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Musing Questions About Project Rene

CinebarCinebar Posts: 33,520 Member
1. If someone was building a simulation game, would one start off with building objects? Wouldn't a company start developing the 'world' first?
Wouldn't you need to know what the 'world' engine could handle or do or not do inside those boundaries and grids and paths etc. before starting off with furniture? ....Is this game further along than we now know? Maybe.

2. Before TS2, TS3 and TS4 we saw the actual hints of Sims..not furniture. I find it odd, very odd, Maxis is showing furniture first. Before TS4 we saw the eyes (the windows of the soul) of the S4 Sims. After all it's about 'The Sims'. But this time they show off the manipulation of a tool to build furniture. Weird for a simulation game.

3. Is Project Rene really TS5? (as we know it) as a life simulator? Really? I'm doubting it. Lyndsay talked about creativity...well, wouldn't you want to show off the 'Sim' first...or is this about creating objects and sharing or selling them for some decorative, goal driven game?

4. Did they really just now start working on 'Project Rene'? I doubt it...after all in order for a player to play with a workshop tool already in existance wouldn't a company (have to) already built all that furniture, clutter, scenery, grid, box, room, walls, paths, footprint restraints? Or they would have to go back and reroute all the footprints and bleeding over into walls, worlds, Sims etc. Right?.....

How can one build furniture and other objects and not know how this would work within the world and the restraints to keep a Sim from walking through it and or over it, and or bleeding down into it? Does a company really start with furniture when building a life simulator? Uh, nope.

5. From what they showed we understand there is a color wheel, pattern tool, resize and or swap parts of objects. Improved over TS3's Create A Style tool. But a company, as I can't say enough, would have already built all the furniture a player would be changing etc. ever before letting them try it? Right? Right. And that would lead me to believe one or two things. Project Rene isn't a life simulator like The Sims, and or it's much further along than we are led to believe.

6. And repeat question, why didn't they show hints of the new Sim...if it's about The Sims. If not, fine, but we play these games to play The Sims, not build furniture, don't we?

My own thoughts, it all sounds as backward as Paralives staying in build mode forever, and never getting to live mode development. Granted Maxis has twenty some years of experience but starting with furniture for Maxis is just weird. ETA: What does this mean? Furniture first>since they say they just began...,uh, Sims shoehorned in later?
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  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 5,796 Member
    I don't know how games development works but you know, sometimes you start with the easiest part and get it out of the way and sometimes you need to start with whatever needs to be done first. In order to showcase sims they need objects they can interact with. I saw some extra screens from the workshop and a world and I liked what I saw, especially the world. I remember they showed some time I think before release of TS3 how they developed the sims and the early sims model was some blobs and they were testing at that level routing and stuff.
  • logionlogion Posts: 4,469 Member
    I dunno, I don't think there really are any rules in what you choose to develop first when making games, but I think the team generally establishes a concept first, it will show what they are aiming for and it will guide them when making the game and I think that's what we have seen.

    They want to have some sort of collaboration between players when it comes to creating things together so they built an early build to test that feature, the build was probably not meant to showcase what you asked for, the rest of the world, the sims and everything else...

    I don't know why they are not developing it in a more traditional way, my guess is that they want to test and showcase things as they are developing them further, job listings from previous years seem to hint that they are looking for other ways to innovate, so they have probably worked on a lot of concepts already and this part that we have seen is probably something that they feel that they are gonna proceed with so that's why they have showcased it.

    How sims will work and how they will interact with the world will probably come later. Part of me is hoping that they will drop cross play and multiplayer as they are developing it along as well.
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