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love to hate, Thanksgiving Edition

ignominiusrexignominiusrex Posts: 2,488 Member
We all love being thankful for the good in life, but it can be fun to hate on the annoyances and disasters.

What do you love to hate about Thanksgiving? Or this time of year if Thanksgiving isn't your tradition?
You can call me Iggy or Rex (he/him) 10 ways to Fight Hate


  • cynciecyncie Posts: 3,424 Member
    Nothing really. It was always a peaceful, family day when I was growing up. No big, extended family to create drama. These days, mom and I either stay home and have Thanksgiving dinner for two, or go to my brother’s for Thanksgiving. Either way, it’s just close family.

    Years ago, I directed a big annual Christmas dinner theater that occurred the first weekend in December. Some of those Thanksgiving weekends were spent setting up the stage and finishing scenery to get ready for dress/tech week. If we were behind, I worked on it on Thanksgiving Day. One year my Thanksgiving dinner was a ham and cheese sandwich from Hardee’s. It was all exciting when I was younger, but I’m glad I’m not doing that anymore.
  • ignominiusrexignominiusrex Posts: 2,488 Member
    One thing I have a love hate relationship with is remembering my late mother's (and just about everyone else's of her generation) traditional recipes. Traditional used loosely to mean mid-centiry modern and forward, before making things from processed foods largely fell out of fashion.

    So the 1970s and 80s Thanksgiving menu typically went something like this: stuff a raw turkey with either stove top or jiffy cornbread stuffing complete with raw egg in it, and put that in a slow oven for many hours. Some put it in the night before, taking many hours to reach a food safe temp in all that raw egg and raw turkey cavity. Somehow we only got food poisoning from it once that I know of.

    The side dishes were made by combining canned and processed foods, packets of instant this and cans of condensed that, with jello and cool whip and marshmallows all in there somewhere.

    So I rebelled and refused to carry on any of those "traditions" in my own kitchen.


    You can call me Iggy or Rex (he/him) 10 ways to Fight Hate
  • WhatCobblersWhatCobblers Posts: 2,436 Member
    The frequent wet weather around this time of year has always annoyed me, but after what felt like several months of sweltering temperatures this year I'm quite glad to have some moisture and coolness in the air.
    I'm not liking the increase in strong winds this autumn though.
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  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 6,682 Member
    edited November 25
    I thankfully do not have to deal with Thanksgiving in this part of world so no (direct) comment on that

    But I feel like this time is always beginning to all horrors of the mankind and death of reasonability.

    too much animal torture in all forms,
    too many trees cut, too many plastic pieces of trash produced, sold and given,
    too much traffic, awkward social events, unrealistic social expectations, noise, lights, too many personal questions asked, too much commercial religion for my poor vampire eyes...

    I could go on forever, or at least until Valentines day, but I'll contain my wrath in my lonesome coffin and munch on some probably unethically produced snacks of choice while hypocritically enjoying my own wasteful decorations

  • chocolatefrostingchocolatefrosting Posts: 67 Member
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    The history surrounding it
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