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My sims 5 ideal

The sims 5
- [ ] Create a style system - Design clothes and accessories by patterns and colors
- [ ] Build buy swatches for everything you buy
- [ ] Create A sims clay, more intuitive tools such as some height sliders
- [ ] Colors swatches for create a sim skin and hair color, including body hair
- [ ] Create a town or small neighborhood creator
- [ ] Create a sub town or city creator
- [ ] Weather changes introduced with seasons included in base game, including basic snow, rain, cloudy, sunny, fall, summer spring, winter
- [ ] Swimming pools included base game
- [ ] Burglars included base game
- [ ] Police force included in base game
- [ ] Fire department included in base game
- [ ] Cars included in base game
- [ ] Maid/butler services
- [ ] Chinese/Pizza delivery services
- [ ] Nanny services
- [ ] Prank texts or calls every now and then
- [ ] Grim reaper in base game
- [ ] Clown included in base game
- [ ] Ms. Crumplebottom townie
- [ ] In depth wants and fears points system base game
- [ ] In depth memory points system
- [ ] More in depth aspirations
- [ ] More in depth traits from the sims 3 and 4 and also a points system for certain characteristics from the sims 1&2.
- [ ] Life Points system, where aspirations and wants met affect game play and well as failures.
- [ ] Personality traits given over time
- [ ] Personality points and traits with genetics as well as physical appearance genetics
- [ ] More in depth relationships - in-laws/fiancé/ girlfriend/boyfriend/ best friend/step brother/step sister/friend/ enemy/ friends with benefits that can be assigned in create a sim.
- [ ] Ghosts in base game. But Actual ghosts! Not just transparent sims. They should have abilities the living sims don’t have but they should also have some limitations. The kind of sims they were and how they died should affect the kind of ghost they are.
- [ ] Funerals. Life should be celebrated and death should be mourned properly.
- [ ] Honeymoons ( rabbit hole) base game
- [ ] School system ( Base game)
- [ ] Marriage (base game)
- [ ] Genie with positive and negative results that can be summoned in base game
- [ ] Different life events effect sims differently according to their personalities
- [ ] At least 10 base game careers to start with (rabbit hole) as well as a few part time jobs. Cashier/sales or stores associate/ fast food worker/ military career branch/ business career branch/ journalist writing career branch/ logistics career branch
- [ ] Mail man or woman that delivers mail every Monday
- [ ] Newspaper option for sims who subscribe
- [ ] Cell phones with different swatches as well as a landline option base game
- [ ] Certain events at base game such as birthdays/house parties/ baby shower/marriage event/ dinner party/
- [ ] Create a community lot options
- [ ] Gym base game
- [ ] Movie theatre
- [ ] Cleaning skill ( base game)
- [ ] Mechanical skill ( base game)
- [ ] Body skill ( base game)
- [ ] Cooking skill( base game)
- [ ] Social skill ( base game)
- [ ] Logic skill ( base game)
- [ ] Environment - comfort/ discomfort need bar
- [ ] Happy/ unhappy bar or points given
- [ ] Opinions or likes and dislikes/ turn ons turn offs / sexual orientation ( base game)
- [ ] Random life events or death occasionally such as alien abduction
- [ ] Adult humor it is a T rated game most likely and should be. It has always been a game that is for older players. It should make the game more for that demographic.
- [ ] Open worlds

Expansions : Neighborhood stories - create a more dishy soap opera with your sims as you now can create richer town stories, where gossip and scandal will enrich your game play. At the beginning you can assign a life problem or scandal to begin with in create a sim. Uncover juicy neighborhood secrets in the town of Bella. Create more stories and get creative as you go while having sims influence each others actions for good or bad.

Expansion - Entertain me! expansion pack - this pack offers careers and hobbies all about entertainment- whether they start a career in the party planning business or join a dancer career for shows and night club. Create an oasis all about fun, including casinos, wilder dance parties, such as bubble dancing parties, introducing theme parties such as pajama parties, or even just a bingo party for say elders. Including more build buy items to entertain, video game system, bingo, board games for sims to play, bowling, twister, and more games for all your sims to get together and enjoy.

