Jin, and later entered a relationship with Andre, who is not Jin's father. They seperated again, remained on friendly terms, and then Andre had a daughter, Chiara. I need to blacklist Jin and Chiara from romancing each other despite them not being blood related. Something like a generic "Is_family" flag should suffice, there's no need to label the exact relationship.

    - On the flipside, Jin's grandfather will hit on anybody he doesn't share genes with, including in-laws. For other families that would be taboo, so I feel an "Allow In-law romance yes/no" toggle would be useful.

    Edit: And also let us set the primary custodial parent for a child sim, please! To prevent situations like the principal calling a random household member for the school chance cards. (My junkyard owner has two live-in employees and they often get called by the school to make parenting decisions for their boss' kids.)
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  • honeywitchhoneywitch Posts: 303 Member
    great suggestions @EnkiSchmidt - i'm especially into the "blacklist" option. we need that!
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