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What I would really want from sims 5

Several have written similar posts such as this, but I figured I'd join ranks. However, I'm not going to list all the items that I want, but more the foundations for playability. So here is my list:
  • A bigger basegame, with more of the core everyday interactions in the base, rather than in DLC. Here I would prioritise things that affect general gameplay and all worlds. For example: seasons and weather (customizable and toggable on and off to fit all playingstyles), the club system (so that the same system could be used for university clubs, werewolf packs and ordinary clubs).
  • More customisation for gameplay, for example difficulty settings (a general one as well as an optional individual adjustment of things like salaries, friendship, romance, skillbuilding). But also things like days in lifespan, weather, townie creation, occults on and off (or limited to certain worlds of my choosing). Basically the more options I have to customise my game, the happier I am. For those who do not like to play with settings a reasonable default would do.
  • Thought thought interaction and activities for all ages, from newborn to elder, with fitting aspirations, reward traits and temporary traits.
  • Less glitches. In general just fewer glitches.
  • A thought through world system, where different towns (today's worlds) are gathered in regions where NPCs keep to their region for the most part and the weather is consistent with the style of world and climate.
  • The ability to use natural resources in each and every world. Swimmable waters, skatable lakes, sledding slopes, hiking trails... activities should vary based on the world and climate, but all worlds should have outdoor activities suitable for the location.
  • All careers are semi-active or active but have the option to be rabbitholes if you want them to.
  • More interaction between sims in general, and the ability to do things together more. When sims do things together they look at each other, interact and build relationships.
  • Relationships are individual and not always mutual.
  • The option of not going into Cas but starting in the world itself and then choosing if I want to create a sim or not.
  • More options in CAS including setting someone's job, skills and degree already in cas. More relationship choices (grandparents, uncles, cousins, roommates...) as well as set relationship points between sims.
  • Multipurpose lots where you can combine all different types of venues as you please.
  • The ability to choose to show or not show custom content right in cas or buildmode
  • The ability to ban certain items of clothing from ever being used in game or showing up in cas
  • The ability to edit public places (not lots) by adding things like playgrounds, benches, vendors or paths and fishing lakes.
  • The ability to build on the entire lot, including right out to the edge.
  • The ability to remove or place lots in a world where I please, including right next to another lot allowing for houses to share a wall or fence.
  • A larger variation of jobs, where jobs in game (librarian, gardener, nanny) are all playable positions.
  • A larger impact on personality traits, and sliders for some core traits (loner-outgoing, nice-mean, playful-serious, slob-neat), but keep the sims 4 style traits as an addition. Lifestyle choices, likes and dislikes and turn offs and turn ons would be in a category for themselves, giving us really complex characters that act according to their personality.

So what do you think?


  • barracuda1574barracuda1574 Posts: 105 Member
    I generally want Sims2 gameplay with an updated look. A few specifics I want are-
    Building like Sims4 - particularly basements
    Romantic interactions like Sims2
    Risky woo-hoo - (even a toggle option)
    Vampires like Sims4
    Aliens like Sims2
    Zombies like Sims2
  • JALJAL Posts: 497 Member
    edited January 15

    I would love a toggle option for risky woohoo, or the ability to set the risk as I please (as well with fertility rates), the same way I can with MCCC. In general, I'd just love it if most aspects of MCCC was obsolete with sims 5, that these were things I could set in my game settings the way I want them.

    As for aliens, I'd love for them to have a pack of their own, where they could be really well fleshed out and have a completely alien world of their own to live in (and be confined to if I want it, just like Warewolves can be confined in sims 4). I personally would put scientist, military and astronaut careers (active, all three) in that pack, so you'd have lots and lots of gameplay from it.
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 4,377 Member
    To essentially be TS2 updated to current computer standards with the best of the other versions blended in.
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