Expansion Holidays! Now enjoy all the special holidays with your sims or create your own with a ton of options to make a certain day special with in depth holiday game play

Expansion - Things that go bump in the night - this exp is all about the creepy ghouls in the sim world, while also adding many more fears to the game and mayhem. You have burglars but now a boogeyman can break in and live under your sims bed and eventually eat them if they don’t hire a paranormal consultant to get rid of it! A ghost haunting can now happen and be more intense and by breaking home items and possessing objects and living sims! There is now vampires that are looking to turn other sims into vampires while quenching their thirst!werewolves will now roam the night, also turning your sims into werewolves or they may just become the werewolf’s next meal! and Zombies, the grim reaper can now resurrect your sims as zombies for a fee. Or you can unleash a zombie outbreak on your town and neighborhood where zombies will look for sims to bite and turn, word will spread fast through sims phones and television and the town may go mad with fear, sims will advised to lock their doors but zombies still may break in. a spirit board even that can let in other types of spirits good and bad that can have effect on your sims life. At night is when these creatures love to come out the most. Your sims fear will most likely be escalated once you unleash these ghoulish things into their world. With a lot of rich gameplay, now you can sit around and tell ghost stories by a camp fire investigate a community or residence for ghosts, there is now a paranormal consultant career as well. You can now create a creepy neighbor hood or town with its own ghoulish legend. Make things extra spooky in your sims town with this pack and watch ghoulish mayhem unfold.

Expansion pack - Romance me!exp. Now your sims can go on a honey moon at a beautiful destination dedicated to romance! Visit the love land destination for a honey moon or lovers getaway. Stay in a fancy romantic hotel, where the beds are decorated with rose petals, get on a mini boat and go on a romantic river ride that goes around the love land town, see the beautiful romantic sights. Go to an opera while you’re there, plan an unrfogettable date night at home or out on the town! Introducing more love interactions and options for your sims as well as more buy items such as the hearts hot tub and bed. Also introducing Cupid, a heart fairy that is capable of creating more romance among the town, just don’t 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 him off or he may use that arrow for heart break that could even result in heart breaking death! Have a sim confess their love like they never have with a surprise engagement event or announcement! A new hopeless romantic trait as well as an obsessive romantic trait- which can result in a sim becoming completely obsessed with the idea of love or another sim. Cupid can cast a love spell and make a sim like this too. Now your sims can go on blind dates or join a dating app, they can also go to a meet up event at a bar or place to meet other sim singles. Sims who get their heart broken are now capable of going a bit crazy, such as the break up slap interaction, the hostile ex lover who might spread rumors about their ex, they also might vandalize there exes home late at night or throw a drink in their face in public. They may also set a Whoopy cushion under a sims chair to embarrass their ex lover. Sims can now form an unbreakable romance bond where their love is so strong it creates love in the air for others or causes jealousy. They can now hold hands and take a stroll through town or the park. Who knew romance could be this fun!


  • Bren91Bren91 Posts: 222 Member
    More expansion ideas I have is an expansion pack for law and order- explore careers in field of law, go to law school and become a lawyer or investigator or go to the police academy and become a cop. Your duties as a police officer once you graduate will be to give tickets for littering or helping catch a criminal!

    A lawyer would be possibly just a rabbit hole career, an investigator could be more in depth. You could also have a career as a robber, in this expansion banks would be introduced, as robbers can now rob banks as well as homes, this expansion could introduce some criminal traits such as kleptomaniac, create a sim who desires to still everything in sight.

    Create a sim who wants to become a smuggler. And a new Aspiration could be Justice aspiration. This kind of sim desires to join the justice system and serve their community. Both sides, will create more intriguing stories through out your town. Could make the town feel a bit more risqué. Like a t rated grand theft auto city or town, we’re sims steal and burglars try to make a get away with a stack of cash from a bank or steal items from a home. Sims can now litter and be ticketed for littering.

