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Friday Highlights December 9th - A Week on The Sims Forums

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December 9th - Friday Highlights

Sul sul my lovely Simmers!

It's finally Friday, and we're getting closer and closer to the holidays! Have you been watching all your favorite holiday movies? Getting presents wrapped and hanging lights all over the house? Tell me all about it!

But first, let's get started on this week's highlights, shall we?

Pajama Party Dinner, shared here by @emere

  • Let's get this week kicked off with an incredible build I found by @seaben entitled "The Piano Lounge"- I'm extremely impressed with the use of round rooms and platforms here to create the look of a grand piano and violin shaped lounge, well done! I'll definitely be adding this lot into my world- please be sure to check out this fantastic build! 🎹🎻🎶
  • Up next- let's talk about packs! With so many to choose from, @imhappy wants to know "Which pack pleasantly surprised you?" For me personally, I was not expecting to love City Living and Get Famous as much as I do! Of course we all have our favorites, so be sure to join in the conversation here and let us know what yours is 😊💚
  • Let's take our seats for this next thread by @FatTribble23 who's looking for some tips and tricks on Sending two Sims to University at once. Have you got some helpful advice on how to ace those classes? Be a class act and share your knowledge with us! No punning in the hallway now. ✏️📚📓
  • For our next discussion, I want to hear a bit about everyone's various gameplay styles with this question by @chocolatefrosting: "What is your favorite townie to play as?" While the Goth family is a fan-favorite (and rightfully so) I've currently been having quite a bit of fun with the Landgraabs- though I must admit, my Sim only married into the family to get ahold of Geoffrey's money 💰🤑 Make sure you jump in here and tell us who your favorite is and why! 😄

And that's all for this week! I hope you enjoyed these fun discussions as much as I did 💚

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
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