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Friday Highlights December 2nd- A Week on The Sims Forums

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December 2nd - Friday Highlights

Sul Sul Simmers, happy December!

Have you all put up your holiday decorations and finished your shopping yet, or are you like me and putting it off till the last minute? 🎁🎄

In case you missed this week's announcements:

On Thursday, we had a new Sims Delivery Express which included a tuning fix for the overly aggressive and mean Sims. In addition to this fix, a new Dragon Age themed beanie, shirt and tattoos have been added into CAS!

On Wednesday, we announced a brand new Sims Spark Something Shell Contest on Twitter! Download the lot here, complete the challenge & upload it back to the Gallery with #TheSims4Contest & #SparkSomething by Tuesday, Dec 6 at 10am PT. And you can win an expansion pack of your choice. I can't wait to see the amazing things you'll create with this shell 😍


Now, let's get to this week's highlights, shall we?

  • For those who celebrate Thanksgiving (and are still enjoying the coveted Thanksgiving leftovers🍗🥪) @catloverplayer wants to know What are you thankful for in The Sims 4? and I have loved reading through everyone's answers. For me, I'm most thankful for being able to express my creativity in Build/Buy mode, and thankful for this lovely online community! 💚 Be sure to join in on this discussion!
  • Now, we can't have a Highlight thread without featuring a build, and this week I want to showcase this stunning hillside cottage by @pammiechick created for the Build-N-Share Challenge thread. I could sit on that porch with a pot of coffee and enjoy those beautiful views all day 🥰
  • While we're on the subject of building, up next we have a question by @aaronrulz who wants to know "Do you redecorate when your Sim's spouse/significant other moves into their house?" I love reading about everyone's different gameplay and decorating styles, so please, be sure to join in on this fun discussion! 🏡💍
  • Up next- I've been watching a lot of fun horror Christmas movies lately, so I wanted to highlight this entertaining discussion by @GalacticGal: I Nearly Got Startled Out of My Desk Chair! I have to agree with @ignominiusrex on this one, as many hours as I have in this game, that lightening strike still gets me every single time ⚡😖 Be sure to hop in here and let us know what startles you!
  • And for our Sims 3 players- I wanted to share this wonderful Snowy Day screenshot thread by @Nikkei_Simmer ❄️It may not get very cold where I live, but these gorgeous screenshots are enough to make me want to book the first flight up north and play in the snow! ☃️

And that will wrap us up for this week! I hope you enjoyed this week's highlights, and as always, if you have any suggestions or recommendations for what you'd like to see in upcoming weeks, please do let us know 😊

Have a great weekend, and try to stay warm!
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