    Criminal sims can also do crime gigs just don’t let them get caught. There is also a lock away for sims, that’s a rabbit hole. Where they will pay a fine and spend time away depending on the severity of the crime. These crimes include burglary, stealing an item from a sim walking the city or town streets, starting a dumpster fire at a sims residents or place of business. A sim can now be taken away for consistently harassing or bullying another sim, ages adult and up if the sim reports it. This expansion would have to be carefully done so it doesn’t go past the T rated game play, but it would bring a lot to the game and could be a lot of fun if done right.

    There could also be a black widow Aspiration where an evil gold digger sim could have the aspiration to marry for money. Their could also be a fight between the officer and criminal when trying to catch the criminal and there could be Multiple ways to fight or fighting styles and who ever wins could be random or depend on skills such as body and logic or strategy. Could definitely add some fun gaming elements while making the game have some more darker comical stuff.

    Making this an expansion would be a good idea too because if people don’t want their game to have a grand theft auto vibe at all, then they just don’t purchase it, if they would rather have the game more mild without darker theme. But for those who want a darker aspect to the game this expansion would be a fun option. Where it could really stretch its T rating a bit with some funny humor. It could also add some crimes mysteries to the town or game that could be posted on a sims social media and a sims subscribed newspaper.
  • Bren91Bren91 Posts: 222 Member
    I really want the sims 5 to push its a teen rating a bit. The sims 4 has played it too safe when it comes to darker elements and humor. The sims 5 needs more sims 1 and 2 humor
  • Bren91Bren91 Posts: 222 Member
    Magical lives! Expansion pack - another paranormal expansion that focuses on magic! Introducing witches and wizards, create an evil witch or good witch/wizard. With A spell and magic skill points. From 1-10. Create potions, cause mayhem spells, such as freeze a sim spell. Turn a sim into a frog or cast magic that creates a crazy or evil clone of them. Each level of skill in magic, gives sims more options for potions and spells. Who needs the grim reaper, once you reach a higher skill in magic, resurrect a dead sim but make sure you do it right or they may not come back how they should! Introducing a maid skeleton and butler skeleton to clean your house. Also cast a good luck spell on a sim your friends with, or cast an unlucky spell on an enemy, this could bring very good fortune to another sim such as them winning or coming across a ton of money! Or an enemy may get fired from their job or become tired or temporarily stupid, or even have a freak accident that results in death! Fear not though, this expansion also includes magical spell a sim can learn to get rid of a bad spell such as bad luck placed on them. But they will just have to do it in time. Good and bad sim wizards and witches can also duel or fight each other with magical spells. They can also hypnotize townies to do what they want them to do after getting very high skill points in Magic. There is now a new mode of transportation for sims who choose to live the life of magic, they can now learn to fly a broom or vacuum. But make sure they sign up for broom flying lessons before just deciding to fly on their own or they may fall out of the sky and get hurt or even die. Magic can be a lot of fun but it can also be dangerous and cause mayhem. What magic will happen with your sim? This expansion introduces owls as pets.
    Spells include: influencing spell or control spells with other sims.
    Temporary love spell
    Shrinking a sim to a tiny sim.
    A sim gets an infestation of spiders or gets attacked by spiders.
    Good luck spell, a sin just seems to attract good things for 3 - 7 days of good luck such as finding money or getting a job promotion, becoming attractive to their crush, good things just seem to Happen.
    Bad luck spell - sims become clumsy with falling or the dishes, they break things on accident, random fires start in the kitchen, they seem to make enemies or have bad conversations without saying much. They become constantly tired or can’t quit going to the bathroom, or they continually fart or burp embarrassing themselves in front of others, their spouse or partner falls out of love with them? Or they get fired.
    - Clone spell - a sim clone of another.
    - Resurrect a sim spell - a sim gets resurrected.
    - Messy spell - everything in a sims house becomes a mess all the sudden.
    - Clean spell - everything becomes tidy and clean all the sudden.
    - Forgetful spell - a spell that makes a sim forget what their doing or even another sim temporarily
    - Freeze spell- a spell that freezes another sim in place temporarily
    - Fast spell - a spell that makes a sim run or do chores at a much higher speed
    - Dance spell- a spell to make another sims dance and embarrass themselves in public
    - Loss of hair spell - a spell to make a sims lose all their hair on their head temporarily
    - Too much hair spell- a spell to make a sims grow hair everywhere temporarily
    - Shout spell- a spell that makes a sim sing aloud in Public or around other sims embarrassing themselves. Or a spell that makes them shout forbidden words around other sims.
    - An invisible spell- a spell that makes a sim transparent that no other sim can see Temporary.

