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Dont know where to post, (Incorrect steps in the EA answers section for console trouble shooting).

AlienTusksAlienTusks Posts: 194 Member
edited November 2022 in Forum Ideas & Feedback
Sorry If I am totally posting this in the wrong place but I figured that EA answers and this site are connected in some way as something you click on here takes you into that site.
Ok so under Xbox console troubleshooting the 1st section says turn your Xbox off completely then lists a few steps. Well, I spoke with official Xbox support not long ago and they gave me steps to fix some things about my console, one was this exact step. A power cycle I think called, this is the full and correct way to do it, I recommend, if possible, update the post. It should say these steps:
-while console is on (or maybe off I'm not actually sure about this one) press and hold the power button on Xbox until the console turns off
-next unplug the power cable, HDMI cable, and ethernet cable (this was the important difference)
-wait for 2 minutes, not 10 seconds.
-plug the cables back in and power on your console
-this is the way to power cycle your console offered by Xbox staff themselves.

Also, another possible help for your console is to go to guide, profile, settings, and find the blu ray section and click on persistent storage and clear it twice (no saved data will be lost) This however is a recommendation in a YouTube video.

This proper method of power cycling might be important.
I made an edit to this post because something else in the console troubleshooting caught my eye And I noticed there is a feedback section in EA answers that I may be able to post in which I should have researched further before making this post as now I guess it completely in the wrong place. But oh well let me finish this post as I cannot delete it from what I understand.
-(Important) under the find my saved data, library, user data, etc. section. This section could cause someone to potentially delete all their progress in every game they have, lose every game they have and loss their profile, because in my opinion it is not very clear about which option to do, nor does it clearly discuss or point out the outcome of the choice.
one choice is to delete everything return system back to factory settings. the other is to factory reset but keep my saves and data, the difference between these two choices is not very thorough in its description. and one could easily delete everything. This section should be re written in my opinion.

I will check into posting at EA answers as I have now discovered that may be an option about feedback.
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