February 3rd- It's time for our Friday Highlights! You can check them out here!

Friday Highlights November 25th- A Week on The Sims Forums

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November 25th - Friday Highlights

Sul, Sul to the most beautiful community in the world!

This week was strenuous and full of challenges, but luckily, here we are for another Friday Highlights. The weather is basically begging me to spend my weekend wrapped up in my cozy jumpers, drinking hot chocolate! ☕🥶

Let's recap our latest announcements, shall we?

💠We had a patch on Tuesday the 22nd. The latest update is now live for The Sims 4 which includes critical updates to Gallery and in-game profanity filters. Click here to read the notes.

Alluring ´Aliyah Whitfield`, impeccably created by @Mafe5125 and shared here.

Okay, here we go - these are today's pics:

🔸Let´s start with some building inspiration! While browsing through our " Creative Corner", I found that one of our talented creators- @AlphaFFrog - is back in action, and recently shared their latest design here. ´Memory Lane` renewal is fabulous! I love how you kept the cottage features with a more sophisticated touch, after adding that conservatory. Glad to have you back and looking forward to your future creations! 💞🏠

🔹Next, how about we help one of our fellow Simmers with the difficult task of choosing a new game expansion for their daughter? Please, folks, join the conversation " Help for a young simmer", and let´s give @CherbitDip a hand, shall we? 🤗

🔸Happy Thanksgiving to the ones that celebrated it on Thursday! 💗🦃🍁 You can still join the "Happy thanksgiving 2022! " thread created by @12JEREMIA and share your screenshots with us! Quoting our dear @simgirl1010, I am also "grateful for our wonderful Simming community here on the forum."💚

🔹How about something to laugh about? Exactly, that's what I thought and I do apologize in advance, @beggar1015, but that was tremendous bad luck (and funny). Why don't you check out "The shortest game" to understand why I'm giggling here, and get into the right weekend mood? 🤭 Your Sims better watch out for meteors! ☄️

🔸Calling all The Sims 3 players to join the discussion started by @misty4m: " I think my sim is tired of me, he gave me the stare look lol". To be honest, this has never happened to me but I agree that it is indeed shocking! 🤣

Alrighty, those were today's highlights! I hope you enjoyed the discussions as much as I did. :) And, as usual, if you have any recommendations for future mentions, please let me know!

Have a great weekend and stay safe! :heart:

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