    This expansion could also have a witches and wizard event - that sims go to to learn spells or buy spell books, while also adding special magic treats and baked goods at the event, that may have magical effects, their is also a fun house of mirrors they can go to for fun, and a magical ride they can take around a town called magic town!
  • Bren91Bren91 Posts: 222 Member
    The sims 4 Sports fan game pack - I don’t know if this expansion is meaty enough to be a full on expansion pack. But for sports and sims fans, this could be fun. Added items could be a hokey rink, a basket ball court, a football field and a swimming race, and a boxing ring. Each sport could come with its own skill, each sim has to practice to become a pro or really good and the games would incorporate the skills sims have on the teams to factor in what team would win, but occasionally it would be random as well. Even pros have off days. Not only could you name your team but also create a competitor team, you could decide the outfits for the team, and it could become a sporting event with a Kiosk of sport goodies, such as hot dogs, pretzels and popcorn. Customize a Sports Jersey and have your crowd pick a team and they will wear the jersey whos team they’re on to support them. The crowds will praise and get frustrated, it’s a little fun event sims could choose to do for a date night or a family night. You can create a community sporting event for hockey, basketball, boxing, swimming race, and the other option for a created venue would be a sports store that sells jerseys and sporting hats that you can only get by going to the store itself since the items for sale are local. You could also create a sports bar that always plays sports games where sims can go with their friends and watch sports while having some drinks. They can scream at the television in frustration or excitement! Sims with a temper can also get too frustrated or upset if their team is losing which can make other sims tense or uncomfortable. Sims that get a lot of sporting skills in a sport such as football, can be drafted to play pro, and become a amateur to professional sports player, the top pros earn a ridiculous amount of money, their more often to become pros if they have a real love for the game. Which now their is a new aspiration called sports star. Where a sims dream is to become a professional sports player. And there is different ranks each rank offers more money. If a team becomes pro after winning so many games, for each game each player on the team will receive money! It can become more than a fun hobby for sim sports players it can also become an interactive career! Depending how far you want your sims to practice and take it. Maybe this game pack could be an expansion pack after all, if they added all these elements to it.
  • Bren91Bren91 Posts: 222 Member
    Bachelor and bachelorette party game pack - this could be a fun little game pack that is all about a bachelor or bachelorette party for a s getting married. It could add fun items and new interactions that have to do with Romance. At the party their could be a jello slide, a slide made of jello that the bachelor or bachelorette has to slide down, their could be dancing with bachelor or bachelorette party hats, and bring back the cage dancers from sims 1! Where sims can get into the cage and dance or hire dancers! Of course this would stay T rated. The dancers wouldn’t be too Risqué, they would just dance like they’re having fun and maybe blow a kiss while they’re doing it as they’re being cheered on. It would stay PG, at the most T rated. But dancers could also pop out of giant cake, male ones could wear pants with no shirt, wearing a party hat that reads bachelor or bachelorette party. Female dancers would just wear a skirt and and a top with little reveal. I know this could be done tastefully without going above a T rating. Sims could also have special drinks made for their bachelorette or bachelor party and pay for a venue with an open bar, some of these drinks could effect the mood and desire of a sim, such as the fun spirit drink, which may make a sim have more energy and want to dance more. A flirty pink drink could make sims more flirtatious and make them tempted to flirt when they shouldn’t. The bachelor or bachelorette does have the temptation of cheating at their party, but the pack could come with fun decor for a party for different types of bachelor or bachelorette parties. And new party outfits, there is also a fancy limo that will now take your sims to his or her bachelor or bachelorette party. Could be fun.
  • Bren91Bren91 Posts: 222 Member
    Time period - 70’s expansion pack. They could do multiple expansions 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 it Time Period - (whatever the decade is). This hasn’t been done and could be a new fun idea for an expansion pack. When creating a neighborhood or town with this expansion pack there will now be an option to choose a time frame. The options could include. ( Current) ( 70”s) or whatever else decade. But in order for a flesh out time period expansion pack if they were to do these expansion packs, they should do each one with their own time period. Not combine them. They could even do a mid evil time period expansion, since I know fans would want that. When selecting the time period for your town. You sims are suddenly transported back in time. The rules are different than a neighbor hood or town that is current. For example in the 70s sims do not have cell phones and if they visit this town their cell phones will be non existent while they are there. There is only landlines with the older type of phones that hang on the wall or that you spin to dial. In create a sim the only options available are 70s fashion that you can customize with create a style and hair styles. The town will automatically be obsessed with disco and a new disco event party will be mentioned and announced weekly in the news paper. With time period expansion packs some other packs might interfere with the time period thing so it might not be a perfect time period experience but I think it could be done well enough most people wouldn’t care if there were glitches here and there or things that didn’t make sense. Cutting out cell phones would help it feel like a much older time for sure. Given certain styles to l the townies automatically would be cool based on the time period could other sims still visit the time period, maybe? But in order for the time period to feel authentic maybe it would be a good idea to limit that. Maybe it’s better if the sims living in this time period are cut off from the other worlds, like their in an alternate reality to say?
