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Gunnar Roque of La Fiesta Tech

BoergeAarg61BoergeAarg61 Posts: 823 Member
Gunnar Roque is one of the three sims in the Shifting Paradymes household of La Fiesta Tech.
He is Senior while the two girls in the households are Sophomores. What should I do with him when he has to leave campus?

I play La Fiesta Tech with Pleasantview, but have no single female sim who might like to live with a romance male sim.


  • DevalaousDevalaous Posts: 1,282 Member
    I kicked him into one of the empty homes in Downtown and gave him the music career, eventually reuniting with the other two band members later on

    Later when I remade the LFT students in Sims 3, I also made him part of a proper band using the Band system, with DJ Verse as the fourth member
    Rebuilding Sims 2 inside Sims 3 one lot and sim at a time.

    See my Sims 3 studio for latest progress.
  • BoergeAarg61BoergeAarg61 Posts: 823 Member
    edited January 11
    So far I build a new house for him in Pleasantview next to the old Pleasant resident.

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