    Because if sims from all over can visit this time period it may not feel like it’s still that time period, say a modern day girl wearing modern fashion visits the time period town, they might feel out of place? Maybe this could be a toggle or option in the expansion for the player to decide how authentic they want their time period town to feel. But the 70s time period expansion would add a lot of 70s decor and building items, to make up for no cell phones, they would add more news paper stories and options with the news paper. They would add cheesy sitcoms to the television, 70s style furniture. Disco would be the party scene, with disco type music channel. And sims could learn disco style dancing moves or it could be a skill they learn. There could be type writers and no computers! Just fancy type writers and books, is how a sim would learn and read. Bills would be different, certain things would be differently priced in this town/ world. There would be vintage looking cars and motorcycles for transportation. The modern cars wouldn’t exist in this world, they could also add vintage looking bicycles to get around in. The only thing players might not like about this pack as it might limit things sims can do in this time period versus modern worlds or towns, but the whole point is it’s a time piece, and for what it lacks it could probably find ways to make up for in older ways! It could add some older careers that were popular back then, such as a type writer for the news paper, jobs that sims can do that back then didn’t have the technology for. I think this type of pack could be a huge hit and a lot of fun. Not to mention they could come out with all different types of TIME PERIOD Packs, all bringing something different and Nastolgic to the table.
  • Bren91Bren91 Posts: 222 Member
    I love all the expansion packs the series has added in the past but I would love to see some fresh ideas as well or older ideas that bring something new along with it
  • Bren91Bren91 Posts: 222 Member
    Wild weather game pack - a game pack not an expansion pack that adds more severe weather, such as blizzards that effect driving conditions or sims slipping on ice, while also adding an ice skating rink for fun. This game pack adds the storm chaser career. Where a sim can have a career chasing storms and documenting them. Floods are now possible, and very heavy rain fall, along with severe thunderstorms and wind conditions that can blow off roof tops, the most severe of all is a tornado storm, that can be toggled off but if allowed may happen but rarely. If it does it could do major damage to the town and even kill sims if they don’t have a basement to hide out in. A storm chaser is a rabbit hole career that has a ton of chance cards where you decide what your sim does when chasing down a storm be careful the wrong choice could cause a sims death, or send them home early for the day or get them fired for taking unnecessary risks to get footage or storm story. Get to the top of the career
    And if you reach the top your sim could have their own reality storm chaser series on tv. On the sim network.
  • Bren91Bren91 Posts: 222 Member
    Strike a pose! Exp. Or game pack. A expansion dedicated to a modeling career. Think your sim has what it takes to be a model? Now there is a photo shoot skill, have your sims practice posing for their photo shoots. Photo shoots for their model resume, and photo shoots for gigs they apply for. Make sure your sim shows up to a modeling studio ready to shine. They will be asked for random certain things at the shoot, by chance cards, the modeling agency will judge based on how you dress them and meet the task asked. Dress them from head to toe for the model shoot, if the judges are impressed they will give a pay out if they don’t like what make up or hair style or photo shoot skills they will send them home. The more successful photo shoots the more successful their modeling career will become. The top of the modeling career is a super model or runway model. Those models get paid the big bucks and instead of just applying for gigs, modeling agencies and gigs will be calling them for a shoot. It may sound easy, but there’s a challenge, if you send a sim to mod who is being difficult or has bad hygiene it most likely won’t work out and word will get out that their unprofessional and difficult. A new aspiration is the beauty Star aspiration, if a sim has this aspiration to be a model they will be more determined to be a professional model, and even if they are angry or sad will put it aside easier to work hard for the shoot. But if a sim is low on energy, cranky, sick or sad they most likely won’t perform well. They will have a reputation modeling reputation grade of 1-5 stars, if their easy and fun and professional to work with they may get 5 stars, if they grade low it will be harder for them to get modeling gigs. If they reach 5 stars most sims will have heard of them and treat them like a star beauty that they are, swooning over them, admiring them, and wanting to take their own pictures of them and with them. Night clubs and party’s will invite them to show up and they will be paid just for attending. A super model and runway model will be admired and adored by almost all sims of they become a big success. They will become a big crush for sims attracted to that gender, and admired by the same gender. Other sims will bring them up in random conversations. Their social interactions with non famous sims will almost always be positive and they romance and friendships are much more easy attainable. And they also will receive a the power of influence, where their popularity or fame has a much stronger influence on other sims.

    I think there should be other type of famous sims. But unlike an expansion that focuses on all of them, I think they should all have their own expansion pack for fame. This one could be for a modeling career.

    I think they could do a rockstar or singing career expansion or game pack.

    They could also do an acting career expansion and calls it lights camera action! Exp or game pack.

    I think famous expansions could be more fleshed out if they each had their own expansion, and it would be less glitchy.
  • Bren91Bren91 Posts: 222 Member
    Cruise ship expansion vacation trip! Have sims go on the high seas for a trip on the ocean of the coast of sun rise beach. Pay for fancy 5 star suites or pay for a standard room. Has room service delivered, watch fire works go off one night on the sea, it’s a five day trip. Party at a fancy night club at night inside the ship, eat an extravagant breakfast every morning as well as a fancy sea food dinner at night. Go on excursions, such as dolphin and shark watching, go on an excursion at a water cave, you may even come across merman or mermaids, sims can fall over board but it is unlikely, so have your sim be careful. Have a sim learn to salsa at a fun dance salsa class on the boat at sea! Also get off on on sunrise island when you’d like and visit stores with unieke clothing and souvenirs. And don’t forgot to visit the sim sun rise Aquarium while you’re there, or try the sunrise punch at the beach bar. Make friends with dolphins when you sims but watch out for sharks. Meet other sea creatures such as sea horses, mermaids or mermen. Collect sea shells with special perks when brought home. Build sand castles, be catered to on the ship at hand and foot, enjoy a 4 star spa treatment on the ship.
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